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Towards A History Of The Telangana Movement ఫిబ్రవరి 27, 2007

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– Keshav Rao . Jadav


A dying feudalism is only a part of the problem. After all, feudalism has been a national problem. But in Telangana, it received hammer blows at the hands of the Socialist and Communist struggles of the forties. It received a fillip at the hands of Andhra rulers in the fifties and sixties who pushed the Hyderabad Tenancy Act under the carpet. But now it is on its last legs slowly getting converted into elitist professions and an incipient capitalism. Caste too is a part of the problem, though the Arya Samaj Movement of the thirties and forties tried to resolve it in its own manner. The weakness of the movement was that it was largely an urban movement, failing to effectively penetrate the countryside. Communalism too is a part of the problem, albeit a small part, being basically an urban phenomenon bound up with history and race memory. The basic problem of the Deccan, of which Telangana is a part, was and is total denial of participation to local people in the affairs of the state. It was not always so. Tribal kingdoms and the Kakatiyas Empire were, to the extent possible then, participatory systems, based on the concept of the welfare of people.

The attack on the participatory system came during Bahmani rule which was basically a military and imperial system. Such a system which depended on foreign mercenaries for its survival had to be exploitative, cruel and anti-local. It depended on foreign recruits even though local soldiers were available. It had to because its aim was not the welfare of people but a luxurious style of life for the foreign ruling class. Locals, both Muslims and Hindus, revolted against this, resulting first in the massacre of foreigners, Iranians and Turks, followed by decimation of local soldiers and subjugation of the countryside. The valiant Yadava queen of Golkonda fought against the Bahamanis with a small force against overwhelming odds and died a martyr. The revolt of the locals in Bidar and the Golkonda battle can be described as the first stirrings for self-rule in the Deccan. Most Qutub Shahis, on the other hand, tried to reconcile their political interests with the well-being of people. The use of the Telangana language as a vehicle both in cultural and administrative matters brought about a sense of participation in the local population. The martyrdom of Akkanna and Madanna at the hands of traitors, the resistance of Abdul Razzak Laari and the arrest and detention of Abul Hasan Tanasha, the last Qutub Shahi king, by Aurangazeb, reversed the process. The system relapsed into imperialism and the militant mentality and people into sullen silence.

The Asafjahis were aliens and their support base was mainly the north Indian gentry. They brought thousands of north-Indians to man the administration. Though Mahbub Ali Pasha, the Sixth Nizam, was a folk king, the process continued till it was challenged during the reign of the Seventh Nizam, by local Muslims who launched what is described as the Mulki (local) movement. The movement was successful and the Nizam created Mulki rules to protect local interests. During the same period Gonds of Adilabad revolted against oppressive rule. The Nizam invited Hammendorf, a reputed German anthropologist, to report on the state of affairs in tribal areas and suggest reforms. His proposals were accepted and martyrdom of Bhim did not go in vain.

Though it was laudatory that Urdu, an Indian language, was used as the language of administration and education, other language like Telugu, Marathi and Kannada also should have been used. It did not happen. The Arya Samajis too taught Hindi in their night schools, avoiding local languages. Local people, both Hindus and Muslims, were ridiculed for not knowing proper Urdu which of course meant Urdu of Lucknow and Delhi and not the Dakhani language. The Dakhani language, a beautiful product of interaction between Iranian settlers and the people of the Deccan speaking Telugu, Marathi and Kannada was totally ignored.

Events before the police Action and after were traumatic. Five thousand socialists, communists and common people died fighting Nizam`s feudal system and the Razakars, a paramilitary organisation of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslameen. Policemen and Razakars also suffered heavy casualties. Then came the Police Action. While there was not much violence in Telangana after the Police Action, Hyderabad-Karnataka and Marathwada presented a different picture.

From 1948 to 1956 Telangana passed through several phases-Military rule, Velodis rule and the induction of a popular government after elections in 1952. with Burugul Ramakrishna Rao as Chief Minister. The Hyderabad Tenancy Act, one of the most progressive acts in the history of modern India, was passed and partly implemented. The period between 1952 to 1956 can be described as the happiest period for the people of Telangana for a long time. The Hyderabad State could have continued its happy existence but for the decision to form linguistic states. Nehru and Lohia, in fact, advocated its continuance. But, as on many occasions in the past the people of Telangana were betrayed by a section of its leadership. Ostensibly on caste grounds. Brahmins belonging to the Congress raised the bogey of Reddy rule. Thus was formed Andhra Pradesh, much against the recommendations of the Fazal Ali Commission and advice of Nehru and Lohia.

The Andhra leadership still smarting at the ill-treatment meted out to them by the Tamil ruling ruling class in the old Madras Presidency, transferred the injury to the people of Telangana. But it was not merely a collective psychological problem. What was important was the lust for power and money of the feudal classes of the Andhra area, Kammas, Reddys and Brahmins. While Brahminic influence was eliminated by kammas, Reddys their own lust for land, power and money increased. They agreed lusted for the river waters of Telangana. Kammas, for a long time had been lusting for power. Their anti-Brahminism had nothing to do with the elimination of the caste system. They only wanted to replace Brahminic rule with their own dispensation. But Reddys of Rayalaseema, in alliance with the frustrated feudal elements of Telangana, checkmated them. Thus, Telangana Reddys of Rayalaseema continued to hold on to their lands and despotic power inspite of land reforms. They subjected Telangana feudals to every type of humiliation imaginable. Yet a character from this class betrayed the great peoples` movement for Telangana of 1968-1972.

As early as 1952, people of Hyderabad had revolted against alien rule. Six students laid down their lives in the anti-non-Mulki agitation. This agitation too was betrayed as also the 1956 agitation against the merger of Telangana with the Andhra State. Such is the character of Telangana leadership. Let the people beware!

The Naxalite movement itself was a product of the betrayal of the 1968-1972 movement as also tardy implementation of land reforms by the Coastal area-Rayalaseema feudal coalition. It is absurd to say that there is no feudalism in Andhra area. It is in fact along with north Bihar, the most despotic feudal system of India. Like North Bihar, it is a totally castist system too. can anybody imagine anything like Karamchedu and Chundur happening in Telangana? While both the feudal system and the caste system in Telangana have become extremely weak, they have been strengthened in the Andhra area with the influence of film capital and misuse of Telangana resources for agricultural development. A marauding capitalism has been superimposed on a casteist and feudal society. The ill-gotten film wealth and colonial exploitation of Telangana water and power resources have created an insane society. This can be seen in the casteisation and feudalisation of the communist parties. The Congress and Telugu Desam of course are the official representatives of this insanity. An attempt is being made to paper over contradictions in the Andhra area by throwing some crumbs to other castes and turning them into a comprador class. All the contradictions of the Andhra area are sought to be resolved by involving oppressed sections into a wholesale exploitation of Telangana link what was done by the ruling classes of West Pakistan in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Wholesale exploitation of Telangana resources for the benefit of the Andhra area is accompanied by attacks on the way of life of Telangana people. In fact, the insistence on the formation of Andhra Pradesh was itself with the intention of taking control of Telangana resources. A separate Hyderabad State or Telangana would have prevented such a take-over. But people can be totally enslaved only when their language and culture are destroyed. The Andhra burden is a continuation of the notion of white man’s burden. Those humiliated by the British and the Tamil ruling class have not learnt any lessons. They imagine that they can lord it over Telangana indefinitely. The British also thought so. The sun however has set on the British empire.

Telangana language is no Telugu, Telangana people are lazy, and they are also fools and criminals at the same time: Such are the officially sanctioned Andhra attitudes. While the entire country lauds Hyderabad and its way of life the Andhra rulers are never tired of saying that Telangana people are uncultured. Thus, the suicidal attempt to subjugate Telangana permanently continues. Even the recent outburst of kapu anger after the planned killing of Mohan Ranga has been forgotten. It is one of ironies of history that oppressors do not seem to learn anything from the searing experience of history.


What is described as the Telangana movement of 1969 actually commenced in December 1968 On 6th December1968, students took out a procession from Vivek Vardhini College in Hyderabad. The procession was attacked both by rowdies recruited by so-called integrationists and the police. In the melee that ensued along, several students were injured. Thus commenced the movement. Soon in Khammam and Warangal demonstrations were organised which later spread to Nizamabad and other parts of Telangana. Integrationists decided to organise a public meeting on 6th April 1969, at Buru Mahadev Hall, Secunderabad. Students gave a call for boycott of the meeting. The meeting to be addressed by a few Congressmen and Communists, was finally held but it was a very small gathering in a small hall. But thousands hand gathered outside the hall denouncing the holding of the meeting. Policemen opened fire on a totally peaceful crowd killing several young men. The martyrdom of young men was the spark that lit the fire all over Telangana. A little before this, at a meeting of intellectuals, it was decided to from an organisation called Tellangana Praja Samithi. Pratap Kishore and Raghuvee Rao were the prime movers behind this move. A.Madan, an advocate, was elected as President. Madan Mohan had no experience in politics and was chosen mainly because most others were employees in some organisation or the other. Under the banner of Telangana Praja Samithi, the movement spread to all corners of Telangana. A remarkable feature of this movement was its totally decentralised character. Praja Samithi and Students` Action Committees were formed everywhere without any direction from above. Whenever funds were required collections were made at the local level. By March 1969, the organisation was in shape to take on the Andhra Government.

After the police firing of 6th April the agitation began building up. Finally, the Praja Samithi decided to take out a rally to Raj Bhavan on 1st May 1969 which can be described as the golden day of the movement. The Government banned the rally. For about a kilometer on all sides of Charminar, movement of people was banned. Yet a night before hundreds had left their localities and taken shelter in Ghansi Bazar, Alijah Kotla, Kali kaman and Pathargatti areas around Charminar. Most of them were from the old city. The writer himself could reach Charminar after persuading armed policemen that he was going to offer pooja at the Charminar “Gudi’ (temple). For that purpose he carried coconut, arti karpoor and agarbattis. Of course, the pooja was performed, the only pooja he preformed in his life. Parikrama too was performed around Charminar and not merely around ‘Gudi’. By that time K.V.Ranga Reddy had arrived. He had become so weak that he could be taken to the Chabutra with the greatest difficulty. He was almost blinded and deaf. Yet when he spoken his voice was firm, not betraying old age. By the time he started speaking hundreds had gathered at the site defying thousands of armed policemen. He spoke very briefly. The last sentence of his speech will ever remain etched in my memory-“Ghulami Ki Zindagi se mouth acchi hai” (death is preferable to a life of slavery). Even before he could be escorted out of the place teargas cylinders were bursting all around.

The grand old man of Telangana had spoken and people spoken with their blood. More than a hundred teargas shells were fired at the procession. But there was no stopping the procession and by the time it reached Afzalgunj it had swelled to a few thousand. The police started firing at Siddiambar Bazar area which continued all along the procession route, till it reached Raj Bhavan. But even then firing continued intermittently and Umrender Rao, President of Secunderabad College Union (Evening), fell to a bullet near Raj Bhavan. It was said later that a section of Telangana policemen had refused to open fire in the Raj Bhavan area. Yet in spite of all the tear-gassing and firing the procession continued to swell and by the time it reached Raj Bhavan there were more then fifty thousand people. It was an amazing spectacle. Generally crowds disperse as soon as policemen open fire. But here was a procession which was swelling with every round of firing. By March itself Congressmen had started infiltrating the movement. Later they proved to be Trojan horses. They started propagating the pernicious thesis that the movement needed a `leader of stature` whatever it might mean. And they started canvassing for Channa Reddy, suggesting the resignation of Madan Mohan from Presidentship. Alternatively, they threatened to form a parallel samiti. At this critical juncture, courage and common sense were needed. White Madan Mohan proved to be totally spineless, B.Satyanarayana Reddy and Badri Vishaal Pittie supported Channa Reddy`s plans. Others followed him. On 21st May 1969, six months after the agitation was launched Channa Reddy who had nothing to do with the movement, became the President of Telangana Praja Samiti. The Trojan horse had entered the organisation. He started dismantling the organisation at every level, disbanding student, trade union, NGOs and women`s Committees. Centralised collection of funds started. Corruption seeped in. Yet the movement continued since it was still alive at the grassroots level. A call had been sent out to boycott examinations to be held from 1st June onwards. The NGOs` strike was continuing. The entire administration had been paralysed.

There was heavy police firing on 1st and 2nd June. Aruna a high school student, who was picketing an examination centre near Chandarghat was killed on 1st June, 1969. Several more student fell to police bullets all over Telangana. It was then that Indira Gandhi, healding a weak minority Government, paid a flying midnight visit to Hyderabad to pacify people, perhaps also to purchase some leaders. In the meantime a parallel Samiti was formed with M. Sridhar Reddy as Chairman who soon left for America. Channa Reddy announced the suspension of the movement even though Nagam Krishna Rao and Madan Mohan had been elected to the Assembly as people’s candidates. With the approach of 1971 midterm poll, the TPS decided to contest the election and won, inspite of Channa Reddy`s leadership. Channa Reddy in a volte-face announced the merger of TPS with the Congress. Students stormed the TPS office but Channa Reddy had escaped. The merger was a stunning blow to the people of Telangana and their aspirations. More than 370 had fallen to police bullets., hundreds more had been crippled. The people of Telangana were overcome with a sense of despair and hopelessness. They had made immense sacrifices even the movement was with drawn. What else were they expected to do ?
The Socialist Party, the Republican party and a few unattached intellectuals revived the agitation under the banner of TPS and gave a call for Telangana Bandh on 23rd November 1972, which was total. A young man was killed in police firing near Charminar. In the meantime, an agitation had been started for a separate Andhra State. Congressmen soon took over the reins of that movement also which was originally led by Tenneti Vishwanathan and Gouthu Lachanna. In fact. a joint committee to fight for two separate states of Andhra and Telangana was formed of which the writer was a member. Using the Channa Reddy model Congressmen took over the Jai Andhra movement, sabotaged it and demanded cancellation of all Telangana safeguards. Channa Reddy and his Congress followers collaborated with them and all the safeguards were taken away to be replaced later by the six Point Formula.

In the meantime 1972 Assembly elections had arrived and Sampurna Telangana Praja Samiti whose President was B.Satyanarayana Reddy and the writer, the Secretary, decided to contest 49 seats. Three candidates of STPS were victorious and a large number lost with narrow margins. All this without any resources. But the decline had started and by the end of 1972 the agitation petered out. It was the longest, most spontaneous, non-party, toughest, most-intense and the greatest movement of free India. It was a totally peaceful movement. Yet those who are never tired of calling themselves followers of Gandhi unleashed the most terrible violence on the movement. Telangana had been turned into a National Police Museum. Malabar Special Police, Maharashtra Armed Police, Uttar Pradesh Armed Constabulary, Jammu Kashmir Militia, Karnataka Armed Police, Tamil Nadu Armed Police, Bihar Armed Police companies were posted all over Telangana. The Gorkha Marhatta regiments of the army were also deployed. In fact officers of the Gorkha Regiment were amazed at the ability of Telangana people to improvise new forms of agitation. Gorkhas came face to face with a 8 feet high barricade in Hussaini Alam area and could not believe that it was erected by civilians !

Yet most horrible atrocities were inflicted on the citizens. Lakhs went to jail. Most school and college buildings in Telangana had been turned into prisons. With Telangana jails full, detainees were sent to Rajahmundry and Vizag jails. White no Andhra was touched in Telangana two Telangana citizens were burnt alive in the Andhra area. We were witnessing the unfolding of regional fascism of the worst kind.

I cannot forget a few incidents. In the 1952 agitation the shirt of a slain student had been turned into a flag-the red flag of anger, martyrdom and relentless battle was fluttering in the air and policemen were firing at the procession on the Abids Chowrasta. On women’s satyagraha in 1969 day I saw hundreds of women, from the age of 15 to 75 marching along the Puranapul-Hussaini Alam road towards Charminar and being lathicharged by policemen, On another day about twenty young men singing, an Urdu song “Telangana, Telangana Telangana ki Jai” were marching towards a police platoon posted near Charminar to stop processions. There are thousand of such stories. A leaderless agitation head emerged morally victorious even though politically betrayed. But the movement continued, undaunted by betrayals. Twice every year large numbers gathered at the Martyrs Memorials in Secunderabad and Hyderabad and paid tributes to martyrs. In January, 1986 some activists decided to form `Telangana Information Trust`. Soon “Ma Telangana” was launched, which was closed down after seven months due to financial troubles. More then a thousand people had gathered at its inaugural function at Basant Talkies, Kachiguda,. Around 1991 two organisations, Telangana Student Front and Telangana Liberation Students Organisation were launched in Osmania Universty. In 1992 the Kakatiya Unit of Telangana Students Front was formed. A national seminar on small state was held in Landscape Gardens and Tagore Auditorium in August 1993 . Surendera Mohan inaugurated the conference and Justice Madhav Reddy addressed the gathering. George Fernandes addressed the concluding session. Delegates from various parts of the country including Vilas Bhongade from Vidarbha and Laxman Dasti from Hyderabad-Karnatak attended the conference. Both TSF and TLSO organised demonstrations on and outside O.U.campus and forced Osmania University to sanction 15 per cent supernumerary seats to Telangana students.

Stirrings of a new movement could be clearly seen in Warangal on 1st November 1996 at the Telangana Praja Samiti convention attended by more than five thousand delegates from all parts of Telangana. The Hyderabad convention was held on 1st December 1996 and after that a series of conferences, group and public meetings have been held at Godavarikhani, Karimnagar, Siddipet,Jangaon, Aler, Ghanpur, Nizamabad, Khammam, Nalgonda, the old city of Hyderabad and Bhongir. The Bhongir conference and the public meeting proved to be a turning point. The Bhongir conference was addressed among other by Kaloji Narayan Rao, Dr. Jayashankar, Prof.P.L. Vishweshwer Rao, Dr.Srinivasulu, Sidda Reddy, Dr.Simhadri and many others who had come from all parts of Telangana. The public meeting presided over by shri Mallayya Gupta, a respected Communist leader and addressed by Gaddar among others was a huge gathering, much beyond the expectations of organisers. Gaddar called upon the people to launch a totally peaceful agitation for achievement of a separate state while the writer called for a new type of leadership from grassroots upwards, emphasizing total control over leaders by masses. A mong parties opposing the Telangana movement of 1969 were the Communist party, Jan Sangh and Majlis-Ittehadual-Muslimeen. While the first two represented upper-caste, upper-class section of the Andhra area, the Majlis represented upper-caste, upper-class, and non-Daccani section. However both Hindus and Muslims supported the movement and dealt a crushing blow to all the above mentioned parties in the 1971 Lok Sabha elections. The role of Daccani and Urdu in the Telangana movement cannot be ignored. While Telugisation is a historical and necessary process it would be a folly to ignore Urdu and Daccani. Such an act would be a repetition of Nizam`s mistake in ignoring Telugu, Marathi, Hindi and Kannada. Hindi and Urdu are based on Dahhani and Khadi Boli. They are a part of our heritage. Who can forget the part played by Maqdoom Mohiuddin, Ibrahim Jalles, Sulaiman Areeb, Raja Dube, Jeelani Bano, Om Prakash Nirmal and many others who have enriched the politics and culture of Telangana through their. writings. The Andhra elite in their linguistic chauvinism of regarding Guntur Telugu as the only Telugu have tried to rodeo roughshod over Telangana Telugu and Daccani as also Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, and Kannada, Similarly tribal language were sought to be destroyed. New Telangana will nurture all these languages which are a part of our cultural and literary heritage.

Telangana now stands on the verge of another movement for liberation from aliens and for participatory politics. What the people of Telangana do now and how colonialists react will decide the future course of Indian politics. The demand for small states is a demand for responsible and participatory politics. The Telangana movement of 1969 was the first Indian struggle for economic and cultural autonomy. The movement going on now has added a demand for social emancipation. This is as it should be. The whole world is moving towards liberation from racism, sexism and casteism. Telangana has stood in the vanguard of such movements for the last fifty years and awaits correct leadership. What then shall we do now? The job is not to liberate Telangana from a colonial system but also to liberate Andhras from their selfishness and greed which is increasing in leaps and bounds. The liberation of Andhras, however, can only commence with the formation of a separate state of Telangana. How do we visualise Telangana? Because people are asking us for whom Telangana is sought to be formed? What is the point in fighting for Telangana if nothing is to change? One thing that will change for sure is that we will have control over our resources, jobs and education. But, that has to be only the beginning. Other policies have to be visualized and projected.



1. Siva - మార్చి 29, 2007

Lot of one-sided story.

Most of the hatred exhibited in these articles is not justified and illogical.

Please present the full story, that the movement in 69 was to drive out legal and legitamate people who are in Hyderabad and other areas.
The constitution of india guarantees any citizen of india to migrate, find a job, and settle down.
The movement try to sabotage these rights.

Please tell us, if this is not the case.
Dont beat around the issue and write elaborate lies.

p.raja rajeshwar - నవంబర్ 30, 2009

when u don’t know the history of telangana or if dont understand the socioeconomic condition of people of telangana please don’t comment because u obviously are not aware of conditions in which the people of telangana are living but after seeing them personally and lived with them. I can say ur false claim about the article being one side is utterly false. please know the fact and get away from the false d illusion of andhraism accept the facts accordingly and try to support the rightful aspirations of people of telangana

Siva Ayya.. - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2009

Arey erri nayala Siva… Ramayanamantha vini.. Ramudiki seetha emindi annatlundi.. nee katha.. Emappa Siva .. neeki etla seppedi… em seppedi.. votti palikmalina vadi laga unnave…

Ch.Ashok kumar - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

Ee Siva oka murkudu. Facts thelasukovalantey, 1968 lo 15/16 yrs age unnavalanu adagamanu asalu Telangana agitation ela/enduku modalaindo. leda paatha history chadavamanu. prathi baiti vaadu eegadda meeda vachi Telanganani exploit chesthoone unnadu.

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 8, 2011

Report Vachindi kada errinayallani chesaru kada mimmalani….Facts to History rendu vunnai….Chaduvu ko…SKC Bayatapettindi kada Dongalu evero telusuko if you are asking Telangana then you will also one of the donga….

Lateef Mohd khan - జనవరి 7, 2011

Muslim Forum for Telangana
Amberpet, Hyderabad- 500013
Contact No’s: 9391051586, 9492063948, Fax: 27403392
Email id: muslimforumfortelangana@gmail.com
6th January 2010

Muslim Forum for Telangana denounce Srikrishna Committee Report
The report is like a saying ‘Dug the mountains, found a rat, and that, too, dead’
In Urdu the saying is ‘Khoda Pahad, Nikla Chuha, Who bhi Mara Huva’

Muslim Forum for Telangana strongly condemns the options given by the Srikrishna Committee on Telangana issue. It is just like a saying “old wine in a new bottle”. It states that this forum rejects the whole report of Srikrishna Committee and called this report as useless exercise that wasted the time, money and energy of the government and the people. Srikrishna committee report is like a saying in Urdu, “khoda pahad nikla chuha who bhi mara huva”. Instead of solving the problem this committee has tried to dissolve it and make it a more complicated one. This forum strongly believes that this report is not fair and the impact of Andhra political class reflects from this report.

The people of Telangana had lot of hopes on this committee but this committee has betrayed their hopes and aspirations. Due to this report the sentiments of Telangana people have been hurt to largest extent. Their confidence has been shaken badly.

It is a matter of fact that the people of Telangana are suffering since 1956 i.e. from the formation of Andhra Pradesh. Their rights have been always violated and they are continuously struggling for justice. Therefore, they are demanding for separate statehood. But every time and on every occasion the people of Telangana have been cheated at every stage on the name of agreements, packages, and commissions. However, these have been never implemented.

People of Telangana until now thought that the formation of this committee was a step ahead of Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram’s statement that the process of formation of Telangana state has been initiated. But after reading the report it is clear that the Congress government has cheated the people of Telangana once again in the name of Srikrishna Committee.

However, the new generation is not ready to accept neither the report nor are they ready to be cheated like the earlier generation who believed and also got cheated by the commissions, promises rules, agreements etc. this forum believes that struggle is the only way to achieve Telangana statehood and this struggle will not be the last struggle but it will be tireless and continuous struggle.

Muslim Forum for Telangana demands separate Telangana which has self- respect, self rule and Hyderabad as its capital. We also demand to introduce Telangana bill in the Parliament without any delay.

Lateef Md. Khan

2. santosh kumar - ఏప్రిల్ 6, 2007

Reading this article I came to know about the movement the author kept his sequence well. I believe every fact stated is true and. Separate Telangana is not a political demand it’s a public demand since 1940;s. What today telangana people lack is the spirit which was there in 1950;s Every person in telangana has to support the movement to give our children a bright future. I strongly believe that separate state is a must.I strongly belive that through political way we will not get Telangana. Aggitation should be takes up as it was in earlier stages.

3. pravallika - ఏప్రిల్ 16, 2007

We all agree that Telangana as a Seperate state is to be given immediately … but Santosh Kumar Garu, Agitation is definetly not the way to go about it … & what TRS (KCR ) is doing now is the best way … political … democratic way … & please wait and see.. we will get Telangana state in a very peacefull way…. and only possible way is the political way …

and talking about the SPIRIT of Telangana people …. I don’t know where do you live but Fortunately I was a part of Karimnagar By-election this time …. and there was the Spirit of Indian Independent movement in the people this time …. Spirit doesnot mean that we express ourselves violently … it only means that we support the cause with the greatest power that we have “VOTE” …

4. ramulu - మే 5, 2007

మీతెలంగాన మీడియా వంతి వెబ్ పత్రికలు యెన్నొ రావాల్సిఉంది.జాదవ్ గారు రాసిన తెలంగాన చరిత్ర ఇప్పటి తరానికి యెంతో అవసరం. మీప్రయత్నంగొప్పగా ఉంది. ఇటువంటి పత్రికలు కొన్నైనా ఉంటే తెలంగాన వ్యతిరేకుల అబద్దపు ప్రచారలను కొంతైనా అరికట్టగలం.ఐతే తెలుగులో అవి వచ్చినప్పుడే జనసమాన్యానికిచేరుతాయి,కనుక మనమంతా అందుకు పూనుకోవాలి.తెలంగాండెవలప్మెంట్ ఫోరం చర్చల్లో పాల్గొనేవాల్లంతా అందులో కూడ పల్గొనే టట్లుచేయగలిగితే తెలంగాన ఉద్యమం ఊహించలేనంతగా బలపడే అవకాషం ఉంది.

5. pooja - మే 17, 2007

The author talked only about kammas hegemony. I really don’t understand why he mentioned that. Kammas came to power only on 1983 even though they were active participants of AP politics since 1900s. Brahmins, reddys and velamas ruled the state well before kammas ruled. The first telangana agitation started well before kammas came to power. then how can the author justify that kammas exploited telanganites?

abhilash - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2009

they came before telangana movement n settled in varni of nizamabad n other parts of telangana near by canals n started exploting ppl of telangana

6. అనామకం - జూలై 20, 2007

Keshav rao Jadhav, Kaloji, Deshpande, Melkote, Narendra who is this all> ? fromMaharashtra…

BHOOPAL - మే 9, 2010

If you want all these names, it is minimum ethic that you should declare your name.

అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 10, 2011

keshav rao jadhav is also fighting for the liberation of telangana though he hailed from maharashtra

7. Dr.N.Chandramouli. - ఆగస్ట్ 23, 2007

Your web Page is a good exercise. But before fighting for a seperate telangana one should Know the Historical roots of the Present Day Andhra Pradesh.The Historians should do this job. Seperatism is a catchy word in today`s materialistic world. That will not be a solution for the eradication of the poverty in “Telangana”.

8. Mohammed Shayan - ఆగస్ట్ 24, 2007

This is the only way to have a seperate telangana, Hyderabad will be the capital of Telangana, as our leader chandrasekhar rao expressed
our people were dragged out from our own land to other places for the bread and butter. Hence we know how to manage ourselves in our own area of telangana, Insha-Allah we will show telangana will be one of the leading state of India.

9. Bhanu Nampalli - నవంబర్ 2, 2007

I was one of the most vocal and strong supporter of Anti Reservation bill. After reading this article and many things which are happening around, I clearly see the British Educated Andhrites, who should be credited for getting the Andhra state albeit with violence ignoring the court justice. After miserably failing as a state found lot of resources and poor education standards in Telangana whose history is of revolts, oppressed and suppressed. They have systematically controlled education looted jobs, rivers, land, political system. It is just not against the Andhra people. Mr Siva’s comments are based on stupidity. Telangana movement participants are Telugus, Muslims(urdu), Marathi, Kannada and many marwadis too have participated. This is the struggle against the facist Andhra who have false sense of pride of Andhraism. How else can you justify, entire Telangana wanted them to go .. But Andhra’s does not seem to understand. Now a people’s movement is required to drive this narrow minded, Andhra linguistic demons. What a shame.. Did you see AP CMs and Opposition leaders garlanding Telugu Tali( Resembling Andhra, for their Andha movement) and a man responsible for separate state Potti Sreeramulu in Telangana??and then talk of unity. They think they can install these Andhra statues in Telangana and never have a even a word on the several Thousands who like men, like a brave soilders fought and laid down the lives to integrate Telangana with India unlike the controversial death of Potti sreeramulu, while they talk of his Gandhian style of sacrifice, it was the mindless violence unleashed by Andhras which actually forced Nehru to acede their separate Andhra state. Our Hyderabad Liberation where all linguistics, castes, religions joined to fight with several thousands matyrs and several thousands of families suffering. What a shame. Andhras are shaming whole Humanity and spirit of sacrifice. Such people who want to impose separate Andhra leaders in Telangana and garland them to derive the pleasure of winning after being kicked out of Madras should know that when we decide to fight they would run away from world.. common Andhra should join in protesting their leaders for this act of treason, this they will do if they have any culture of decency. Did you see the AP formation advertisement? It bloody is facist with separate andhra leader on top of AP and Their Andhra woman depicting as Telugu talli. This comes from sadistic debunk and scoundels who ought to be kicked out. Telangana should win so that these Andhras who unleashed linguistic demon in India learn a lesson that state is when their religion and linguistic feeling is set aside. Andhras hate muslims, telangana telugus, kannadigas, Marathis and shameless to think that in Telangana. let them create whatever system they want in Andhra created for specific purposes.

10. Rapaka - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2007

Great Reply Bhanu Nampally, lets educate telanganites to vote for telangana ,fight for telangana,, Ji Telangana

11. Vijay - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2007

Hatsoff to Keshav Rao Jadav sir! Keep educating people…Ji Telangana

12. Prabhu Kumar Kolli - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2007

Love thy neighbour as you love thy self.
Do not hate the Indian brothers ,they may be different region,religion,race,different language,culture,rich or poor.
We have plenty of resources,nature,human resouces,opportunities only thing we have to utilise them applying knowledge and wisdom,showing love towards other people is most important whether they are natives(son of soil) or migraters.We have to give helping hand to other people who are very much need of requirement.Do not treat other people bad when you are in good and capable position help,lift other people to grow by showing kindness and love towards others irrespective of castes which is plague of India.Give respect honour to other fellow beings.If you are exploited have grievance over come with good not by bad treatment or disrespecting other cultures,language.Do not take one or two peoples opinion as general opinion.Do not generalise the problems with individual problems there may be many reasons and context may differ.
We honour and give utmost respect to our Indian constituition we have to obey to statutes and perform its duties as a good citizen of India.When we see at the History whenever division is there the India became weak.We should not fight each other which is against to the spirit of India.Otherwise who give respect to indian rule as we are independent and got freedom we have to obey and not disturbing the rights of others.
Whether we get Telangana or not If our thoughts ,attitudes,treatment not changed to our neighbours there is no meaning in it.All are Telugu talli,Telanganatalli,krishnamma,godavari mata ,gangamma all are imaginative no way they are realities.We have to see and observe the leaders who are leading are models or selfish nature inside.We have to discern as these leaders or good or bad, are they helped people are they having any history to lift the backward econocomically or socially.As far as my knowledge KCR got huge wealth in the name of movement and his nature is feudal,dictatorial, he canot uplift the telangana people as he is power monger in TDP when he is not given the ministerial post he has taken the shelter of the Telangana umbrella..Now he built white house for party office as well as White House for his own purpose besides Basva Tarakaram cancer Hospital.I am not able to understand how he lift the telangana people standards what is huis measures what is his plan to devlop the peple and their standards.We the people should show love to others by giving education and helping the people who are in need.I am not criticising the KCR destructively I am expecting from him the constructive measures for upliftment of the people and their culture, nobody can stop to devolop their language,culture and standards only honest approach and positive way to deal the peoples problems.Devolopment wo’nt take place only with division but peoples thinking and approach.We can solve the problems with the blessigs of Almighty and love towards other people.

BHOOPAL - మే 9, 2010

When you are in control of somebody and your actions and reactions are dependant on somebody instead your self reliance will you keep quite. As you said if all Indians are one and the same why do the people of Andhra Oppose a wish of majority of the people. Your comments are quite good about upliftment etc., but why do you bother about our upliftment, if really the Andhras does it why do we demand separate Telangana. Please look at ground reality in Telangana. If Hyderabad is enriched and industries are constructed for whome. We dont want any buildings, factories where we dont have any participation. We want the development of people of Telangana but not mere buildings in which again Andhraites only living with luxor.

Kindly understand the fate of Telangana People and have a tour to places where you feel that the Telangana people are developed and compare it with the counterparts of Andhra. Then only comeup with the solutions.

13. ravi kumar - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2007

Thanks for sharing yr views. Why dont have create good environment at A.P. by mingling with co regions. By default Bengalis and tamilians r very brainy. Likewise we do accept Andhraites are intellectual people compared to telangana and rayalaseema. I can’t support any region. I know telangana people are innocent and helping natured people, but andhrites are intelligent, but will not come to rescue to the needy that easily, i know less about rayalaseema. I wish one thing from all Telugus.. why dont we unite and fight for the upliftment of poor, needy, less educated people in A.P. There is very good unity among Bengali, Marathi, KERALITES, Tamilians etc… but v telugus having all types of resources quarrel for many things starting with caste… first v r human beings then, then religion n caste came… am sorry to waste e.body’s time.. Am born and brought up in hyd., my dad came from Vizag and settled in hyd. 50 yrs. ago and my mother is fr. telangana, my wife is from V’wada but settled in Ramagundam and both my kids from godavarikani – karimnagar… i dont know whom to support. But surely, i would say a word….. be united and escape fromt he cluthes of NORTH & WEST domination which existing in Hyd and A.p. as well. My frnds. share in diff. MNCs they give preference only to north indians and others but ignore local guys, even though they speak good english….. This is totally un-fair and we should fight for it. Try to be good citizens first and work hard for the betterment of A.P. Ofcourse i belive telangana is backward… but u know how people who had lands sold and become NAWABS in the recent days.. We should not forget the sacrifices of Potti sriramulu … Want to say a lot n lot in my next msg….

I feel telugus should unite…. i dont think that will happen….. e.body fifhts for money, land, caste, religion…….. we have MNCs now, good dev… migration is too much now… , all resources… man think about it….am sorry if i had said wrong……


14. Vinay - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2007


15. Sakshi - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2008

Telangana is not just a word to utter and leave it.It is a blood red truth of so many young men who died for it.Dont just tell telangana just imagine the blood of our brothers/sisters went of no use.

NON VIOLENCE is the instrument we have .

16. Srinivasulu Nampally - ఫిబ్రవరి 11, 2008

Hi all
This is the right time to make our dreams come true. Please keep in mind the adage ‘now or never’ which is very similar to the adage ‘do or die’ reverberated during the freedom movement of India. I am earnestly appealing to the Andhrites not to tell us the slogan of development and the great telugu language. We Telanganites have got frustrated with your cliches mentioned above. I reckon we are the only people on the earth who are being cheated for decades and decades by the our pretending andhra brothers and sisters on the pretext of there’s going to be development sooner or later. But all these years we have been forced to see the development in telangana only on papers. We are discriminated as for our development, education, jobs, language and so on. The base thing here that is worth mentioning is the AP state is formed on lingustic basis, where the language of telangana is severly degraded. Enough of this, we are not now in a position to tolerate it any more. My dear brothers and sisters of Telangana please listen to my words ‘dont fall under the spell of Andhrites and stab your own mother, and keep in ur minds that no Andhrite will ever speen in favor of telangana and negative to andhra, but we telangana people are sometimes doing that.
And finally, do heed to my words, India needs more than 200years and innumerable costly lives to get herself liberated, so dont let ur hearts sink be determined our telangana will come……
At least we have to let our coming generations to enjoy the fruits what we have lost…


17. Ramana - ఫిబ్రవరి 13, 2008

I am trying to understand what you will do IF you get a seperate state. Sadly I dont see any concrete plan. Not sure how having a seprate state is going to take control of jobs and education. Are you going to ban people from other states taking up jobs in telengana? I am dying to read / see some constructive plan.

18. vikramaditya.akula - ఫిబ్రవరి 22, 2008

Having a separate state, we will manage the resources, budget allocated to Talli Telangana and improve our standards by governing our own state and will have equitable chance in jobs and education. Granted we’re not as “Smart” as the fellow Andhraites. But we always have and will have good leaders, Speaker Suresh Reddy is a prime example of that.
As far as Telangana movement it is true as we were forcibly unified although the original SRC recommended against unification on the basis of Language. Besides there was a farce Gentlemans agreement which we have tolerated for past 50 years.
So please dont tell us to support Unified Andhra, the only folks who really want United Andhra are the folks who are diverting funds and have acquired huge lands illegally.


19. Prasad - ఫిబ్రవరి 26, 2008

I dont believe that we are less smart than our fello0w andhraites I object this word. we lack dedicated decision making legislature. we require a strong seat at Parliment.and seperate buget allocations.

Amma telangana

20. Ramana - ఫిబ్రవరి 29, 2008

I think IF there is a seperate TGN, the long term benifit is only to some fundamentalist muslim parties and BJP. Now Reddy and Velama are united since they are in figting phase. If they are sitting at a table to discuss about sharing power, there could be onlin internal rivalry.

21. veeroo - మార్చి 17, 2008
22. veeroo - మార్చి 17, 2008

jai telangana,jai jai telangana.kcr gari nayakathyam vardhillali

23. pradeep reddy - మార్చి 24, 2008

jai telangana
we want telangana-1 phase
we demand telangana- 11 phase
v r in 11 phase

we kill anyone who obstructs seperate telangana-111 phase

24. Uday, Hyderabad - మార్చి 24, 2008

I thank the writer for presenting the facts which took place thru years of telangana struggle.
I request those who say it is a one sided story, to go back and find the facts thru some other means and correlate with the present story. To their astonishment, they would find, what ever was presented was very less and lot more things have taken place showcasing the difficulties of people in this region.
We all know movement for a separate state was taken up by many people at many times and when we were inching towards the victory somebody has ditched us and brough tus to square one position. Now, we are fortunate to have a movement again and request every body to join it and strengthen it. Hopefully this time we should achieve it and dedicate it to all those who laid their lives for this dream of “TELANGANA”. Jai Telangan….Jai Jai Telangana.

25. kiran velma - మార్చి 28, 2008

jai telanagna
post was good

if telangana is created sans hyd then see bloodshed on hyd roads
i swear no andhras can enter by bus , train or plane into telangana

see how it goes
v r saturated
as our fellow telugus v r giving respect from past 50 y
an V turn in moment can destroy all roperties in hyd by andhras
film city
mallikarjuna bramarambha
andhra meeses
kompally cineplanet
all the andhra owned shoping centres
within 10 min

ask army to get into act

v want peaceful telanagna
dont test our patience

kabardar indian govt
v run our own govt here–sarkar type
telangana navnirman sena
telangana sena

26. Yugandar - మార్చి 31, 2008

Fantastic post Jadhav gaaru! My blood literally boils to see such rampant loot/exploitation of our resources and subjugation of our culture. I guess time has come to take to direct means…”jo bathon sein nahin sunthe hain tho woh lathonse sunthehain”. The long pent-up anger is a simmering volcano….when it explodes the Andhra rules, political parties, vested interests would have nowhere to run….they will be incinerated! We don’t have to explain why we need our own Telangana….we’ll have to ensure we drive each and every group(andhra politicians, business interests, film folks, wealthy janta entrenched in B’hills, J’hills) out from our dear Telangana! If it means we have to resort violent means so be it….


27. m, - ఏప్రిల్ 4, 2008
28. k.c.r fan - ఏప్రిల్ 5, 2008

jai telanagna

throw the caste feeling wallas from hyd
throw their brothel business out of telanagna
die hard telangana fan

29. hydi - ఏప్రిల్ 5, 2008

ravi bhayya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
y v should be united?????
u said there is lot of north indian influence in hyd….
then where were u people when pata basti was formed?
abids was formed?
king koti was formed? u see north indians from 100 y there before independece…….
they dint attack after hyd got hitech city and some other resources
those so called north indians(gujjus, maratis) r pure hydis than u..
ask them from where u r ?, when they r out of hyd
they say they r from hyd
byt u people say im from landhra(as if it is america ahahhahahha)
y u people move from one place to other for business
waht is the need to come and occupy khammam lands
nzb lands, hyd business, chennai, coimbatore, ballery, banglore real estate, hyd real estate……………..y
u said ur father is from andhra thats it …..ur showing his intellegence here
stop thinking crukedly, go to ur so called andhra (america)and have fun

30. preethi reddy - ఏప్రిల్ 10, 2008

gooooooooooooooo back andhra

31. sandhya k.c.r fan - ఏప్రిల్ 13, 2008

want my telangana
jai telangana
jai k.c.r

32. ahmed - ఏప్రిల్ 17, 2008

Telangana fight is a fight of independance ,,,,,,
as the telangana is not ruled by the English Britishes but at the end of the day we are ruled by the Indian Britishes , how they robbed us and took all precoucius things ,simlar manner Andhra Britishes took our whole wealth ( agriculture, job , water, land ,,)
I advise telangana people ,keep in mind the fight for seprate telangana is a fight of independence …………. and we should not think
Reilgion, caste, colour , rich and poor

jai talangana

33. ahmed - ఏప్రిల్ 17, 2008

Nowadays a rumors is spreading in Andhra pradesh that cine star Chirangivi will become future CM,,,,,, and people are commiting sucide for Chirangivi who foooool those people are ,,,,,,,,,,,,

no doubt chirangivi is served for andhra pradesh people..
In the same manner Iran president is also serving us by giving Petrol and Gas,,, if He come to India and contest in election
how we can elect him as PM of our country ….. my statement is not only for telangana brothers but also for andhra foooooools
let us show the country that telangana brother and sister are united in the fight of seperate telangana……………………….

Andhra people using troops like cine stars..

cine star is not GOD ,Angle are Prophet ..
they are professional dancers who dance for money thats it they think they are Big shots but ,,,,,, let us my telangan brothers and sisters show them ,, what are they
jai telangana

34. Jai Telangana - ఏప్రిల్ 18, 2008

Yes Ahmed bhai,

u r right ….

theese andhraties and tamilities are the same stupid fellows who die for their stars,

caste feeling fools.
they can’t respect their fellow brothers dard.
they are just selfish fellows, ready to sink their fellowmen for their own sake …

Jai Telangana

35. chaithanya - ఏప్రిల్ 21, 2008

jai telanga…jai telugu talli…we need telangana pradesh….hyd is made from our ancesstors swet who struggled with nawabs…go back andhra….

36. sriakanth guptha - ఏప్రిల్ 21, 2008

jai telenganawe need telegu talli i.e we need telegana seperate and we need our own development first of all remove andhra from andhra pradeh and and make it telegana pradesh

37. madhudharma reddy, journalist, hyd - మే 11, 2008

jai telenganawe need telegu talli i.e we need telegana seperate and we need our own development first of all remove andhra from andhra pradeh and and make it telegana pradesh

i want my telangana
jai telangana
jai telangana
jai telangana
jai telangana
jai telangana

38. meghana - మే 15, 2008

jai telangana

go back andhra

lotting is in ur blood
dont dominate our space
u will be in trouble

jai k.c.r

39. kalyani reddy - మే 15, 2008

hi pooja

u said about kamma….

whst he said is absolutely true

im with author

they want to dominate evry space

i say u

take for eg
khammam which is motherland of telangana

was invaded by kammas and they conqured lands and even politics

comming to nzb they r trying to dominate locals….
list goes on

what ever hate kahammas and andhras

want telangana
go back andhra
or else see bloddshed

jai k.c.r
jai telangana
jai bathukamma

love to be in my telangana state before i die…

40. raghu.m - మే 22, 2008

this is very nice.we have to take a correct decision at this time.

41. Vivek Goud - జూన్ 1, 2008

we d people of TELANGANA should always be united and fight for the cause of seperate TELANGANA. we should support d party which r in favour of TELANGANA and make them succeed in getting seperate statewood for TELANGANA . people from andhra , rayalaseema QUIT TELANGANA.

42. Kalyan Koppula - జూన్ 12, 2008

Just want to say is that division is not verything ,even if we get seprate telangana what can we do , we dont need separate telangana we need developed telangana , pls dont words a separate telangana work towards developed telangana ,we want more projects for telangana , we need water which is our major problem , godavari is flowing through telangana but we are not utilising it , we can fight for water from krishna for telangan comon guys in separate state we wont get any thing , brave men of telangan i want to say is pls fight for development , we need water , power not a separate state , what will we do , fisrt of all we need to think about our problems , politics is same in every nook and corner of the country , can any politition change ur fate , no …… its not possible , u have to come forward and fight for u own living , see when u are hungry u need to eat , in the same way we are hungry for development its means we need a development and right now we need it , i dont want to wait till me son or daughter to enjoy the development , because we know what is telanga with out hyderabad
, so my dear people form a telangan development forum not a separate telangan .

Telangana muddu bidda
kalyan koppula

43. Kalyan Koppula - జూన్ 12, 2008

we need a good leader who can stand up as an example not like KCR who is very loose at talks , we need some one intelligent who can represent us ,can fight for us in every field , for development and not for seperate state . we need some one who is more of intellignt ,smart and can give mouth breaking replys to all those andhra leaders who are from more of cash rich districts . i hope people understand this plede , so we need to go for telangan development not for separate telangana

44. kak - జూన్ 18, 2008
45. kalyan koppula - జూన్ 18, 2008

The formation of states along linguistic and ethnic lines has occurred in India in numerous instances since independence in 1947 (see Linguistic States, this ch.). There have been demands, however, to form units within states based not only along linguistic, ethnic, and religious lines but also, in some cases, on a feeling of the distinctness of a geographical region and its culture and economic interests. The most volatile movements are those ongoing in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab (see Political Issues, ch. 8; Insurgent Movements and External Subversion, ch. 9). How the central government responds to these demands will be an area of scrutiny through the late 1990s and beyond. It is believed by some officials that conceding regional autonomy is less arduous and takes less time and fewer resources than does meeting agitation, violence, and demands for concessions.
Telangana Movement
An early manifestation of regionalism was the Telangana movement in what became the state of Andhra Pradesh. The princely ruler of Hyderabad, the nizam, had attempted unsuccessfully to maintain Hyderabad as an independent state separate from India in 1947. His efforts were simultaneous with the largest agrarian armed rebellion in modern Indian history. Starting in July 1946, communist-led guerrilla squads began overthrowing local feudal village regimes and organizing land reform in Telugu-speaking areas of Hyderabad, collectively known as Telangana (an ancient name for the region dating from the Vijayanagar period). In time, about 3,000 villages and some 41,000 square kilometers of territory were involved in the revolt. Faced with the refusal of the nizam of Hyderabad to accede his territory to India and the violence of the communist-led rebellion, the central government sent in the army in September 1948. By November 1949, Hyderabad had been forced to accede to the Indian union, and, by October 1951, the violent phase of the Telangana movement had been suppressed. The effect of the 1946-51 rebellion and communist electoral victories in 1952 had led to the destruction of Hyderabad and set the scene for the establishment of a new state along linguistic lines. In 1953, based on the recommendation of the States Reorganisation Commission, Telugu-speaking areas were separated from the former Madras States to form Andhra, India’s first state established along linguistic lines. The commission also contemplated establishing Telangana as a separate state, but instead Telangana was merged with Andhra to form the new state of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.
The concerns about Telangana were manifold. The region had a less developed economy than Andhra, but a larger revenue base (mostly because it taxed rather than prohibited alcoholic beverages), which Telanganas feared might be diverted for use in Andhra. They also feared that planned dam projects on the Krishna and Godavari rivers would not benefit Telangana proportionately even though Telanganas controlled the headwaters of the rivers. Telanganas feared too that the people of Andhra would have the advantage in jobs, particularly in government and education.
The central government decided to ignore the recommendation to establish a separate Telangana state and, instead, merged the two regions into a unified Andhra Pradesh. However, a “gentlemen’s agreement” provided reassurances to the Telangana people. For at least five years, revenue was to be spent in the regions proportionately to the amount they contributed. Education institutions in Telangana were to be expanded and reserved for local students. Recruitment to the civil service and other areas of government employment such as education and medicine was to be proportional. The use of Urdu was to continue in the administration and the judiciary for five years. The state cabinet was to have proportional membership from both regions and a deputy chief minister from Telangana if the chief minister was from Andhra and vice versa. Finally, the Regional Council for Telangana was to be responsible for economic development, and its members were to be elected by the members of the state legislative assembly from the region.
In the following years, however, the Telangana people had a number of complaints about how the agreements and guarantees were implemented. The deputy chief minister position was never filled. Education institutions in the region were greatly expanded, but Telanganas felt that their enrollment was not proportionate to their numbers. The selection of the city of Hyderabad as the state capital led to massive migration of people from Andhra into Telangana. Telanganas felt discriminated against in education employment but were told by the state government that most non-Telanganas had been hired on the grounds that qualified local people were unavailable. In addition, the unification of pay scales between the two regions appeared to disadvantage Telangana civil servants. In the atmosphere of discontent, professional associations that earlier had amalgamated broke apart by region.
Discontent with the 1956 gentlemen’s agreement intensified in January 1969 when the guarantees that had been agreed on were supposed to lapse. Student agitation for the continuation of the agreement began at Osmania University in Hyderabad and spread to other parts of the region. Government employees and opposition members of the state legislative assembly swiftly threatened “direct action” in support of the students. The Congress-controlled state and central governments offered assurances that non-Telangana civil servants in the region would be replaced by Mulkis, disadvantaged local people, and that revenue surpluses from Telangana would be returned to the region. The protestors, however, were dissatisfied, and severe violence, including mob attacks on railroads, road transport, and government facilities, spread over the region. In addition, seventy-nine police firings resulted in twenty-three deaths according to official figures, the education system was shut down, and examinations were cancelled. Calls for a separate Telangana state came in the midst of counter violence in Andhra areas bordering Telangana. In the meantime, the Andhra Pradesh High Court decreed that a central government law mandating replacement of non-Telangana government employees with Mulkis was beyond Parliament’s constitutional powers.
Although the Congress faced dissension within its ranks, its leadership stood against additional linguistic states, which were regarded as “antinational.” As a result, defectors from the Congress, led by M. Chenna Reddy, founded the Telangana People’s Association (Telangana Praja Samithi). Despite electoral successes, however, some of the new party leaders gave up their agitation in September 1971 and, much to the disgust of many separatists, rejoined the safer political haven of the Congress ranks.
In 1972 the Supreme Court reversed the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s ruling that the Mulki rules were unconstitutional. This decision triggered agitation in the Andhra region that produced six months of violence.
Throughout the 1970s, Andhra Pradesh settled into a pattern of continuous domination by Congress (R) and later Congress (I), with much instability and dissidence within the state party and constant interference from Indira Gandhi and the national party. Chenna Reddy, the erstwhile opposition leader, was for a time the Congress (I) state chief minister. Congress domination was only ended by the founding of the Telugu National Party by N.T. Rama Rao in 1982 and its overwhelming victory in the state elections in 1983.
Polls taken after the end of the Telangana movement showed a certain lack of enthusiasm for it, and for the idea of a separate state. Although urban groups (students and civil servants) had been most active in the movement, its support was stronger in rural areas. Its supporters were mixed: low and middle castes, the young and the not so young, women, illiterates and the poorly educated, and rural gentry. Speakers of several other languages than Telugu were heavily involved. The movement had no element of religious communalism, but some observers thought Muslims were particularly involved in the movement. Other researchers found the Muslims were unenthusiastic about the movement and noted a feeling that migration from Andhra to Telangana was creating opportunities that were helping non-Telanganas. On the other hand, of the two locally prominent Muslim political groups, only one supported a separate state; the other opposed the idea while demanding full implementation of the regional safeguards. Although Urdu speakers were appealed to in the agitation (e.g., speeches were given in Urdu as well as Telugu), in the aftermath Urdu disappeared from the schools and the administration.
The Telangana movement grew out of a sense of regional identity as such, rather than out of a sense of ethnic identity, language, religion, or caste. The movement demanded redress for economic grievances, the writing of a separate history, and establishment of a sense of cultural distinctness. The emotions and forces generated by the movement were not strong enough, however, for a continuing drive for a separate state. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the People’s War Group, an element of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), renewed violence in Andhra Pradesh but was dealt with by state police forces. The Telangana movement was never directed against the territorial integrity of India, unlike the insurrections in Jammu and Kashmir and some of the unrest in northeastern India.

46. kalyan koppula - జూన్ 18, 2008

The above artile was taken from ,Telangana Artice on US Government Website (Telanaga movement article in US Library of Congress)

47. kalyan koppula - జూన్ 18, 2008

guys time is right save the nation from division

48. Uday - జూన్ 28, 2008

Dont know what u r trying to say, we r not trying to divide the country but only trying to salvage our pride which was lost long back. Dont know why u r comparing Telangana demand to Kashmir or Punjab. Ur article itseld tell about the forced merger of Telangana with Andhra without considering the apprehensions of locals.
U were also saying about development of Telangana instead of a Separate State. Nobody is against development but we strongly feel it can happen only with a Separate state where we ‘ll have a control over our resources and income.
What ever may be the case, we are for Separate State and need to support the movement irrespective of who is leading it, etc. We can tackle these issues once we achieve a Statehood.

dsrao, hyedrabad rastra samithi - ఆగస్ట్ 5, 2009

It applies to creation of hydrabad union territory.hyedrabadies have right to demand separate state just TRS guys are demanding. let mejority of voters in hyderabad decide what they need. Those want telangana , they can get the same with warangal as capital

Ch.Ashok kumar - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

ore moorkuda, Telangana charithra chaduvura nana. Telanganalo Hyderabad oka integral part babu. 1946,1948, 1951, 1953 mariyu 1956 lo ye paripalakudu ela pravarthinchado thelusuko. Telanganani ela thokki pettaro thelusuko.

49. prashant - జూలై 24, 2008

hi kalyan

when AP was formed it was aganist the wishes of lacals i mean telangana people

v have a fundamental right ‘freedom of speech” which v r doing

thanx a lot for ur message

50. sreeram vithala - ఆగస్ట్ 28, 2008

im a telugu brahmin n my native place is kakinada which is in east godavari dt…our family roots originally hail from a village in adilabad…..during nizams rule so many brahmin families have fled to andhra region as we have been kindly invited by kshatriyas n vysyas during that period….when people from telangana expect a seperate state,its their true right to get it……but we have to take care of somethings before that……first of all the telangana brothers n sisters should not get carried away by these greedy politicians who have nothing but only power in their minds……take the example of ne telangana parties……most of them have their political grass roots from telugu desam……which stands 4 a united state….my dear telangana brothers n sisters the only thing i wanna say is .even if we r united or divided,pls keep in mind that we all r telugus n we shld not allow others to kill our brotherhood……these politicians say that language spoken by telangana people is not telugu…..for those people who think that telangana does not speak telugu i wanna say onething…..the kakatiya dynasty which has warangal as their capital was an epitome for telugu culture….nizams wanted to erase the telugu culture n history compleetly from telangana region which resulted in a seperate dialect…….i hope that telangana people r liberal enogh to support my concern for telugu even when we stand divided or united……long live telangana n long live telugu bhasha

51. skay - సెప్టెంబర్ 6, 2008

This blog space has been taken up by the people who have robbed Telangana for generations. Who oppressed the poor,innocent and uneducated lower cast people of Telangana.

Other side of the story is

Reddys & Velama’s of this region have stolen the lower casts by licking Nizams boots to maintain their power and grabbed thousands of acres of land from poor.

During the great revolt in 1940’s by poor against this upper cast’s feudal system, most of these zamindars flew to Hyderabad to save their assets and families and established in Hyderabad by buying assets there.

All these Reddy & Velama’s joined the Congress government because their power hunger didn’t die and were successful because of sheer monetary power in the region. But things have changed quickly and their dream to rule the region was spoiled by smart Andhrites.

Then came Telanga movement by these upper cast leader crying foul of Andhra domination. They cleverly transfered the blame to Andhrites for all the backwardness of Telangana.

Telangana is definitely a problem and people have suffered and still suffering.

They had more than 100 assembly constituencies in Telangana and most of seats have been won by Reddy’s and Velamas in last 50 + years who didn’t contribute any thing to uplift Telanga but again they robbed this year in modern era.

Andhrites had their share in making Telangana more backward by diverting all the Telangana resources to Andhra areas but there is also enormous contribution by Andhrites for the development of Telangana . They created more jobs in Telangana than in Andhra but unfortunately most of the jobs have been taken Andhra people because they were naturally smart.

I think there is a absolute need for seperate state for Telangana to stop getting exploited , but if it will definitely go back into the hand of these so called upper cast vultures of this region.

Ch.Ashok kumar - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

well said bro. well said.
xploitation is still continuing. Only a small fraction of our revenue is spent here the rest in Andhra. Since 2004 how many projects hav been completed in Telangana and how many in Andhra? How long can this go.

52. saikumar - సెప్టెంబర్ 27, 2008

it s very good article sir. jaitelangana……………………….

53. T.V.Ramana - సెప్టెంబర్ 27, 2008

Andhra’s go back. We the Telengana people born to lead the world and nothing can stop us. You the Andhras had taken enough advantage of our innocent telengana people. It’s high time for you to give up other wise we are constrained to adopt all the necessary procedures…..
As chanakya said when your goal is good adopt any procedure/way to achieve it, nothing wrong.
Beware Andhraiiiiiii’s..
T.V.Ramana, Advocate … Hyderabad

dsrao - జూన్ 10, 2009

After hyderabad union terrirtory is formed , you can have telangana state with warangal as capital. Andhras can also for vizag as capital.
Theose persons like who against formation of hyderabad state may jolly well go settle in warangal or vizag. MUslims and hyderbad citizens will rename hyderabad state as sadbhavana state .

Telangana Puli - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Hey DSRAO…stop your Andhra gimmicks. Why HYD should be a union territory? It was never before and would never be. You guys whole interest is in HYD..isnt it? Stop playing cheap tricks Andhra guys….enough of it.

telangana bidda - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2009

u r not from hyderbad.hyderabad ne aiah de kadu ra.poye .dammu unte pakistan hyderabad ne union territory chesuko.piss off bastard

54. Ambati Ramesh - సెప్టెంబర్ 27, 2008

Telengana strong supporters
P.Raj Shekar,9912101010, Smt.K.Kavitha,9290258882
Kala Sharada devi, Harigopal 9394078319
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for the cause of Telengana state … Jai Telengana Jai Jai Telengana


55. T.V.Ramana, Advocate - సెప్టెంబర్ 27, 2008

Greet by Jai Telengana
Consult the people of Telengana
Entrust the work for people of Telengana
Purchase items/articles from the people of Telengana
Render quick service to people of Telengana
Obtain services only from the people of Telengana
Talk about the achieving of Telengana state
Make people to think postively about formation of separate Telengana state.
Question for the ill acts and discrimination done by the people of non Telengana.
Declare yourself that we are in Telengana state, others are on our mercy.
Nothing can be achievied without struggle.
Be Bold and Brave to say that we belong to Telengana
We are proud to be people of Telengana
Nothing can stop, nothing can suppress us…
Jai Telengana, Jai Jai Telengana

T.V.Ramana, Advocate
12-1-508/24, Laxminagar colony, Secunderabad – 500 017.
Phone: 9849075300

Motivate the movement amongst our people. Create History Achieve Telengana State….

56. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 3, 2008


jai telangana mathrubhumi ki

andhrolla ku danchudu landi vinaru

sooo….start 1969 movement

jai telengana
jai Bharath

57. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 3, 2008

charutralo idi spastamaindi

58. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 3, 2008

everybody go and see the 1969 telangana martys website on google search

hands up for the great people who are trying to collect the 360 people deatils and create the web …keeping alive the aspirations and who sacrifised their everything for comming generations….in 1969 telangana movement.

the website address is below mentioned.


must to see for every telanganaite ….

please forward this link to all sons & daughters of telangana.

jai telengana

59. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 3, 2008

T.V Ramana garu,

keep it up

forward this link.


60. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 3, 2008

T.V.Ramana garu,

keep it up.


must to see for every telanganaite ….

please forward this link to all sons & daughters of telangana.

jai telengana

61. Soloraj - అక్టోబర్ 9, 2008

Hi to all, Am really impressed after reading the details about telangana movement.But really felt sad when many innocent people died in police firing.My parents are from andhra and iam born and brought up in telangana.So I have my respect to both Andhra and Telangana.I believe that telangana people are suppressed by the Andhra( not every one but mostly the higher castes).But why we have given them the chance to rule over telangana? we have the same opportunty of having the same power and money as they have.I dont believe that we can gain a lot if we seperated from andhra(its my individual opinion and i feel sorry i f it hurt anyones feelings).In my opinion all we need is equal opportunity in everything with andhras.I dont believe that these days no company is looking whether the people working is andhra or telangana.But these politicians are making telangana as their main agenda to feed their own bellies.They have started these moments when they didnt get the seats or power.Already pakistan was divided from us in 40’s and we lost our brothers.So i dont want us to be seperated again.So that new problems will evolve in future.Even if we got seperate telangana only politicians are going to gain a lot not the common man.Think youself what we are going to get if we get seperate telangana.For me Andhra pradesh means not only andhra people it includes Telangana+Andhra+rayalasema.So let this bond be like that.I will give you a scenerio just think a couple ,one is from andhra and one is from telangana got married and had a baby.So once this seperate telangana came what about the child.Will the baby belongs to telangana or andhra?

Even if everyone thinks that we are going to gain by seperate state.I will also surely join in ur movement.Not for the sake of telangana or andhra but for the sake of each and everyone in Andhra Pradesh.


62. JAI Andhra - అక్టోబర్ 19, 2008

Fuck this telanga idiots.U guys never get Telangana ,if u guys get it .
that will be with out Hyd.Hyd will be Union Territory.

TELANGANA KOKILAMMA - అక్టోబర్ 20, 2009




Telangana Puli - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Abey woh madarchod saley….you fucking asshole….you will come to know soon how strongly we Telanganites kick your Andhra asses. HYD is our Telanagana capital ra haule bhadakav…kameene saley….

telangana bidda - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2009

hyd union territory unte sulli cut chasi chetlo pedta.u assholes.we dont dont fuck u hijras.

63. pakka-hyd - అక్టోబర్ 23, 2008

arey kirangaa (kiran velma) pedda thop anukuntunnava? andaroo ….posthein kottukupotharu. jaagratha. bloodhshed gurinchi maatladuthunanvu. verey communities raakapothein mana hyderabad thokkala adilabad, karinmnagar, warngal, suryapet, medak… veetilekka oka dokku citygaa undedhdi. bongu mana telanganollaki money untein mekani goshi thinudu mandu kottudu tappa em raadu

64. rrr - అక్టోబర్ 31, 2008




65. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 31, 2008

arey rrr gaaa nuvvoka pedda …..

66. gscshekar - అక్టోబర్ 31, 2008

jai telangana!
Dear friends,
it is obvious today or tomorrow we are sure to get telangana.It is our right.

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[…] telanganamedia.wordpress.com […]

68. MADAN MOHAN - నవంబర్ 1, 2008


69. MURALI GOUD - నవంబర్ 3, 2008


70. Kranti Goud - నవంబర్ 3, 2008

Dear Madan Mohan,

Your observation that Potti Sree Ramulu is responsible for formation of Andhra Pradesh including Telangana is not correct. You better need some refresher course in history regarding this. For your information, Andhra state (Circar+Rayalaseema) was formed from the then Madras Presidency after the sacrifice of Potti Sree Ramulu & aftermath voilence of Andhras against Tamils.Telangana was under Hyderabad Nizams Dominions. Potti Sree Ramulu has nothing to do with Telangana.

71. Jai Telangana - నవంబర్ 3, 2008

Hey Jai Andhra,

Are you an astrologer ? Telangana will be carved out of Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad will be its Capital city. There is no question of Union Territory status to Hyderabad. Jai Telangana. Andhra go back. Quit Telangana.

72. Telangana swaram - నవంబర్ 3, 2008

Arey pakka hyd

Kiran Andhrollani antey neeku enduku roshamosthundi? Nuvvu Telangana vodivani naatakalu veyyaku. 60 years lo oka capital city konni communities ochinandukey develop ayyindani antunna nee argument ni burralo medhadunna evadu nammadu. Nuvvu Andhra vaadivaithey Telangana prantham gurinchi pitchi koothalu koosthey lavda teguddi. Nuvvu Telangana vaadivaithey, samaikhya rashtramlo Andhra paalakula savati talli premanu grahinchaleni nee agnyanaaniki na salaam.

73. అనామకం - నవంబర్ 14, 2008


74. అనామకం - నవంబర్ 25, 2008

aina telangana swaramgaa pedda telangana odantey emanna manaku rendu moodu untaaaya.

75. Telangana swaram - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2008

Hi ఆకాశ రామన్న,

After observing the previous entries in this blog, I get a feeling that this is not the same ఆకాశ రామన్నwho is writing the current entries. I wonder why ఆకాశ రామన్న is responding to my entry referring to pakka hyd. Isn’t it none of his business? I also get a feeling that the person who has written these comments must either be unware of the history of Telangana or he must be a non-Telanganite. If ever he lives in Telangana, he must definitely be a settler. Let me make one point clear in this context. I don’t support violence, communal disturbance & havoc BUT every region has the right to protect its identity in this democracy when it has been challenged and when there is a threat to it. Telangana is doing the same. Don’t generalize Telanganites by giving some some idiotic examples. Enough is enough. Now, true Telanganites are not going to tolerate any discrimination. The days are not going to be the same any more. We are not going to sit and tolerate any injustice. Change is inevitable. Instead of pointing fingers on others, I think you need to question yourself what you have done to make the lives of the Telanganites better.

76. అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2008

mr telangana swaram

i am sorry if i’d been crude. i am from proper telengana and since i thought through my own relatives circles and friends circles the kind of giving-up attitude they show, it is frustrating and after analyses i feel remotely that may be our not-so-dynamic attitude had helped others dominate the region. (this reality I hate but alas afer seeing the kind of swelling job market and booming economy).
So I still percieve may be a thorough change in attitude to excel on the home pitch may be imperative. example the rich and the intelligent in telangana should strictly invest in telangna also instead of running away first to hyderabad and then to US.
it’s a very optimistic feeling which at times drives me to think on those lines than hate outsiders.

77. MOHAMMED SHAYAN - ఫిబ్రవరి 10, 2009

I am Mohammed Shayan working in Saudi Arabia since past 20 years
but still we are un-secure in this region. What I mean to say is that our telanganites mostly from Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Warangal
Mahbubnagar and Hyderabadis are mostly labour catagories, they left our region for the sake of bread and butter, although we have lots of natural resources with two major rivers, during last by-poll election I was taken a keen interest in the telangana region I was felt shock to see the roads and our infrastructural including drainage systems. Still we are 30 years behind with Andhrites. We does not have even Bath rooms and latrines in our vilages. Its astonished to say that once upon a time Andhrites used to have latrines outside their house, now they have posh systems at their houses and localities with excellent drainage systems, and we the telanganites goint outside for latrines…what a great joke with our people
GHAR KA AADMI BAHAR GAYA AUR BAHAR KA AADMI GHAR MEIN GHUS GAYA. Hence we have to be sincere to note our situation, now specially people of telanganites are jobless in middle east. after returning from middle east what will do after reaching their respective homes…we need to have our job opportunities in our own land of telangana.
JAI TELANGANA. I am going to Hyderabad before 1 month prior to the election I am going to take a Bi-cycle march right from Hyderabad Airport to enitre telangana covering all district head quarters. I am the peace marcher of our nation during Khalistan movement. in the year 1988 and I am the peace sword awardee from golden temple Amritsar.

78. Dr. Syed Hamed Qureshi - మార్చి 4, 2009

On behalf of our society GSNEWS Golkonda Socio NRI Economic Society
Registered by Gove. of Andhra Pradesh during 1994. Mr. Mohammed Shayan who is General Secretary of the society working in eastern province of Saudi Arabia Dammam. who is a peace marcher of our Nation during Khalistan Movement in the year 1988, is going to Hyderabad tomorrow by Air India from Dammam to participate for the seperate Telangana Movement by pedelling cycle in entire telangana region which will be completing in 25 days. Honourable Mr. Candrasekhar Rao founder telangana movement of TRS party is going to flag off Mr. MOHAMMED SHAYAN we wish him a success to his ambitious cycle march.

79. Kalyan Koppula - మార్చి 31, 2009

Hi Greetings to every one , guys Separate Telangan is not he Result of all your answers , i hope by this time uday,prashant and skay, look at the political plunge no news about telangana , where is the agenda , Guys its we who are keeping false hopes on Telangana Leaders the best thing they can do is play with people , i like the messeage of skay…… its a very good point to be noted its says these upper class people have allways filled their bags with lots of nots and even now they are doing and this is the movement by upper class people not by any lower class person ok…. Reddys ,Velmas………….. what !!!!!!!! have you ever thought about what true and whats not dont just do behind these BEGGERS these upper class people just work to fill their pockets ………

80. Kalyan Koppula - మార్చి 31, 2009

i have seen people saying keep a side the cast in this moment ,what do u men by this ,,,,,,,can some one explain me ………………………………….. no and never i know . i will say can a separate telangana have ha cast feeling free state can it be …………………….. no never ……………. please answer me …. all ht sons and daughters of telangana (so called ) can we do it

81. dsrao - జూన్ 10, 2009

We want separate hyderabad union territory . Let the voters of hyderabad decide whether they want hyderabad union territory or united AP before telangana is separated. Let telangana choose warangal as capital. Here the muslims and other voters want separated hyderabad union teritory.
Telanagana movement persons want to loot hyderabad and wanted to divert funds from here.let them build warangal and build wealth from there. It is hyderabad citizen who built wealth. none of the telangana movement persons contributed for its growth.In a democracy , it should be the will of hyderabadies that matter.
If hyderabad is formed , we promise to give every citizen of hyderabad a subsidy of free two bed room flat, one maruthi car , RS 20000/- a month for mentainace so that thy can live comfortably. We have that kind of wealth that is built here in the last 50 years.

Definetly the muslims, hindus and christinas of hyderabd get benifitted if we get our hyderbad union territoy. BJP/TRS conspiracy to loot hyderabad will be opposed tooth and nail by us

Telangana Puli - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Abey woh chootya lanja koduka…malli okkasari HYD ni Union Territory ga marchalani rashavo, nee gudda pagultadi. Gudda moosukoni pora saley….nee Andhra area lo kottichuko po.

ramana - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2009

lolli thittinav bhai guddala thannale hyd joliki vasthe

82. అనామకం - జూన్ 11, 2009

excellent speech by YSR. its like a slap o the stinking but.s of TRS b.sta.ds

అనామకం - జూన్ 12, 2009

Andhra bastards in telangana heads are rising high with scoundrel YSR shit. All telanganites who voted for congress should atleast realise now.
Unless the movement takes voilent form these andhra bastards will not learn a lesson.
We have made Nizam piss, 1969 our people made these bastards piss. Democratic ways are useless, get prepared for it or runaway. Hyderabad borders should be seized then andra bastards will start pissing again.
Jai Telangana

TELANGANA KOKILAMMA - అక్టోబర్ 20, 2009



Telangana Puli - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

What the hell are you talking about YSR? YSR looted whole AP and hence died like a DOG. You Andhra mother fuckers, bastards…..get the hell out of our Telangana areas.

83. dsrao - జూన్ 12, 2009

We will form hyderabad rastra samithi as political force to carve out separate hyderabad union territory. TRS should get separate telangana with warangal as capital. PRO TRS leaders have lost miserably here.
we suggest telangana rastra samithi to agree for our proposal of froming hyderabad union territory first so that telangana formatiom with warangal as capital can be achieved faster. Some of the psuedo intellectuals of TRS/telangana separatists may better migrate to warangal instead of becoming burden on hyderabadies.

hyderabad welcomes investors and not looters or likely looters.

అనామకం - జూన్ 12, 2009

Tine kanchamlo ummese neechulaku hyderabad gurinchi matlade hakku yekkadidhi.
Manchi ga unte ikkade telangana vaalu manchi manasutho aadharistaru, YSR ne choosi recchi pote, Nizam gati vadiki, kukka bathuku meeku.


Jai Telangana

dsrao - జూలై 30, 2009

neelati roudi gallani choose bedara valasina pani ledu. ippati hyderabad lo mejority of hyderabd citizens will decide on hyderabad union terrritory. separate telangana vadulu warangal ko /karim nagar ko valas pondi. Meelanti voilent roudies nee crush chestam.

84. అనామకం - జూన్ 18, 2009

jai telangana kaadura. jai te… “langaa”… na

AKASHA SITAAMMA - అక్టోబర్ 20, 2009

A: addamaina,
N: neechamaina ,
D: dongala,
H: haulegandla,
R: rankula,
A: area.


veeru nalgonda - ఫిబ్రవరి 7, 2010

well said akasha aakasha aithamma please call 9502397651 and your no send my mobile

85. DR MATSYENDRA PRABHAKAR - జూన్ 26, 2009


86. manamu ika maaramu - జూలై 13, 2009

sorry guys ,

manamu ika maramu , ani artham avuthunnadi

its pathetic to see all the educated to react this way of dividing regions and people.

first of all agree the truth and make ways to correct ourselves.

its sad that we , telanganites are 50 yrs behind rest of the nation owing to the uncivilized infamous rule of the Nizams(excepting mahaboob ali khan) who were pieces of shit.

the rest of nizams lived paying ”rent” to british who were parasites on the common people through the so called chamcha parasites , the ‘doras’.
these doras were very cruel upon the common people and exploited them badly and inhumanly.

there was no importance to education nor development nor their personal lives and faiths.
the kings were not inerested in promoting education or development or happenings in their state.rather were interested in accepting taxes from jagirdars and praises of the chamcha courtiers.

on the other hand the british were humane, cultured and civilized .
they made some good laws like sarada act ie banning sati and child marriages and established scools ,universities and promoted women education too.they never interfered with personal things and faiths of the common people . they even studied and served the local languages and people too ( brown and cotton).they even warned nizams not to interfere with the temple at tirupathi.(earlier the tirupathi temple used to pay certain amount of money to nizams so as not interfere with the temple.)

under these choices , naturally the people under british rule would naturally be faster than those people under oppressive tyranny.

later freedom movement in mainland india and armed struggle and police action resulted in freedom and unification of the telugu people.

instead of cosolidating our stand and furthur strengthening of our stand and unity and freedom, we dont seem to have learnt from the bitter past ,ie to stay united and respect eachother..we idiotically fight and try to find ways to exploit each other .

what a stupidity ? idiocrasy at its heights.

some crooked costha and rayalaseema leaders combined with the telangana mates responsible for this ,not to exclude us all.

mosam cheyadam thappu amayakulanu
andukani verpatuvadam kuda thappey.

and its pity that many people support TRS , TREACHEROUS ROUGES AND SCOUNDRELS PARTY and its leader KCR as the developer of telangana.



chaduvukunna manamu kuda veeni lanti inka YSR and SONIA and BJP lanti vallani support chesthuntey.

manamu maram anipisthundi idantha choosthuntey.
NOTE: nizam antey muslims ki symbolic ani kaadu british antey christians ki meaning ani kaadu.
telugu vaaru antey antha kalupukuney.


ramakanth reddy.

87. manamu ika maaramu - జూలై 13, 2009

sorry guys ,

manamu ika maramu , ani artham avuthunnadi

its pathetic to see all the educated to react this way of dividing regions and people.

first of all agree the truth and make ways to correct ourselves.

its sad that we , telanganites are 50 yrs behind rest of the nation owing to the uncivilized infamous rule of the Nizams(excepting mahaboob ali khan) who were pieces of shit.

the rest of nizams lived paying ”rent” to british who were parasites on the common people through the so called chamcha parasites , the ‘doras’.
these doras were very cruel upon the common people and exploited them badly and inhumanly.

there was no importance to education nor development nor their personal lives and faiths.
the kings were not inerested in promoting education or development or happenings in their state.rather were interested in accepting taxes from jagirdars and praises of the chamcha courtiers.

on the other hand the british were humane, cultured and civilized .
they made some good laws like sarada act ie banning sati and child marriages and established scools ,universities and promoted women education too.they never interfered with personal things and faiths of the common people . they even studied and served the local languages and people too ( brown and cotton).they even warned nizams not to interfere with the temple at tirupathi.(earlier the tirupathi temple used to pay certain amount of money to nizams so as not interfere with the temple.)

under these choices , naturally the people under british rule would naturally be faster than those people under oppressive tyranny.

later freedom movement in mainland india and armed struggle and police action resulted in freedom and unification of the telugu people.

instead of cosolidating our stand and furthur strengthening of our stand and unity and freedom, we dont seem to have learnt from the bitter past ,ie to stay united and respect eachother..we idiotically fight and try to find ways to exploit each other .

what a stupidity ? idiocrasy at its heights.

some crooked costha and rayalaseema leaders combined with the telangana mates responsible for this ,not to exclude us all.

mosam cheyadam thappu amayakulanu
andukani verpatuvadam kuda thappey.

and its pity that many people support TRS , TREACHEROUS ROUGES AND SCOUNDRELS PARTY and its leader KCR as the developer of telangana.



chaduvukunna manamu kuda veeni lanti inka YSR and SONIA and BJP lanti vallani support chesthuntey chaduvukoni vallu manakantey best anipisthudi.

just think if the kcr or ysr or bjp or mim or other so called big parties would help solve our problems or other poor parties like lok satta will be good for us and to a lesser extent telugu desam ( telugu desam , i feel much better than former parties , i feel , next to lok satta. telugu desam is more caste centric which is equally dangerous and not acceptable, the former parties are pig heads when compared to TDP)

manamu maram anipisthundi idantha choosthuntey.
NOTE: nizam antey muslims ki symbolic ani kaadu british antey christians ki meaning ani kaadu.
telugu vaaru antey antha kalupukuney.


ramakanth reddy.

dsrao - జూలై 30, 2009

Political and administrative structure have to change. Then only some thing positive will come out. just because we agree for hyderabad union territory, telangana , rayalaseema , kosthanadhra , north andhra etc , ther will not be any change. what we need proper administrative/and political structure with transperancy and accountability

vamshi krishna - డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

edichavuley …
neeku g lo dammu vunte marchi chuupu
anthe kani itlanti addamaina funda lu ivvaku
anni telusukoni matladu…. edi padite adi type cheyadam kadu

vamshi krishna - డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

the upper message is for mr.ramakanth reddy

kanred - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

vamshi krishna thelusukoni matladamma…

edo thelisinattu pichi kutalu kooyaku..

pani choosukoo…

to vamshiiiii

88. Ranganth - జూలై 18, 2009

The issue is going to solve the problem of political employment. In this article i came across the peoples movements but where is the injustice?

why people has to go for agitations now?

Everybody has rights and responsibilities in a democratic world. If a government is able to create employment facilities then there will be no problem for any one.

89. Jayanth. - ఆగస్ట్ 13, 2009

When Any individual Question properly and experience it with right direction
definetly any body can leads to get knowledge.
When any intelligent individual read the above article regarding Telangana Freedom Movement,can realise that, every time Telangana freedom Strugle is always alive who ever the ruler(right from kings,Muslim rulers, to democracy rulers etc).Straight Question: Can any body permanently stop Telangana Freedom strugle & sentiments from people of Telangana? Yes/No.
We should not see that, by the grace of _____! , This Telangana feeling may turn to voilent & bad shape of demand.It is a openess is required to look into the rights of Telangan people demand,

90. swamy narayanan - ఆగస్ట్ 13, 2009

It has crossed the fullfilling the demands of telangana people,Now only demand is seperate sate of rights to lead.

Don’t disrespect telangana or its people , by staying in the telangana region and enjoying all the facilities,benifities,profits,peace in Hyderbad:
Eating & Spitting in the same plate.God or What ever HE/SHE believe …!definetly teach a lesson, if have same attitude & appraoch against Telangana.
Can Indians do same in USA/UK, we are developed USA/UK as intelligent Engg/Doct’s/Etc ,then what ever we feel/think/say/do are correct and acceptable in USA/UK/Etc….!Thrown/Kicked Out.

Telangna people still have a great patience & responsibilty to accept the people from other regions to live happly in Telangana.Once they got opposit thought then total scene will change.God has to save other region people who live in telangana.

Today people born in other countries leading India, Like Sonia Gandhi,Advani/ManMohansing etc ,Might be not know about Telangana struggle.Once they realise, total situation may not be in their hands.

91. Gurg Patil - ఆగస్ట్ 13, 2009

Develop the attitude to Political Leaders that What people want,Particularly Telanagana people,Right to rule their land not others.

Shame on part of other region leaders who always escape from peoples feelings towards Telangana

They,Particularly Andhraties/Rayalsema political leaders not people of that regions running from accepting Telanagana……………………….!,They can’t live in their area.

92. Jaishankar - ఆగస్ట్ 17, 2009

Rightly said by swami narayanan, Today the political leaders ,particularly ministers what sacrifise they did for the society,
what social attitude they have towards the nation, just maintaining caste/religion/group of people.

A leader like Gandhi/mavo/lenin/mandela/etc going to come in the region of telangana,not like chandrababu NAIDU/rajashekar REDDY/Chandrashekar RAO.Charithra chaputhundi , when it requires definetly without dely time(kalam) decides and action will taken in the interest of people of telangana

Truth is telangana people are fight for their cause since 40+ years,
other region people has to change their attitude and respect telangana people.

Maralsidhi andhra / rayalasema political nayakulu , Time teaches the political leaders a great lesson , and also leaders from all parties of telangana, Yendhuku telangana political leaders mataladuta leru,andharu velananu chuchi asayichukunturu, take example Venkataswany,D srinivas,Keshav Rao,MSR,Purshotham Reddy etc.all are selfish ,they doen’t have gutts to lead the interest of telangana people.

Marppu ravale, YSR,Naidu.Chianjeevi,Jaiprakash naryana etc are not from telangana.

Telangana leaders ……?

Public of Telangana will be the true leaders , truly fight for telangana

93. ramanuja - ఆగస్ట్ 17, 2009

Jai telangana; By the grace of mahankali of secendrabad a lesson will be given, who are against telangana.

Hyderabad baga nashata poindhi, Peddama,mysamma,mahakali teach lesson who are to aginst telangana.

Political gelupu , antha correct kadhu , prajala thagabadtharu…………

94. అనామకం - ఆగస్ట్ 25, 2009

mee mokaalu musilo munchi theeyaley. freedom struggle entiraa mee bonda. idemanna seperate country. ee panikiraani maatalavalley enterprising nature leka prati vaadu bayita ninchi vachi ikkada flourish avithunnadu. manamu musthi vallalla unnamu.
first panikochey panulu cheyandi. thokalo telangana ledu sperate state ledu. G moosukuni evadi pani vaadu chesukondi. digochirru pedda freedom fightergallu. thopgaallu.

jai hyderabad

AKASHA SITAMMA - అక్టోబర్ 20, 2009

ne noru musukora vedava…..chatagani cheekka badakav…..
telangana area loki vaste tanudu tante andhra lo padatavu ra nee aayya….muddimeeda tante elanti pichi vagudu vagavu…..
inko sari yela msg cheste musi neellu tagista…nuvu G musukoni vapas poooobey…..G lo dammuleka ne peru rayaledara damunte ne peru,address echi chudu aapudu telangana waalla yendo,waalla thannutho andhra waallaku baga ruchi chupedataru….nuvvu bodigadu peda chepochavu…..pooooooooraaaaaa ne avvaa…..


kanred - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

correct mama

gorre buddulu povatledu

95. sidreddy - అక్టోబర్ 15, 2009

we want seperate state of telangana…..freedom frm hegemony of andhra…

kanred - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009
96. Venkanna B - అక్టోబర్ 25, 2009

Hi Friends,
First I am so Thankful to Mr. Keshav Rao Jadav, for his substantial information on Telangana.

Dear Friends,
Wishing you a belated Happy Independent (Liberation Of) Telangana State (17th September 1948)
Subject: Break the Silence and make the Telangana glory. Let us all celebrate 17th September as our independence day
Friends take a minute from your valuable time to think about what is Telangana!
I think most of you people know more than me, but I would like to remind you all what is Telangana!
Why it’s so popular in news recent times!
Why we need to think about Telangana!
Why intellectuals of Telangana strongly supporting Telangana Separate State Hood from past sixty years!
When Andhra Pradesh State formed! Before that what about Andhra and Rayalaseema! And where they are! What about their social status! If they were so developed why they were separated from united Madras State!
What is the present situation in Andhra region villages and cites! What about presently Rayalaseema from past five years!
Where the Telangana is now! What is the present situation in Telangana region villages and cites! (Except Hyderabad)
Why Andhra expanded Imperialists opposing Telangana Separate State!
Who were benefited by the formation of Linguistic states!
Is they were in one state who is speaking Hindi in India!
Is they were in One Country who is speaking English!
Are the Krishna and the Godavari rivers is coming directly from sky in the Andhra region! It’s not in the Telangana region! (Krishna and Godavari rivers first touching Telangana in Andhra Pradesh)
If it is ‘NO’, then why only Andhra region have facilities to use that water! Why not Telangana people!

Dear Friends,
Long back, I wrote some of my thoughts here, but could not share it with you, just have look on this, then think about this and join your hands to show the collectiveness of Telangana.
Telangana has all reasons to become an independent state, but it is not happened in past few decades, because I believe it is due to the lack of collectiveness and awareness between our people. I saw many people in my own experience, they came from a long distances to live in Hyderabad and they never faced any problem with our people and our people made them as friends. After all these, one thing bothers me always that, they are dare to talk about our language, cultures and life styles. We have more reasons to talk about their language and lifestyles, but we don’t do that, but they are doing from past few decades and still doing. I believe this happening due to the extreme goodness of our people and lack of our collectiveness. So frnd’s please not allow this anymore and show our collectiveness of Telangana.
We always think that, some people are there in Pakistan and they are doing bad things for us, OK! We should think, but I want to ask you a question. Did you think any time the people those who came to our place and doing bad things for us?
Did anybody saw the KCR Interview in TV9 on 15th Oct 2009!
Excellent, Superb, He has cleared many doubts about Telangana, Andhra and present Andhra Pradesh. Every person from Andhra Pradesh should know these facts.
Personally I am not a fan of KCR, even I differ for his personal behaviour and many mistakes which he does, but thing is the agenda towards which he is working likes me. Though, the interview which he has given today is excellent, which can boost the Telangana movement and opens new directions. I have first time saw such a lengthy interview, which is extended from 30 minutes to 3 hours between 6 to 9 P.M. (15/10/2009)
He has first time talked about many issues; though he has not answered elaborately on each issue due to the time limit, I could hope that, some how many people of A.P could get cleared about the intention of Telangana movement. He has given many calculations, Examples and answers for caller questions, if anybody not satisfied with that, even they can get information about facts (now it’s available as for Right to Information Act for any person) from secretariat and assembly records.
This is for Only Telangana Intellectuals, students and all educated people of Telangana those who can think. Life is not just for enjoy, life is thinking for society, society means crores of people. Can you imagine how many people lived in this earth from its origin? Then how many were in our memory? Very few people, because only few people can make their mark on this world. Whoever born has a human being in earth is not a human being, who’s act as human being only the human being. Only human being as the advantage of thinking in this world, no other animal can think in this earth other than human being. Then what is the difference between any other animal and human being, when who’s not thinking about our society? Our bullshit governments and rulers not thinking about their colleagues from the decades, they can’t even see problems of our colleagues!
Can’t we think about our people? When we are not thinking even after so much education, how can we expect the people should think those who are not known alphabets? We got some good opportunities to realise and develop our self, but what about those who don’t get it? We are the symbol of our background. For eons, our fore fathers and grand fathers faced the same life styles, cultures and problems; they lived together in the same region. Now some of us came out from those situations with a great hard work. But what is the situation of our friends still those who are in same positions and doing agriculture and traditional handicraft works? Where are our people now? Why?
It’s happened, because of neglect, partiality and crossed the all democratic rights of the region in past 50 years of the bullshit governments.
What are the consequences! Today’s Destructed Telangana, in all the fields (Agriculture, Cheneta, Handicrafts and the business of all the fields) destruction. No adequate schools, no adequate colleges, no employment, no hospitals, no irrigation water, no drinking water, no electricity… after all these automatically there is no business, If goes on, we don’t know how many no’s………… These governments don’t have any respect on us.
A Simple example, how many kilometres of distance between the worlds famous Nagarjuna Sagar project and Nalgonda District, the project itself located one end of the district. Now you think that how much money needed to give drinking water for World’s worst effect fluoride area Nalgonda district. Do you think Netherland and WHO should give money for this? Can’t governments provide drinking water for 60 KMs of wide area in 60 years of democracy? Still hundreds of villages don’t have the drinking water, even those who are living 10 to 15 KMs from project, whereas the same Krishna River water going up to the Chennai through Teluguganga Project. How many Kilometres Krishna Rivers to Nalgonda and How many Kilometres to Chennai? Can’t they think about this? They can’t, they can’t think about the seriousness of our problems, because our innocent people can give vote easily for silly reasons and our idiot leaders can sell themselves for their own reasons. Don’t we have a responsibility to think about this? Don’t we have time to take some responsibility? So Break the Silence and raise your hand for Telangana Separate State. From past 60 years of experience with Andhra imperial governments, we should understand that Telangana separate state only can help our future generations, but not any other GO’s or any other comities and Boards.
Some facts
• Telangana is a Separate State for 1948 to 1956 Oct-31, by the time Telangana is the only one Surplus State in Independent India. (When Telangana mixed with Andhra state, Telangana has 63 crores of surplus budgets, whereas Andhra state is not in a position to give reasonable salaries for their employees in Rayalaseema and Andhra regions).
• Then why Telangana is now backward region, how the Andhra can become a self sufficient?
• Telangana Separate State hood liberated on 9th Sep 1948, The Places which were separated from Telangana, mixed with Karnataka and Maharashtra celebrating the Official Independence on September 17th of every year. What about Telangana Independence day on Sep-17th.

Well wisher of Three Crore’s of Telangana People.

97. Venkanna Bandameedi - అక్టోబర్ 25, 2009

Dear Frnd’s

I am ready to face a bullet for the cause of Telangana. Is there a person ready to shoot a bullet against Telangana?

98. Niranjan Rao - నవంబర్ 25, 2009

Dear Telanganites

Please support TRS for Telengana, “AAMARANA NEERAHARA DEEKSHA”


saikumar ganji - నవంబర్ 29, 2009

iam a born telangana ..n i supprt the telegana movement. today as we all knw …a sad day fr d telangana movement.. i just wanna say.. tht evn JNTU students must participate in d telangana movement along wth OU students…n make it much bigger than d 1969 telangana mvemnt… n cme out wth a fair reslt of a separate TELANGANA STATE as a INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA.

jai telangana

99. sarin - నవంబర్ 28, 2009

hi this is sarin. a telagana son, i am from knr presently i am staying in asrao nagar ,hyd. when i go to work daily i see the people around me then i reliazed that i am surronded by many andhra people i hardly find any telagana member. if it go like this only i am sure that one day will come when no localpeople will be seen. so friends join hands to suceed the state.
everybody say’s we are asking telagana no we are not beggers. it’s our right to get it. join with KCR who is fighting for our future .

100. Maryaada Ramanna - నవంబర్ 30, 2009

I have been carefully following the notes posted on this site, and am saddened by the levels to which the exchange has sunk – more of personal than rational arguments or reasoned presentations. The fact of the powerful exploiting the weak has been irrefutably demonstrated by nature and history over and over again; and it is least likely to go away. Political power and and economic benefit have been at the root of all human discord – if one were only to analyze and understand. It is easy to be carried away by the emotional stress of having been wronged (more particularly when such a picture is presented by cunning and self-serving people). Let us not re-validate the saying “Pudutoo anna dammulu, perigina taruvaata daayaadulu”. Nevertheless, I do personally believe that it is better to part as friends if we cannot stay together without stepping on each others’ toes. In today’s global village, migration within and in between nations/states/localities has become inevitable and should truly not be a contentious issue. While every individual/group/community/region, etc., has the right to assert its identity, well-being and progress, let this be pursued and achieved peacefully and without resort to violence, personal enmity and loss/damage to human life and property. I appeal to all to moderate their language and be constructive in the dialogue. Hope wiser counsel will prevail. God Bless You All.

101. A Revolutionary - డిసెంబర్ 1, 2009

I’m a journalist living in Hyderabad and my grandfather was the first mayor of Hyderabad. It saddens me to see the discrimination meted out towards Telanganites by the the Andhras. Hyderabad as a union territory??? When this happens, or lets say, IF this happens, all Telanganas, including me will not mind resorting to bloodshed and drive out those Blood thirsty, lustful and greedy Andhras. 50 years. Peaceful talks, coalition parties, peaceful protests, dharnas have not got us our land back in over 50 years, do you really think they’ll do anything about it now??? They wont. Because, they have a lot at stake. Lands that were auctioned off illegally, even by YSR to his own son! Whoever has heard of a CM auctioning off land of over 1100 acres to his own son? The irony however is, nobody even knew about the auction, it was all secretive. But when it appeared in the newspapers, it was quickly hushed up.
The point is, why are the Andhras even bothering coming here, if they don’t like Telanganas. If you carefully observe, Hyderabad is a place where a lot of communities live. Punjabis, Gujratis, Marwadis, Sindhis, Muslims and so on. Then why do you think we dont like Andhras. These people are by nature orthodox, chauvinistic, greedy, conniving and whatnot. We want a separate state of Telangana. MIM (Majlis E Ittehadul Muslimeen) is out of question and any self respecting educated Muslim knows that the MIM are originally Razakars. If you vote for them, they’ll even introduce Sharia law here. I’m pretty sure Muslims here enjoy their freedom and wouldn’t want to endanger it by voting for fundamentalists like them. Maybe KCR is not exactly as saint, but who cares, atleast he wont divert funds to other regions. IF he misuses his power, he’ll have US to answer to. All this bloodshed and revolution is not to elect him, but to empower ourselves, should that fail, we’ll elect another able leader. We waited over 50 years for Andhra leaders to change things. So, i dont see why we shouldn’t give KCR a chance, he deserves it for what he has done and so does every red blooded Telanganite. My father was a part of the students during the 1969 riots and I would be honored to take his place in a renewed revolution to save my land. Take back your cheap Hotels, Messes, Tiffin Centres which cater to no one but to your kind who arrive by the dozen from Andhra. We dont really care about your businesses either. Hyderabad is already infested with millions of Andhrites already, but then, its never too late to begin something. At least, for the sake of our dying culture and the future generations. I’m only 21, but I have seen enough. We should start creating awareness among different communities (Punjabis, Gujratis, Muslims, Marathis, Bengalis) living here as well because they don’t know anything whatsoever. Lets all vote for Telangana and drive Andhras out. No offense to Andhra people living here for a long time, but my anger is directed to those who come here solely for business, politics, REAL ESTATE (that fucking Lanco Rajagopal, Subbirami Reddy, Jana Reddy, YSR, Jagan Mohan to name a few). They own acres, if not hectares of land and use them to build real estate ventures. We dont need more Andhra bastards anymore. I really think that if we dont get a separate state, we should take matters into our own hands and ASSASSINATE these idiots and rightfully claim our land.

lalitha - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

chaala baga chepparu….

102. Rahul - డిసెంబర్ 1, 2009

I don’t understand why people fighting for a separate state, have you people forgot that we are known for our unity in diversity through out the world. There are enough problems to deal with already in our country, you people who want a separate state are adding more to that. If you really believe all Indians to be one, there is no point in fighting for a piece of land. Another state would only bring more problems to a common man. Only people who will be benifited are the politicians, any politician has never ever did any good to the common man, please dont support them. If people keep quite they can not do anything.

103. Srinath - డిసెంబర్ 2, 2009

JAI Telengana.

we are with students who are fighting for the telengana.
this not the agitation for seperate nation. we are demanding for seperate state for us to living with self respect. We are not against the comman man who are in hyderabad for the sake of living. As the part of this HYderabad has been declared as free zone. Anyone can apply for the Govt jobs in hyderabad. how far it is acceptable for the hyderabadis who are born here. We accept this free zone if any hyderabadi is eligible for the jobs in AP.

Jai Telengana

104. Nirmal - డిసెంబర్ 2, 2009

You people have really gone mad. Those bloody political leaders are misguiding you. It will only get those idiots new assembly and a CM position, it will never ever benefit common man. Even if you are from telengana you will have to struggle for water and other natural resources if you form a new state. There is no point in struggling for a separate state one will never gain anything. Open you eyes dont support those idiots who are just fighting for a CM position.

105. Ragu - డిసెంబర్ 2, 2009

I guess all these messages are being written by those idiotic political leaders not by public. I dont believe at even in this generation there are such fools who would follow an idiot who just wants a CM chair. I hope people in Andhra Pradesh soon realise this.

106. Priyank - డిసెంబర్ 2, 2009

These political leaders are bastards. They are agitating people to fight for a very silly reason. Whoever you might be according to the constitution one can not stop an Indian citizen to relocate and settle in any part of India. Whoever is posting these comments you call andhra people bastards, just realise that you cannot stop them from being in telangana at any cost. Just dont waste your time if you dont like it in India go abroad and settle you will never face such problems(foreigners are more matured than us you know they dont fight for separate state). Just stop be so immature. Live and let others live. Let those political leaders to be precise those bastards fight and die you people dont get involved.

107. Rohan - డిసెంబర్ 2, 2009

Do not support for a separate state.

karthik - జనవరి 11, 2010

nekenduku telangana mida vuna prativokadu support chestadu
jai telangana jai jai telangana

108. Rangaiah - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2009

Hi my dear young children,

I have just saw this post & went through almost all opinions posted here. It is very funny that how your minds are injected with scrap & what all you know about the history of Andhra & Telangana. The new age politicians are using the brands of Telangana & Samikyandra for their existence & focus. I would like to enlighten you all on history I am being an idiot to watch everything happening silently.

It all started when I am studying in a INDIAN college. Everyone is in happy mood in 1947 but the Telangana region people as it was still under Nizam ruling. There were so many trails happened from Indian govt to join the Hyderabad territory into India, but the nizam saheb started working with Pakistan for cruel allegation. My father & many of his activists were active with the insider information & went directly to Ramananda Teertha who was prominent socialist explaining the hidden activities going in golconda region. He led them to Sardar patel in few days & it was seriously taken by him. It was discussed internally within National Congress (It is the only deciding community in those days) & decided to take down the nizam govt as they are not accepting any offers from Indian gov to join India & instead joining hands with Pakistan. The situation with Nizam is different as he is one of the richest persons of the world. He has contacts with many great people in the world & also that Nizam Royal territory was the biggest of all (around 380) independent royal ruling areas. So the reason India govt also offered many solutions to let Hyderabad state to join in India.

At the same time Sardar has a tough time with 4 other independent ruling locations one in Kashmir & 2 in east & one in midwest as I remember. He is the only person who can handle all these issues & it was strongly raised in National congress that he should handle this. He got a great command over Indian Army within less time. So he informed the PM Nehru that he going to take down the Nizam with Operation Polo as it was a big & very disturbing problem in the heart of India. Also said to Nehru to not to take any further steps on the other settlements till he returns.

While Sardar Patel was handling the Nizam, Nehru initiated the peaceful talks with Kashmir king at the time. Nehru is so disturbed that he wish to do something good being a Prime Minister as everyone is highlighting Sardar Patel for his good work. This pride & envy within him led to take any step to close the Kashmir issue & signed an illegal agreement created by the Kashmiri forces that half of the Kashmir joins in Pakistan & half in India with Pakistan permission. This is still a mystery & no one clearly told what happened internally there.

Leaving the kashmir issue apart, Nizam has been notified by his intelligence forces about the development in the Indian Govt & they actively started razhakars of Qazir team. They were complete brute force of muslims attacking the hindu community in many villages & doing every worst thing that they are capable of. In the meanwhile all the young & dynamic men were started fighting with razhkars from Nalgonda & it was widespread across the districts everyone started protecting their community till the Indian Army arrives. In this process millions of families have lost their family heads & many many young scholors on whom the complete next generations were dependent.

After everything got settled the strike man Potti Sriramulu once again came into picture to form a telugu state (He asked for Vishalandra) with Chennai as capital.

I still remember that around 50% people in Chennai speaks Telugu & Tamil was in next place. The actual Tamil region used to start after 130 KM from Chennai beyond Mahabalipuram. After SRC submitted the report, there were two problems. One is with Telangana & other is with Chennai(Tamil people). The strong congress cadre in TN rejected giving Chennai to Andhra even after national leaders intervention. They have finally gave option to Andhra political gang to choose b/w Tirumal Tirupati Devasthanam. Either with devotional interest or with money interest or with the probable regional issue (that we need to cross Tirupathi to reach Chennai from andhra) they have opted Tirupati. To balance it they(the politicians of our age) eyed on the rich Hyderabad state. Illegally modified the SRC in a diplomatic manner that if Telangana region people agrees they can joined to form a Andhra-Telangana State.. but it was once again renamed to Andhra Pradesh. Also interested people can also read about the Gentlemen’s agreement.

The point of interest is Telagana region was succed by Nizams till that moment & the family head of many families are died leaving many children. There will be so much inbalance happens by the time there will be a male head grows up in family & so the reason Telangana region should not be disturbed for around 20-25 years with any allegations. This is what first referred by SRC commission. As expected it has happened & Andhra & Rayalaseems people who are all ready for grabbing any opportunities in any field spread across the Telangana (mainly Hyderabad) region & still ruling the Telangana region with their newer generations & families giving no choice to a native born who wish to grow.

If there would have been no razhakar’s moment & if there would have been no 1969 agitation for Jai Telangana moment (thousands of young students were died) the situaiton would have been different. Perhaps I would have seen a separate Andhra moment instead of this now.

I still remember how the political inbalance has been built up & recent YSR investments also. Just compare the funds he has invested for Pulivendula & Idupula paya region with the funds he has invested for 10 district telangan region. Everyone of you know this because of media realizations, but I clearly know how every CM developed their regions while they were CM since the age of cycles & evening news papers to the age of F1 Cars & rocket speed electronic media.

My dear young children, I can be reached through my friend & grandson who helped me putting this to you. Anything you wish to convey me & learn from me please put a mail to my grandson. i will answer but expect much delays.


vamshi krishna - డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

hi tatayya…
i am a student of age of your grandson perhaps….
i have a small doubt .
why do the people of andhra leave our place??(as they are indians too..they can live anywhere)..and it will be a blackspot on us that we r not able to compete with them in all fields…..
can we presently develop ourselves with such adverse climatic conditions and limited resourses ??..
it may happen the same as with jharkhand and chattisgarh as they r not developed by partitoin as expected

Rangaiah - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Is all the opportunities arising in this land are open enough for everyone with no lobbying? Is political imbalance is not clear? Isn’t there is a clear gap between complete developed socio community to under privilaged communities? Why do we have reservations defined if everyone can compete in all fields? Question yourself & you will get your answer

My point here is if everyone in Andhra Pradesh is looking the complete Telugu people as one community (like in Tamil Nadu) then there is no such issue would arise. By this time everything could had been resolved. The greediness & cruel thinking of the people led to this situation now & even in 1969.

I don’t say that forming Telangan state is the ultimate win for the people. It is a win when everyone achieves the minimum living things for their lives & where they are CAPABLE to compete in all fields. It is just to get that capability & initiation… Once again I repeat forming Telangana state is not an ultimate win.

India is one country, but why do we have formed the states? Why did have so many changes over geographical represtations? It is for building that capability in people, who are not able to compete. SC, ST & BC reservations also for the same cause. But some are taking advantage of it, but still there are many who are INCAPABLE to compete in open in many fields from that social category.

I never said that Andhra people should leave Telangana. The geographical limitation only creates the control over internal resources & enables to define rules & laws according to the geographical requirements.

This is all subject of expertise by experience & can only be learned once you experience it. There are many many people, who are not aware about what it meant & what it WAS meant, but still some are fighting for Telangana & some are fighting against Telangana. I pity on them

109. vikram - డిసెంబర్ 4, 2009

from your article,i got to know much information about telangana movement thnx for that.

110. Prasad - డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

I am born in Rayalaseema in lower middle class family (economically), studied in Karnataka, Worked in US and now workin Hyderbad & own a house in a neighbouring Telgana district. So now am I exploiting Telangana people ??. I certainly do not think so.

I understand lot of injustice happened to lot of people all over the world in one form or the other. I have studied and even noticed enough such struggles for seperate statehood be it Kosvo, Palestian, Bangladesh, Jharkand and so on.. Only few movements are successful successful in achieving a statehood. But have they accomplished the true goal of living a happy and peaceful life. I certainly do not think so.

The universal truth is that you have to study, work hard and earn your living irrepective of your affialiation to a state or a group. I have not seen or heard of a country or a state, be it dictatorship, capitalist or even democracy where you can have a happy life without fufulling your primary duties.

Yes majority people will argue, how do I succeed when there are adversaries and other people are in your way or even stealingfrom you?. My answer that is life. yes it is unfair most of the time. It is all in our atttitue and how we deal with adversaries.

My kind request to all those who are turning to voilence be it against self like suicides or against others like revolt “LIFE IS NOT WORTH WASTING”. Focus your energy in a positive direction. Use your frustartion to study well, Work hard & you will certainly see the reward. I say it by my own experience. My parents were not rich (financially), but they were rich with attitude. They workd hard to give good education to their children and also taught us the values of life. Thanks to them today, I can say I have a happy life. It doen’t mean I do not have challenges. I deal with them every day.

PLease relax for a moment. Think about the whole situation. Past is past. Please do not get bogged down by past. Politicians will repeat and even exaggerate the history to create emotion. They have their motivations. You act in a positive way.

My comments would sound like a philosopy to some and full of crap for some. I do not intend to take sides in this movement. I sympathize with those that are being hurt. If this posting makes even a single person think for a moment before acting out voilently, I would be happy.

Let us hope the entire Telagana issue is resolve peacefully at the earliest.

Have a niceday.

Rangaiah - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Hi Prasad,

All point said is accepted & well received (atleast by me). The agitation for Telangana is not so wrong with the history seen, but the destruction taking place & especially suicides taking place leaves only tears in their family but wouldn’t let the situation perish at any cost. For government public life is of no importance but their own politicians. I am still wondering how many ordinary human lives equals to a politician human life & what ever the actions taking place when one politician is loosing his life can’t be taken even after 30 ordinary human lives sacrfices for the cause of Telangana.

As I said in my previous post, it is not about competition, it is about opportunity. You can compete only when you have a opportunity. Read the post 108 & the reply given. You will understand more on it.

111. Anil - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2009


Am Anil basically from kerala>born and brought up in hyd. After goin through the article i feel really sad for the telangana people. Their fight for democratic rights is genuine. Esp 1969 episode is heart breaking,probably an eyeopener for the govt to change and create equal opportunities, esp mend the law for Telangana people. The education standard in the telengana regions needs to be upgraded so that the future generation will give tough combat for the fellow indians. henceforth my voice is for Telangana Rights.

112. mukesh goud - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2009

The current T-agitation is an immediate result of incompetent people who are jealous of hardworking and successful people. I’m sure that the students who are involved in this agitation are intellectually immature — they are driven by their emotion rather than rational thinking. If I ask a direct question to those dumb students “What will a common man get from T-state?” . I’m sure these A-holes cannot even make an constructive argument. I suggest these A-holes to do a study of the background of KCR — is he qualified as a politician ?, is he intellectually mature ?, what are the strong reasons that KCR believes are the cause for the T-state ?.

I saw some dumb ass student on OU campus claiming that their professors have done a Pen-Down and he wants to suspend all the schools and colleges. Who is this M-F**er to give orders to suspend schools?. He says the professors of OU are the greatest philosophers in the world and if they have done Pen-Down he wants the entire state to follow them — Dear dumb ass try to come out of your F***ing frog well and see the world. Where do you OU stand in comparison with Stanford ? — forget Stanford where does is stand in the academic ranking of India.

You M-F***ers you don’t have right make the day to day life of a common man miserable, you don’t have right to damage private property. I think the Rapid action force should be deployed and these bastards should be shot right away.

Finally I’m a native of Telengana , born in Nizamabad and I’m a mature thinker. Please stop all the non-sense.

Rangaiah - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Mister Mukesh gound ( I am sure you changed Ur name) for writing all the shit on your mother land & on Ur mother. The culture less brutes like you are changing the movement in wrong direction by destroying govt & private properties & the same culture less brute (YOU) is writing on it. You don’t know how to respect your mother & how to respect a gurus. I doubt you are such miserable person with mental disorder & request you to post your address so that you can be immediately shifted to hospital.

My point to other audience is that if someone is wrong & you should not use the wrong methods to protest on it. Everyone who is writing here is a human & born to a mother I hope. If someone is not, then there is no point in arguing with them. Not all Telanga na people are good & the same applies world wide. There is no community with all good persons. There are culprits like this who represent the complete community badly. So please don’t take the words against that real bastards.

Everyone will have love towards their mother land & having a jealous at others is an individual phenomenon. It doesn’t mean that you should talk against other regions. I have been through many many places in AP. almost lived in 23 places of 14 districts for my entire life of 71 years. I am still in touch with people at almost all places & being representing a NGO I have been to many more places than I lived. It is not just that only Telangana is not developed. There are some good developed places within Telangana & many undeveloped places in Andhra (especially Uttharandhra) & Rayalaseema. The movement currently progressing has altogether has a different history in all such aspects of developments, political imbalance, human development imbalance & betrayals (read gentlemen agreement of Andhra Pradesh). So please please don’t shout at others like this bastard did if you don’t know about it. Just think while you are typing that you are a human & born to a mother while typing all such shit words. It is so sad & shame to see all such nonsense of sense less humans here.

113. swaroop - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2009

dear mukesh,
your thinking is absolutely good.i too belongs to telangana and i respect its historical culture..n belongs to bhadrachalam which is khammam dist.

some politicians are misguiding our fellow students to their bloody survival and our a..h..s are blindly following those m..f…ers.

for DEVELOPING TELANGANA demand our politicians to..
properly use the allotted budget for developing our land..infrastructure..projects.. rather than developing their assets by eating public funds.. and lobbying among them and sharing the corruption but making false statements on each other…..

Rangaiah - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

My dear child Swaroop,

I like your non-controversial thinking on this aspect but shame on you & your mother to hear such words from you. She would felt gulty for bringing you onto this earth if she would have heard those words.

Politics are shit, Politics are waste, Politics don’t buy food for you. All said right but it is making the impact. All I can say is you learn it with age. God bless you a good knowledge.

114. shyamkalyan - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

After the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre it was the 1969 Telangana movement which took more than 400 brave Indian sons, unparallel in the recent Indian history. The real culprit was Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, known to be General Dyer of Telangana.

The 4 crores people of Telangana salute the martyrs of Telangana who laid down their lives for the amble cause of “Seperate Telangana” Though they are buried in the sands of time unhonoured
and unsung, we will continue their fight till Seperate Telangana is
achieved and will above to the world that they have not died in vain.

Telangana separate movement of 1969 was not only a mass movement in Telangana, but also in the neighbouring states. There was support for the movement from Telanganites of Bombay and neighbouring districts in
Maharashtra. Separate Telangana movement of 1969 had inspired Telugu community all over the country. 1969 movement years are marked by great activism and people participation, dialogue on socio-cultural and political economy issues of post separate Telangana state. Bombay Telangana Samithi was formed on September 4, 1969. There was also a Telugu monthly published during that time by Ram Das who later contested for Legislative Assembly. Separate state movement of 1969 stirred the hopes and drew activists from neighbouring states as well. Five pictures of Bombay Telangana Samithi, presented here, reflect the peak days of Telangana movement 1969. We are trying to collect and disseminate many such materials that speak of the great 1969 separate telangana movement Hope these pictures delight friends engaged in collection of materials about 1969 Telangana movement Mamidi Ramakantha Rao, sub editor of Andhra Bhoomi and Editor of Telugugadda weekly was active in the Bombay Telangana Samithi and in building support base for it among the Telugu people in
Maharashtra. Other speakers include probably Sri Ram Das and other activists from various parts of
Maharashtra. Any information about who the other speakers are is highly appreciated

We shall share a few more source materials and archives of the journals and pictures and other publications that emerged out of the 1969 Telangana Movement. Discovery Telangana is also engaged in this effort of collecting and disseminating source materials pertaining to Separate Telangana Movement of 1969. Any information and assistance in this regard from friends is also highly appreciated

115. Ahmed - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

400 Telanaga sons murdered by cruel andhra walas

116. Ahmed - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

Telanaga sons murdered by cruel andhra walas

1. Sarva Reddy,Mahaboob Nagar Dist
The eldest son of Mr.Pasham Vengal Reddy of cherlapally, Mahaboob Nagar District, died in the same incident, in which Mr.Prakash Kumar involved incident of Jamai Osmania Railway Station on 28th March, 1969 He completed his P U C in Gadwal, Mahboob Nagar District and he was the student of B.E 4th year. He was eloquent speaker and good sportsmen. He left behind three younger brothers, two sisters and aged parents, to be mean his death. He was burnt in Jamai Osamania Railway Station and died in Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad revealing the henious crimes of the police in his dying declaration. His last words were “Jai Telangana”. Mr.Sarva Reddy died but lives for ever, in the memory of the people of Telangana in general and his native village which was named after as” Sarva Reddy Nagar”. He was the spark for the revolution that engulfed in Gadwal area

2.Prakash Kumar, Khammam

The only son of a rich businessman Jai Kumar of Garla, Khammam district was burnt alive in the jamai Osmania Railway Station incident on 28th March 1969. He breathed last with the words “Jai Telangana”. Mr.Prakash Kumar was born in Garla, educated up to School final at the same place and P.U.C in Anwar-uloom College. He was the student of B.E 3rd year when he died with a handsome personality, he had much interest in music and dance and was also a student of Government College of music and dance. The incident as well as death of his unrevealed as the Government never accepted to conduct judicial enquiry about the incident.

3 Prakash Rao, Secunderabad

Son of Mr.Ratnaiah of Kanchan Bazaar, Secunderabad died on 4th April, 1969, in the indiscriminate police firing near Anjali Talkies, Rashtrapathi Road, and Secunderabad receiving three bullets barrels of brutal Madras Police. He was killed while he was returning from his friend’s house after his studies. This innocent victim was student of 11th class in Kalasiguda High School, Secunderabad. His death was the evidence of brutal murder of innocent people by the police to terrorize the people of Telangana and to suppress the mounting agitation.

4.Ramulu, Secunderabad

Son of Mr.Mallaiah of Pan Bazaar, Secunderabad died in the same police firing on 4th April, 1969, in which Mr.Prakash Rao died .It is most unfortunate that he was killed when he went to rescue the terror-stricken women due to indiscriminate police firing. He was shot when he was guiding them to the safe place. He was the most tragic death as he went to save others but fell victim to police firing, thus he could not save his own life.

5. Umender, Secunderabad

Son of Mr. Krishna Rao of Zeera, Sec’bad, died in police firing at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad on 1st May 1969, when Telangana Praja Samithi has observed “Demands Day”. Mr. Umender was a student of B.A. Final Year was President of Sec’bad Evening College Student’s Union and very actively participated in the Telangana Agitation. Police never allowed people to gether to take out a procession and used lathis and tear gas shells freely but people were persist ant even after the police atropines . Police fired indiscriminately the facing students who were raising resting slogans of “Jai Telangana”. Sri Umender was one of the victims of the brutal police firing. He received bullets down uttered Jai Telangana breathed last. His memory will be ever fresh in the minds of students and people of Telangana especially those in Twin Cities.

Above are only few people who are murdered by these andhra walas.But now please don’t repeat the same wrong step
i am begging to the police people of telangana please don’t shoot on our people .They are belong to out sons of mother, brothers of sisters .They are our people , our brothers we are not asking andhra walas there land or there properties .We want to take our land , where we can go out of our land . People of andra can go to there place and can live in telangana but we the people of telanga we cannot go any where.Can we survive in andhra place but in telangana
we the people of telanga have good heart that we will welcome any people.

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 6, 2011

Vellandarini enduku recchagotti champavu ani mee Telangana terroists nayakudu KCR ni Adugu…Picchapookolani chesadu kada

117. Prashant - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

I guess even if people have died they would have been killed by political leaders and if not they do not deserve to live as they wasted their time fighting for some nonsense. Even if the political leaders die pelase let them die. If you people want water demad for that you will get it one day, if you want money ask people for a real cause they will give you. I will give you myself right now I can give you about Rs.10,000 if there are people like me even a few there is enough money to do some constructive work. Trust me even with a new government you will never be benefited beacuse politcal leaders will never let the money reach common man they are the bloody bastards of India.

SRINIVAS - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009

Mr Prashant your 10000rs cant even feed one person dont show ur ego to others and if over fredom fighters would have think like u we wouldn’t have got fredom ever

118. Ansari Mohammed - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

we not beggar . we want our rights .
Andhra bureaucrats and industrialists are main obstacles to the telangana state . They wanted to live our telanga people like slaves to them. Who are you(Prashant) to give money to my people we not beggars we have our own abilities to get any thing beyond the sky. F…ers our some telangana MPS and MLA from INC , Telugu Desum , MIM parties people are not supporting the Telanagana Issue these people are like dogs the want bones from Andhras F…ers like You.

119. Prashant - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

Hello Mr.Ansari I dont know who you are … but I guess you might be one of the benefactors of making a new state along with that Indian political leader bastards. I am comman man ready to help another common man. If you have the ability then go ahead and get it with out distrubing others. Already existing minister bastards are corrupted you assholes want to create another bunch of those. You said issues right if you want to solve them then make something which will punish people who are not working … go kick those officials and ministers who are not getting you want you want … atleast you will help India get rid of all those idiots.

120. Ansari Mohammed - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

First of all we telangana peoples have to kick Basturds and moth..Fu.. like you.

anirudh - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Congrats Ansari……………U r giving great answers ………….

121. notRequired - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009
122. Not necessary - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

Hello Mr.Ansari,

Please be a little professional …. dont use that language … just remember you get what you are. …. just get busy earning your living dont get involved with others to create disturbance …… be peaceful …. if you really want, do that hunger strike and die for your cause if you think it is noble. ….. get this into your head Allah does not support this sort of violence ………. be peaceful dont get too emotional …….

123. Its not required - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

Hello everybody,

I am from telengana myself. There are other ways to get what you want. Dont ask for a separate state and increase the number of corrupted politicians, they are not friends of anybody, first of all they should be humans they dont qualify. Keep writing letters to the PMO and State government officials do not stop until you get your problems solved, plant trees ask nature to solve your problems … trust me it will one day …. have patience Gandhi got us independance just before he left forever … go to the CM office week I am asking the common man not the political leaders …… tell your problems to them try solving your self to the extent possible …. be peaceful ….

anirudh - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

fuck off u r not from telangana.
if a person belongs to telangana and he is knowledge person……then they cant oppose seperate state………………..

124. Sage - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2009

I am from Nepal. I represent some sages.Someone from Andhra Pradesh approched me and told me about the trouble going on right now. I am cursing the people who are making a lot of trouble, that, if they continue doing so they will have to face a turmoil in their family. Take it seriously. Stop buring government vehicals.

anirudh - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009
ramakanth - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009

so why did ur people did same nonsense last year in nepal just dont try to fuck in other business

125. Prashant - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

Hello Ansari. How dare you call me that you son of a bitch.

126. vikram - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

jai telengana. jai jai telegana…
i am the student of ku..
please save our resources & jobs of telegana.
all telegana people must partispate for sparate telegana.
jai telegana, jai jai telegana

127. bhasker - డిసెంబర్ 8, 2009

telangana movement is not politacal issue it is public burning desire from decades.we are fighting for our rights,our wealthwe are not stealing from anyone this is our property.many great fighters sacrified their lifes i salute all those people.

128. Sunil - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Hello Bhasker. I am also from telengana. Why are your great fighters sacrifing their lifes ? This is not a fight for independance like the 1947 fight. Please dont ask for a separate state. That is not going to do any good to the public. Ask for reservations for telegana people there are enough corrupted politicians already please do not try to increase them unless you are going to get a part of it. The funds you will be getting for the separate state development will not be sufficient to fill the pockets of politicians so it will never reach the common man. Please do not have any hopes of improvement after separation. Think of a common man. May god bless you.

anirudh - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

fuck off u dont have mininimum knowledge about…….if u really belongs to telangana then u r a 0.5

129. anirudh - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

the above reply was to sunil

130. Raj - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Hello Mr.Anirudh. First of all mind your language. Even I belong to telangana. I am an IPS officer. I dont have any hope of improvement with a separate state. I think Sunil is quite true in his point that politicians are forcing this separation just for their own interest. Politicians have never ever done any good to the common man, they will never do even in future. They are just fighting for those minister seats. This is totally a political demand. This is not a way to solve your problems remember Gandhiji and follow him.

ramakanth - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009

ur not fit as an ips officer when u dont have belife on ur country or over democracy.

131. Subash chandrabose - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Mr. Raj if you are IPS or BPS …who bothers….I think..you live in a fast cultuere have all the things you need. That’s why you don’t understand the common man’s problems..come into the real society …see the TELANGANA peoples problems …and talk..

JAI TELANGANA…friends those who oppose telangana …just…k…

132. అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

telangana meeda telangana prajala vaikhari ento 2009 elections lone rujuvu aindi.

133. shama - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Andhra valle enduku vellali?..Talk to owaisi..and then talk about andhrites..

1) NIzams/muslims
2) Marwadi’s
3) Gujarathi’s
4) Martha’s
5) sikhs
and there are lot of tamilians and keralites should go from telangana..



134. shama - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009


135. deepu - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Dear friends,

Lets use civilised language here as the entire world is watching us…..

Let’s, give them what they want, and build your state the way you want…..i’m neither from andhra nor telangana…..

if telangana is not developed even after 62 yrs after independence, then the blame has to be taken by the successive governments of both the congress and TDP….

you can’t keep 4 million people tied by force….why waste efforts and money….and fight a losing battle like the Britishers did during the independence struggle….the more u resist the relations between us will get strained….and we’ll end up fighting eachother like India and Pakistan….. please don’t create ememies within the country.

your arguement that u’ve developed the hyderabad, doesn’t hold much weight because u should ‘ve concentrated over the entire state especially the backword areas in all regions…

at the same time the method adopted by the TRS/KCR and other people indulging in violence is not correct either…..states ‘ve been created in india by peaceful methods too….the people staying in the area, whatever region they might be from, should not be harmed….

the call for andhra people to go away is not correct too….

136. Ajay - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

For the andhra people –

Most important Reasons for demanding separate Telangana State…
1, Here people are demanding self respect
2, Fighting on exploitation of resources by Andhra industrialists/people
3, Andhra ruling is killing the rights of Telanganites @all levels

Telanganites are victims, Andhras are exploiters. Typical andhra medhavi talks about international problems by just reading them,can not realize the problem beside him/her. This type of ‘not being fair’ personality will definitely effect the evolution of their thinking.

137. deepu - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

For everybody,

we were the first to demand a separate state on the basis of language….
now we are again first in demanding a separate state based on ethnicity….

where ‘ll it lead to….can one imagine how many states can India as a country accommodate? we already ‘ve 28….and there’s a demand for atleast 10-15 more….

they think about only Telangana, you think about Andhra, rest ‘ll think about Rayalaseema…..who thinks about India ?? Shiv Sena thinks about Marathi people, Tamil Nadu thinks about Tamil people, some want Gorkhaland, some Bodoland, some Vidharbha, Poorvanchal, Harit Pradesh, Uttara Kannada, Coorg and even Jammu as a separate state…..who thinks about India??

Can states exist without country ?? A million dollar question!!

138. Raj - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Hello Mr.Subash chandrabose. I am really sorry to say your name does not mach your acts. Anyway can I know who exactly you are ? I mean are you a student? Most probably you must be with those political leaders. If you are feeling backward and that is what your problem is just move out of that place. If the government gives you a separate state tomorrow AP will not exist. It will be divided into pieces. Its my earnest request to all the students to stop supporting these political leaders and just concentrate on your studies prepare well for your exams like GATE, CAT, GRE and settle well in life, just forget about these politics. I was recently contacted by a student from the Osmania University, he told me about the person who is agitating the students. He will be put behid bars soon. Just to remind you this is an IPS officer.

139. deepu - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

Mr Raj, u don’t seem to be an IPS officer……participate in this discussion as an ordinary man…. an IPS officer is not a joke…. an IPS officer doesn’t ‘ve to boast about himself…. even if u r an IPS officer, ur part of the same govt…believe it or not, the people here are neglected except hyderabad… and the bleme lies with the people who ‘ve ruled this state for the past 60 years….. being an IPS officer doesn’t mean ur opinion is correct, does it ??

140. Mohit - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009

Isn’t there a better way of dealing with these issues? Perhaps implementing rules that would ensure jobs based on regions.

India has been a target of siege and plunder throughout history due to out inability to stay united. It’s a shame we still haven’t learnt a lesson.

Engineering student

141. Mohit - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009

I can conceive of no logical justification for burning buses and damaging public property. Oh Hello! That’s our tax money going up in flames there. Let me see if you can burn your personal car or bike.
Not enough we have terrorists causing damage to our sense of safety and our already staggering economy, we now also have students behaving like barbarians.
Are we unaware of the tactics politicians use to monopolize people to serve their interests? I definitely did not think the young and smart generation would fall for it.

142. Shankar - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009

I completely agree with Mohit. I hope atleast now India would be United. Hopefully there will not be further division based on districts. Let me reiterate what many people said before, what you guys have achieved is just another bunch of corrupted politicians nothing more than that.

143. SAMAIKYA ANDHRAITE - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009


Dare to say that word BASTARDS……. your brothers and fathers of telangaana have the habit of sleeping with your own relations.
Go and ask your parents for whom are you born………………




144. Samaikaya Andhraite 2 - డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

U said correct Mr.Samaikya Andhraite, They don’t how to develop telangana, They always try to explore theire tempere. Stright away I’ll ask telangana people How much would be the KCR bank blance and how much would be the poor telengana people? from the day 1 of TRS advent. Poor people remain. but his blance growing up like a Everest. Has he ever spent single paise from his pocket to develop Telengana? theire main moto is to earn more money. If it is with power it would be much easier. So wake up people, getting state is not the solution. Elect good people those who have the intention to do something for theire place. B unite….

145. krishna reddy chittedi - డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

To day all…pepole are demanding Telangana…

what is the problem of Andra and rayalaseema leaders..if telangana sperate?

we are asking our jobs , irrigation , development of this region.
maa…telangana…maku evandi….hyderabad settlers..we are not anty of you people..lets join with us…

whatever may be noboday can stop over movement….

we should united irrespective of the parties….

Jai Telangana….

146. Kiran J - డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

Dear Keshav Rao Sir,

Thank you for such an elaborative informative post, I had some knowledge on this as my father used to tell us, how the telangana movement was and how razakars used to treat the people. I wanted this information to reach as many people as possible. I will share this info with all my near and dear ones.


147. Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

People Please do not carry away by the crroked politicians

every one has thire own agenda , no one has intereste in public interest, educated people also getting influenced by these political dramaa’s

KCR-For his exissitence he started movement

KVP – Has given funds to KCR to divert the issue of Mining Mafia and Bring problems to Rosaiah Govt

Jus Think about what kind of facilities that you have got to day and act accordingly.

Get a Bill passed on Central Govt but not in State Govt

Else put a demand for Equal Share of Water and Jobs and Other resources

instead of fighting for a separate state, after all we all are speaking same language with different accent, unlike MP and Jarkhand states

148. vivek - డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

Andhra People Please try to understand the problem of Telangana People
We will seperate in a peaceful way To day we are facing drought conditions in telangana district. We dont have major irrigation projects how to cultivate. How to live. We are totally depend on borewells to cultivate. Due to drought they is no sufficient water. If there is water there is no proper power. In Sirsilla doing susides due to proper employment. In Nalgonda districts are people suffering with florine. In Adilabad is a Tribal district dont have proper employment and education. In Nizamabad and Karimnagar people are migrating to Dubai countries by leaving there wife and children to repay the debts. There are facing many problems in in Dubai countries. Today in Karimnagar, Adilabad, Kammam land is in danger to open cast of Coal mines So please try to understand. Cooperate in This matter.

149. subash - డిసెంబర్ 11, 2009

Jai Ho Telangan , Jai Ho ……..

telangana brothers please spread thisweb site link and let all the telangana people know of the history of telangan the pain there anchestor had taken to bring this day ,,,,, lets not give up lets fight in non voilent way and be firm and strong in idealogy and lets move forward to make our dream and our anchestors dream come true .there sacrifice should not go waste . dont keep calm we need to keep movement alive till we get seperate state . we are very close and very far to it , if we relax here we will not get it .we need to fight back, let they burn there vijaywada or tirupathi we are not giving back the freedom we got . we got telangana in papers we should make it reality , we cant depend on this CM or any leaders we need to show them that we are still strong and we will not give up untill we get it we rather ready to die but not being neglected or insulted by the andhra rulers.

150. అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009
151. Cute - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009




152. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

Having left Hyderabad for Europe in 1969 after having spent twelve years under Andhra rule enough was enough.
It was absolute blunder by Mr. J.L.Nehru to hastily create the state of Andhra in 1956 with total disregard to the popular opinion of the time.
People from Andhra region with their fisherman mentality massacred the culture of the Telangana with its crude arrogance and ignorance of history and culture of the region.
It is about time for the people of Telangana living all over the world to help their brethren for peaceful revolt against Andhra Pradesh. Andhra population can go back to their old coastal region and live happily ever after.

153. SHOURI - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009


154. latha - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009


jai telangana
seperate telangana
very soon we get seperate telangana state that feeling is very great
i personally thank all the telangana leader like kcr, raghunandan, harish rao,nayani narshima rao many more now we should not step back we should be united commited ourself for development of Telangana state

let us enjoy the first victory
God is with us every thing will be fine.
let us prepare for the next step
every telanganait will be with you we all pray to get telangana seperate state as early as possible.

155. Shankar - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

Let us write to the President for a presidencial rule in Andhra Pradesh. There is no sence in forming Telangana with Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a property of all the tax payers in Andhra Pradesh, its not fair for them to just take away Hyderabad. I hope people soon realise the need for the presidential rule.

156. aparichithudu - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

oho kannnepillavani kannulunnavani enthentha pogaru choopuithunnave andhra mala/mp llara…
siggu eggu lekunda… maaa telangana ni inkaa pikkunu thindamanaaa….
pobbee ante inkaa maade pattukoni kurchuntunnaru..aaaa????

157. Satya - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

wow. it is now andhra people, telangana people and rayalaseema people but we call here as telugu people. yes we should study and remember our history but we have to understand what is good for dividing the state and making telugu people to start thinking that they are from these places.

If I received a good degree from OU or AU or etc University in Andhra Pradesh and if I have to look for a job, I would love to get job in same place where my parents are living but do I have choice, of course no I might need to move where the oppurtunities are avaialble, it might be in same village or district or state or different state in India or different contry. All I want is that I want to stand myself and support my parents-family and my district or state or my contry. I guess, most of our people think same way.

As per these politicians, do you have any idea how many people came from US, Canada and Europe and invested in last elections, some people were succeeded in this. Every party had rate for positions in last elections. The politics are another fast earning business in India these days.

If you are a student then please stop participating in these political drams, please focus on your studies and respect your money or your parents hard earnings which they are spending for your studies please don’t waste your time.

I am not against to Telanagana Movement; i just want to let students that don’t waste your time and waste your study hours.
Thanks for your time…..

158. Ananth - డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

You can not expect anything from people who came to Hyderabad because they were driven out by someone else in their own region because of their cunningness, uncontrolled population etc., Who denies the fact that the culture of dowry related attrocities, women deaths for more dowry, ill-treating of their own wives/daughter-in-laws came from Andhra? Who denies the fact that castism is the driving factor in many of the Andhra people’s daily life? Where did Karamchedu and Chunduru happened – It’s certainly not in Telengana. Why so far off, in the recent irrigation projects that were launched by the CM who died recently, we all know how much importance he has given to Telangana Vs Andhra. The truth is that all the leaders who are speaking for united Andhra are henchmen of the late CM. The late CM was a shrewed guy.He systemetically destroyed the telangana rashtra samithi by buying the TRS MLA’s. He consolidated his position by doling out many things to Andhra Wallas. He had a long term strategy. As rightly happened with votes splitting between Chiranjeevi, who did not do enough home work, before launching party and TDP and he won the game. This time around he knows his goals clearly – 1.Build wealth 2.Launch his Son into politics.
#1 achieved through partnering with all the Andhra Wallas who had money and making them invest to the tune of 20000 crores in the Hyd real estate market apart from Satyam scandal etc.,
# 2 Achieved through launching him in LS elections.
Unfortunately, he died. So, the people who made those investments need someone who can let these political investors realize 2x or 3x times. They are naturally concerned about their investment and are hence making hue and cry out of it. Added to that our late CM’s son is nursing the dream of becoming state CM and can not tolerate the presence of the prsent Octaganarian as CM. He is also adding fuel to the fire. Also, there is this film industry which is completely dominated by Andhras (They’ve never allowed any Telangana Actor/Actress/producer/director to come-up). So, they can bring goondas, street rowdies into the agitation.

But, Our Telangana leaders history is also not so great. Our leaders can be easily bought out as proved by Channa Reddy in 1969 and Andhra fellows have money. Lesson learned is don’t allow KCR alone to go to Delhi for talks when center invites. I think Student reps, intellectuals from Telengana and a shrewed and good telangana politicians from other political parties, should go along with him so that he can not be bought out. I think we should all remeber Mr.K.V.Ranga Reddy’s statment at historic Charminar in 1968 – -”Ghulami Ki Zindagi se mouth acchi hai” (death is preferable to a life of slavery).

Jai Telangana

159. Satya - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

I appreciate. different people look at in different way for their own understanding… I guess it’s the way individuals level of understanding. I don’t have any rights to pin point the history… do you have any analysis for other than andhrawalls and rayalasima walls who came to HYD long back and doing multiple crors of businesses?

there are multiple multinational companies came to HYD from outside of andhra pradesh in last 10-15 years and generating lot of jobs in this global aconomy, I look at this way. I don’t feel right to talk Telanagana, andhra and rayalaseema but do you have any analysis on who paid high taxes or generated more money from these three places in last 15-20 years.

any one can start any business in any place as long as people have resources and money in this global aconomy whether it is in andhra or different state or different country. I might be wrong but I don’t think this divide andhra is the only solution which can resolve all the issues in Telanaga. I think, Education and aggreculture are the key eliments for developing the village or town or corporation and etc, polical leaders are the backbone for working with leaders(MLA or Ministers or CM) for developing these areas for each village/Town/City, Is it going this way in our India or any state or in your village?

it is not easy but people has to change, our political system has to change, and people has to understand their rights and talk to their leaders for their rights.

If I fight with my brothers for dividing 10 acors which will not resolve my issues, first I have to learn how to work… oherwise I just sit and eat…. eventually It will turn to bankcrupcy….

160. INDIAN - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

Dear friends,
Stop talking about all these regionalism. Feel proud to be INDIAN first.
You and I the common man of India will NEVER GET anything by dividing India into pieces. Only few politicians are going to take the advantage of common man’s sentiments and get better yield of it. if we guys start fighting like this within ourselves, Pakistan and China are gearing up to wage war taking advantage of dying patriotism in India.
Just think for a moment- If or not a separate state is formed what is that you as an individual gain out of it?? Do u get any monetary benefit or any personal ego satisified?? Then think who is getting maximum benefit. We have already seen in the recent few years new states were formed in the eastern part of India and today what development they have seen..
Why on the earth people who have stayed like members of ONE FAMILY all these years have started fighting suddenly? How many people know for what reason is this movement started??
PLEASE STOP BREAKING INDIA – These regionalism will create hatred nature for each other within the countrymen and one day INDIA may fall into the hands of Pakistan and China only because of lack of Patriotism and lack of bonding within ourselves..
I am sorry if my comments and suggestions have hurt anybody reading this. Please forgive if I am wrong, I am one of your dear brother..
Jai hind

pvidyasagar - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

U are right brother … We must be propagating about the UNITY in DIVERSITY concept as of now … Why would we wanna separate our brothers and sisters in the name of regionalism ?

Jai Hind …

161. vamsi - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

hello..friends im a pakka hyderaabdi guy.

andhra vallaki telangana vastia problem anti cheppandi..?
monati varaku jai andhra,jai Rayalaseema annaru..mari ippudu Samaikya Andhra anti..?

there looking from hyderabad…not samaikya

dsnr,kphb,sr nagar,ameerpet,hi tech city, ala chala place’s lo andhra vallu unnaru…kani memu eppudu vallani velle pomani cheppamu.

even i have some ansdhra friends. but

vallu telangana vastia velli potamu ani chepputunnaru..
why there talking like that?

telangana ravadam andhra vallaki istam ledha?

jai telangana..jai jai telangana…..

pvidyasagar - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

I appreciate ur concern for ur statehood … Well in the history of the andhra pradesh before it was formed , telangana was ruled by the NIZAMS and they neglected the issues like Education and better Irrigation facilities while the kostha was ruled by East India they brought in English education and better Irrigation procedures for their benefits in the form of Taxes … The rayalaseema was too neglected in the procedure … The more educated moved to hyderabad as it was the capital and proved out to be a better destination for the investors … And the CMs who came into power put their whole efforts into developing Hyderabad … They neglected kurnool, guntur, vijayawada, vishakapatnam etc… the list is endless … So if now a separate state is formed, people face the problems of insecurity on their investments(most of them done by the politicians and the corporate owners)…

Well the reasons are a hundred … I have my sympathy for the neglected and abused, but in the long run we need to look at the benefits of nation and not of these politicians …

Forgive me if there is anything that disturbs ur heart …

162. pvidyasagar - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

Wow… Now Either i must be a crook or a genius to talk on this topic … Well let us think that am a crack … I love the idea of a separate telangana … It enhances the ruling govt. to look into the issues deeper and solve them easily but not to forget that a smaller state means a small share in the budget … Then we will have all the problems related to the changes in the govt. transactions as the Telangana state is newly formed … It costs more than 1,000 crores to implement the new state laws … Then do u think the already formed new states like jharkhand, chattissgarh and uttaranchal have performed well in the recent past … Only the accessibility and the distribution of resources becomes easy and more job opportunities are put forth …

Why did not people revolt when they were being looked down and rejected proper status in the then working atmosphere ? … I think because they were in the hands of the political elements that gave them temporary presents and temp. solutions … Now when those elements have nothing to hold on they r taking the lives of people in the name of political injustice …

The revolution could have been worked out in a peaceful way(AM a GANDHIAN)… We’ve got to teach our future generations unity and non-violence… Regrets for any mistakes …
Do take a stand on the UNITY …

163. The whole Telangana Issue : Whats exactly the problem ? « For the society - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009
164. Haricharan - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

Dear Telengana vasulu namaste,
Say that Telengana is our own Land and no other is alloed to come and snatch out Governmnet Jobs here. We don’t want to be beggars. we do welcome you to settle here, but we hate the one who has made us Un-employed. There are 119 District Judges in Andhra Pradesh, 17 are from Telengana, 4 are from Rayalaseema and 98 are from Costal Andhra. This is not at all fair.; we have more District than Costal Andhra, So, we need more Jobs than they have got. It is shame please see GENETLEMEN’S AGREEMENT OF AP (1956)

165. Satya - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

I didn’t know that we can get government jobs based on regionalism, not because of our talent or our education. As our other friends said in this form, you should be proud to be an Indian and you should be proud that you born on your land and adapted with Indian culture….
You won’t understand unless you come out of your home land….

166. Telananga Puli - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

This is the reply to thread 143 (Samaikhyavadi Andhraite).

YOU MOTHER FUCKER….looks like you dont know what your mothers and sisters are doing behind your back. They are SLEEPING WITH OUR VIGOROUS TENALGANITES because YOU IMPOTENT ANDHRAITES dont have dicks. Dont ever talk badly about Telanganites. We are rebels and we are demanding our seperate state only because we were neglected and deceived for years together. What is your fucking interest in Telangana? You bastards, get the hell out of our place and fuck yourselves there in Andhra lands. Dont dare to step in our territories, else you will be exposed to our anger.

Telananga Puli (Tiger)

167. Telangana Puli - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

There was a typo in my earlier message.

This is the reply to thread 143 (Samaikhyavadi Andhraite).

YOU MOTHER FUCKER….looks like you dont know what your mothers and sisters are doing behind your back. They are SLEEPING WITH OUR VIGOROUS TELANGANITES because YOU IMPOTENT ANDHRAITES dont have dicks. Dont ever talk badly about Telanganites. We command respect and if we wont get it, we rebel against it. We are demanding our seperate state only because we were neglected and deceived by your selfish politicians and forefathers for years together. Orey BHADAKAV saley, we dont want you fuckers association and hence we want you to get out of our lands and PERIOD. What is your fucking interest in Hyderabad, though we dont want you assholes? What is your fucking interest in Telangana? You bastards, get the hell out of our place before we kick your asses left and right. The time has come now and we wont spare you assholes. We Telanganites know your fucking crooked Andhra gimmicks and we wont keep quiet anymore. TELANGANA IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT. JAI TELANGANA!

Telangana Puli (Tiger)

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

Are you an terrorist, or naxalite

See the way you wrote, about your own country people, it’s shame on your part

168. Shankar - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Mat gao ek hi gana Telengana. Gao Mana Andhra TAn Tana naa.

169. Shailendra - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Thanks for the comments! as in the present situation we need to Telengana……

170. SS ALI - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

we are not asking for telangana ,we are asking to reserve our water , food and employement……………….JAI TELANGANA JAI JAI TELANGANA

171. SS ALI - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

hyderabad is the heart of telangana ….and we dont want to gv anybdy for the sake of “shmuck politics|”

172. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Thinking and Verification
Man’s privilege over other animals is his reason and far-seeing thought. A child from the very first day of his birth is similar to other animals but with the growth of the body, his power of thought also develops and his foresight increases.
He finds out from what is known to him or from what he has seen and heard that which was formerly unknown to him as well as discovering the works and influences of other beings.
He engages in embellishing and grooming his corporeal body and attends to its requisites both internal and external. The more he employs his mind, the better requirements that are provided, the better he will progress.
It is evident that gradually he begins to find out the effects and the mysteries of the world of creation, and makes inventions and creates arts and techniques for the benefit of his fellow-creatures.
He should not, however, limit himself to this alone; nor devote all his thought to the outer life; nor use up all his endeavors for his body and its requirements which is mortal; rather, he should awaken and ponder on this:
Where have I come from and for what purpose? Where am I to go, and where shall my home be? Life is too short we want divorce from (AP) Andhra can’t live together been married for fifty three long years! Jai Telangana

173. Gopikrishna - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

Sir, Everything is fine..
If the Government said ok for one persons agitation/ hunger strike sleeping in AC Luxorious room.

( If Telangana Comes) After some days some of the leader is free with no ministry and no work ( The TRS has started with the same cause) and start the agitation for North Telangana and he also do the same exercise and do the agitation. Will the government do the same thing …

My dear People please be cooland do our work irrespective of the region we have to earn our money…

Bye .. Jai Andhra jai Telangana Jai Samaikhya Andhra

174. ramu - డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

My Dear Telangana Friends

Will you accept the Telangana without Hyderabad…

175. A Common man from Telengana - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009

I urge everybody to go for a President rule in AP. Let the army rule us till our minds start working again, I think most of the students and people are out of their mind to keep on asking for a separate state. Most riduculous thing being Hyderabad is developed with the Tax money coming from all over AP, how can one persons agitation take all of it away in a week hunger strike ?

Ask KCR(I think his liver is already spoiled and would not last more than a year …. he is a drunked … does any one want to go with him) to do hunger strike to solve the problems of people in Telengana not for a CM position.

176. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009

We the people in Telengana felt the great pain when Hyderabad was give to Andhra Pardesh fifty three years ago. It was the most developed and self sustained city pearl of India. Continuously built for the last four hundred years with blood, sweat and tears of Telengana population.
Andhras did not deserve this beautiful bride of the Deccan. This forced marriage and rape of this virgin city by Andhra people will not be tolerated any more. Do yourself a favor you coastal Andhra’s just pack and leave Telengana region for good.
Pro Andhra(AP) are shouting bloody murder as if we are declaring Independence from India. We are proud to be Indian Citizens but we just cannot live governed by selfish Andhra’s.
I can guarantee the next fifty three will be glorious as separate Telengana State. Jai Telengana !
Andhraites took undue advantage of our mild and good nature of Telengana population. We gave an inch you cheated and took hundred miles. You were arrogant and rude to our hospitality federal funds were misused for the development of your coastal areas we in Telengana were left buck naked high and dry.

177. నాగన్న » Blog Archive » తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమ చరిత్ర – కేశవరావు జాదవ్ - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009

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178. TVS INDIAN - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009

Thanks mr keshav rao jadhav for getting more of injustice for telangana,for a brieft of me my grandparents settled in hyd over 100 years ago i was born here i hyd , lived my formative years in hyd and lived in other parts of india because of my father’s job , i love telangana people and hyd culturea very lot ,i have seen different culture ,people are same at the all places, at present i am in chennai because of my job,i am here for a long time, it was basically because of bad goverence in andhra pradesh the politicians in the power have ingnored telangana like wise north coastal andhra like wise in rayalseema, i think by creating the state the real issue is not solved. the politicians are same all over india ,they try to make people fools ,they will fill their pockets for themselves or for their family ,let us fight for development ,infrastructure ,education,

for that when some of u say that andhraties are looting ur jobs,land ,dont generalise that everybody is like that ,it is like the same way kannadigas feel about tamils looting their jobs in bangalore.

our real issues are never addressed by the people in the power ,let us fight for real issues thow away the corrupt politicians from power .


179. A Common man from Telengana - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009
180. A Common man from Telengana - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009
181. vikki - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2009

why telangana people losed 59,000 evenafter 610 GO.now people from andra and rayalaseema came and asking their rights .but their foolish minds not thinking how telangan region was looted by these people. even ys rajashekar reddy talking on united nadra pradesh, but he forgot 610 go to implemnet . these peole never love telangana.Dont listen these united words from ohter regions.Now YS jagan saying congree will make golden telangan. where were these people .They will come in to picture when telagana agitation come and talks cunning words.LET US ALL FIGHT FOR TELANGANA OTHER WISE OUR WATER AND SINGARENI AND OUR HYDERAABD WLL GO TO HANDS OF ANRA POTICS

182. DANISH JAWED - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

Dear Frenz,

My Name is Danish Born in WARANGAL and a qualified MBA(Marketing & HR) and working in Dubai for a big MNC. It is very shamefull for me to work for some other nation but still am doing because of the Andhraites. What i found when i was there in india is All Andhraites or either owners of the org or in a good position of the company or they try to help their region person. After completing MBA i started working in hyderabad but i faced lot many politics in work culture on the basis of telangana and andhra person and i fought alot at that time but i found my self alone in the market so i came here. I have talent and am proving my self here in dubai by developing some other nations business. Now am feeling like our TELANGANA brothers are on charge and inshallah we will be in the ever fast growing state TELANGANA and i want to join back my mother country, so I kept my Resignation papers here in dubai and working under notice to handover their business. I will be there in OUR OWN TELANGANA on the First day of the NEW YEAR to start a fresh and healthy work life.

Dear TELANGANA Bro’s please Keep reading my posts as my presence is not there at this auspicious time. I will be giving my best wishes and encouraging words that may help our brave TELANGANA TIGERS to fight.


183. DANISH JAWED - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

All Telangana region MLAs & MPs though you belong to any party keep one thing in your minds we are going to form a seperate state and here in this state one or all of you will be on the position of some ministerial post of TELANGANA and you people will be taking the positions of senior member of the state compare that time with your current and past positions where u people are no where in the state level politics, So just be united to get our seperate state and fight to get it and win the chance to be in top charts of TELANGANA Govt.


184. sbpvis - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

Its time we got united against the Andhrites ( pity that we are forced to treat them as our enemies) and fought for our rights.The momentum that was built up during the last three weeks should not be lost as they (those people/their representatives …) have united and are resorting to all means available to see our dream of Telangana unfufilled.I do pray that our dream of a separate Telangana materialises early and am wilIing to play my part in stymieing their efforts.I have experienced their arrogance and have felt a sense of alienation despite being “brothers” and definitely feel that this is shared by many others.I feel saddened by the fact that some of our own (should we disown them) are asking for a Separate Hyderabad Union Territory.
Jai Telangana , Jai Bharatmata

185. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

Now that we have unleashed the “Jennie” from the bottle after a long slumber there is no going back to the status quo. OR is there a reason (Jana Gana Mana Telangana) ?
Once a great American President Abraham Lincoln said in his speech hundred and fifty years ago. By the way greatly admired by M.K. Gandhi and R. Tagore. He said quote (You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time).
This is probably my last time to write as I see no intelligent discussion or forum coming from my opponents for the basis of staying united under (TAP) Telangana-Andhra Pradesh state.
So I wish everyone Good luck, Good Bye and Happy New Year!

186. KCR - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

Of course, I am from Telangana, but separations is not the total solution for backwardness of Telangana. All Telugu people should be united

187. telangana bidda - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

its good for all that atleast now andhra people stop sucking telangana blood
its only about hyderabad otherwise thers nothing in telangana
few rich politicians likr lagadapati rajgopal jc diwakar botsa jagan etc
get lot of money illegally out of hyderabad
thats y they dont want to leave hyd
aftyer all acceptting to form telangana they r baking off ex chandrababu naidu chiranjeevi ——these people will pay for their mistakes

i believe more telanagana rebel groups will be born to fight the injustice


188. telangana bidda - డిసెంబర్ 16, 2009

after seeing this drama of rayalseema and andhara politicians i feel like taking law into my handa and pickup a gun in my hand to fight this injustice towards telangana people

189. kk - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

pity a stupid like bhanu nampally who critisized potti Sriramulu and advocating KCR ..and a guy who claims in dubai himself says he resigned to stay in telangana ..wasted my time in readingthis stupid articleand its response….go ahead after some ask a separate state for each district in telangana…..evaddabba sommu theesuku kattaru anni flyovers and antha infrastrucute….talent unte no borders and no restrictions ….when u are lack of talent only then these issues picture in…pity all so called TELANGANA people

telangana dude - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

mr kk.what u hv replied to bhanu is utterlywrong. we so called telangana people have self respect & v expect all others to have dat but unfortunately u people r lacking it.one thing i want to ask u we allow u people to stay here,,but u ppl lack dat.you saw wat hapnd 2 kurnool,,same thing would hapen to u.plz leave us for god sake otherwise god is der to see ur end.plz dont test our patience otherwise u will see blood shed . ma sommu tone kattaru ra flyovers,infrastructure.ma telangana taxes tho kattarura vedava.siggu unte vellipo leka pote telangana talent choostav.thattukolevu.
jai telangana.proud to be in telangana.by da way hyd is ours
ra walasa pakshi.e vooru ra needi ?

190. vikram B - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

Hi Guys,

its the time to ban telugu cinemas in theatres in telangana bacause bloody chiranjeevi and mohanbabu cheated telangana people . So we the telangana people have to make a lesson against for this stupid cinema actors. Students please fight against this

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

This shows your silly attittude,

I can Bet on one thing, that the present youth generation mind was spoilled by theese crooked politicians. and they are playing with the emotions of people, and people from telangaana are getting trapped in to thier net.

If KCR is realy fighting for telangana , he should stopped at least 100 deaths of 1000 deaths in sirisilla. as he is MP for

His only Motive to become CM not serve people

And Breaking Potti Sri Ramulu Statue, Banning Chiranjeevi and Co Movies is not the solution, first try to understand Unity Is streangth.

Ask for Equal Rights for that matter you need not ask, because, it’s your birth right, dont ask, or Demand any one,

Elect the right people and get equal employment and development opprtunity’s

191. uday kiran - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

hai guys.am totaly inspired by ur words.one day back my friend who is frm vijaywada said dat telangana people r equal to andhrites foot.she said dat becoz of them v r surviving & many more words.i went in to depression.i want 2 do smtng fr telangana can we all meet.am doing my inter,i need sm guidence frm u people.dis is my contact no.9292053170.imay not be available trough email always so i prefer u to call me.plz try out to my email id uday_mastro@yahoo.com in orkut.thanq
jai telangana

SSR-Hyd - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

These people from andhra feel that they have developed Hyd and if they leave ther is nothing left. Uday just imagine if this is true how these people are not willing to leave Hyd. Wat u r friend said is bullshit. We people from telengana should have more knowledge and information on telengana to answer such out of mind people. They have only came here 50 years ago but Our Hyderabad has 420 years of history.

192. A Common man from Telengana - డిసెంబర్ 17, 2009

Hello everybody recently I saw KCR’s son speaking in an NDTV debate he said he wants all non telegana people to leave telengana, he was talking about H1B visas for people to work in telegana. Don’t you people think he is out of his mind. That idiot is feeling as if he is going get a country for himself. Dont support for a separate telengana, people like KCR cannot develope the state well they will just fill their pockets. It is wiser to ask the government for more resources and do a hunger strike for that not for separate state. If KCR were so concerned for people in telengana he would have demanded for resources and not for a CM chair … dont support him please I am from telengana too.

193. Vachaspati - డిసెంబర్ 18, 2009

Spilling Venom in intrepreting History.

194. Vikas - డిసెంబర్ 18, 2009

I am Vikas from Telengana. I completely agree with A Common man from Telegana. When a political leader can not speak any sence in a live telecast it shows how irresponsable he is. I guess nobody should support KCR. Let us not go for a separate state and increase the number of corrupted politicians in India.

Siraj Basha. - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2009

I am Siraj, i belongs Rayalaseema madanapalli, chittioor dist. I think to seperete to telangana. but before seperation they will grownup to telangana, get funds more to telangana, get water source to agriculture, industries, then they get telangana seperate no problem. now time is very harrible to telangana, KCR have a knowldege more about politics, but he dont think about telangana, just need to know and show on Electronic meda, and show on public eyes and he take othes which type othes i dont konw, just i know we dont go with partuality , with any cast , any leader, any law, any people etc., if he clevered first get ready seperate we dont have to see back, go on only feature, while seperation main problem, is about Hyderabad, better to give freezone , Hyderabad is seperate no one can claim to that Rayalaseema, costle Andhra, or Telengana .
If it cant seperate HYDERABAD, in future may be see all over India, what can happen, its my forcost news, like KCR, Laghat pati Rajgopal, Late Paritala Ravi, these person cannt need peace they rush to people on Fireeeeeeeeee so Please Please to say every geeneous think first and solve problems then seperate to it. I NEED TO EVERY ONE FEL AND FEEL IN HAPPY DAYS AND WITH HAPPY FAMILY.******** siraj.

195. Telanganapraveen - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2009

Hi Guys, just gone all the messages from all people..

today morning in zee24 channel its clearly given details like
Fazal Ali Commission which is againt unification of TELANGANA and ANDHRA.
even if united also it should be after 1961 TELANGANA Elections and should have 2/3 majarity in TELANGANA ASSEMBLY to join in Andhra state.

once joined also Andhra Govt should impliment MULKI Rules and benifits to Backword TELANGANA People..
even nehru also against TLANGANA ANDHRA Unification..
in nehru words we are uniting “INNOCENT TELANGANT WITH NAUGHTY ANDHRA” if they(TELANGANA) people like to separate at any time they can separate from Andhra and form INDEPENDENT TELANGANA STATE.
Due to Pressure from ANDHRA SEEMA Local Politics lobby Nehru agreed to unite TELANGANA with Andhra to form Andhra pradesh…

now a days many samayaandhra adds are coming and potraying potti Sriramulu… yes he fought for Telugu people at that time no one think about TELANGANA…
once TELANGANA freed from NIZAMS then only they started fighting to unite Telangana with Andhra..
Potti Sriramulu is a great leader but not here his name in any where in india independent movement..

so called Andhra guys feel we developed Hyderabad and built fly overs and other infra structure in Hyderabad bla bla bla..
Hyderabad having 400 yrs of History and its totally developed from money which collected from then Nizam area including telangana, and some parts of Maharastra and Karnataka.. revenue generated from these areas in utilised to build Hyderabad city not Andhra people money.
show me the area in old city which is developed by Andhra people.
they developed only areas out side hyderabad and now they are calling it as greated hyderabad.

u wont find many Andra people in Central Hyderabad and old city. u find only at KPHB, Vansatali puram only …
one guy 143 wrote some thing bad about TELANGANA Females..
we have been treaded very badly in Nizams period and our TELANGANA females.
only few people knows that TELANGANA females perform Bathukamma panduga nude by nizam Crual Army.. please dont write bad about TELANGANA females…

Even if TELANGANA Separated also there is no harm for Andhra people who are settled in HYDERABAD and TELANGANA Region..
Lot many guys including ROJA (Cine Actress), says we can sit and sort our our problums.. if we agree for this also who will give guarantee that Andhra leaders fulfill these assurances now.. they din’t fulfill previous assurances given in TELANGANA andhra Unificaion even in 1969 6 point formula or MULKI Rules…

Even we form TELANGANA Immediatly also it will take some time to develop entire region but definitly it is quick then united Andhra..
and developed TELANGANA fruits can have by TELANGANA next generation Students.

So many people says political leaders fill their pockets. yes but the people in this region can raise their question in small states and their local leaders. now the TELANGANA MOMENT is not in Political Leaders hands its in the hands of TELANGANA Students and TELANGANA People..
I ask Andhra People to pick up 10 Cities in Andhra Pradesh and compare how many are from Andhra and how many are from TELANGANA. definitly u guys will feel the difference..
lot many people dont know that entire cultivated land in Guntur district is much more than entire TELANGANA region even maximum Krishna, Godavari rivers flows from TELANGANA REGION. Electricity Generated mainly from Singareni callories which is in TELANGANA but there is no proper supply to TELANGANA region compare to ANdhra. lot of farmers susides are from TELANGANA REGION only and Wievers from TELANGANA region only.
Yesterday only Govt issued a GO for NABARD funds of total 130crs only 7crs allocated to entire TELANGANA region and remaining amount to Andhra Seema region. you andhra guys clearly seen the difference towords TELANGANA.


196. telangana bidda - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2009

jai telangana,jai telangana!

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 6, 2011

Oray Telangana Bidda ….Mee nayakule pettaru mee andari notlo Modda

197. Krishna Reddy Chittedi - డిసెంబర్ 20, 2009

JAI Telanagana..

we want our telangana..we are not asking vizag or vijawada or tripathi or Guntur…

vizag per capita income very high than Hyderabad, whatever development in Hyderabad, it was developed in the nizam period ex:high court, city college, osmania university, zamiya osmaina, koti woments collge, city college, mothi market, hussian sagar, underground driange etc….this all usefull for common pepole..

During united andhra ..hyderabad developement..we gave one ruppe acre land , when chenni pepole kiked telugu film industires and ramoji film city thousands of acres and sri chaitnaya and Narayana corporte colleges ( fees for this colleges telangana pepole canot afford), so many studies and real estate lands for ex : murali mohan jahana priya gropu and lagadapati lanco industires , satyam Mythas….etc..this are facilites improve cosatal andra and rayalessma big people..only..common man never enjoyed benfits…from this developements

its just like how britishers develope india..do you agree under british govt india developed more than independent india? who is asking questions about efficency and resources about this region..should keep in mind that britishers also same indians ..on that time…today india statanding big in the world economy…

Jai telangana..Jai telangana

198. Krishna Reddy Chittedi - డిసెంబర్ 20, 2009

Telugu speaking pepole staying it will not big diifcult for anything our united…

really you pepole are notasking in heartly United Andhra..why because this movement starated almost 8 years , no coastal leader told expect late Dr.YSR and recently also when movement reached peak …all the regions started Jai andhra and jai Rayalaseema and jai north andhra…

how we can belive you pepole…now every one got this spearte state demand and regional feelings..it canot be together now..

we can be like borthers and sisters in peacefuly…if coastal andhra and rayalsemma pepole should understand feelings of telangana….others wise in futre it willl be like war…movement become violence….do not prolonge this uncertainty conditions in the state..Jai telangana…

199. Vikram - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

I am from Telengana myself. I want development of telengana but not into the hands of KCR as CM. Let us stay united. Let us not support corrupted, uncivilised, mean, heartless, immatured politicians like KCR and his son.

SSR-Hyd - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

I also personally dont support KCR, there is only one reason that i support him that he is the only political leader who has voiced his support for telengana from all the leaders we have. so lets support him as a telengana leader. There is a proverb in Hindi : Andhon ki rajya mein Khanda hi Raja hai.

200. SSR-Hyd - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

For people, from Telangana – who are aganst telangana ?
This is about to government order just 15 days back aboout allocation of funds for tribal welfare and roads development from NABARD. Please see how the funds have been misallocated against each region and remember, that these orders were issued when telengana agitation was goint on in several districts of telengana and this for last 15 days only just imagine for these long years of Andhra rule.
For people, from coastal andhra —-
I want to ask some simple questions, pleas answer them honestly.
1. Where is saminkyandhra ? when AP has two cricket associations – Andhra cricket assn and Hyderabad cricket Assn, Two epmployees assn APNGO & TNGO etc. then why can’t 2 states?
2. When u people from andhra, who settled here for lets say some 60 years and u have so much longing for Hyderabad then we, telengana people are born and brought up here from generations to generation, then what attachment we will have just imagine.
3. Now u people are so much worried about development & support of muslims in Hyderabad, I will bet on my life that many of the leaders of andhra and the andhra settlers in Hyderabad (about 98% of them)have never visited many areas in old city. if u were so much worried about there welfare and development, then how none of you ever bought any houses or invested your so called money in these areas.
4.Your propostion that all telugu speaking people should have one state is so absurd and hypocritical and saying that by giving telengana country will be further broken in to pieces. Then how u people are averse to idea that as a one nation, we should have one national language ie., Hindi.

201. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

Dear Vikram, you should understand what KCR keep on saying now and then that he never wanted or want to become CM of Telangana and he always keep on saying that only a Dalit will become first CM of Telangana. If at all any leader is there in A.P. to keep his words, he is only KCR. He is the only politician who dares and takes challenges. He openly said in the media that land encroached by Chandra babu naidu very specifically along with survey numbers of the land. No TDP person till now replied to KCR’s allegation. That means it is true.

People who do not have Telangana spirit (like you) are the main culprits for not getting Telangana state even after 60 years of agitation. They want separate state but not vote for Telangana supporting parties. Then how they will get success in getting separate Telangana state. The reason for selecting democratic way of fighting for separate state by KCR is very obvious. Violence will not bring separate state. That is what happened till TRS is formed in 2001 for 50 years losing lives of many people including students. If TRS gets all seats of MPs and MLAs in Telangana region, Telangana state will form the next day. How it happens you know? If KCR gets all MPs and MLAs (atleast MPs), he can influence formation of goverment at centre. There should be a condition that if KCR withdraws his support to the central goverment, the government at centre should fall. Then UPA or NDA will come to the feet of KCR and meets his demands, separate Telangana state. Atleast Telangana people should now realise the unity of Andhra people and MPs and MLAs and Ministers of Andhra region. The moment centre issued a decision to start formalities for separate Telangana state, they resigned and started agitation against Telangana forcing the state government and central government to stop all the formalities. But MPs and MLAs of the same parties in Telangana are afraid of High Commands and very disciplined!!!. These very coward MPs and MLAs of Congress, TDP, PRP of Telangana region should not be elected any more if they won’t resign incase if the central government takes back their foot without forming separate state.


No agitation other than Democratic way of Political Agitation will bring separate state, and this way is adopted by KCR by forming a political party. We can get any thing and everything by POLITICAL STRENGTH.

Every one should remember one thing…..even now, just 2 days back, a G.O. was released by A.P. government to allot funds under some reason ( I forgotten the for what it is, may be panchayat raj funds) among three regions of the A.P.state. Total fund released is around 110 crores. Telangana has got mere 9 crores! other two regions, Andhra and Rayalaseema together got 101 crores. By seeing this what one should understand….is development possible without separation? They want to fu…. Telangana even after 60 years…and spiritless Telangana people won’t understand this.

No CM from Telangana region was allowed to be in power for full 5 years term. Because employees in secretariat are all from Andhra region and they educate MLAs from their region that these CMs are favouring Telangana. So by some game they influence High Command and removed them from CM post. When our Telangana people become aware about all this cheating happening for 60 years! If they wont understand and support TRS even now, even GOD can not give them separate state…..

Stop hating KCR, he is fighting for separate Telangana state. Let him get the state first. Then people will decide by vote who should become CM. You or I alone can’t decide it.

One good thing happened is….now KCR is alive, so Telangana agitation is alive. Think what could have happened if KCR died. Telangana would have burned for many days, many people would have died including students, but Do you think that Telangana would have formed? a big NO. Political way of Telangana agitaion would have died. Again agaitation by poets, singers, ngos, students….resulting in suppression of the movement by governments as was happened till 2001. Now atleast KCR is alive and most importantly Telangana realised the unity among people of other regions. Now they should vote for TRS and TRS will bring separate state from the central government without losing a single life.

Try to understand the cheating by the successive goverments for 60 years happening to Telangana region. Try to read books or search in internet or read articles that came in news papers for years to know the continuous discrimination that happening to Telangana. Try to understand the history of Telangana and how it is merged with Andhra region and formed Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana region contained some parts of the Maharashtra and Karnataka under the rule of Nizams, which was not included in India even after Independence. Nizam rule was not satisfied people. Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema were under Madras state with Madras as their capital. After Independence they demanded state asking for separation from Madras state. Reasons were many and they were justifiable. No body agreed to separate Andhra and Rayalaseema from Madras state. The result is hunder strike by Potti Sreeramulu till death. After his death, then central government Nehru as Prime Minister decided to separate it from Madras state and the capital was Kurnool which is in Rayalaseema. High Court was established in Kurnool also. There were many issues on Madras, Thirupathi so on. Andhra people want more as they are doing now. They asked for Madras and Thirupathi. Tamils kicked them out with Thirupathi. Even now Chennai has about 50% of its population from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Tamils never revolted on them. Recently these Andhra people asked for making Telugu as the second official language in Tamil nadu!!! What a greed they have….
Entire Tamil nadu people can understand Malayalam (I know this because I live in Kerala for the last 10 years), and Malayalam derived purely from Tamil and little bit from Sankrit, but Malayalis never asked to make Malayalam as the second or third official language in Tamil nadu. Andhra region people should put a fullstop for their greed and stop asking for Hyderabad.

This state was named as Andhra state which includes Rayalaseema also. As the Telangana people started agitating against Nizam and asked for merging with India, central government started discussions with Nizam of Hyderabad. But Nizam rejected to merge in India. Then Indian government as Sardar Vallabhai Patel then home minister decided to take military action on Hyderabad state. Then Nizam understood that he can not win the force and surrendered himself the Hyderabad state to the Indian government. Then Andhra region leaders started to merge Telangana with them in the Andhra state and they succeeded even Nehru did not like it. But Telangana people not at all agreed for it siting culture, accent, geography and socio economic unequalities of the region.Nehru said “We are giving an innocent girl, Telangana, to a clever! boy. If this marriage becomes a failure it is better to separate them”. Nehru then only visualised that these Andhra clever (in his view, cunning person) people easily can cheat innocent Telangana people. But with some conditions Telangana was forcefully merged with Andhra state.Thus central government merged Telangana with Andhra state under the influence of then Andhra leaders. Government formulated that if CM is from one region, the Deputy CM must be from the other region. That is if CM is from Andhra state, Deputy CM must be from Telangana region. But this is also not met. Thus Andhra Pradesh is formed with Hyderabad as the capital shifted from Kurnool making Rayalaseema people fools. First High court was in Kurnool even after Hyderabad made capital. Later it was also shifted to Kurnool making Rayalaseema people fools again! So Telangana was experiencing the descrimination for years then Telangana agitation started. India Gandhi suppressed it killing many students in 1969. She formed a six point formula also. It includes share of allocation of funds to Telangana, percentage of jobs to Telangana people, reservations in education etc. But till now nothing is implemented. If any CM from Telangana region tried to implement it, immediately Andhra region leaders influenced the central government, in specific, Congress High Command, creating some problems in state and succeeded in removing Telangana CM. Thus all the four CMs from Telangana region were removed from power even before completing two years of being in power. That is why you can observe that only CMs from Rayalaseema and Andhra region are making full term in power for many yerars. Rayalaseema CMs are cheating their own land for many years, e.g. Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, Brahmananda Reddy, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and Chandra babu Naidu…etc. This why Congress did not make D Srinivas CM. Realising the continuous discrimination towards Rayalaseema, people there also started some separate state agitation. But Congress high command very cleverly given the CM post to the leader of that agitation and that fool after becoming CM became mum. He said unified A.P. only develops. Yes, under unified A.P. only Andhra region will develop! They can easily grab the resources, funds, reservations of Telangana and Rayalaseema and use for their development. They grabbed lands in Telangana for cheap rates influencing CMs like Naidu, YSR. They grabbed all the post of IPS, IAS in state and secretariat and any G.O. released from their hands will only favour their region. Latest G.O. is only one of them.

Why Jai Andhra movement is scapped suddenly and Jai Samaikhyandhra movement has taken birth. It is to protect interests of some business people and political and cinema people of the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. If Telangana comes, they can not do this cheating, they have to give back encroached lands, lands got cheaply, stop real estate businesses, stop businesses cheating Telangana people, income from cinema comes down, remunerations of all the heroes goes down as the distribution area comes down and stop all irregularities. Undavalli says if separate Andhra is formed it becomes number one rich state in India. Then why they are against Telangana? Lagadapati come to a low level of changing the name of the state as Telangana but don’t separate it from A.P. He is correct in his own view, because he can develop himself and run irregular businesses if Telangana is formed. Who is Lagadapati before YSR came into power first time? He wants to become a big leader in Andhra region.

Potti Sreeramulu becomes ashamed of the acts done by Lagadapati! Escaping from the fasting in a hospital for 15 hours and appearing and running for treatment in NIMS! He want good treatment and under good observation of medical staff. After 15 hours of disappearance he again started fasting!!! What a shame? What he did for these 15 hours? Ate Chicken Biriyani or Mutton Biriyani? He says he will do one day more fasting than KCR. By stopping and escaping for 15 hours after every 3 or 4 days, anybody can do fasting, not one day more than KCR, anybody can do more than that of Potti Sreeramulu but without death. Shame….Shame…

All the political parties are headed by Andhra people only! whether it is TDP, Loksatta, PRP. Trend in Congress is, make a Telangana fool as the PCC president and make a Rayalaseema or Andhra person as CM. Then meet the requirements of Andhra region by playing CM to their will and wish by grabbing all the funds, water, jobs, resources, reservations, ministers, portfolios, businesses everything…

Now Telangana people should unite themselves atleast by learning from Andhra and Rayalaseema people. Telangana people should support TRS. They should not support any person or party other than TRS even they say they support Telangana state formation. It is because every body other than TRS, first said they are for the casue of Telangana, e.g. TDP, Talli Telangana, Devender Goud, Narendra, PRP etc.,and later they shifted their stand against Telangana. So, we can not trust anybody other than TRS.

My request to all the Telangana people is to trust TRS and vote for TRS. If you do not like TRS or KCR or his son or somebody, forget it. Remember that we want a political party to get Telangana. If TRS is not there in future or if we do not support TRS, no body will form another party for the cause of Telangana and the issue dies then and there and remains forever without forming state. We, our children, their children….and so on …gets cheated by Andhra rulers for centuries. And our future generations will not forgive us….We already sacrificed our grand fathers’ life,our fathers’ life, our future, upto somewhat our children future also and put everything which belongs to us in the hands of Andhra people. Now, become aware of this and put Telangana in our childrens’ hands, let them enjoy jobs, resources, reservations, water, lands, businesses everything, which are our own.




202. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

I fully support the views of Mr.SSR-Hyd. We should support KCR, because he is for the cause of Telangana and he is only one political leader who formed the party for the cause. If he is greedy for power he can merge TRS in Congress and he gets perhaps CM post in state or again important portfolio at centre. We should understand his commitment towards Telangana cause. Knowing that he can win from Karimnagar, formed an ally with TDP and won from MahbubNagar, then thrown out TDP, because he then only knows TDP is not heartfully supporting Telangana, atlast we realised now after turning their stand against Telangana openly. If a party chief does not able to win election, what will be future of a party like TRS which is not supported by its own Telangana people and isolated by other parties. The movement itself becomes dull and other party leaders will cheap the movement of Telangana. Its the shame of Telangana people and especially of Karimnagar that KCR has to make ally with TDP and won the election to make movement alive even if the people are not supporting him. We should really appreciate him for his commitment to Telangana. If some other person was there in his position by this time he would have merged his party with some other party get his own interests satisfied. Best example is Devender Goud of TDP, who formed a party and merged with TDP as there is no support for the party came for the cause of Telangana. Its the shame for Telangana people that a party which formed for the cause of Telangana got no support. KCR would have done like what Devender Goud did. But KCR has full commitment and he knows the innocence of Telangana people. KCR is not power greedy like Devender Goud, that is why he still running the party and movement even he did not get full support till today from the people of Telangana.

Atleast now Telangana people should support TRS and KCR who is diehard committed for the cause of Telangana. If people vote for TRS and give all the seats of MPs and MLAs in atleast next elections in the year 2014, we will get our own state, TELANGANA.

So like Mr.SSR, everyone in Telangana should forget their negative feeling on KCR and support him and his party in getting Telangana.

If people of Telangana give KCR full support, which he did not get till now, he can get what Telangana people want from the central government.


203. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

Know Lagadapati…
The True Face of Lagadapati (Lanco) Raj Gopal
(Know the Actual Story Behind Lagadapati’s United Andhra Drama)
• His 7200 Crore illegal Lanco Hills Real Estate Project on the brink of collapse
• Cheated AP Public to the tune of 1000 Crores through Lanco Kondapalli Power
• Involved in illegal Hawala transfers. Lanco MD arrested recently with Hawala
• Involved in a mega insurance scam running into several Crores. Siphoned 1.53
Crores fraudulently from Basara IIT project and also from TTD Vedic University
• Filed false affidavit regarding number of children during election
• Lanco is involved in litigations with almost all the state governments where it has
projects. It was thrown out of some projects for fraud.
Lagadapati Raj Gopal alias Lanco Raj Gopal is a 45 year old industrialist turned
politician known for his rabid hatred towards Telangana statehood movement. There is
some background behind his hatred towards Telangana.
Lagadapati bought 108 acres of land at Manikonda in Hyderabad from government of
AP to develop an IT SEZ. Once the government allotted him the land, he has limited the
IT SEZ, to less than 1/4th of the total land and converted this land into a real-estate
venture named Lanco Hills. Estimated at Rs. 7,200 Crores, Lanco Hills is touted as the
one of the largest real estate ventures in India.
Raj Gopal is claiming all kinds of exemptions from government under the SEZ act for his
real-estate business. He is duping the state and central governments by conducting his
business under the “LANCO Hills Technology Park Pvt. Ltd” name. The state and
central governments have already lost crores of rupees by waiving stamp duty and all
kinds of taxes for this real-estate venture.
Lanco also kept changing its company names to perpetuate this real-estate fraud.
When it began, the company was called Lanco Technologies Private Limited”, it
was subsequently changed to “Lanco Technology Park Private Limited” on June
7, 2005, to “Lanco Mantri Technology Park Private Limited” on November 24,2005
and further to “Lanco Hills Technology Park Private Limited” on July 6, 2006.
As soon as construction started at Lanco Hills, news broke out that this land
belonged to Hussain Shah Wali Dargha under Wakf Board.
Wakf Board is equivalent to the Endowments department which takes care of Hindu
Temple lands. This Muslim minority institution has thousands of acres of lands around
The Joint Parliamentary Committee appointed on Wakf land had last year found
that of 1,600 acre prime Wakf land in Manikonda, 829.35 acres were encroached
by the government, which sold the same to several companies including Lanco
Following a writ petition, the Andhra Pradesh State high court had issued a stay in 2007
on construction at Lanco Hills. As Raj Gopal is an MP and had several connections in
the right places, he managed to get the stay evicted. He also managed to stop the Wakf
Board from approaching the Supreme Court.
Meanwhile, the real-estate bubble in Hyderabad burst and buyers started
dropping off Lanco Hills apartments like hot potatoes. When Lanco went for
public issue, it promised to build 18.5 million sq ft in Lanco Hills. As soon as
booking began, Lanco Hills had reported bookings of 4 million sq ft. In December
2008, it admitted that bookings were down to 2 million sq ft. Industry insiders say
that the current bookings are much less than even that.
Already reeling under a severe recession, the Telangana state announcement from
Chidambaram rattled Lanco Raj Gopal severely. It is almost certain that his real-estate
empire will collapse like a pack of cards if Telangana state is formed. Apart from
financial losses, Raj Gopal fears that the newly formed Telangana government will
initiate action against him for severe irregularities in the Lanco Hills project which
include evading taxes under the SEZ act.
And to stop that from happening Lagadapati is fuelling the United Andhra Pradesh
agitation by engineering resignations of MLAs and MPs and also providing monetary
support to the agitations in Coastal Andhra.
Richest Politician in Andhra Pradesh
Lagadapati is the richest politician in Andhra Pradesh. He declared assets worth Rs.
299 Crores in the recent election leaving behind Ex chief ministers Chandra Babu Naidu
and Late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.
This perhaps explains why he could engineer such mass resignations in Andhra region.
Hawala King
In March 2007, the then Managing Director of Lanco Infratech, G Venkatesh Babu
was caught at the Hyderabad Airport with unaccounted money of about Rs. 34
Lakhs. During interrogation, Babu confessed that the money belonged to Lanco. And
immediately Lagadapati Raj Gopal swung into action and pulled all the ‘right’ strings to
get his man and his company out of this tangle. So powerful were Raj Gopal’s contacts
that the income tax department, while reporting this cash seizure, did not even release
the name of the company to which Venkatesh Babu belonged to. The IT department’s
official statement read “managing director of a power development and infrastructure
company” was caught.
Babu later changed his version and said that this money does not belong to Lanco but
is his personal money. Media reported that this money is hawala money belonging
to Lanco and is being used to pay kickbacks.
False Affidavit in Elections
A writ petition is filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court challenging his election to the
Lok Sabha from Vijayawada. The petition said that Lagadapati did not give information
about his third son, which was mentioned in the affidavit submitted by him at the time of
filing nomination. According to the petition Lagadapat had claimed he has two sons
during 2004 elections and three sons during the 2009 elections. However, there was no
mention of this third son in Lagadapati’s election affidavit and hence his election in
invalid, the petition said.
Insurance Fraud
Lanco Infratech is under probe for reworking insurance deals to claim crores of
rupees as reimbursement from state government corporations.
The company, which handles mega construction projects for the state government,
including the AP Health and Medical Housing and Infrastructure Development
Corporation (APHMHIDC), renegotiated premium amounts with insurance companies
and pocketed huge refunds. Even Lord Balaji was not spared as one of the Lanco
projects now under the scanner relates to the construction of the Vedic
University of the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam, sources said.
The premium reimbursements related to the CAR (contractor all-risk) policies that Lanco
Infratech had to take for each project as per the tender rules. Under the CAR norms, the
contractor company, Lanco Infratech in this instance, would have to insure the entire
project and claim reimbursement of premium from the principals, mostly government
companies and TTD in one case.
Lanco Infratech would first negotiate the policy with an insurer and pay up the premium.
It would get the premium refunded from the contracting principal. Thereafter it would go
back to the insurer to renegotiate the premium, saying it had got a lower quote from a
competitor company. The insurer agreed to lower the premium and refunded the
balance, which Lanco Infratech would not report to the principal and simply pocketed.
The government companies have suffered huge losses by paying up higher premiums
and this has been going on at least from 2007.
The construction of an integrated educational complex for the Indian Institute of
Information Technology (IIIT) at Basar in Adilabad district is a classic case. Lanco
had bought insurance cover with the New India Assurance, Basheerbagh, for
payment of Rs 1,89,60,000 as premium.
After getting it refunded by the principal, APHMHIDC, Lanco Infratech went back
to the insurer to renegotiate a steep drop in the premium. That deal through
policy no: 610200/44/08/03/600 00027 yielded Lanco Infratech a refund of Rs 1.53
crore and the government corporation was in the dark.
The projects for medical colleges in Ongole and Srikakulam had yielded premium
refunds of Rs 17 lakh and Rs 11 lakh respectively.
“Our vigilance officials are probing irregularities,” said the chairman and managing
director G. Srinivasan of the United India Insurance Co. Ltd, acknowledging the Lanco
scam. UIIC investigators are now busy checking whether some of their own executives
had colluded with Lanco Infratech. A few other insurance majors figure in the list of
insurers that Lanco had used in its fruitful project deals.
Lanco Sasan Controversy
In July 2007, the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) cancelled the bid of Lanco
consortium for the 4,000 MW ultra mega power project in Sasan, Madhya Pradesh. The
Lanco Group is alleged to have violated norms by quoting the financial and technical
strength of its foreign partner’s parent company at the time of bidding.
Vizhinjam International Transhipment Terminal Port Controversy
Lanco was awarded the Rs.5,300-crore project on build-operate-transfer basis in May
2008 through global tender. Zoom Developers, the only other bidder other than Lanco
was disqualified on technical grounds. Zoom went to court challenging its
disqualification during the appraisal of its technical bid.
The case moved from the Kerala High Court to the Supreme Court. After much
litigation, Lanco decided to pull out from this project.
Power Politics
Lanco is perhaps the number one company when it comes to litigations and
controversies. Almost all its power projects are mired in controversies. Let us examine
some of these cases state-by-state
Andhra Pradesh:
The then Chandra Babu Naidu government entered into faulty Power Purchase
Agreements (PPAs) with Lanco Kondapalli Power which resulted in excessive payments
to the tune of 586 Crores between 2001 and 2006. Andhra Pradesh Transmission
Corporation has levied liquidated damages of Rs 95.16 Crores for delay in achieving
commercial production.
According to conservative estimates, Lanco Kondaplli Power Project benefitted to the
tune of Rs. 1000 Crores from the faulty Power Purchase Agreements of AP state
Lanco bidded for 1320 MW Rajpura thermal plant in Punjab, but the PSEB Engineers
Association has d said that the bid is very high and should be re-invited. The PSEB
Engineers Association in its letter to Punjab Chief Minister had pointed out that the poor
track record of Lanco in executing projects. Lanco has quoted Rs.1.829 per unit as fixed
charges where as Sterlite had quoted Rs.1.20 per unit for Talwandi Sabo project in
The former Finance Minister of Haryana Sampat Sing said in 2008 February that the
Lanco Amarkantak Thermal Project project was full of loopholes and allegedly smacked
of corruption and favouritism. He said the state government would purchase electricity
at the landed cost of Rs 2.75 per unit under this deal, whereas from the Sasan project of
MP, it would get electricity at the rate of Rs 1.19 per unit. This big difference showed
that there was corruption in the deal, he alleged.

Source: Wikipedia, youtube, and TDF

204. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

Mr. Pvidyasagar,

you are nicely instigating against Telangana. Ofcourse this is the talent of people of Andhra region. First of all you should understand that we are separate in all aspects with you (Andhra people). Our language is different, culture is different, socio-economics are different, we innocent and not crooked/cunning like you people, ofcourse that is why you are able to cheat us for 60 years. Even our first Prime Minister Nehru did not like the idea of merging Telangana with Andhra. You should know the history first. Your people succeeded with lobbying in getting Telangana in merging with your state because of innocence of the Telangana people. Then Nehru made some conditions like if the CM is from one region the Deputy CM must be from the other region. This very first condition is not met in the initial years of formation of A.P. and till now it is not met. Later when Telangana people agitated, Indira Gandhi formulated some socalled six-point formula. Nothing is implemented in Six-point formula till now. You grabbed our jobs, water, reservations, business opportunities, said we are talent-less, culture-less, did not respect us at all,said our language is not Telugu, joked on our language in cinemas produced by you, suppressed our people in cinema industry, etc. etc. etc.. …never ending list….

Recently, a G.O. from state government released money for NABARD works in all regions of state. Howmuch they allotted for Telangana you know ? mere 9 crores, and 110 crores for Andhra&Rayalaseema region!!! It seems you want united A.P. to suck all of our blood.

Do not say that small states never develop. We will get more than what present state government is allotting for Telangana, no doubt in that.

You said recently formed states Jharkhand, Chattisgarh are not developing. Howmany years passed by after forming Jharkhand, Chattisgarh? It takes years to undo the cheating they suffered when they are united.Do you read current affairs? Top most positions of developed states in India are occupied by small states like Kerala, Goa, Pondicherry, Haryana etc. Big states like A.P., Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Orissa are at top positions in poverty.

You support your Lagadapati in your area, after forming Andhra state you people elect him for CM, he will show his talent of sucking blood and like Lanco, he will establish other blood suckers in Andhra region. Now support his duplicate-fasting with break of 15 hours of fast and disappearance for taking five-star food and again resume fasting for another 4 days and say KCR’s fast is not a real fast! Potti Sreeramulu feels ashamed of Lagadapati’s acts.

Jai Telangana….jai jai telangana…

205. Vikram - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

Mr.Ramulu I dont understand how are you able to get time to write all this bull shit. My only concern is to stop adding another bunch of corrupted politicians, even if that fellow KCR is not corrupted I am sure there are people who will be, so please dont go for separate state, ask for development plans from government, do a hunger strike for that …

SSR-HYD - జనవరి 13, 2010

So u believe that united andhra dont have corrupted politicians?

206. Kishore - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

I am from Telengana too. I completely agree with Vikram. Going for a separate state would create new state govt officials who are corrupted too. I urge people of telengana to stay United with Andhara and ask KCR to fast again for development plans from the central government.

SSR-HYD - జనవరి 13, 2010

Why do think that being united only will lead to development ?

207. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

Mr Vikram, if you think all this is bull shit, no doubt you are not a Telangana person. Only bull shits of Andhra region will talk like this. We suspect that some people belong to Andhra region saying they belong to Telangana and trying to bring different opinion among Telanganites.

Nee thalalo unna jejamma digi vachina telangana valladi okkate abhiprayam, separate state…..inka mammalni mabhya pettalanukovadam, dochukovalanukovadam Andhra valla avivekaniki machu thunaka. eesari telangana issue paina kendra prabhutvam venakku thaggithe nuvve choosthaav….


Instead of spreading propaganda against Telangana in internet, Is there any person from Andhra dares to come to Telangana areas and say “I am from Andhra and I am against Telangana state ” in public? That will be his last word….

Cowards like these people try to use internet for this type of acts to create different opinions among Telangnites. But pity that they do not know the unity of Telangana. This time they are going to see the unity of us in a different fashion with violence on Andhrites in Telangana.

For the last many years no Andhrite was hurted in Telangana, but Telangana people who went to Thirupathi and Andhra region were beaten up by Andhra people. They did not even allowed some persons to enter TTD. They did not allow to do jobs there. If we start the same here in Telangana they have to pack up their luggage and run for life leaving their job, businesses and real estates.

All Telangana netizens please observe these two people in this site. They may be agents of Andhra in Telangana musugu, meka vanne pululu.

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

Mr Ramulu

Please behave like a Indian, dont behave like a pakisthani

Nenu Baratheeyuduni, Telugu Vadini, ekkadiki velli ayina chebuthanu

mundu maryada nerchuko

SSR-HYD - జనవరి 13, 2010

Who is pakistani ? There is some similarity between some muslims in india and Andhra people — these people eat and prosper here and always sing about there palces. ie., (some Muslims-Pakistan and Andhra people – always about their native place)

208. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

జై తెలంగాణా ! జై జై తెలంగాణా !!
వద్దురా వద్దురా వద్దురా ఈ సమైకాంధ్ర మాకు వద్దురా
ముద్దురా ముద్దురా ముద్దురా మా తెలంగాణే మాకు ముద్దురా
|| వద్దురా||
మా నీళ్ళు దోచుకొని ,మా నిధులు కాజేసి
మా భూములు కబ్జాచేసి ,మా ఉద్యోగాలు కొల్లగొట్టి
వెకిలి నవ్వులతోని మమ్ము వెక్కిరించే ఆంధ్రుడా
|| వద్దురా||
మా యాసను గేలిచేసి ,మా బాషను వెక్కిరించి
మా సంకృతిని కిన్చపర్చి,మా సంప్రాదాయాన్ని అపహస్యంచేసి
కపట ప్రేమ ఒలక బోసే కపటనతకాన్ద్రుడా
|| వద్దురా||
పెద్ద మనుషుల ఒప్పందం ఊసేలేదు ,610 జీవో అసలు అమలే కాలేదు
ఫ్రీ జోను అంటూ ఇపుడు పేచి పెడుతూ ఉంటె
ఇక చూస్తూ ఊరకుంతమని బ్రమపడుచుంతివేమో
|| వద్దురా||
నా తెలంగాణా కోటి రతనాల వీణ
జై తెలంగాణా ! జై జై తెలంగాణా !!

Sidi rayudu - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

Wt fucking song, Keep it up

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 6, 2011

Pettera Pettera
Nee notlo pettera
Nee kantlo pettera
Nee mukkkulo pettera
Motham telangana Prajalane dengera
Aday ra aday ra KCR gani Modda ra
Cheeku ra cheeku ra erri pookai cheeku ra
KCR gani moddara

209. who is it - డిసెంబర్ 22, 2009

you must be an idiot. how pathetic and sick you have become.
it is a disgrace to humanity.

210. Raj Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

JAI TELANGANA, we will get our telangana definetely, no one can stop telangana movement, after reading telangana movement i got tears from my eyes, i proud to be a citizen of telangana, go back andhra & rayalaseema, we the people of telangana always respect all individuals of andhra & rayalaseema, but only we need is telangana, now every politician from andhra & rayalaseema doing their strike against telangana because all of their property is in hyderabad. jai telangana jai jai telangana………….., telagana thapakunda vasthundi, 2012 lo lokam antha mongathadoo ledu kani telagana matram thapakunda vastundi edi satyammmmmmmmmmm………..

211. Raj Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

u andhra people doing good jobs in big organizations only because of recommendation, they dont knw how to speak english but they work in big companys, no tallent no dareness they have, if they live in telangana also they have no right to support andhra, if they relly want to support andhra they can but plz live this place, what ever you want to do, do it but be carefull……….. jai telangana jai jai telangana

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

Basu mundhu nuvvu english sarigga nerchko nayana

“andhra they can but plz live this place,”

What does you wanna convey with the above sentence, i am poor in english can you explain me in telugu

212. Kishore - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

Mr. Ramulu what the hell are you talking about. You can not stop anybody from staying in Hyderabad or Telengana. In the worst case you people can get a state not a country, you are forgeting that.

You seem to a maniac. Behave yourself idiot. I am from telengana too. I will never behave like you. You must be one of the political leaders or their benefactors …. Be realistic Ramulu what is this. Let us go for Presidential rule in AP till all this issue gets resolved. Let Army rule us till you people get some sense.

You bloody politicians…..

213. Think before u act..... - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

What the hell is going on here… Asalu telangana endhuku seperate cheyyali… evariki anyayam jaruguthundhi… jobs rakapothe divide cheseyala…Adhe reason ayithe, Ippudu IITs lo ekkuva telugu vallu select avuthunnaru andhukani vere states vallu seperate country cheseyandi appudu iits lo memu select avutham ani adagala… It depends on talent dudes… Jobs area batti ivvaru…
Idhi politicians chesina pani… Asalu aa KCR history thelusa… He is a minister of TDP… Vadiki minister post ivvaledhu ani bayataki vachi party petadu… Vaadu power kosam chesthu janala kosam chesthunattu scene chesi janalni rechakoduthunnadu…
Enough… Ippatike mana state ki ravalsina projects chala poyayi… chala income divert ayipoyindhi… Ippataki ayina penta chalu… Atleast educated people think before u speak something… politicians cheppinavi anni guddiga nammodhu.. just think… Ippudu divide ayithe entha income waste oo alochinchandi…
Asalu development jaraganadhi ee politicians valla… Income antha vaallu thinesthunnaru.. Anthe gani region valla kaadhu… Poni telangana lo jaragani development emanna andhra/rayalaseema lo emanna jarigindha?? prathi CM hyderabad ne ga develop chesindhi… Andhra/rayalaseema lo emanna jarigindha??? Please dont believe that fucking politicians… Valla ego ni satisfy chesukovadaniki janam tho adukuntunnaru…

My question to all supproting the split of the state…
Who will get benfited by doing so??? (Except politicians)

214. mee lo okkadu - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

@ Ramulu:

nee kullu swarthappu buddulu maanuko…….

plz do remember u’r an INDIAN first…..

there are lot more problems at hand than fighting for telangana “STATE”…….I’ve born & brought up here in HYD…..& I do agree therez a lot of mismanagement of funds…..arey….mana KCR…emi chesad inni rojulu{9 yrs…}….

aaa madhyalo govt lo kuda unde….chesinda emanna telangana ku!!!

forget the separaism…..V students shud fight for our Social Improvement on par with any developed region of the world…..

plz stop…..jai telangana….jai samaikhyandhra…..& plz remember to say


215. Ramulu - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

Nayana kiran,

Mr.Raj kiran don’t worry….this kiran also has mistakes….

nayana kiranu…..

First you should learn English, then find the mistakes of others..Observe the following sentence you wrote….

“What does you wanna convey with the above sentence, i am poor in english can you explain me in telugu”

“What does you” kaadu nayana….”What do you ” anali…..
Ok, all of u please leave kiran, try to understand his poor english, he only admitted that.

You Andhrites talk about Unity, becuase you can not develop without Telangana, which is proven since Telangana was merged in A.P.

After Telangana state is formed, these following things will become reality, which we have been denied for Telangana since formation of A.P. That is why u want unity. I think you must be known of rules and regulations in inter-state resource allocations…

1. We get our share of water,
2. We get our share of jobs,
3. We get our share of resources,
4. We get our language respected,
5. Our people get chances & respect in Cinema Industry,
6. Our past and present poets, kalakarulu, jaanapadulu, samajika karyakarthalu also get respect,
7. Our culture gets respect,
8. We get our share of funds,
9. We get our share of central allocations,
10. We can influence with our 19 MPs at the centre,
11. If our Godavari, Krishna waters are not there for you, how you will do cultivation.
12. Saying Telangana is not developed u can bring funds from centre and use in Andhra region for ur development denying development in Telangana. Now that also diminishes after state is divided.
13. Yo want Telangana as a not-developed region to get funds from centre.

Inni rojulu ivanni meeru maaku ivvaledu. Ikapai state vachaka Ivanni jarigi theeruthay, endukante ivi okaru ichevi kaavu, state aithe daananthata ave vachevi, aa state lo unnavaallvi avanni.

very pity…..ok, for 60 years u developed at the cost of Telangana with our funds and resources,and thrown us into dark all these years, enough.

Now you develop on your own, or at the cost of Rayalaseema, if possible without our water, resources and funds.

You all andhrawalas, whenever telangana is talked about about, you talk about India. Don’t u have any other thing to talk about unity?


Are u suffering from Alzeimers? or u want to cheat telanganites this way also….!!!?

Meekoka neethi, makoka neethi? we do not allow cheating any more.

Many industries are working with our electricity in andhra region. 90% of jobs in the industries in Telangana are dominated by andhra people, they will lose jobs, and many more things……

Fearing all these you can not imagine your future, right?

That is why u want Samaikhyandhra.

When we ask Telangana u keep on saying we are Indians. Why don’t u behave as Indians in developing Telangana in A.P., why u developed ur andhra region only?

Did you think Telangana is not in India?

Why six-point formula is not being implemented?

Why Deputy CM post is not given for Telangana region since 1969?

Recently state govt. allocated NABARD funds of 110 crores to andhra and rayalaseema, why only 9 crores to telangana?

Still you want us to be united in A.P.? Howlong u fu….us?

Jai Telangana ….Jai Jai Telangana…

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

Nayana Ramulu

Well well ,ok am sorry on that, any way we are not here to teach english each other, i understood that you can not understand leave that apart

come to the discussion point now

Nee lanti vadu okkadu vunna chaalu desam mottham 100 raashtaaluga vidi povadaanki

eppudu maaku idhi ledu , adhi ledu ani edavadaanki badulu, nuvvu emi chesavu cheppu

Asalu telangaan lo karchu chestunna dabbu antha telangaana vaallu tax katti vacchina sommutho anukuntunnava? it’s a collective income of India that has been spent across the country

if your area is negleted in that process try to elect some good people (If at all have in your area) then ask them to develop your region

Aina bassulu thagala pettatdam valana ledha govt properties ni naasanam cheyyadam valana kaani meeku vorigedhi emi vundhi

chaduvukunna nuvve ilaanti panulu samardhisttunaavu ante i pity on your area people

Sri Lanka lo vunna tamil people kante ekkuva badhalu paduthunnara mee area janam?

Kashmir lo vunna sagam mandhi pakisthan lo kalapamani aduguthunnaru , support chestava

desam loni anni pranthala nunchi army lo vunnaru vaalu kooda nee laage veedu T*** vadu nenu veediki support cheyyanu ani koorchonte appudu telusthundhi

Memu venkabadi vunnamu, maaku raavalasina vaata maaku raaledhu anu edupu aapi endhuku raaledhu ani praja prathinidhulunu niladeeyadam maanesi

Bassulu pagala kotti , govt properties nasaanam chesi, kalisi vundham ani cheppavaal aassthulu naasaanam chesi

saamanya prajaa jeevitham alla kallom chesi meeru saadhinchi baagu padehdi emi ledhu

People like you (Educated) should educate other people (Insane and uneducated)

anthe kaani dwesham penche laaga vyassaalu rasi manushulu madhya godalu kattavaddu

216. Telanganite - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

nenu Mr.Ramulu ku poorthiga support isthunnanu, iit lo seats raakapote evadu separate state adagadu.

Mee lo Okkadu anevadiki Telangana histroy theliyadu kaabolu..!!

KCR start chesindi kaadu Telangana udyamam, Nizam nundi vidipovadaniki udyamam chesi separate state cheyamani adigithe, kullu andhra nayakulu telangana vaalla nollu nokkesi A.P. lo kalapani kendram pai votthidi thechi, Nehru ki ishtam lekapoyina, A.P. ani peru petti…moda ti nundi maaku anyaayam chesaru.

First know the history, then talk about. keyboard nee chetholo undi kadani, history ni vakreekarinchalani choosthe, jaragani pani Mr. Mee Lo Okadu garu….

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

Dear Shri KCR,

On behalf of millions of telugu people around the world and Pravasa SamaikhyaAndhraPradesh Samithi, we here by request you not to become JINNAH of Andhra Pradesh by trying to devind the great state of Andhra Pradesh and telugu people. On behalf of millions of Telugu people around the world and Pravasa SamaikhyaAndhraPradesh Samithi, we here by request you not to become Jinnah of Andhra Pradesh by trying to Devinder the great state of Andhra Pradesh and Telugu people.

As you know, Jinnah who was the architect of two nation theory that devided India on the basis of religion has repented his act and idealogy in the later stages of his life saying that he did not wanted this kind of seperation of India. As you know, Jinnah who was the architect of two nation theory that devid India on the basis of religion has repented his act and IDEOLOGY in the later stages of his life saying that he did not wanted this kind of Separation of India.

You will aslo repent in the future for the similar act of trying to devide the great telugu culture for your own political desires and you will be remembered in the minds of millions of telugu people and the people of India as Jinnah of Andhra Pradesh or Telugu Jinnah. You will ALSO repent in the future for the similar act of trying to Divide the great telugu culture for your own political desires and you will be remembered in the minds of millions of Telugu people and the people of India as Jinnah of Andhra Pradesh, Telugu or Jinnah .

Instead, we request you stand for united Telugu people and become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and develop the under developed parts of the state where ever they might be. Instead, we request you stand for united Telugu people and become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and develop the under developed parts of the state where ever they might be.

This way you will be remembered as one of the great leaders of the telugu history such as Potti SriRamulu, Burgula RamaKrishna Rao, PV NarasimhaRao, NT Rama Rao and YS Raja Sekhar Reddy who have fought for the pride of telugu people and development of Andhra Pradesh. This way you will be remembered as one of the great leaders of the Telugu history such as SriRamulu Potti, Burgul Ramakrishna Rao, PV NarasimhaRao, NT Rama Rao and YS Raja Sekhar Reddy who have fought for the pride of Telugu people and development of Andhra Pradesh .

As we Telugu’s have already become laughing stock infront of the whole nation, I request you to re-consider your ideology and lead the united telugu land. As we Telugu’s have already become laughing stock infront of the whole nation, I request you to re-consider your ideology and lead the united Telugu land.

This way you will be remembered in History as we remember all the great leaders mentioned above. This way you will be remembered in History as we remember all the great leaders mentioned above.

At this point of history, we telugu people are in crossroads of development and distruction and we request you to lead the developement of all telugu people instead of certian region. At this point of history, we telugu people are in crossroads of development and distruction and we request you to lead the developement of all telugu people instead of certified region.

May god bless you with love for telugu people rather than seperating the brothers in the name of region. May god bless you with love for Telugu people rather than Separating the brothers in the name of region.

217. kk - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

FUCK U… Meeru bagupadaru… Meeru mararu me bathukulu maravu… veli KCR sanka nakandi… vadu chivaraki meeku pettedhi madde…

218. vomitin gal - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009
219. vomitin gal - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

im gettn vomitin aftr readn this

220. sagar - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

world is a small place so let us live nd let live others-nvr fight gud will happen dn wury

221. sudheer - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

Hi all,
i feel like…its all for political gains either telangana struggle or samaikyandhra struggle…
there is no affection involved in these struggles as compared to the struggle for separate country or separate state….
i just want people who r requesting for telangana to think once….
wad if u get a separate state…. the cost of living of telangana will be increased to max extent… i want people to understand this…
there r so many litications like this if separate state is aquired…
and do u people talk in telugu…?????, which is language of andhra….
if u request a separate state(telangana) then i request all politicians and all people who r demanding telangana not to speak in telugu(which is the official language of andhra). first u all people stop talking in telugu and start fighting for telugu….
untill den i request silence to all…..

222. sabka baap - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

kk correct ga cheppavu…..andaru kalisi kcr mdg….yerri pook decisions…..pichi naa kodukulu supporting

223. Samaikhya Andhra - డిసెంబర్ 23, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Vacchindi kada Telangana.. pandaga cheskondi :P :P


KCR resign anta.. HAHAHAHA.

224. Centergy - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

Keshav Rao . Jadav, Some parts of the article are enlightening.

However, I have some reservations

I fail to understand how people of Andhra have been exploiting people of telangana?

Can this happen in Free India? There might be instances but exploitation on a scale that you indicate seem unlikely

There are references of exploiting water resources

My understanding is that a River takes birth at a place and has to emit into the sea.

Enroute it’s path, If rulers/Leaders/people are unable to tap the resources, what is the fault of people who live much beyond

It looks like the allegations are nothing more than cribbing on the prosporous

225. Centergy - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

WOW, There more i go thru the posts, It looks like all hell broke loose over telagana.

They are exploited,rejected and what not

The kind of knowledge pouring in should ashame a westerner

But sadly We are poor executers. Talk… Gossip…Bitch… That’s all you do.

Vote first

226. sudheer - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

To Centergy,
wad do u mean by exploiting….
r andhra people harassing telangana people….???
wad do u mean by exploiting….
r andhra people taking ur food grains….???
wad do u mean by exploiting….
taking jobs….
taking land….

if all these constraints left to only particular people….
then there is no life…
no life can survive….
everyone has to depend on other person….
dnt think like a frog in a well…..
try to think like a fish in ocean….
wad do u people gain by taking telangana….
have ur own land… by not depending on others….
u have to depend on each and every factor….

exploiting is the scene wen we were under british rule….

227. Sri - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

Its so sad and pathetic to see all this agigation and restlessness happening around state. Hope all this would end soon and see a place where everyone can have their meal of the day and live a healthy life with peace ad happiness.

Wish this land be blessed with happiness and peace…

228. Sastry - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

I am from Telengana. Ramulu how ever you are, you are a burden on this earth, trust me. Just get the hell out of India. You seem to add fule to the fire. India already has enough problems to deal with, you bloody politician why are you troubling so many people in Andhra. Please Ramulu just shutup. It would be a favor to the telugu people .. please I urge you to do so. Stop all this drama … go tell your KCR to suicide. He is not fit to live any more …. his liver would fail in another year, for the drunked he is …. Tell him to have a bottle of Liquor and sleep …… You assholes burn government property and ask for resources from the government ….. how ridiculous.

229. ravi - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2009

well i was born in hyderabad and currently love in bangalore,i always visited hyderabad frm my childhood,during vacations to spend time with my family and friends, i got married to a girl frm hyderabad in hyderabad, its sad to c somany people fighting,the old hyderabad peaceful, and coexistent ,friendly neighbors, is going to be a thing of the past,these geographical divisions will create more rifts in the minds of the people,all the ensuing violence is only affecting the people , the political parties and their men r all sitting safe, if telangana is the need of the people they can go forit peacefully, why destroy public property ,beat up innocent people,stone shops,what is this and who will be responsible forthe backlash ,agagin the other side will start violence,when will people understand that things can be settled with peace and harmony,get telangana if u feel so , but if u create fear in the mnds of people,no one willtake note of this ,u have to have a friendly approace to everyon e,india is democratic, and sowe should allow eveyone is opinion , one cant thrust his opinion on anyone ,doing so will most certainly lead to backlash and more viloence,abusing other communities and blaming people frm other areas will only delay telangana ,instead try to take all people alongwith feindly attitude, violence willgive rise to more ill will,more blood shed and more disparity,

230. M K - డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

dear friends.if not now in near future their will be separetion in AP.JAI TELANGANA, JAI SEMAANDRA………..

231. vamsi - డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

hai friends..im vamsi from hyd.

ippatiki maa na telangana people ki telangana history telavadu..konta mandhiki.
inka andhra vallu kuda telusukuntia manchidi.. why we r asking telangana ani…

main city people’s ki… even there dnt know telangana history. you city people’s just come not for the beautiful city.see the telangana villages problem’s.

one day im traveling on bus.. one idiot talking wrong about telangana.
appudu naku chala kopam vachendi, naku kotali ani undia kani vadu age lo pethodu. even he is un eduction person..

means no one know about telangana history..

first u people know about telangana history and our problem.

then u talk about telangana issue.

jai telangana……………….

232. Samaikhya Andhra - డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

@vamsi –
nuvvu ‘eduction person’ aa? really?
English vaddu le.. nuvvu mundu “Telugu” and “Telugu” history nerchuko babu and then talk about telangana issue.

City “peoples” ke kaadu.. appudu mottam country “peoples” ki kuda samjyainchu.. sarena?

233. Verpatu Vadulara - డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

Erri puku telagana verpatu vadullara

Competition lo Vudyogalu Techu ko leru,

Mee ledarlu mimmalani enni sarlu picchi pokollani chesina vallane nammu kunnaru

Andhrollani dengesaro ani edavadamu okate vachu

Andhrollu fight chesi Nagarjunasagar DAM tecchu kunnaru

Andhraollu Fight chesi Steel Plant techu kunnaru

Andhrollu fight chesi entire kosta lo 6 lane road techu kunnaru

Andhra Leaderlu malli Andhra lo Common public kuda samanamu ga fight chesaru for their resources

Andhra and Rayal seema leaders ee mana Hyderabad chuttu vunna industries teesuku vacharu

Telangana Leaders Telangana gurinchi emi chesaru?

Telangana Public telangana lo oka kotta industry gurinchi fight chesara poni mutha badda telangana industries gurinchi fight chesi teripinchara emi ledu…

Andhra mangement valane Singareni kuda profit lo nadustondi

Manollaki telisindi tagi pandu kodam leda strike cheyadamu

even today they fought for the Samikhya Andhra and again they put the ball in the Telangana court

Telangana prakriya modalidi annaru Vidarbha start chesindi and got approved 10000 Crores of Rupees as grant which they will get in next 3 yers

Edavandi elli Sonia Gandi Gudda nakandi KCR gadi modda chekandi

Mee astulu meere kalchu kuni telangana vachintaruvata mee wata lo ave techu kondi

Mee leaders verri pukulu aythe meerantha vallani nammi konderri pukulu

Telangana Vachintaruvata funds ki, current ki neelaki mustetukondi

Banisa batukulni evaru marcha leru

234. Verpatu Vadulara - డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

forgot to add

we havent got any grant for our region development nor we have 100000 (1 Lakh) crores for developing our projects.

Manaki center ichindi chippa

Mee andari notlo pettaru KCR gadi Modda may be telangana verpatu galla andari moddalu

Avi gudustu Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana anukondi

varun - ఫిబ్రవరి 20, 2010

MI LAGADAPATI GANI UCHHA THAGANDI RA VANII MATHRAM BATHKANIVAM…..samkyandra guddala sully mi notlona ma telangana vala moddalu

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 7, 2011

Pettu kunnaru kada mee notlo nee mee moddalu…. Tagaru kada KCR gani Uccha

235. M K - డిసెంబర్ 25, 2009

hi friends.this is the truth why telangana is backward.disticts in ANDRA SEMA13,inTELANGANA 10;colleges and schools in ANDRASEMA-80% TG-20% . MEDICAL COLLEGES AND HOSPITALS AS-969.TG-270. Govt. jobs AS-9.00.000 TG-3.00.000. INDUSTRES AS-6827,TG-1253.FREE ELECTRICITY FOR FARMERS,AS-77%,TG-23%. GODAVARI- KRISHNA AS-20%-31% USAGE 87%-91% . TG 69%-79% USAGE 9%-13%…………… THIS IS THE WAY WHY WE NEED TELANGANA STATE……. J A I T E L A N G A N A

236. అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 26, 2009

mr “verpaatu vadulara”, wonderfully said. i stand by your opinion.

and on behalf of telangana, i apologise to whole world for our telanganaite’s uncivilised behaviour that is only taking the region backwards by 1000 years.

after separate telangana the true picture will be:
more naxalites in khammam, warangal
more poverty in medak, mahbubnagr
more flouride in nalgonda
hyderabad downgraded to an ordinary town

no industries anywhere (of course you wont expect mncs or tatas, birlas to go to places like sircilla, nagarkarnool, armoor blah blah blah)
no sea coast, pay f-in tax to export your products from vizag. so industries will find it easier to operate from coastal towns than pay excise too)

no jobs to a-holes of ou, ku, palamur u, telangan u or some other shitty u. udyamalu tindipettavuraa gaadidakodukullara. kcr gaadu baagaa taagi baane unnadu. mantrulu, tdp vaalu donga raajinaamalu chessaru, ponnala, madhuyashki, sureshreddy US chekkestaaru.

state likely to start with thousands of crores of debt and no compensation because adminstrative infrastructure is already in place, any package if there, significant share will go to andhra.

forget about chennai, banglore and pune, even vizag will become a better city in every outlook. of course no telangana fella is an entrepreneur or brand ambassador to the outside corporate and job market.

keep hyderabad with you, a wonderful carcass beheaded, mutilated and charred to death by Royal Telangana Warriors

God save Hyderabad
God save India
God save the region which hates its own countrymen but can lick an Italian’s feet for making a fake promise

any harsher reply from anyone to this post only reinforces the above.

237. అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 26, 2009

well said mr verpatu vadulara. i firmly stand by your opinion and it is well chronicled

first of all, on behalf of telangana, i apologise to the whole world for uncivilised behavirour displayed in the last 48 hours. we know we are only going back by 100000 years. forget about Rs100000 crores.

The true picture of telangana state after formed:
more naxalites in khammam and warangal districts
more poverty in medak, mahabubnagar and adilabad districts
more flouride victims in nalgonda
hyderabad will be downgraded into a small town with companies looking at it as a god-forbidden place
no hill stations, coconut gardens or magnificent temples
no coastline and any f–k-in product manufactured here has to pay more taxes on its way to port for export. so industrywallas will find it wiser to set up plants in coastal places. Of course no mnc, tata or birla is interested to set up factories in “booming metros” like sircilla, jagtial, nagarkarnool, armoor or kamareddy

all as-h-les of ou, ku, palamur u, tlangana u or some shitty u will not find jobs as the world knows they are good for nothin fellas. those companies and institutions staying put in hyd will see locals as aliens for their behaviour, inferiority complex and j-factor and will not employ them. so again stone them and they will also leave (actually shameless on their part if they continue here).

the grandold man of tlangna Mr KCR is well placed moving in his audi; mantrulu, tdp T nayakulu donga raajinaamalu chesi happygaa unnaru; suresh reddy, madhuyaskhi, ponnala, klr kaavalantein US vellipotaaru. meeru maatram udyamaalu chesukuntoo adukku tinnandi. mee ayya ammala gundello manta pettandi.

forget about bangalore, chennai and pune even vizag becomes a more preferred city and Hyd is only for tourists like Agra and Uaipur that too at the mercy of telangana warriors who in the name of bullshit selfrespect and asslike pride may not allow tourists.

the grand province of telangana will start journey with thousands of crores of debt as the significant portion of package goes to andhra since administrative infrastructure is already in place here (read hyd just another capital city like patna, bhopal and guwahati)

cry and crib more on the andhra prosperity, kick their remains in the city out, but never understand that people in telangana are not dynamic, enterprising like them. no fighting spirit among leaders or masses. this reflects in fact that there is not many top executives in MNCs, no CEOs, no finance and scientific personalities, no film personalities. When i say again dont’ go back to historic mistake of saying “we were snubbed and never allowed to go” today in the present genration any talented person can create impact. C Narayana Reddy is a telanganaite but is a king in Tollywood. Nobody stopped him. pv narasimha rao became pm, people loved him.

Crushing somebody happens anywhere in this country and is always debatable issue. telugus say tamils crush us, tamils say hindis crush them, marathis say gujaratis dominate them… no end

Anyway Let us us keep the carcass of the great city of hyderabad mutilated, beheaded, amputated and charred to death by Royal Telangana Warriors.

God Save Hyd
God Save India
God Save Telangana which hates its own countrymen with contempt

Any reply harsher and unparliamentary to my comment only reinforces the above negatives of the region.

Two-minute silence to Hyderabad for obituary

238. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

I still remember my student days in England 1946 – 1949 the popular opinion at that time in UK was not to give independence to India. Life was extremely difficult post World War Two still the common Britisher would want to keep India under its belt. We as students had to put up with all kinds of nasty remarks. Some saying go back hundreds of years and live on trees etc. Winston Churchill was un-repented till the end. India will be doomed and gloomed were the headline in daily news papers. Look after sixty two years later it is the number 12 (GDP) in the world. It was not easy but we did it. Now coming back to Telangana as a separate state in my humble opinion it has the potential to survive and thrive. It all depends on the present and future generations. I don’t think anybody is in a position to predict the doom and gloom if we go separate from Andhra Pradesh.
If Germany and Japan after losing World War and the loss of more than one hundred million people mostly in Western Europe can come out of complete destruction. I believe anything is possible as long as the will of the people is there to build and live a decent and self respecting life.
Rank Country GDP (millions of USD)
1 United States 14,441,425
2 Japan 4,910,692
3 China 4,327,448h
4 Germany 3,673,105
5 France 2,866,951
6 United Kingdom 2,680,000
7 Italy 2,313,893
8 Russia 1,676,586
9 Spain 1,601,964
10 Brazil 1,572,839
11 Canada 1,499,551
12 India 1,206,684

239. Samaikhya Andhra - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009


India-Britain ni AP-Telangana toh relate chestunna mee common sense ki naa joharlu!

India was being ruled by Britain
India was never part of Britain
India & Britain never shared the same culture
India & Britain didn’t have the same capital

itla enno raaskuntu povacchu.. So dayachesi telivi leni tokkalo comparisions cheyyoddu..

Em matladalo telinappudu mooskoni kurchovatam manchidi

Anything is possible ithey inka states enduku.. let every city live by its own.. and every citizen follow his/her own rules..

Anything is possible ani telsi telsi guntalo dunkuthava? mee pillalni tostava?

240. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Response to Samaikhya Andhra

When you want to solve a mathematical problem with too many unknowns we have to use analogy and assumptions. Unfortunately you are shooting from your hip I dont think you know what actually you are trying to say. I would suggest you read history weather it’s a province, state or an independent country the grass root problems remain the same. The economic inequity and injustice is always the root cause of all revolutions.

241. Krishna - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

People of telangana are being cheated again by their so called leaders. If these leaders really cared about telangana people, what were they doing in the last 53 years. They are corrupt and will do anything for political gain.

Even if politicians from Andhra were exploiting funds, it does not make sense why a 100 strong group of MLAs could not get funds for their regions development. The fact is they did not care. Now they want to take ownership of grass roots movement in telangana and profit from peoples emotions. Look at all the infighting in telangana JAC. They are worried about who gets credit for the state.

In in the interest of full disclosure, my family is from Andhra and we have been living in Hyderabad for the last 20 years. I married into telangana family. I detest the tag “Settler”, specially reserved for people from Andhra. If hyderabad becomes capital of telangana, then every one who lives in hyderabad is part of telangana, why these special seperations?. And the violence perpetuated by the two faced politicians, when will this stop?. Will you give right of vote to only people who are originally from telangana? not from other regions?.

Fortunately we live in a democracy. If the people of telangana want a seperate state, they should have one. But they are being mislead again by their leaders. In my view separate state is a false choice being propagated by the politicians from telangana. They are showing the andhra ghosts so people forget their corrupt coffers. What telangana needs is new leadership, people who really care. Fresh, young and educated leaders should stand up in telangana. I will gladly vote for such a telangana. We can have a separate state, but with the same leaders, we will get the same results.

242. Samaikhya Andhra - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009


Sir – Appreciate you taking Mathematics lessons, but I guess that’s not why I or the state need right now.

*I* don’t know what I’m trying to say?? really?

Do you even have a point to make? First you make a silly analogy with Britain and give random GDP figures that is no way relevant to the current discussion and then you talk about Economic Inequality & Injustice.

Let me just say that you are still *in* history. There are people in Andhra who are equally if not more economically backward. There are people who are subjected to exploitation & injustice.

So, the solution would be for the government to provide special assistance to them not carve out a separate state.

We all understand there is a problem, but all I want to say is that a separate state isn’t a solution. You like analogies so let me make a simple analogy for your understanding – If a hand or head of the body isn’t doing well – you don’t cut it off. You give it proper care and make it heal. Get the point?

243. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Response to Samaikhya Andhra

I think I helped you solved the problem why Telangana should be separated from Andhra. When the hand or the body part is cancerous you do remove the infected part of the body surgically so that it does not infect the healthy parts of the body. Trust me Ask any Doctor or Surgeon!

244. vamsi - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

mr samaikhya ..babu..

im eduction person dude..

milati valaki telangana history telusu ko mani cheppu tunnanu…

1st telangana n andhra separate state undia athi neku telusa? mee andhra, Tamil nadu tho kalisi undia athi telusa?… akkada undi tanni pamputia meru telanagana pekala medha padaru…

so athi teluso babu…..

one more thing, u sad we all understand there is a problem’s ani cheppav kada.

neku inni rojulu undi leni……….sorry rojulu kadu inni year’s undi gurtuku rani maa problem’s, memu separate telangana adugutia gurtu vachendha? its not fair dude

ippudu hand or hand ani speak istava…. maa solution okkatia we need telangana….

jai telangana jai jai telangana…

245. Samaikhya Andhra - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

@SHAQUE – I don’t need to ask a Doctor or Surgeon. Cancerous parts means the part is dead and of no use. Are you saying the entire Telangana region is dead?
I request you again, please contribute something meaningful or don’t.!

@vamsi – naayana vamsi.. nuvvu intha eduction person ani teliledu.. ippudu mast confirm ayyindi nee eduction levels..

history telsukovala? i knw hw andhra pradesh state was formed.. nuvvu cheppinatlu ithey telangana region was ruled by Nizams.. poyyi vallani graves nunchi tavvi.. make them rule the region.. adi kaavala neeku? Past lo alaa undi ani ippudu alaane undali ante etla?

Andhra Pradesh state form aynappudu it was formed based on the unity of Telugu language.. ippudu kontha mandi petty politicians or insecure individuals lepina ee issue toh nee problems neeku gurthuku vacchaya??

Baseless arguments chestu.. maa solution okkkatee ani arusthe em kaadu.. dimaag kharab ayyindi antaru anthe!

Inni years kalise bathikamu kada.. ippudu sudden ga enduku ee insecurity?

246. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Response to Samaikhya Andhra

Seriously I’m sure now that you are sick mentally you need frontal Lobotomy operation. Please do your family a favor admits yourself into a mental Hospital you are suffering from paranoid Schizophrenia.

247. Samaikhya Andhra - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

If you don’t have anything concrete to say, you stoop to making personal comments. Shame on you and your foreign education!

Go ahead, bark to your heart’s content. I won’t stone a dog, so will stop replying to your comments.

248. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Response to Samaikhya Andhra

Please do your family a favor admits yourself into a mental Hospital you are suffering from paranoid Schizophrenia. You should be on medication you are now acting like a dog.

Jai Telangana

249. Verpatu Vadulara - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009


Your Stats may be true, they were achieved by a country when it is UNITED with other states and regions in its geographical area.

You are comparing Telangana with the top 12 countries in the world. I am not really sure what you are trying to say. Do you mean Telangana leaders should fight for a separate country?

Elders like you should stand for Unity of a state or a country and do not encourage regionalism or separatism.

You went to UK before independence and you might have forgotten that India got independence and Hyderabad State merged with India, Further Hyderabad state got divided with Marathi speaking districts got merged with Maharashtra, Kannada speaking districts got merged with Karnataka and remaining Telugu speaking districts got merged with Andhra.

Those Marathi speaking and Kannada speaking districts raise voice for separate state and they get special package for its region’s development. what we Telangana people are doing fighting for septate state neither getting a 10 Rupee package for development not getting any project in our region. our Leaders are useless and our public are shame less assholes going behind those leaders

United AP is #3 in rank when it comes to States of India by GDP this was possible only when it is united. Ref:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_between_Indian_states_and_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)

Shaque your stats also show a trend UNITED STATES kept its #1 Position because it is united. Germany got UNITED (West Germany and EAST Germany) and crawled to #4 position.

Russia lost its position and fallen down to #8 and we are all very well aware that it will further fall down because it is disintegrated.

Please educate our region’s people that we will not be able to archive if we get a separate State.

250. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Response to Verpatu Vadulara

Lets be fair and just !

Telugu speaking districts of Telangana got merged with Andhra not by choice. It was a shot gun wedding forced upon Telangana under the guise of common language unification. If you care to look this action was in complete disregard to the popular opinion of the people and also against the Central Government Fazal Ali commission.
I see your sincerity wanting to keep the state united. But unfortunately our present day Andhra leaders are either ignorant or very arrogant. After all they could have compromised the situation long time ago to better the standard of living for the common man in Telangana districts. Beleave me its very easy to forget when you are on the top riding high. They poured millions of rupees into Andhra Coastal regions and Hyderabad City only but left major portions of Telangana rural areas undeveloped with abject poverty.
I will be the last person to say divide the Andhra Pradesh state. But I came to conclusion after several years of soul searching debating that separation is the only chance for the betterment of the common man in Telangana. Your point well taken (United AP is #3 in rank when it comes to States of India by GDP this was possible only when it is united). Old saying there is always darkness under the base of the lamp.
I also visited the old Maratha districts and Kannada districts of Old Hyderabad State they are all better off economically than Telangana districts why ?

M K - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

m k nameste SHAQUE ANNA .I AM WITH U ,go ahead

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 7, 2011

dear Shaque….are you still alive to read the report …..you masked old bastard read the report and talk how telangana got merged with andhra

251. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

English is the (official) common language of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa and some twenty five other big and small countries of the world. This does not mean they should all be lumped together as one state or country. Actually common languages are good for communication and understanding. What divide these people are the variety of ethnic backgrounds, cultures, history, traditions and the system of Government. Same goes with Telugu language between Andhra and Telangana regions.

252. KS - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

Lot of confusion here..

If telanganites think that they are are looked upon by kosta people as less intelligent, inferior etc, it’s not going to change even when they form into a separate state.

My father is from East Godavari and we settled in Krishna district. Throughout my childhood my parents used to talk about how advanced Krishna D. people are and how gullible East G. people are.
BTW, this is a general feeling across East G. about the differences. The people in Krishna used to make fun of the Godavari Telugu accent etc. 30 or 40 years ago, there used to be one person in abroad from every Krishna D. family. At the same time, there may be only a handful from East G. Situation has changed a lot now in East G.. They are going to abroad, getting IIT’s and JEE’s etc. Still those differences that I have explained before stays. The point I am trying to make here is that if states needed to be formed on the basis of accent, differences in traditions, mannerisms etc both East G and Krishna needs to form their own state. The problem doesn’t end there. Right, Still Krishna people are going to think about East G. the same way. So, let’s not get silly about these thing and use big words (‘hegemony’ ).

If development is the reason for separation then I would say it can be solved without separation. All we need is honest politicians and a will. If you carry on with the separate states through the same politicians, the result ain’t go be different.


253. praveen - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

mr ks u r exlained well but i have a dout on u that u r living with u r comon family r in separate family

if u r wih ur fathe mother brother etc its ok

if not can u explain me wats the reason

KS - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009


No, i don’t live together with my family. Naturally, i had to move to a faraway place because of job


254. Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

Read at one of the website, interesting

First I want to make it ample clear to all, I am not going to take any stand or United Andhra Telangana ie.

I was born in Hyderabad and my parents are from Andhra. I was born in Hyderabad and my parents are from Andhra. I was proud to say that I am an Hyderabadi which was and which is in AP as of now. I was proud to say that I am a Hyderabadi Which is Which was in AP and as of now. ( I don’t want to jump to other debate whether Hyderabad belongs to Telangana or United Andhra). (I do not want to jump to other debate Whether belongs to Hyderabad Andhra Telangana or United).

For the first time I have seen our Mental Krishna spoke something sensible in a TV Sakshi show on present Politics which was For the first time I have seen our Mental Krishna spoke something sensible in a TV show on Sakshi Which was present Politics

1- Many say that Telangana sentiment is not strong as TRS got only few seats in the assemble seats. 1 – Many say that Telangana sentiment is not strong as TRS got only few seats in the assemble seats. With regard to this point, Mental Krishna pointed out a nice reason saying that it was not only TRS but Congress, TDP came forward to people for begging votes by supporting the Telangana Statehood. With regard to this point, Mental Krishna pointed out a nice reason saying that it was not only TRS but Congress, TDP came forward to people begging for votes by supporting the Telangana Statehood. Its as simple as this, If 3 people offer’s to give me a chocolate, I may choose anyone of them. Its as simple as this, If 3 people offer’s to give me a chocolate, I may choose anyone of them. That’s what happened in the recent elections to TRS (Whether they will really give me a chocolate is something altogether different issue) That’s what happened in the recent elections to TRS (Whether they will really give me a chocolate is something altogether different issue)

2- I would like to ask Unified Andhra MP’s ans MLA’s of all the parties, as to why did they contest on behalf of their party in the recent elections even after knowing that their manifesto supported Telangana Statehood ( One point I assume that they must have been assured that Telangana will not be formed and they must have been informed the same unlike their manifesto stand on Telanagana) 2 – I would like to ask MP’s ans Unified Andhra MLA’s of all the parties, as to why did they contest on behalf of their party in the recent elections even after knowing that their manifesto supported Telangana Statehood (One point I assume that they must have Telangana been assured that will not be formed and they must have been informed the same unlike stand on their manifesto Telanagana)

3- I would like to say to KCR to behave decently in public – How the hell he can say that he will slit the tongues of the people who talk about Hyderabad. 3 – I would like to say to KCR to behave decently in public – How the hell I can say that he will slit the tongue of the people who talk about Hyderabad. Few days back only he told in TV9 studio that he will ready to discuss with intellectuals from both sides of the region to sit down and talk amicably. Few days back only in TV9 studio he told that he will ready to discuss with intellectuals from both sides of the region to sit down and talk amicably. Sometimes he feels like a hero, he will be having a good career if he comes to movies. Sometimes he feels like a hero, I will be having a good career if he comes to movies.

4- I would like to ask to the movement raised by the MP’s and MLA’s of the Unified Andhra, Why were you silent all the days when the Telangana people where going with their movement. 4 – I would like to ask to the movement raised by the MP’s and MLA’s of the Unified Andhra, Why were you silent all the days when the Telangana people where going with their movement. If you say that, this movement is not something new which is being done from Ages, why did these same MLA’s contested the elections which I raised in (2) point. If you say that, this movement is not something new Which is being done from Ages, why did these same MLA’s contested the elections which i raised in (2) point.

5-I would like to slam all the parties for making fool’s of Telangana people, why the hell did they say that “We are in support to Telangana” 5-I would like to slam all the parties for making fool’s of Telangana people, why the hell did they say that “We are in support to Telangana”

6-Another thing that I would like people to notice about these parties is to know how easily they can make/break policies and promises made to the people. 6-Another thing that I would like people to notice about these parties is to know how easily they can make / break policies and promises made to the people. Its only because of the Student’s and KCR fast that Centre came down on Telangana Statehood ( not giving but for just initiating the process of forming Telangana Statehood). Its Only Because of the Student’s and KCR Center that came down fast on Telangana Statehood (not just giving but for initiating the process of forming Telangana Statehood). If we didn’t had this situation, any party it may be Congress, TDP or PRP would have used the same Telangana Principle right before elections in 2014, 2019………so on but wouldn’t do a thing in its formation. If we did not had this situation, any party it may be Congress, TDP or PRP would have used the same Telangana Principle right before elections in 2014, 2019 ……… so on but would not do to thing in its formation.

7- No politician(99.99%) is man of their word, that goes to even YSR who cleverly instigated the Andhra and Rayalseema people for the Phase 2 in the recent 09 assembly elections as soon as the Telangana elections were over. 7 – No politician (99.99%) is man of their word, that goes to even YSR who cleverly Instigate the Andhra and Rayalseema people for the Phase 2 in the recent 09 assembly elections as soon as the elections were over Telangana. He too didn’t had the guts to say Unified Andhra to the Telangana people. I too did not had the guts to say to the Unified Andhra Telangana people. I personally don’t like KCR. I personally do not like KCR. But he saying one thing and fighting for that one thing (Whether he is going for personal gains or not is another issue). But he saying one thing and fighting for that one thing (Whether he is going for personal gains or not is another issue). But people like CBN, YSR …they just play with people like they are playing with some toys. But people like CBN, YSR … they just play with people like they are playing with some toys. If they guts, they should have struck to one cause and should stick to it. If they guts, they should have struck to one cause and should stick to it.

8- And one thing I would like to appeal to the students is please do not fall to these cheap politicians and waste your crucial time and career. 8 – And one thing I would like to appeal to the students is please do not fall to these cheap politicians and waste your time and career crucial.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that I am not against or for the formation of Telangana Statehood. Lastly, I would like to conclude that I am not against or for the formation of Telangana Statehood. I apologize if I had hurt anyone’s sentiment. I apologize if I had hurt anyone’s sentiment.

255. Verpatu Vadulara - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

After taking all the merits and disadvantages into consideration Fazal Ali has come to the conclusion that it will be in the interests of Andhra as well as Telangana to keep the Telangana area is to constitute into a separate State. This is true and I too agree to it.

But the above statement is part of a much larger statement that the Hyderabad State with provision for its unification with Andhra after the general elections likely to be held in or about 1961 if by a two thirds majority the legislature of the residency Hyderabad State expresses itself in favor of such unification.

Based on Fazal Ali’s report submitted in 1955, the Telangana region got merged in 1956 with Andhra after Hyderabad legislators in the assembly had unanimously agreed for merging with Andhra.

Don’t say that 119 MLAs and 19 MPs supported only at gun point by Andhra Leaders they had an option to differ unification in the larger interest of the people of Telangana in Telangana Assembly but the Telangana leaders did not oppose the unification.

After Fazal Ali submitted his report and before Telangana merger with Andhra Nehru has mentioned on 5th march 1955 when he was asked to comment on AP state, in remarked “Ek masoom bholi bhali ladki ko ek natkat ladke ke saat shaadi kiya jaa raha hai, chahe toh woh milke reh sakte hai ya bichad sakte hai”. Nehru has come with a divorce idea Referring the 5-6 years gap for the 1961-62 elections where Telangana people can express their views and based on real union can happen.

Those great Telangana leaders had faced the people of Telangana in 1961 -62 and 1967 Elections and INC won with extra ordinary majority. This concludes that people had accepted unification and the real unification process has started.

Now coming back to Nehru’s’ statement doesn’t mean that they can take divorce after 60 years of Shaadi having children, grand children and great grand children.

Don’t try to project that Telangana Leaders are innocent and ignorant and Andhra people are cunning. If the Telangana people got cheated if it was in 1956 or 1969 or even today it was because of the leaders from this region only and not by any intruder from Andhra.

Fazal Ali report also stated that by merging with Telangana Andhra will have a readymade capital. As it is state capital Andhra people had started migrating to their state capital which is Hyderabad. If the united Andhra’s state capital would have been Kurnool they would have migrated to Kurnool and Hyderabad would be reduced to a small town or a district headquarters in united AP. Don’t try to project that Telangana leaders have a tendency to sacrifice and Andhra leader are cheaters. All the regions in AP have equally sacrificed and got cheated equally.

Comming to the support of Andhra Leaders and the development in Telangana Region

Andhra leaders were instrumental in bringing Nagarjunasagar Dam.

Andhra Leaders were instrumental in bringing SRSP project at Pochampad

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy is credited with creating the Industrial infrastructure in and around Hyderabad. During his long regime of seven years (Longest for any Congress chief minister in the state of Andhra Pradesh), many major industries like BHEL, HMT, IDPL, Hindustan Cables and several defense establishments like MIDHANI, Bharath Dynamics were established.

The new irrigation projects in Telangana which were started by YSR and he is not from Telangana.

The IT hub in Hyderabad was brought by CBN and he is not from Telangana

If they were crooked leaders they could have done all the above only for their respective regions ignoring Telangana region.

Now show me a Telangana leader who fought for reopening the closed industries in this region.

Show me a Telangana leader who fought for the optimal utilization of water resources in the region.

They raise the issue and forget it. If those leaders failed to address their local problems addressed then you can not say that it is because of Andhra leaders lobbying

What we are saying is Telangana wala Jago and Andhra wala Bagho. Or a great deed by accepting the other region people as settlers in their own state capital. They have become Settlers because they have settled in their State Capital. No other state capital in India uses this word “SETTLERS” for any person who settled in their state capital. No matter weather he is form the same state or from a different state no other state in India uses it.

We are proud to use this word first.

The Gulbarga region and the Aurangabad region leaders fighting for the problems and ensure that they get proper resources and attention for their regions development. Our region leaders instead of fighting for the development they always wanted separate state which did not yield anything till now.

After Telangana state is a reality it will provide only 25 Job openings as our constitution has an upper sealing of 15% of the total MLAs to be as ministers.

We are trusting these leaders for an upcoming wonderland called TELANGANA Correct me if I am wrong here.

Kiran - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

Okka telangaana kaadu

vunna 11 districts ni oka state gaaa chesina mee bathukulu maaravu

till you change your closed mindset, and carry away with crooked politicians mind thoughts

Rahul - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

Problem lies every where in India, its not just telegana we have same kind of issues across India. Its the political system that should be changed. I dont see any advantage of seperating states. It would be same until we change our corrupt politicians

256. KS - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

I am pretty sure T is not going to happen this time around

The bigger question is, how do we overcome any Tom, Dick & Harry politician taking advantage of this card in future ?.

This T card is achilles heal for Andhra Pradesh.

The dirty politicians should stop spending their time on how to grab their share of the Urban pies and start spending time on how to divert resources to the upliftment of downtrodden people.


257. Vijayawadawala - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

I am from Vijayawada. Let us stop cheating Telangana, Let us develop on our own.

Andhra people are very clever in cheating others. They are called “Nallikutlollu” in Telangana. It means, they are like ‘meka vanne pululu.’

They can’t develop on their own. They want resources of others. They want Telangana Jobs bypassing 6-point formula, Elders Formula. Even Rayalaseema also cheated by them, but they fools want Samaikhyandra to get cheated by once again. Pity, how fools they are.

First they tried at Tamil Nadu but failed. Because they had strong leaders like Rajaji. When they asked for madras, he kicked them out of Madras. Its a great insult to Andhras in the Indian History. He said “Get out idiots” in reply to demand for madras!

Now they get the same for Hyderabad!

If Godavari and Krishna waters are blocked by Telangana state, they start begging.

I request Telangana leaders to construct dams to block water of Godavari and Krishna in Telangana-Andhra borders so that water is utilised for agriculture in Telangana state. Seven out of Ten districts get benefited by Godavari waters.

Do not allow Hyderabad to become their even temporary capital till they construct their own capital, kick them out of Telangana Jobs first.

On Telangana and Rayalaseema underdevelopment, they are building mahals in Andhra.

Shavaala meedha dabbulu erukune vallu andhravallu.!!

Railway station kanabadithe chaalu, latrine anukuntaru. Telangana kanabadithe chalu dochukuntaru. Godavari meeda gullu kattinaru, ika samadhulu kadutharu.

Manaku samaikhyandhra vaddu. Jai Andhra kavali…..

Erranna - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

erri vengalaayalu

Strange are the ways of the politics and so much is their greed and self-centeredness that they would not mind pushing a human life into Achieving their goals. Right now, something like that is happening with the people in the Adilabad and Medak districts and how they are getting snubbed by politics. Right now, something like that is happening with the people in the Adilabad and Medak districts and how they are getting snubbed by politics.

Here is one incident that is an example. Here is one incident that is an example. Recently, a man jumped into the river and died. Recently, a man jumped into the river and died. Though he committed suicide for other reasons, in the hope of getting money, his parents said he died for the Telangana agitation. Though I have committed suicide for other reasons, in the hope of getting money, his parents said he died for the Telangana agitation. However, nothing of that sort happened but it is being projected that the man died for the movement. However, nothing of that sort happened but it is being projected that the man died for the movement.

Sources reveal that till today, Srikanth who committed self immolation few weeks back during the starting of the T-agitation died and not received any money from the leaders. One really wonders how and if the family of the drowned guy will receive any money. Sources reveal that till today, who committed self immolation Srikanth few weeks back during the starting of the T-agitation died and not received any money from the leaders. One really wonders how and if the family of the drowned guy will receive any money. But then, any unnatural death has been happening in these districts are being attributed to the Telangana account and politicians along with media are doing this foul play. But then, any unnatural death has been happening in these districts are being attributed to the Telangana account along with media and politicians are doing this foul play

Erranna - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

Nuvvu Desa drohi vi ra

258. K.V.akilesh - డిసెంబర్ 29, 2009

Tamil is having Tamil languages.pun jabs having Punjab languages.rajasthan having rajasthni languages.karnataka is having Canada languages.what is andhra language and its meaning .telangana having a telugu languages

259. Centergy - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009


Muskolo Donga.

Try stopping water, you will be flodded.

Chaduvukunnadi kanna sakaladu merugu ani oka samitha. Niku applicable

260. SHAQUE - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

I think this debate which is so near and dear to many of us and emotions are running very high indicates that both sides have demonstrated merits to their claims.
The United (AP) side has not demonstrated that they are clearly entitled to a complete victory in this predicament.
It appears to me at this stage that the Central Government is looking for a way out for both sides to get something out of this by ordering them to mediation and in the meantime stopping an injunction that would slow down the progress for separate statehood. I hope we don’t go the way of cricket match fixing.
It is just like saying we are with you Half- Way, Sir. In other words a women telling a Doctor she wants medication for morning sickness cause she is little bit pregnant?

261. Optimisit - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

Chandrababu sowed the development seeds that gave the fruits for next 5 years during the Rajasekhar Reddy government. The desturction caused by this current agitation in terms of industry witholding and canceling developmental projects will be felt for the coming next five years. Anybody involved in the corporate growth strategy can understand this.

AP goverment should release a white paper on how the funds were distributed across regions before and currently with immediate effect. This will quell any feelings among T’er on if any undue advantage taken of them.

I honestly feel that the relative development across the AP ( except Hyderabad) is more or less same. AP has the early starter (given by British) + better resources adavantage. Nijam may have been the richest king at that time but he surely made T’er poorer.

Having decided the under development in mainly caused by dishonest politicians, how is it going to be solved againg with the same crooks ?.

I am sorry my friends but Albert Einstein had this quote for this situation

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Hum.. How do we fix this then ?. Friends, look around. Spend some time reflecting.. Is your father a govt employee and corrupt ? Is there some one in your family corrupt. Start not accepting these practices.
If you don’t then you have no moral right to call any politician skunk..

That’s it for now..

Jai Telugu Nadu

262. vinaya - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

we want seperate telangana with our hyderabad as capital city.
jai telangana jai jai telangana

263. ratna - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

who asked you to shift capital city from kurnool to hyderabad Moreover who asked you to develop the city. the fact is that hyderabad is allready developed city and those andhra rulers have exploited the city.WE WANT TELANGANA .JAI TELANGANA JAI JAI TELANGANA……

Erranna - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

Dear Ratna

For your wishes, i will suggest a amicable solution in the context of telangaana will never form as a state

Instead of fighting for telangaana which includes HYD, better you people ask for Union Territory status for all the 10 distrcits in telangaana region

and let HYD become a separate state like delhi

Benefits of this
>Under Union Territory Taxes will be less, allocation of funds directly from center (There will not be any middle man like Andhra Govt)
>Less birbery, and better education, better living conditions, better utilization of resources,
** as if even telangaana forms as a separate state all the political party’s will take the fame in to their account by the way who will do for the cause of public? each and every politician has their own secret agenda behind the telangaana agitation so do not carry away with the crooked poloticians gimmicks

And Andhra and Seema people will not easily allow hyd to be separated, so in that case it will cause more delay in the process

hence here after fight for Union Territory status to all the 10 districts

This will really help to you people rather than asking for a separate state

And if you intellegent enough you can understand this

264. MK - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

dear sema andra brothers stop depnding on our resoruces.don’t waste u r time.let u start our fight againest on sperate brotherhood.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

265. Erranna - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

I’m not attempting to teach a History lesson here. I’m just recalling our rulers from Srimukha Satakarni to Rosiah and their intentions. Many among you may be well aware of all this. But still, being Telugu, spend a few moments to read our own pride and unity.
‘The identity of Telugu on the canvass of recorded Indian History goes back to Srimukha Satakarni, the founder of Satavahana Kingdom, who ruled Andhradesa with Dharanikota (in present Guntur District) as his capital between 271 BC and 248 BC. His successors extended the empire. The capital cities were shifted to Dharmapuri in Karimnagar district and present Pratishtanpura (Paithan in Aurangabad present) in various subsequent years. Goutami Putra Satakarni, considered to be popular and valiant king, was 23rd in the dynasty. He restored the glory of Satavahanas by Extending the kingdom from Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal. Satavahana Kingdom has seen 29 rulers for about 400 years and the empire came to an end by 200 AD. With the motive of Extending their kingdom, all Satavahana kings Telugu struggles to keep intact.
With the downfall of Satavahanas, like other small dynasties Ikshvakus, Brihatpalayanas, Salankayanas, Vishnukundins, Vaakaatakas, Pallavas, Anandagotras, Kalinga and others ruled over the Andhradesa with their small kingdoms till Eastern Chalukyas came into picture. No ruler, small or big, ever Telugu thought of separating.
Eastern Chalukya king Narendra Rajaraja in 10-11th century brought glory to Telugu literature bigger by making his court poet Nannnaya translate Sanskrit Mahabharata into Telugu. His father Vimaladitya proclaimed that it was always detrimental for any dynasty and culture, when brothers fight each other and separate. Raja Raja Narendra also believed in the same maxim and hence even showered his love on his step brother Vijayaditya. The concept of unity and brotherhood among Telugu was spread in this era.
The reign of Kakatiya period was golden for sculpture and heritage. Warangal was their capital. Rudram Devi, the most popular among Kakatiya rulers, was a shining example for value. She Andhradesa ruled between 1292 and 1294 AD. Her grandson Prataparudra took over from her. Kakatiya ruler not ever thought of separating Telugu.
In 1303 AD Andhradesa has seen first Muslim invader Allauddin Khilji. Ghiazuddin Tughlaq took over in 1321 AD. Nayakas and Reddy Kings have ruled the Telugu between 1333 AD and 1448 AD. Pothana, the poet from Bammera in Warangal district, Andhra wrote Mahabhagavatam in this era. No Muslim invader king and no thought of separating successive Telugu.
Srikrishnadeva Raya of 15th century Golden Era brought to Telugu literature. His Ashta Diggajas, the Telugu poet-eight stalwarts, stand high in the history of Telugu literature. Though a non-Telugu (he was Kanandiga) Telugu have united with a bond of linguistic pride.
Bahamanis, Qutub Nizams shahis and eventually established their kingdoms in Andhradesa. Kancherla Gopanna, popularly known as Ramadas, wrote thousands of Telugu songs on Lord Rama in Tanisha’s reign in 16th century. That was the religious, cultural and linguistic tolerance maintained by Muslim rulers in Andhra Desa. No ruler among them thought of separating Telugu.
Telugu have Witness the subsequent invasion by British and took part in Freedom Struggle. Coatal from Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu was the first Telugu Andhra king who Revolt against company rule and British Raj in India. Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy from Telugu Rayalaseema was the first freedom fighter of India. The fearless Kaneganti Hanumanthu from Telengana Revolt against British / Nizam. Tanguturi Prakasam, Pingali Venkayya, Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Bazawaada Gopal Reddy, Prof. NG Ranga, are only a few among Telugu great non-violent freedom fighters. No freedom fighter but dreamed of dividing Telugu united with national spirit.
The sacrifice of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu is the epitome of self-respect And which culminated into carving of Andhra State. The eventual formation of Andhra Pradesh on linguistic basis and Hyderabad as its capital upheld the pride of Telugu with separate entity and identity. No right from Chief Minister Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy to Rosiah (not even Chenna Reddy who fought on separatist plank when I was out of power) has thought of separating the Telugu ‘.
From 271 BC to 2009 AD, for about 2280 years, Telugu are united and struggle to be together, and tried to solve problems together. Now, in 2009, be it for valid reasons or for political gains, the question of separation has come to Forefront. While the year 2009 is going to conclude in 2 days, let us see what is in store for Telugu united in 2010.

Jai Telugu … … … … …

266. tamil thambi - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009


my fellow Indians, We are going to get benefitted with the current situation

i had very good respect for andhra pradesh

now with the kind of situation , its very sad to say, you people are letting down the spirit of south indians

267. Erranna - డిసెంబర్ 30, 2009

Folks Read this


What you people beleiving is wrong, on whom you are depending they are cheating

Telangaana People thinking that Congress (Central Govt) will allow to form a seperate state for T-Hood

Read the above mentioned posting how they have humiliated and defamed Late Mr P.V. Narasimha Rao and made scape goat for ayodhaya incident

Folks time to bring some respect to one and only prime minister from our state

268. deccan - డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

telangana problems annitikante asalu reason telangana leaders e kojjagallu ki siggu ledu eggu ledu ikkadi ninchi gelisi ikkada valla problems mida fight cheyadam teleyadhu mana bangaram manchidi kanapudu andhra valla ni enduku anadam waste inti pedda sariga lenapudu dongalu automatic ga vastaru idi same,ippati kina telangana mp,mla’s ki siggu lajja dairyam vunte ikkadi people pulse ni delhi level lo cheppali

269. deccan - డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

telangana mp’s mla lu amma li abba ki putti vunte alanti swardhan lekunda fight chstuna students ki full support cheyali, delhi lo sonia sanka nakadam kadu,jagan ni cm cheyakapote rajinama kadu,telangana ivvakapote ikkadi ninchi velle boggu ni apali ,annikanti chandrababu,sonia,lanti valla mida depend avakunda mana stand mida manam nilabadali

270. deccan - డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

hyderabad di edo pedda develop chesamantunaru ippatiki hyderabad india lo 5th position lo vundi not in 1st,ikkadi natural eco system ni purthi padu chesaru,banjara,jubliee hills,city surroundings lo vunna natural lakes anni poyayi,adi chaladu annatu ippudu gandipet,himayat sagar surroundings lo vunna manikonda rajendranagar lo vunna hills ni real estate peru to kabja chestunaru ,hyderabad nijamga devolop aite ippatiki secundrabad lo city bus terminal ledu enta siggu okkasri sec-bad bus stand ni chudandi enta worst ga vuntundi,hyd ante ring road,flyover kadu

271. Prof.M.C.Das - డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

This is the time when we have to think and act objectively basing on facts and figures. It is unfortunate that the politicians have sufficiently poisoned the minds of all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh. The division of a state is a constitutional matter, which is to be decided by the President, State Assembly and Parliament as per Articles 3&4 of the Constitution of India. Even Fazal Ali Commission (SRC) recommended unification of the state after allowing Andhra and Hyderabad States to function separately for five years i.e. till 1961. The idea of giving five years time is for the people of both the regions to get emotionally get integrated before getting geographically integrated. I am quoting the recommendations of Fazal Ali Commission here below:
“381. The advantages of the formation of Vishalandhra are obvious. The desirability of bringing the Krishna and Godavari river basins under unified control, the trade affiliations between Telangana and Andhra and the suitability of Hyderabad as the capital for the entire region are in brief the arguments in favor of the bigger unit.
382. It seems to us, therefore, that there is much to be said for the formation of the larger State and the nothing should be done to impede the realisation of this goal. At the same time, we have to take note of the important fact that, while opinion in Andhra is overwhelmingly in favour of the larger unit, public opinion in Telangana has still to crystallize itself. Important leaders of public opinion in Andhra themselves seem to appreciate that the unification of Telangana with Andhra, though desirable, should be based on a voluntary and willing association of the people and that it is primarily for the people of Telangana to take a decision about their future.
386. After taking all these factors into consideration we have come to the conclusions that it will be in the interests of Andhra as well as Telangana, if for the present, the Telangana area is to constitute into a separate State, which may be known as the Hyderabad State with provision for its unification with Andhra after the general elections likely to be held in or about 1961 if by a two thirds majority the legislature of the residency Hyderabad State expresses itself in favor of such unification.”
During Telangana Agitation of 1969, Jai Andhra Agitation of 1972 and Telangana Agitation since 2001, history is distorted, facts are buried and hatred is roused.
Whether one State or two States, we are one people! Today, in every Seemandhra Family, at least, there is one relationship with a Telangana Family and vice versa.
My appeal to the politicians and agitation-leaders! “You may fight for the cause, but don’t poison the minds of the people with malice, vengeance and hatred”
Peoples’ Representatives are expected to present the voice of the people in the Assembly and Parliament. Instead, for the sin of electing them, they are asking the people to agitate and disturb the smooth running of the society. Alas! God save the State!

272. Centergy - డిసెంబర్ 31, 2009

Dear Mk,

What did you mean by “stop depending on our resources”

Can you elobarate what resources are you talking about

You almost give an impression that Telangana is blessed with resources.


273. Srinivas Suthari - జనవరి 1, 2010

jai telangana jai jai telangana

274. SHAQUE - జనవరి 1, 2010

I wish to draw your attention to a mega fraud committed by the TDP chief, N.Chandrababdu Naidu, to the tune of more than Rs.15, 000 crore while he was the Chief Minister in several land deals.

The shocking facts came to my notice when I was pursuing records pertaining to the land deals in and around Hyderabad following the representation of some farmers and dalits who had lost their valuable lands to Mr.Chandrababu Naidu by force. The deceitful and wrongful methods that were used to arm-twist the poor farmers in Madhapur and surrounding areas were quite appalling.

The hi-tech corruption has not only robbed the poor farmers of their livelihood but also deprived them of right compensation when their lands were forcibly given away to others or when they were forced to sell them to Mr.Naidu’s family members and his business associates.

The ingenuity and the scheming that has gone into these land deals are remarkable. Every deal signed and every paper approved is a clear proof of how all principles of political ethics and legal limits have been violated and how statutory prohibitions within his powers were ignored by Mr.Chandrababu Naidu, to grab the valuable property worth crores of rupees.

From the day his evil eyes were set on Madhapur lands in 1989, where he first bought his property to establish a farm, he never stopped working diligently to amass wealth by crooked means. By way of a GO he got allotted hundreds of acres to Karshak Parishad as Chairman. These were about 1200 acres of land in Madhapur and Guttala Begumpet out of which 500 acres belonged to the Government. Mr.Chandrababu’s farm just abuts the present Silparamam.

Mr.Naidu who grabbed the Karshak Parishad lands initially spread his net further along with Jayabheri Estates owned by his business partner, Murali Mohan, whom he made the chairman of A.P.Film Development Corporation later.

Both of them secured about 500 acres through several benami deals first. Both the family members of Mr.Chandrababu Naidu and Jayabheri Estates and other partners of the former, acquired these lands at throw away prices coercing the farmers into the sale by offering a pittance – hardly Rs.25, 000 to Rs.1 lakh per acre.

Once they did it, Mr.Chandrababu forced the HUDA to auction house sites in the vicinity at a cost ranging from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 per square metre. The spurt became possible because by then the new landmarks – real estate landmarks like the hi-tech city and Shilparamam were in place. Plans were announced further for the establishment of swanky convention centre too to escalate the cost of the lands to unimaginable heights.

Poor farmers who were forced to forego these lands at cheap prices were left in a lurch as the land cost has reached anywhere between Rs.55, 000 per square yard to Rs.70, 000 per square yard later. Thus crores of rupees worth of farmers lands were forcibly taken away by the benefactor of the IT raj in the country in a single masterstroke. Mr.Naidu himself has submitted that his wife and his Heritage Company bought seven acres of land from D.Venkat Reddy and got it registered through fourteen sale deeds in 1995. Sometimes, his wife was shown as a housewife and in some deeds, she became a businesswoman.

This personal profit was based on the strength of another fraud too perpetuated on the people. While the private companies which got the land at throwaway prices through MoUs were offering land at Rs.2,700 per square foot, the Government moved into sell away 76 acres of land at the rate of Rs.1,282 per sq.ft. out of Government owned 158 acres, thus causing the exchequer a loss of more than Rs.10,000 crore – most modest estimate in fact.

Mr.D.Venkata Reddy, who was the GPA holder and who registered the lands he was in possession in Serilingampalli Municipality on 14.11.1996 (8.32 guntas) was none other than the power of Attorney for Mr.Murali Mohan. Thus though there was a prohibition on sale or buying of lands in the area falling under Urban Ceiling Act, the deals were facilitated by gross misuse of power.

His ingenuity found its way into the Government records yet again when the then joint collector of Ranga Reddy district Rani Kumudini Devi in her findings stated that 100 acres of Government land was missing in Madhapur – missing because Jayabheri Estates consumed it. But that report never came to light with the Telugu Desam Government preferring to sit on it. Honourable Mr.Naidu got the registrar suspended for this – for registering land belonging to the Government in the name of Mr.Chandrababu-Mr.Murali Mohan’s joint venture called Jayabheri estates, all of course under benami deals. Two survey numbers (64 and 87) are proof enough of the deals.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Mr.Naidu’s fraud amounts to perhaps more than Rs.1, 000 crores in just the IT deals. The benefits he got out of this again are numerous, including the construction of his party office, his Heritage building etc.

Thus my prayer is that Mr.Naidu owes back the money not only to the state exchequer but also to the poor farmers who were forced to sell away land at throwaway prices.

Hence, I request you to order a thorough enquiry into all such private dealings of Mr.Naidu and Jayabheri Estates of which he is a sleeping partner. I request you to order an enquiry of all land dealings in Madhapur area between 1995-2004. I suspect that Mr.Naidu who is striking a high moral posture today is doing so only to divert the people’s attention from his misdeeds and corruption. He is also trying to divert the attention of the people from the plight of the farmers and the poor who had lost land due to his hunger for money.

I request you to order a probe of the land dealings in Sy.No:64 in Madhapur area and enquire on the Report of then Joint Collector, Rani Kumuduni of Madhapur Lands. I also request you to probe all the permissions granted by HUDA in Madhapur area in the year 1995-2004.

I appeal to you to get the deals of this richest politician Mr. Chandrababu Naidu of the country probed at the earliest and bring the guilty to book.

Now tell me why the common man of Telangana is at a disadvantage
he finds himself between two hard rocks Andhra and Rayalseema people.

Optimisit - జనవరి 1, 2010


I pity your naivity in blaming only babu exclusively for the corruption. The difference between him and another babu from either Andhra or Telangana is administration. C. Babu delivered better governance, more govt. transparency and law&order. Tried to come up with innovative ideas in enabling communities to self serve and accountable. Another babu from either Telangana or Andhra would have resorted to same corruption but at the same time not delivering all the good things babu did.
So, there is not much point in talking about corruption anymore in current India. Because, no matter what religion, race, ‘region’, culture, caste the politician is from, he or she would be corrupt equally. Therefore, it makes sense to limit the dialogue to development rather than corruption. Let’s not allow politicians to take adavanatage of us any more by just throwing allegations that the other guy is corrupt.

Let’s be reasonbale
Let’s be objective
Let’s be open minded
Let’s not be prey for politicians
Let’s use our brain but not simply follow cunning political foxes

Jai Telugu Nadu

275. అనామకం - జనవరి 1, 2010

KCR will be another jinnah, if telangana separated from andhra.

if telangana is not developing, OU students should ask their local MLAs and MPs what the hell they are doing by representing their regions as MLAs and MPs.

KCR question urself what you did as MLA or MP to your local people first.

276. BHOOPAL - జనవరి 1, 2010

My Dear Akasharamanna,

What you know about the Telangana and its inspirations and aspirations. what you understood about the living and mental condition of a backward boy/area/people. You are simply suggesting us to ask our MLAs, MPs or a public representative about non development and being treated as secondary citizens’ treatment.

While giving any suggestion please understand the psychology, actions, reactions of human being first. I am specifically pointing about the human being in general and not a Telanganite.

I give you an example, Suppose in your house a weak boy has taken birth might be due to malnutrition or the non concentration at his childhood by the then care takers. After a period of time it is found that the boy is week and your other sons are doing well and working hard and gaining economically, socially and politically. Whereas, the weak boy was completely neglected, he has not been given any reasonable care neither by the parents nor by the brothers…. days are passing and the weak boy has grownup got some knowledge and tried to withstand on his own and was started knowing about his pathetic condition all these days. He felt, basically he has no decease at all but due to malnutrition at his childhood he has become weak and the parents thought if he is with his brothers they will pick him up and will be in the mainstream of the Joint Family as such they felt it was not an issue, though they are well aware that he is a weak boy and will be alright if he is provided with proper nutrition and care.

But unfortunately brothers always tried to concentrate only on their personal gains and used the properties of the week boy i.e., his own brother for their development in the name of the development of whole family. One day you may mesmerize, two days you may keep the persons in dark but the time is great, when the person has come to know that the brothers made lot of money out of his property and even slowly trying to capture the entire property and benefits in furtherance, certainly he opens his eyes and go out of the joint family and appeal to the society to come at his rescue. Is is not correct? The example what I gave is only a simple and prevailing in the entire society not just limiting to only India or for Andhra Pradesh.

While pointing out you said that the Telangana people should ask their MPs and MLAs about their backwardness. But you have forgotten one thing that they are also one among the Weak Boys and they have been given an opportunity to sit with the big brother and enjoy the benefits at par with him (illusionary feeling) and they have been satisfied with these benefits which they never dreamt even. Of late they have also mingled and started exploiting the other weak boys and were trying to become like big brother and forgotten about another week boy. In these circumstances how one can expect that out of 10 hungers, one hunger is given an opportunity to eat well by big brother and prevented him not share the same with another 9 members. Just think off. Please think with logically and humanly, psychology in the given circumstances, if he does not heed to his big brother, he also will be denied with the benefit what he is enjoying right now. Then how he will question his big brother about others hunger? I hope you understood the struggle of an hunger either for the bread or the status in the society politically, economically and socially.

This lead to the Telangana Independence Movement in 1969 and 2009. In fact 1969 Telangana Independence Movement gave an opportunity to Andhra Rulers to overcome the issue but it never taught any lesson to them even after expiry of 40 years but for to day another movement of TELANGANA INDEPENDENCE MOMEMENT-2009 has been ignited only by the Rulers but not by the ruled.

277. SHAQUE - జనవరి 2, 2010


When it doesn’t suits your purpose you want to call it naivety and let’s not talk about corruption since everybody is corrupt etc. Blind leading the blind to nowhere and if you are one eyed man you are the King. I hope you are not a politician yourself sorry for the “B” word. If this is the kind of corrupt culture and history you want to pass it down to the future generation in the name of democracy I don’t think we are worthy of a nation or a state. Somewhere we have to draw a line and say enough is enough. With this attitude of yours I’m afraid “Greed will eventually end our Republic sooner than you think”.

“Jai Telangana”

278. Optimisit - జనవరి 2, 2010


I am perplexed in your solution of solving the corruption. So, if your solution demands a separate state, how would you answer the corruption in a separate telangana state tommorrow ? Are you going to bi furcate, tri furcate the telangana state further down ? Good luck with that!!.

Can wholesale replacement of current politicians with total new blood would solve the corruption ? May be. Hum!. How do we go about it ? Where do we get this pure blood ? Root of the problem is that our society has become corrupt. Look around. Parents, Uncle, Friend, every one wants their share of the corrupt pie.

So, only by shifting the dialog to from ‘blame oriented’ to ‘results oriented’ will solve this issue. Ex: In successful companies there is no more monitoring of how many hours and when you worked. Objectives and goals are set and success is measured agains them. So, you fool around you pay the price. Same concept can be applied in public administration. In fact, we do have these stuff in politics. So, instead of throwing mud around let’s make these corrupt politicians accountable to these objs and goals.

This is how we can end the corruption in our society. Not in one day b ut over one generation.

Hope, rational thinking prevails!!.

279. SHAQUE - జనవరి 2, 2010

Optimist !

I always like a thinking man you have some good points about honesty and accountability.With all due respect ! how do you plan to clean the slate of corruption in this State (AP) in particular and the Country in general. We can’t continue to steal from Ram to pay Sham and hope that some day our system will correct itself. What you sow is what you reap as harvest. I don’t think we have time for one generation to go on like this. We are all acting like drunk saliors on a ship heading to the land of milk and honey not aware of a big storm ahead. Telangana has no time to waste in order to keep the status quo to continue. The so called economic progress has left majority poorer and few rich are enjoying the fruits.

280. SHAQUE - జనవరి 2, 2010

Musi-TV Towards A History Of The Telangana Movement doing a great job keep up the good work. Wish you all the Best for the 2010.

281. Telangana RK - Jagore Telangana Community - జనవరి 2, 2010

Give your voice in jagoretelangana.com; let the world know the facts about Telangana History. We the Telangana People are doing almost 4th freedom fight.

282. Vizagwala - జనవరి 2, 2010

Everyone should understand that corruption is not only there in small states, it is there everywhere in India. Forming separate Telangana state means not supporting corruption. As long as honesty people will not enter politics and people vote them, corruption will not be rooted out from politics in India.

Small states does not reduce or increase corruption. In other words, Size of the state is not at all related to the quantum of corruption.

People in this site simply making comments on corruption without knowing why it is happening in India. They are talking as if small states are only the places of corruption. Very pity…..

283. Seemandhrawala - జనవరి 2, 2010

All this nuisance being created by samikhyandhra sponsered agitations by some businessman cladded with politics only helps Telangana people in getting unite. If they get united, no doubt TRS will sweep next elections and get all the MP and MLA seats in the region. Then surely KCR will become king maker at the centre and state. Then he will surely get Telangana and become Mahatma in Telangana!

We seemandhra people better stop this sponsered agitations and we get benefited by the separation. We get a city becomes capital and becomes a metro better than Hyderabad. Our land prices go high and almost every poor person gets benefit out of this land price hike. We get our underdeveloped areas like srikakulam, vijayanagaram, palnadu etc. concentrated by the rulers after separation. We can fight for and IIT and IIM and IIIT also, which is not possible in unified state because already Telangana region has got IIT and IIIT.

So I request all our people to support for Telangana so that we can get our area developed and make no.1 in India.

Jai seemandhra.

284. Andhrawala - జనవరి 2, 2010

Yes, I fully support Seemandhrawala…

we get benefited by separation from Telangana. In my opinion better separate seema from andhra also. Because of factionism they won’t develop and it becomes a headache for andhra also. We can get an IIM in andhra region.

I do not think they can stop water for us. Because water between states is monitored by some tribunals and nobody can stop flowing it to the downstream states as they like. They should follow certain rules. This is not only the case with Andhra, it is there with Telangana, tamil nadu, kerala etc. How they are getting water? Its wrong that Telangana people will stop water for us….

Jai Andhra…

285. Andhrawala - జనవరి 2, 2010

Know Lagadapati…
The True Face of Lagadapati (Lanco) Raj Gopal
(Know the Actual Story Behind Lagadapati’s United Andhra Drama)
• His 7200 Crore illegal Lanco Hills Real Estate Project on the brink of collapse
• Cheated AP Public to the tune of 1000 Crores through Lanco Kondapalli Power
• Involved in illegal Hawala transfers. Lanco MD arrested recently with Hawala
• Involved in a mega insurance scam running into several Crores. Siphoned 1.53
Crores fraudulently from Basara IIT project and also from TTD Vedic University
• Filed false affidavit regarding number of children during election
• Lanco is involved in litigations with almost all the state governments where it has
projects. It was thrown out of some projects for fraud.
Lagadapati Raj Gopal alias Lanco Raj Gopal is a 45 year old industrialist turned
politician known for his rabid hatred towards Telangana statehood movement. There is
some background behind his hatred towards Telangana.
Lagadapati bought 108 acres of land at Manikonda in Hyderabad from government of
AP to develop an IT SEZ. Once the government allotted him the land, he has limited the
IT SEZ, to less than 1/4th of the total land and converted this land into a real-estate
venture named Lanco Hills. Estimated at Rs. 7,200 Crores, Lanco Hills is touted as the
one of the largest real estate ventures in India.
Raj Gopal is claiming all kinds of exemptions from government under the SEZ act for his
real-estate business. He is duping the state and central governments by conducting his
business under the “LANCO Hills Technology Park Pvt. Ltd” name. The state and
central governments have already lost crores of rupees by waiving stamp duty and all
kinds of taxes for this real-estate venture.
Lanco also kept changing its company names to perpetuate this real-estate fraud.
When it began, the company was called Lanco Technologies Private Limited”, it
was subsequently changed to “Lanco Technology Park Private Limited” on June
7, 2005, to “Lanco Mantri Technology Park Private Limited” on November 24,2005
and further to “Lanco Hills Technology Park Private Limited” on July 6, 2006.
As soon as construction started at Lanco Hills, news broke out that this land
belonged to Hussain Shah Wali Dargha under Wakf Board.
Wakf Board is equivalent to the Endowments department which takes care of Hindu
Temple lands. This Muslim minority institution has thousands of acres of lands around
The Joint Parliamentary Committee appointed on Wakf land had last year found
that of 1,600 acre prime Wakf land in Manikonda, 829.35 acres were encroached
by the government, which sold the same to several companies including Lanco
Following a writ petition, the Andhra Pradesh State high court had issued a stay in 2007
on construction at Lanco Hills. As Raj Gopal is an MP and had several connections in
the right places, he managed to get the stay evicted. He also managed to stop the Wakf
Board from approaching the Supreme Court.
Meanwhile, the real-estate bubble in Hyderabad burst and buyers started
dropping off Lanco Hills apartments like hot potatoes. When Lanco went for
public issue, it promised to build 18.5 million sq ft in Lanco Hills. As soon as
booking began, Lanco Hills had reported bookings of 4 million sq ft. In December
2008, it admitted that bookings were down to 2 million sq ft. Industry insiders say
that the current bookings are much less than even that.
Already reeling under a severe recession, the Telangana state announcement from
Chidambaram rattled Lanco Raj Gopal severely. It is almost certain that his real-estate
empire will collapse like a pack of cards if Telangana state is formed. Apart from
financial losses, Raj Gopal fears that the newly formed Telangana government will
initiate action against him for severe irregularities in the Lanco Hills project which
include evading taxes under the SEZ act.
And to stop that from happening Lagadapati is fuelling the United Andhra Pradesh
agitation by engineering resignations of MLAs and MPs and also providing monetary
support to the agitations in Coastal Andhra.
Richest Politician in Andhra Pradesh
Lagadapati is the richest politician in Andhra Pradesh. He declared assets worth Rs.
299 Crores in the recent election leaving behind Ex chief ministers Chandra Babu Naidu
and Late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.
This perhaps explains why he could engineer such mass resignations in Andhra region.
Hawala King
In March 2007, the then Managing Director of Lanco Infratech, G Venkatesh Babu
was caught at the Hyderabad Airport with unaccounted money of about Rs. 34
Lakhs. During interrogation, Babu confessed that the money belonged to Lanco. And
immediately Lagadapati Raj Gopal swung into action and pulled all the ‘right’ strings to
get his man and his company out of this tangle. So powerful were Raj Gopal’s contacts
that the income tax department, while reporting this cash seizure, did not even release
the name of the company to which Venkatesh Babu belonged to. The IT department’s
official statement read “managing director of a power development and infrastructure
company” was caught.
Babu later changed his version and said that this money does not belong to Lanco but
is his personal money. Media reported that this money is hawala money belonging
to Lanco and is being used to pay kickbacks.
False Affidavit in Elections
A writ petition is filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court challenging his election to the
Lok Sabha from Vijayawada. The petition said that Lagadapati did not give information
about his third son, which was mentioned in the affidavit submitted by him at the time of
filing nomination. According to the petition Lagadapat had claimed he has two sons
during 2004 elections and three sons during the 2009 elections. However, there was no
mention of this third son in Lagadapati’s election affidavit and hence his election in
invalid, the petition said.
Insurance Fraud
Lanco Infratech is under probe for reworking insurance deals to claim crores of
rupees as reimbursement from state government corporations.
The company, which handles mega construction projects for the state government,
including the AP Health and Medical Housing and Infrastructure Development
Corporation (APHMHIDC), renegotiated premium amounts with insurance companies
and pocketed huge refunds. Even Lord Balaji was not spared as one of the Lanco
projects now under the scanner relates to the construction of the Vedic
University of the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam, sources said.
The premium reimbursements related to the CAR (contractor all-risk) policies that Lanco
Infratech had to take for each project as per the tender rules. Under the CAR norms, the
contractor company, Lanco Infratech in this instance, would have to insure the entire
project and claim reimbursement of premium from the principals, mostly government
companies and TTD in one case.
Lanco Infratech would first negotiate the policy with an insurer and pay up the premium.
It would get the premium refunded from the contracting principal. Thereafter it would go
back to the insurer to renegotiate the premium, saying it had got a lower quote from a
competitor company. The insurer agreed to lower the premium and refunded the
balance, which Lanco Infratech would not report to the principal and simply pocketed.
The government companies have suffered huge losses by paying up higher premiums
and this has been going on at least from 2007.
The construction of an integrated educational complex for the Indian Institute of
Information Technology (IIIT) at Basar in Adilabad district is a classic case. Lanco
had bought insurance cover with the New India Assurance, Basheerbagh, for
payment of Rs 1,89,60,000 as premium.
After getting it refunded by the principal, APHMHIDC, Lanco Infratech went back
to the insurer to renegotiate a steep drop in the premium. That deal through
policy no: 610200/44/08/03/600 00027 yielded Lanco Infratech a refund of Rs 1.53
crore and the government corporation was in the dark.
The projects for medical colleges in Ongole and Srikakulam had yielded premium
refunds of Rs 17 lakh and Rs 11 lakh respectively.
“Our vigilance officials are probing irregularities,” said the chairman and managing
director G. Srinivasan of the United India Insurance Co. Ltd, acknowledging the Lanco
scam. UIIC investigators are now busy checking whether some of their own executives
had colluded with Lanco Infratech. A few other insurance majors figure in the list of
insurers that Lanco had used in its fruitful project deals.
Lanco Sasan Controversy
In July 2007, the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) cancelled the bid of Lanco
consortium for the 4,000 MW ultra mega power project in Sasan, Madhya Pradesh. The
Lanco Group is alleged to have violated norms by quoting the financial and technical
strength of its foreign partner’s parent company at the time of bidding.
Vizhinjam International Transhipment Terminal Port Controversy
Lanco was awarded the Rs.5,300-crore project on build-operate-transfer basis in May
2008 through global tender. Zoom Developers, the only other bidder other than Lanco
was disqualified on technical grounds. Zoom went to court challenging its
disqualification during the appraisal of its technical bid.
The case moved from the Kerala High Court to the Supreme Court. After much
litigation, Lanco decided to pull out from this project.
Power Politics
Lanco is perhaps the number one company when it comes to litigations and
controversies. Almost all its power projects are mired in controversies. Let us examine
some of these cases state-by-state
Andhra Pradesh:
The then Chandra Babu Naidu government entered into faulty Power Purchase
Agreements (PPAs) with Lanco Kondapalli Power which resulted in excessive payments
to the tune of 586 Crores between 2001 and 2006. Andhra Pradesh Transmission
Corporation has levied liquidated damages of Rs 95.16 Crores for delay in achieving
commercial production.
According to conservative estimates, Lanco Kondaplli Power Project benefitted to the
tune of Rs. 1000 Crores from the faulty Power Purchase Agreements of AP state
Lanco bidded for 1320 MW Rajpura thermal plant in Punjab, but the PSEB Engineers
Association has d said that the bid is very high and should be re-invited. The PSEB
Engineers Association in its letter to Punjab Chief Minister had pointed out that the poor
track record of Lanco in executing projects. Lanco has quoted Rs.1.829 per unit as fixed
charges where as Sterlite had quoted Rs.1.20 per unit for Talwandi Sabo project in
The former Finance Minister of Haryana Sampat Sing said in 2008 February that the
Lanco Amarkantak Thermal Project project was full of loopholes and allegedly smacked
of corruption and favouritism. He said the state government would purchase electricity
at the landed cost of Rs 2.75 per unit under this deal, whereas from the Sasan project of
MP, it would get electricity at the rate of Rs 1.19 per unit. This big difference showed
that there was corruption in the deal, he alleged.

Source: Wikipedia, youtube, and TDF

286. రహంతుల్లా - జనవరి 2, 2010

ఆరు సూత్రాల ప్రకారం రాష్ట్రంలో ఆరుజోనులు ఏర్పడ్డాయి.కానీ రెవిన్యూ డిపార్ట్ మెంట్ లాంటి కీలక శాఖలకు పోలీసు శాఖలోలాగా జోనల్ ఆఫీసులు ఏర్పడనందున ప్రతి చిన్నపనికీ హైదరాబాదు వెళ్ళాల్సి వస్తోంది.వాస్తవానికి కోస్తా రాయలసీమలవారే దూరాభారాలతో ప్రయాణ ఖర్చు(అనుత్పాదక ఖర్చు) ఎక్కువగా మోస్తున్నారు.హైకోర్టు గుంటూరునుండి తరలిపోయింది .కనీసం యాభై ఏళ్ళకాలంలో బెంచి కూడా ఏర్పాటు చేయలేదు.విజయవాడ,రాజమండ్రి,,తిరుపతి,నంద్యాల,మంచిర్యాల,భద్రాచలం లాంటి కొత్తజిల్లాలు కూడా ఏర్పడలేదు.రాజధాని నగరానికి తరలించి ఒకేచోట పోగుపెట్టిన అభివృద్ధి కేంద్రాలను ఇప్పటికైనా రాష్ట్రంలోని ఆరు జోన్లకూ తరలించాలి.

287. APwala - జనవరి 3, 2010

Happy New Year to all – 2010

Let us separate peacefully and celebrate 2011 in our own Telugu states of Telangana, Andhra and Seema.

Teach a lesson to Political persons of all regions who instigated violence among common people of three regions.

United we can not develop, let us separate and have three metros, three IITs, three IIMs and three IIITs. Let other states in India will know that all the three Telugu states are developed and become motivation to others.

288. sudhaker - జనవరి 4, 2010
289. sri - జనవరి 5, 2010

jai Telangana jai jai Telangana

290. Indian - జనవరి 5, 2010
291. Erranna - జనవరి 5, 2010

KCR ‘Secret Businesses’: Sea Port, Ships and Rs 6000 Cr!!!!

The person who acts love on his people develops real love on his businesses The person who cries that his people got betrayed invests huge sums in other states

The person who lives in thandas amidst mosquitoes for political mileage is the owner of two ships and now building a private harbor. He is KCR
The Dark Truths getting revealed!!!!!!!!!!

The Telangana agitation has been going on at full pace in few places and the entire state of Andhra Pradesh has been in a real mess due to that.

The common man and the working class who want to lead a peaceful life are currently in turmoil and families hailing from the non- Telangana region are living in fear.

Well, the sole person responsible for this is KCR. Not that he is the ‘roopakartha’ but then his politically vicious thought got oxygen and as it is, he speaks no less than a street side ruffian.

Now, his words have developed more venom and acid. While this is his true picture, the statements he has been giving about ‘Udyamam’ and ‘Telangana atma gouravam’ are simply absurd and trash if you read these details.

Though some of you might find it hard to believe, enough ground work has been done to validate and it is through reliable sources that is a fact indeed.

For the record, KCR after becoming the founder of the TRS party in 2001 has amassed huge wealth.

With his political income, he has got a strong grip over the famous Kandla sea port. Apparently, he has bought 2 Ships which are large carriers and they are plying across the world.

Also, he is now busy with the establishment of a private sea port and that too with an estimated budget of Rs 500 crores.

This is being done in a close syndicate. A person who has been dealing closely with the financial transactions of KCR has now revealed that the wily politician is now worth Rs 6000 crores and that too on visible terms.
So one can imagine what would be his real asset value on invisible scale.

KCR has also got properties and assets across the Maharashtra – Gujarat stretch and interestingly, all his major investments and money dealings are outside Andhra Pradesh.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the full details will be arriving soon.

This is 100% confirmation and there is no element of fabrication in this as the people who have supported KCR in these dealings have revealed unable to see the crisis he has created amongst the Telugus.

The lands between Mumbai and Gujarat are said to be worth several crores.

To top it all, KCR has got big connections with controversial Muslim groups involved in nefarious activities.

For someone who says that Telangana is backward and injustice is being done to it, what has he been doing as a human being, leave alone as the messiah of Telangana agitation.

Students, who seem to think that they have rosy future in Telangana, reflect upon this.

It is not an attempt to disgrace KCR but a sincere effort for you to realize the dangerous and treacherous path that you are being led into by the leaders

Perhaps few moments of pondering over this will reveal the truth. Perhaps few moments of pondering over this will reveal the truth.

292. Thellanna - జనవరి 6, 2010

Mr Erranna,

Your hardwork is really appreciated for preparing Very good baseless report on KCR. It seems u wanted to dilute the Telangana agitation somehow by making false statements. Anyway good work without result!!!

You better do one thing. Do not waste time for typing such things in this site. You hand it over to TDP, PRP or Congress. They will give you some crores of rupees for giving such wanted matter about KCR which they are waiting for! They will fix KCR and reveal the truth to the people by purchasing you or by buying that financial advisor who is looking after KCR’s finance!

You also said that he had links with terrorists. Better I suggest you to give this “correct” information to the Intelligence Bureau or NIA (National Investigation Agency) which is investigating terrorist activities in India. Then if found true KCR will be behind the bars and you will be awarded. Otherwise, you be prepared for going behind the bars and wander there for life!!!

All these sites might be under observation. Before posting any matter to internet, be careful, you can easily be caught! Do not make allegations without reference. You posted about KCR as if you are having all the proofs with you. Before making such postings about any person let it be KCR, Naidu, Reddy, etc. be prepared to face the eventualities….I am suggesting you….

Erranna - జనవరి 6, 2010

thanks brother

i will take care of my self, don’t worry,

293. Andhrawala - జనవరి 6, 2010

Mr.Erranna be careful and take the suggestion of Mr.Thellanna. All politicians are corrupted. Do not fall in this muddle of dirty politics, take care of ur self…Nobody has clear image in today’s indian politicians.

Think of a separated state. If we get separate Andhra. Competition for jobs will comedown. Now we sharing all the jobs, education, resources, oil&gas in KG basin with everybody in A.P. state. If we get Andhra we get our major share of jobs, education, gas etc. Try to understand the cheap politics of our politicians. How long we should get blame of Telangana people that we cheated them. Let them develop on their own. why we should invest there and lose our development? IITs, IIITs, central university….everything gone to them. Why can’t we get them all if we are in Andhra?


294. Lateef Mohd Khan - జనవరి 7, 2010

Struggle for Telangana Statehood
Muslims are the main sufferers in United State

This is the time to express collectively the voice of 4 crores of people, students and political leaders of Telangana, for the formation of Telangana State. There is a need for Muslims to incorporate our voice because Muslims are the main sufferers in united state, we are backward socially and economically in Telangana and lost to a great extent in united Andhra as well.

Before 1956, during the ‘Hyderabad State’ we were 16.34% and were at the forefront in Education, Employment and Trade fields. Urdu was official language for 224 years. All the official and government communication and transactions were carried out in Urdu itself. The court proceedings and arguments were also conducted in Urdu. During Nizam’s rule, Hyderabad state was the fifth largest State in India with 16 districts in it. During the amalgamation in Andhra, ours was surplus budget and Andhra’s was deficit budget.

After Police Action in 1948, Andhras started migrating in employment sector in Hyderabad. Andhras were recruited in Military and Civil by saying that we do not know English and Telugu. Twenty Eight Thousand (28,000) Andhra employees came here during 1968 and during 1986, Fifty Nine Thousand (59,000) Andhra and Rayalseema region people illegally occupied the jobs. During the Nizam rule, Mulki rules were formed to protect the employment of local people. All the agreements were violated immediately from the next day of the formation of United Andhra. 610 G.O. that came in 1986 is still not implemented. At present, still Three Lakh Eighty Five Thousand (3,85,000) Andhra and Rayalseema people are occupying the jobs in Telangana. All these jobs are of Telanganas in which our share also includes. Coastal Andhra people overlook the historical Charminar by saying that it will not provide any food, and Hi-tech city would provide employment to lakhs of people and crores of rupee benefits would be gained. In the present development, we are nowhere. We question them to point out one single Muslim in High-Tech city? Today thirty five thousand (35,000) people of Telangana including Muslims are lagging behind the jails in Gulf countries.

When ‘Hyderabad’ was a State, not only wealth was rich, but also it was full of ponds, lakes and agricultural fields had rich production. Leafy vegetables and all other vegetables were produced in the fields around Hyderabad. Also there are crores of Waqf lands and Muslim properties in Hyderabad. Andhra and Rayalseema leaders destroyed the lakes and ponds, encroached those lands and carried out real estate business. Coastal Andhra people became Billionaires and Hyderabadi Muslims are forced to come on roads. The ruling class leaders of all the political parties, grabbed crores of Waqf lands. Lagadapati Rajagopal, creating havoc on the name of United Andhra, grabbed 100 Acres of Waqf land and is doing business of 10,000 crores, which is known as “Lanco Hills”. This type of land grabbers from Andhra coastal region are in large number. They do not respect our language, our Nawabs, consider and look at us as Rowdy sheeters and ISI agents.

Telangana state lost greatly in past 50 years. Water was never given properly to our irrigation purposes; all our resources are always diverted; our employment is forcefully occupied. We are living under worst conditions and in poverty in old city and narrow lanes. The example of which are, suicides of Muslims due to borrowing money on high interest rates, the innocent girls being married off to the Arab Sheikhs for a meager amount of rupees fifty thousand etc. If at all, change has to occur in our lives, we should have equal percentage in employment and education, representation of Muslims in politics, for which Separate Telangana State is the only solution. Kindly participate in the present Telangana movement and in case we fail to participate, it will be a great historical mistake. This loss will be impossible to recover.

Muslim forum for Telangana appeals all the Muslims to come forward, break their silence, raise their voice for justice, and participate in the movement for Telangana statehood. As there is a saying of Hazrath Ali, “There is no meaning for silence, when there is a need to speak for justice”

We Salute all the Four Hundred Martyrs of 1969, and also those who sacrificed their lives in the present movement for the sake of Telangana Statehood.

Muslim Forum For Telangana
Amber pet, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500013
Contact Numbers 9391051586, 9492063948

Ramesh - జనవరి 26, 2010

These andhra people cant understand either hindi and urdu. how can they understand muslims` grievances? They call all telangana peeple as Talibans (see andhra blogs). Hyderabad /Telangaanaa is muslim state. I feel that all muslims should support the cause of Telangaanaa.
Jai telangaanaa

Ramesh - జనవరి 26, 2010

బస్సులు రైళ్ళు కాదు. వలసవాదుల్ని తగులబెట్టాలి .అప్పుడే తెలంగాణా వస్తుంది.

295. Indian - జనవరి 7, 2010

Time and again…

The politicians are screwing all of us by raising hatred and concealing the actual issue. They are dividing and ruling us just like british.

Other guy is corrupt
That region is eating our food
The religion screwed us
That caste depriving our opportunities

So on and so on.

This is democracy and who is stopping them to ask right questions ?
No, they are too busy with putting fights between people and profiting from that.

Wake up my fellow citizens.

296. Ravi - జనవరి 7, 2010

Yeah Andhra people ditched us

Rayalseema people ditched us

We are proud to say Telangana wala Jagho and Andhra wala Bagho

We are proud to say Telangana ki adduvaste Addam ga Narikestamu

We are proud to say we will not allow Seema Andhra people to come back to Hyderabad after Sankranti

We are proud to say seemandhra people are dongalu

We are proud to beat and harass who says Samikya Adhra

We are proud to non-cooperate with the Andhra people staying in the deep Telangana region

Our OU or KU professors teach hatred towards hardworking people because they are professors and intellectuals in spreading only hatred.

We cannot accept hardworking people and we are proud to say hardworking people are cheating us & robbing us. Proud to say Seemandhra dongalu

We are proud to appreciate Nizam and Razakars who humiliated our forefathers and proud to insult our own ancestors who fought against Nizam rule.

We are proud that we cannot fight for proper utilization our water resources as we will fight for Telangana state

Yester years we fought for independence from Nizam,

Today we are fighting for separate State

Tomorrow we will fight for separate country. Yeah you read it correct

India ditched us by not supporting Telangana movement. Jawaharlal Nehru with his sweet and sympathetic words towards telangana and finally he allowed to merge us with Andhra,

Indira Gandhi bluntly rejected our dream of separate State status for Telangana.

Today the current government is delaying things by discussions. So we have to fight for Separate Country so that both India and Telangana can develop together.


297. Indian - జనవరి 7, 2010

Growing up i always used to question how India let British occupy and rule them.

Now i understand after seeing how foolishly AP’ers fighting each other….

298. Indian - జనవరి 7, 2010

One guy says why does’nt any Telugu hero speak with telangana accent (KK)

Same Telugu heros doesn’t speak in East Godavari accent
Same Telugu heros doesn’t speak in Vizag accent
Same Telugu heros doesn’t speak in Rayalaseema accent.
Same Telugu heros doesn’t speak in Nellore accent

Telugu heros tries to speak without accent

That is not hurting telanaga sentiment, or Godavari sentiment, …….

enough of inticing innocent people against each other for the sake of appearing in TV and giving senseless talk

I am ashamed of being Indian and born in India.

299. manga - జనవరి 7, 2010

hi all we are fighting for separate state we will spread it like a movement

300. అనామకం - జనవరి 8, 2010

we want telangana……………….

301. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 9, 2010

Mr. Lateef Mohd Khan and Mr.Ravi,

I totally agree with you, during these 50 years of AP rule, our Telangana was neglected like British rulers neglected India those days!

I work in other state. When I travel from chennai to Hyderabad by train I lose my heart by seeing the greenish fields in Andhra region and almost my blood boils when the train crosses Andhra and enters in Nalgonda district by seeing dried fields and desert like situation. As the train enters Telangana, suddenly greenery disappears!!! as if a laxman rekha is drawn at the border of Telangana-Andhra.!

These bloody andhrites squeezing our water from our rivers. They are sucking out our jobs, funds, resources and all.

Without Telangana, Andhra will not develop. That is why these fools want unity!

By siting underdevelopment of Telangana, they get funds from centre and swallow up without spending in Telangana. They won’t feel shame for eating up others food. Better they should eat our shit.

Jai Telangana….Jai Jai Telangana….

Indian - జనవరి 9, 2010

My friend,

No body owns the water. Water needs to be shared between regions.Nothing like Maharastra water, Karnataka water, Telangana Water, Andhra Water.

302. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 9, 2010

Just based on TV 5 reports of speculation on ysr’s death , seemandhra congress persons demolished private property like never before.

Chief Minister Mr.Rosaiah gaaru was TOO MUCH interested and enthusiastic in calling press meet and said that Telangana agitation dis attracts investments to A.P. He also said cine industry goes to chennai.

At the large he faced counter attacks from all genuine people what CM did is wrong and unwarranted. CM is responsible person in the state. Before giving such statements, he would have thought twice.

People commented that he acted like CM of Andhra region!

It seems that is correct.

Why he is not calling press meet and saying this type of acts done by congress cadre and leaders will stop investments to state?

Does he think it is correct for investments? Fate of AP people, what a CM they have?

If he wants to prove that he is the CM of A.P. he should have given statements by this time against to the riots happened against private property.

Now it is proved that really he is acting like CM for Seemandhra!

Where was Mr. Naidu all these days? went under ground?

Now he came up to the ground and very sharp in criticizing congress! He does not want to comment on his party’s stand about state bifurcation. He wants let the two region people fight each other and he can enjoy the show!!! When state was facing such a complex issues, he went under ground!!!Fate of AP people, what a opposition leader they have?

303. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 9, 2010

Why Andhrites do not want to leave Telanganites?

Why funds meant for Telangana were diverted to Andhra region?

These are the reasons….

1. All the employees in Secretariat are from Andhra region only, >90%, neglecting the region-wise job allocation,

2. These employees acted like they are working for their own region and not for A.P.! Getting salary to work for Andhra by cheating Telangana and Seema.

3. No CM dared to ask why, till now? If he did, using their money power and influence he is removed from the post and placed a CM who dances to them.

4. All IAS and administrators are from Andhra region again neglecting the region-wise job allocation,

5. AP had CMs till now who listen to the demands of Andhra region. Even CMs from rayalaseema region dances to the tunes of Andhra region only! e.g. Kotla, Naidu, YSR etc.

6. CMs from Telangana region who tried to implement all the agreements like
a. Gentemen’s agreement,
b. 11 point formula,
c. 6-point formula,
d. many GOs and etc.

were dismissed from the post even before completing the term. No CM from the region ruled for more than 2 years including PV Narasimha Rao.

Then…how Andhra people leave Telangana?

It is quite obvious that they can not imagine the future of Andhra without Telangana, without Telangana share of river water, without Telangana jobs, resources, funds etc.!!!

Telangana has 10 districts and 7 out of these 10 districts are coming under catchment area of Godavari and Krishna rivers.

Telangana has 60% catchment area and Andhra has just 30% catchment area. But funds spent for irrigation projects in Telangana is just 30% and in Andhra it is 70%.

How it is justified? Still should we live in unified AP?

That is why our great KCR says Andhrawala BHAGO….


304. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 9, 2010











305. BHOOPAL - జనవరి 11, 2010

My dear Kiran,

Thank you verymuch for your expressions!!!

I completely agree with you about the feeling expressed by you.

All the Political parties (Andhra dominated leadership) gave a word to Telangana People since 2004 that they are for Separate Telangana Statehood. But when the reality came into picture it was cleared that they are not for Separate statehood of Telangana.

This has sent the following message to public at large more particularly to Telanganapeople.

1. The Andhra Administration mesmerising the telangana people since its unification i.e., 1953.

2. The Andhra Rulers are adopted the COLONOLIASIM like Britishers, Portughese, Dustch, etc., and using the Hyderabad (Telangana) as their Colony. This was anticipated by Fazalali commission itself.

3. In line with the above, the advancement of Andhras economically, and socially made them to be the strong enough even politically. These advancements by the Andhras and the by virtue of cohabitance by Seema people, both together started occupying the Telangana lands by way of purchase/transfer/grabbing/acquisition/Assignment/Reassignment/Encroach/Tresspass etc., The terminology infact not enough to exhibit the ways adopted by the rulers all these days.

4. As I am living in Hyderabad, I am just putting the facts which I saw with my own eyes. Neither it is an example nor it is an hypothesis it is a fact. We have seen that from Hyderabad to Zaheerabad, Narketpally to Hyderabad, Entire Rangareddy District, The Nizamsagar banks in entire Nizamabad have completely gone into the hands of Andhras.

5. Today if any Telangana citizen or any common man wants to purchase a piece of land in and around Hyderabad and Rangareddy dist. the minimum rate (in outskirts of Hyderabad) fetching between 15000 to 50000. That means it costs a middle class persons for an area of 200 Sq.Yards about 3000000/- only for the land. For construction he may have to add 2000000/-. Totally he should be able to incur an expenditure of Rs. 50,00,000/-. A person earning earn to the tune of Rs.30,000/- per month also cannot afford to purchase this. Howmany years’ income he has to allocate for the purchase of the house. Then what about the other responsibilities of Education of children, marriage, health etc., expenses.

These developments or the abnormal increase took place only within last 10 years. If the increase takes place over a period all the citizens will automatically gain the purchase power along with the society. Whereas the recent hike or hype has been created by the few people with a sabotage of grabbing the Hyderabad and the lands of Telangana made hue and cry of Telanganas and the residents of Hyderabad finally that was taken into the shape of revolution and every citizen of Telangana desires to have a Separate Telangana State.

6. Telangana people are well aware of all these factors since a long time but they did not get any opportunity to ventilate those factors before the proper forum as the entire media is with the Andhra Rulers, Entire Political leaders of Telangana were in the custody of Andhra rulers by way undue influence (economically & politically).

Now they have got an opportunity by way of KCR to come onto the roads and express their view about the ‘”JAI TELANGANA'”

7. If anybody examines the Telangana issue as a whole, it is apparent that the exploitation by andhra leaders (not andhra common man) is an established one and no need of any evidence to proove it.

8. The modus operandi of exploitation of Telangana is multifarious and it cannot be defirned and attributable to one way or cause. Hence again the remedy is only A SEPARATE STATEHOOD TO TELANGANA, otherwise All the Telangana people except few i.e., politicians, businessmen and socially advanced people all should become slaves after 50 years.


Telugu Guy - జనవరి 12, 2010

dont’ understand your logic with Andhras occupying Hyderabad. Hyderabad is AP capital. So, naturally everyone bought properties out there. Just like all other metros, the properties in Hyd have appreciated a lot. Ultimately everything is governed by demand and supply. If the property prices in Hyderabad are not affordable anymore then people won’t buy and they will naturally come down. Did’nt they come down last year due to slump ?
Aren’t telaganites benefitting now every where in Rangareddy and medak deistricts ? Did’nt lands worth couple of hundred dollars worth lakhs of rupees ?

Don’t know how you can compare to British ? Because of people like you ( The Dividers), the British were able to rule us before

It appears to me that only loosers are complaining here.
Jealousy is the evil here

BHOOPAL - ఫిబ్రవరి 27, 2010

My dear Telugu guy,

While commenting something you should first understand the problem as a whole, you can see my earlier post No.276 and try to understand the agony. After going through the above still if you have some comments you can make it and I will answer your each and every question.

I also request you to please go through the preamble of Indian Constitution and comment.

306. karthik - జనవరి 11, 2010

telangana lo vuna engineering students please suport telangana

307. Telugu Guy - జనవరి 12, 2010

Instead of saying we won’t allow ‘Adhurs’, why not leave it to the peoples judgement.

308. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 12, 2010

Yes, Mr. Telugu Guy, people are also saying that they won’t allow ‘Adhurs’, listen and see the people’s movement with ur naked eyes instead of blind eyes.

After 53 years of movement, truly it is now in the hands of people, not only Students as was in 1969, not only in the hands of praja kalakarulu as was all these years. Just last month only it has been taken over by Telangana people!!!, yes u read correct!!!

Just observe, that is why these congress, tdp, prp peoples’ representatives are dancing to the tunes of people, not to the tunes of TRS or somebody else. They are forced to dance because people won’t allow them to enter into their constituencies if these representatives won’t agree to peoples’ demands. They have to win again and again, which is not possible without supporting the peoples’ movement.

309. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 12, 2010

Well done Mr. Kavuri Sambasiva Rao,

His comments of giving Deputy CM post to Telangana shows that how Andhra leaders denied all the agreements since the merger of Telangana with Andhra!

Kavuri himself agreed atleast to the one point many points of the agreements, giving Dep.CM post to Telangana is denied. Very good Mr. Kavuri, well done!!! Thank you for ur comments.

But you should know, things are different now.

Your tactics worked all these years because movement was idle all these years and people not taken the movement into their hands. Only students, poets, employees, praja kalakarulu were in the movement. So Telangana leaders very cleverly accepted ur tactics neglecting the Telangana.

Now Telangana leaders wont accept ur tactics because movement is in the hands of people now, thanks to KCR and TRS. Now if they surrender to Andhra leaders, they will face beating by the people who voted for them in their own constituencies, apart from not voting for them. They know this and some of them already got beating in their constituencies. So they wont dare to happen this. Because they are Telanganites, they have to win again and again in Telangana only. That is why irrespective of political parties, representatives are for the movement.

310. V.Ramana,Hyderabad - జనవరి 12, 2010

It is learnt that the andra capitalists has collected an amount of Rs.150 crores.23 crores given to Chidamram,10 crores given to Ahmed patel.80 crores to soniyagandhi.all telangana congress/TDP mlas has been promised by andra leaders for huge lumsums.so the leaders of congress/tdp are trying to dilute the telangana movement.Becareful all telangana people.savdan.

311. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 13, 2010

Dear Andhrites, read this article in Andhrabhoomi which came on Dec, 22nd, 2009. Great article.ఆంధ్రభూమి సంపాదకీయం 12/22/2009
copy and paste in your internet browser to read this article.


312. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 13, 2010

విడి పోవాలనుకోవడానికి లక్ష కారణాలున్నాయి, కలిసి వుండాలనుకోవడానికి “సమైక్య ఆంధ్రా” (స్వ ఆస్తుల రక్షణ), భాష అనే భావనలు తప్ప –

313. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 13, 2010

Dear Telanganites and so-called Seemandhrites! read this article

by Ranganayakamma in Andhrabhumi on Dec 16th, 2009.

copy and paste the following link in your internet browser to read it.

Jai Telangana….Jai Jai Telangana…

Telugu Bidda - జనవరి 13, 2010

Here is the bottom line

No region in AP developed better than other. In my home town, i still see same open drainage that i have been seeing since 60’s ( i am from Krishna). All politicians are corrupt and they will be corrupt tommorrow. No one has sincerity to develop country.
Right now, on both sides no one wants to sit at the table and talk reasonably and amicably solve this issue. We need a ‘V Patel’ now. Where is he ?

314. Janaki Ram - జనవరి 13, 2010

Dear Friends,
i read the message with fond interest and many things seem to be true, but i would request all our telangana people, first let us fight againt the illiteracy, proverty, water shortage, many are regional issues, which have to combated. Most of the political parties who are working for the movement, are only want to gain the credibility of the movement and once the state is formed, they would come to governance. Can we ask one thing, to all the political parties, what will be the fate of the people of telanganna after formation of the separate state, do they have any manifest that they would like to implement, apart of their party coming to power. can’t we see the small states, like jharkhand, uttaranchal, etc., where one MLA turns from one party to other party the government’s are fallen, most unstable. unstable government, can it do any great things for the people, do not fall into the trap of political parties, who will nor will do any good to the people of any state or region. only their personnel gains are concerned.
Hope you will understand the basic theme

315. SSR-HYD - జనవరి 13, 2010

After formation of Uttarakhand, the state developed rapidly and fast (agriculturaly as well as industrially) when compared to the past several years being in UP. coming to chattisgarh & jharkhand these areas are tribal areas infested with naxalism for years together. There is a need to look at every aspect in socio-economic angle for each state. Please get u r facts correct and please dont draw conclusions by generalising the cases.

316. Ramulu - జనవరి 15, 2010

Mr. Janaki Ram,

Your so called basic theme is farce. It is like closing eyes to the facts. Illiteracy, poverty, water shortage as mentioned are basic problems, but how they are dominating only in Telangana area? After all due to these basic problems only Telangana agitation started 53 years back and continuing…

Don’t you know the agreements since the merging of Telangana with Andhra. Because all these agreements are denied from the first day onwards, all these basic problems of illiteracy, poverty, water shortage are still existing in this Telangana area. If you want give me your email id in this site, i will send you the copies of agreements to you. Being a Telanganite you should not think this way……you must know why our Telangana is still underdeveloped and Andhra is in a better position than us…..

You said about manifesto of telangana parties, their manifesto is ‘Getting Telangana’. Have u not read? If they show other things in manifesto to the public it is misinterpreted and finally Telangana movement gets diluted other parties. You know how the manifestos of different parties in India are misinterpreted in India.

As far as parties concerned with Telangana movement, parties have only one manifesto till they get separate state, i.e. Telangana state.

Are you not listening to the party arguments about these basic problems of illiteracy, poverty, water shortage? They are arguing how water is going to be utilised in 7 telangana districts of Godavari catchment area, why we are not getting our share of river water, how regional job opportunities are cheated, how illiteracy is prominent , why funds allotted for poverty eradication, improving literacy are diverted to Andhra area?, etc. If all these legal share are given to the Telangana why these basic problems which u talked about exist only in Telangana and Rayalaseema?

If separate state is formed one state’s funds can’t be diverted to another state. One state’s water share can not be grabbed by another state. One state’s jobs can not be given to another state. This way poverty is eradicated. No Telanganite is worried about party manifesto, they are worried about state formation first. Let us get the state first, then think about the problems, of course due to which this agitation has got life.

Erranna - జనవరి 18, 2010

nayana ramulu vacchava

inka raaledu enti anukunnanu

bhesh keep going (spoiling youth mind with your perverted mindset)

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 7, 2011

Velli KCR gadi Modda gudu enduku raledo cheputadu….

317. TelanganaBidda - జనవరి 16, 2010

Reddy & Velmas’ are going to bring back the old Nijam days. That’s my fear of going along with the separate telanagana. At one time i thought of happy that we may be getting the Telangana but not anymore

Telangana Bidda

అనామకం - జనవరి 19, 2010
318. an indian - జనవరి 16, 2010

lets hope this day may come
the day which our state divides but we the people doesnot divide

319. sateesh - జనవరి 17, 2010

jai telagana, jai andhra, jai samkhya andhra antunnavari andariki na namasakaralu….

Babu mee entilo vunna samasyalo py meeru concntreat cheyyandi okey kopam vuddu samajam kosam meemu cheystunam ani antara ayyithey samajaniki emi kavalo meeku telusu babulu oka manchi pani, manchi gali, munchi neeru, manchithannam adi meeru munduga andariki pancandi tharuvatha telagana, andhra lekapothey samkhyandhra edi kavali ani anty adi cheyyandi adi kuda meeru antunna samajaniki kavalantey….

meeru cheystunna bus dhanaalu, bandhulu, rail rokulu, enki anikam chestunnraru adi mee , maa samajaniki anthavaruku paniki vasataayu meery alochichandi babulu

vigulayena prajalara meeru nirnenchandi…..

meelo okadu
mana samajamulu okadu…..

320. Erranna - జనవరి 18, 2010

Read at one of the sites

worth to read it

10 Invalid Reasons For ‘Telangana State’

Why Telangana state should be formed? There should be valid reasons. And the following are the top-10 reasons being express by T-activists. Just judge by heart if they are valid or invalid.
1. Our language is different and our slang is different. This is what Telangana leaders say Repeatedly defending their argument for the formation of separate Telangana. There are 28 different dialects pertaining to Telugu in Telangana area itself and 12 dialects exist. Telugu language has gone through a great deal of change (as did all other Indian languages), Progressing from medieval to modern. The language of the Telangana region started to split into distinct dialects due to Muslim influence. But during the last six decades, especially after the formation of Andhra Pradesh on linguistic basis, and thanks to modern education, all the dialects are being replaced by modern and chaste Telugu. Surprisingly all the leaders in Telangana speak chaste Telugu and there is not even a single leader from this region who speaks in Telangana dialect. Especially Mr. KCR, his nephew Mr. Harish Rao and TRS floor leader in State Assembly eetel Mr. Rajendra speak very chaste Telugu. It is very silly to demand a separate statehood for dying dialects.
2. Peoples’ movement for separate Telangana state has been vibrant since 53 years. Telangana leaders say it Repeatedly and central leaders in Delhi also repeat it without taking bare facts into account. The Princely state of Nizam was merged in India in 1948 and the state assembly elections were held in 1951. Later in 1955, the Hyderabad State Assembly passed a resolution for merger with Andhra state. In 1956, Hyderabad State was trifurcata into three parts and merged with three neighboring states of Maharastra, Karnataka and Andhra In accordance with the languages spoken by the people in those respective areas. It is true, at that time some leaders Opposed the merger of Telangana area of Hyderabad State with Andhra State. After the formation of Andhra Pradesh state in 1956, till 1969 there was no movement for separate Telangana. In 1969, the separate state movement was led by Telangana Praja Samithi and this outfit merged with Congress in 1971. Later there was no movement worth noting for three long decades. Telangana Rashtra Samithi was established in 2003 and it was ignominiously defeated in all the elections when it contested alone. To put the record straight, there were only two movements both in 1969 and in 2009 for separate Telangana.
3. We are not asking for a new state, but only for the restoration of the state which Existed earlier. Telangana state which the Separatists are Demanding at present never existed in history. Princely state of Nizam was made up of sixteen districts, grouped into four divisions. Aurangabad division included Aurangabad, Beed, Nanded, and Parbhani districts, Gulbarga (Gulbarga) division included Bidar District, Gulbarga, Osmanabad District, and Raichur District; Gulshanabad District or Medak division included Atraf-i-Baldah, Mahbubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda (Nalgundah ), and Nizamabad districts, and Warangal division included Adilabad, Karimnagar, and Warangal districts. After this princely state was merged in Indian Union, Hyderabad State was formed. Later the Telangana part of this merged with Andhra Pradesh State.
4. When there are six Hindi speaking states why can not there be two Telugu speaking states? This question is posed by Repeatedly Separatists. All the Hindi speaking states never Remained as a single administrative unit at any time in history. Nearly two hundred princely states were merged into six Hindi speaking states and none of the erstwhile princely states is demanding separate statehood. In each state there are many Hindi Hindi dialects standard and no one is demanding statehood for these dialects.
5. Small states are Administratively feasible. Separatists in Telangana cite the small states theory to defend their argument. If separated, Telangana state will be the 11th biggest state in India with nearly four crore population and it will be bigger than Kerala and Orissa states. If the really Separatists support the formations of small states, they should demand that AP state should be split into five or six states.
6. Why should anyone object, when we intend to rule our selves? Many Telangana Separatists pose this question innocently. Self-rule slogan was raised Repeatedly during foreign rule and against monarchies in defense of Establishing a democratic society. Thanks to the great sacrifices made by our great leaders we got independence and established democracy with universal adult franchise. In a democratic society, self-rule theory by a section of people does not hold water. In Telangana, serpanches of villages are elected from that village itself. Likewise, minicipal Zilla Parishad chairmen and chairmen too. Division of a state can be considered on any ground other than self-rule as it may lead to balkanization of India.
7. To maintain our self respect we demand a separate state. After losing the argument on development plank, Separatists started speaking of self respect. Self respect, self confidence and the like are attributes of individuals and not that of a vast society. It is true, poverty and helplessness hurt self respect of millions everywhere. Who are responsible for letting millions go for public defecation? Who are responsible for letting half-starved weavers, farmers commit suicide, laborers migrate in search of livelihood? If the local political leaders are responsible, all these problems could have been tackled with ease and people led a life of self respect and dignity. Bifurcation of the state is not a panacea to solve all the problems related to illiteracy and poverty.
8. When we say that we opt for separation, how could anyone force us to live with them? Most of the propagating formation of Telangana leaders arrogate to themselves the right to speak on behalf of entire populace. The will of people is expressed in its best form during elections. The party TRS, Which formed with the sole aim of bifurcation of the state, contested in all elections since 2003 and it was decisively rejected by the people. There is no proof to validate the people’s desire for a separate state. In India we do not have a constitutional provision for conduct of a referendum on important issues of public importance. If a referendum is conducted in the city of Hyderabad, people will surely reject the idea of bifurcation of the State. It is true, when people are fed with half-truths and their emotions are roused irrationally, they may succumb to mass hysteria. But the mood of the people is not a constant factor and it may change from time to time.
9. Our culture is different from that of those in Andhra area. A set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that Characterize an institution, organization or a social group is generally described as culture of the society. It is the human capacity to classify and represent personal and social experiences in different forms and express them creatively and imaginatively. In Andhra Pradesh, Gradually people are opting out of unusual and unique primary Which rituals are different from district to district. Being unable to understand this process of modernization, Separatists often express a mistaken view local rituals that are different from the rituals of other parts and put forth the argument for separate state.
10. We are not compatible with Andhra Psychologically people. Compatibility is important only when there is personal interaction between people. No society as a whole interacts with another society. So the question of incompatibility does not arise. Thanks to the rigid caste system prevalent in Indian society, every caste feels that it is not compatible with other castes in the same village. Hence, the logic of incompatibility with the people of Andhra area, put forth by Separatists looks ridiculous to say the least.

321. Peoples' Man - జనవరి 18, 2010

Mr. Erranna,

It is no worth reading. It is simply to oppose the Telangana. You just want to blame a movement and sacrifices that happened in Telangana as farce….I pity you on this…you are living in a well, come out of that and enter into ocean….

what u read in a website ? It is read in a website or came out from you? Why can’t u give the link as people are doing in this site? Do not simply say that it is from a website, produce the link in this site, to prove what u wanted is right? ok.

I simply reject all of the 10 points.

1. No body in Telangana speaks chaste Telugu, including KCR, Harish Rao, Rajendar.

2. Telangana movement has been there since the merger of Telangana region with Andhra till today. It continues till the formation of separate state. All the facts mentioned are utterly wrong. You please read or refer any History book on Telangana or even Andhra Pradesh.

3. This is as if after a 500 years saying there was no Chennai earlier in the history. Same place was called Madras earlier, if names are changed one can not say that place was not there in the history. That is why I asked you to mention the website link from which you pasted the material in this site!

4. You said ‘All the Hindi speaking states never Remained as a single administrative unit at any time in history’, you meant to say that Hindi speaking states were never remained as a state so they can remain as separate states now. It is not question of remained as a state or not earlier. The criteria is that how Telangana region and people are treated by the successive governments since the merger, how they are cheated, how their share of water, jobs, opportunities, businesses are cheated. As a united state of A.P., Telangana will not develop. Since the first day of merger, all the agreements were denied by the rulers of A.P. Leaders and businessmen bribed the administration and cheated Telangana.

In interior parts of Telangana, contracts, jobs are given to Andhrites. Every contract, every job, every fund is manipulated by the 90% employees of AP secretariat! Do you agree that this secretariat is only for Andhra and not for Rayalaseema or Telangana. What about the agreement on Job reservation on region wise? Don’t you look into these BARE FACTS?.

5. Telangana will be definitely a small state compared to A.P, do you want any data?

Then you are saying that Telangana is not a small state, then what about the arguments of Andhrites who keep on saying small states wont develop? Did u close ur ears to them?

Yes, KCR and Telangana people, leaders everybody support small states. That is what we wish also. Instead of so called sponsored Samaikhyandhra movement take up your own Jai Andhra movement, ask seema people to lift up their Jai Seema movement. Why you scrapped those movements? Did any leader or real estate business person bribed the leaders of those movements?

6. you say, ‘self-rule as it may lead to balkanization of India.’, what do you mean by ‘balkanization of India’?

What is happening in every state in India is self-rule! If Telangana people ask for it, how it could be wrong, after all our Indian constitution says that if any section or area of people want separate state, it can be given with parliament approval. Refer our constitution first as a citizen of India, if u r?

7. You said self respect is the attribute of an individual. I strongly appose it. Because it is the attribute of an entire community, group, caste, region, area etc. That is the reason why Late NTR could win the elections in 1983. People wanted self-respect those days which is denied by the congress party and sold out to their high-command sitting in Delhi! If I abuse a person on his caste, he not only hurts his entire caste hurts, do you say that it is the self-respect of that individual or that caste?

8. Why people like u ask for referendum only in Hyderabad? Yes, because u know that ur strength is there and u can show ur money power in hyderabad as u do real estate business with the help of rowdies and goondas and grab (kabja), encroach lands of weak Telangana public and sell them for gold. TDP was completely lost their ground in 2004 assembly elections, do u say that people rejected them for ever?

Ofcourse now only TRS was cheated by Congress and TDP continuously by playing Telangana card in the elections. Now they realised and doing great job by forming a JAC irrespective of all parties. Do you want to say that JAC is also wrong, in that case every party is wrong except TRS in the AP.

Entire country is going to see the Telangana peoples’ mandate in elections going to be held in AP in 2011. Then you will understand actual meaning of ‘peoples’ movement’. Jai Andhra was also a peoples’ movement so does Jai Seema. Samaikhyandhra is leaders’ movement.

Why KCR could not stop the fast? Becasue of peoples’ movement…

9. On the reason for modernization if one loses his own culture in which he got nurtured, he is going to perish, history has proved it. Whether u belong to Telangana, Andhra, Seema, I request you to preserve your own culture, do not damage it on the fashion of modernization.

10. Compatibility is very important to be united. When compatibility is not there among Telangana and Andhra, it is better for the two region to separate as early as possible, otherwise huge compensation we have to pay in future.

In conclusion, I think, this only your own opinion. Not from a website. Why do you scare of saying your opinions? If not, why can’t you give the link of the website.?

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayalaseema……

Erranna - జనవరి 19, 2010

Kalisi vundi sadhichalendhi ,vidipoyi saadhigalara

all your mindset closed with unmadam

okko jilla okko rashtram ga maarchina meeru bagupadaru

media hype movement, nothing from peoples heart

i pity on your mindset, god save these people

322. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 18, 2010

Yes, Mr. Erranna,

All the agreements till now starting from the merger of Telangana with Andhra are denied.

Even the merger is based on 11-point agreement which is denied the first day it self. The first CM of AP denied to give Deputy CM post to Telangana which a point in the agreement. Mr. Kavuri Sambasiva Rao atlast agreed on his own, now he says Deputy CM can be donated to Telangana (!!!), what is this is it a Bhiksha to Telangana?

What about 6-point formula? That is also neglected. All these agreements are neglected and no one is implemented till now. That is our strong point for the separation of state.

What about Gentlemen’s agreement?

What about various GOs?

Why recently NABARD funds are allocated to Telangana are only 9 crores whereas for Andhra and Rayalaseema huge 110 crores. Do you want to say that still we should be cheated by Andhrites?

Why Telangana is not developed as much as Andhra? Why even Rayalaseema is also not developed as much as Andhra? AP means not Andhra, it is Telangana and Rayalaseema also, but Andhrites behaved as their only state. They are found in all the administrative jobs, go to secretariat, u can see 90% of andhrites there, does not it belong to Rayalaseema and Telangana?

One of the agreement says that all governments jobs should be given on region wise. Why it is not implemented? ANDHRITES ARE GREAT CHEATERS IN INDIA ITSELF. But I think they are brain less. If they have that, they should develop Telangana also to keep that region with them to enjoy river water!

Jai Telangana…..Jai Jai Telangana..

323. అనామకం - జనవరి 19, 2010

Hey Telangana Bidda,
Even in SuperPower country like USA, there are vast regional imbalances. These are mostly due to ‘early starter’ advantages which applies to AP as well. So, don’t beleive in whatever you hear from media and politicians. Open up your mind and think broadly.

324. SHANKER NAIK - జనవరి 19, 2010




అనామకం - జూలై 21, 2011
325. అనామకం - జనవరి 20, 2010

kalasi vunte kaladu sukham!!!!!

326. Santosh Vemula - జనవరి 20, 2010

Facts about Telangana – basis and justification

• Catchment area of Krishna river in AP:
Catchment area-Allocation of Water- Actual Utilization
Andhra 13% – 49% – 87%
Rayalaseema 18% – 16% – 13%
Telangana 69% – 35% – Less than 1%

• Catchment area of Godavari river in AP
Catchment area -Utilization Water
Andhra 21%(310 TMC) -23%(320 TMC)
Telangana 79%(1170 TMC) – 9.6% (143 TMC)
405 TMC is being diverted to Andhra via Polavaram project

• Total loss of water share of Telangana merging with Andhra is 1125 TMC. 1 TMC serves 10000 acres, i.e. total cultivation land Telangana lost is 11, 25,000 acres.

• 7 Telangana, 3 Andhra, 1 Rayalaseema are declared backward districts.

• 65% of Industries in Telangana are owned by Andhra. One Telangana person (close relative of Sri Jaipal Reddy) tried to start industry in Andhra, he was tormented so much that he gave it up.

• All Telangana region CM’s combined tenure is hardly 6 years.

• AP got nearly 40 major projects in which 37 went to Seemandhra region

Telangana side
SLBC (30 TMC) not taken up, SLBC beyond Musi (20 TMC) not taken up, RDS extension (10 TMC) not taken up, LIS to high level areas in Mahabubnagar not taken up, Bheema LIS 20 TMC under construction for many years

Seemandhra side
Telugu Ganga project (29 TMC) completed, SRBC (19 TMC) completed, KC canal extension completed (10 TMC), Upland areas Brahmamgari matham reservoir (10 TMC) completed, SRBC beyond Gorakallu (20TMC) under construction, Puchintala evaporation losses (5 TMC) under construction, Veligonda not recommended project (40 TMC) almost completed, Handrineeva sujala sarvanthi not recommended (38 TMC) almost completed, Galerunagari sujala sravanthi not recommended (38 TMC) is under construction

• Pothireddypadu regulator was originally created for drinking water to Chennai with 5 TMC. Gradually 5 projects were ‘piggy backed’ & augmented to canal. In the name of Chennai drinking water, Seemandhra wanted to take entire Srisailam water

• Veligonda project is being constructed on war footing basis. This will drain 60 TMC of water from Srisailam. This project is not allotted (water share by tribunal) and do not have clearance till now.

• Handrineeva Sujala Sravanthi, not allotted not cleared project is going on war footing

• SLBC despite of all recommendations, clearances and permissions never started.

• Manuguru thermal power station proposed to be in Telangana was lobbied to be shifted to Vijayawada, transporting coal from singareni.

• Dummugudem Hydal power station remained a promise on paper.

• Icchampalli power (975 MW) project never started.

• If Mumbai is not a free-zone, Delhi is not a freezone, Kolkatta is not a freezone, Chennai is not a freezone, Pune is not a freezone … why should Hyderabad be a freezone? Andhras were even demanding entire Telangana should be freezone.

• 1953 Andhra Pradesh the area irrigated under Tanks in the Telangana 11 lakh acres. Now it is hardly 6.5 lakh acres.

• Education in crores Andhra 1308.56, Rayalaseema 382.87, Telangana 163.39

• Schools – Andhra 26800, Rayalaseema 13000, Telangana 17954

• Hospitals – Andhra (9 dist) 666, Rayalaseema (4 dist) 303, Telangana (10 dist) 270

• Total Govt employees- Seemandhra 9 lakhs, Telangana (10 dist) 3 lakhs

• Industries Andhra 6100, Rayalaseema 773, Telangana 1250

• Power Utilization Andhra 54%, Rayalaseema 23%, Telangana 23% Nagarjuna Sagar project Submerged land Cultivation land Andhra 0 % 20 lakh acres Telangana 100% 4.5 lakh acres

• Polavaram project is submerging 250 small villages in Telangana, displacing 5 lakh tribals is going to provide lakhs of acres cultivation land to Andhra.

• Grant-in-aid Private Degree colleges Andhra 96, Rayalaseema 32, Telangana 30

• Rayalaseema (4 dist) 3 Universities, Telangana (10 dist) 2 Universities

• If 100 colleges should logically have a University, Telangana should have 8.

• Rayalaseema (4 dist) has 4 medical, Telangana (10 dist) has 3 medical colleges

• Govt Aided Junior college grants in Cr. Andhra 37, Rayalaseema 20, Telangana 15

• Degree college allocation in crores Andhra 142, Rayalaseema 20, Telangana 15

• Of 130 posts of heads of departments, only 7 or 8 are held by Telanganites

• Sales Tax (2001- 2002) – Andhra 21%, Rayalaseema 5%, Telangana 74%

• Excise (2001-2002) – Andhra 24%, Rayalaseema 10%, Telangana 66%

• APPSC board members so far, Andhra 8, Rayalaseema 6, Telangana 2

• Telanganites are 23% in all industries in Telangana area, 0% in Seemandhra.

• All housing board colonies in capital city – 93% people are from Seemandhra.

• Govt Libraries – Andhra 630, Rayalaseema 243, Telangana 450

• In 70’s – Jublee hills lands were purchased at Rs 105 per acre, 1400 acres. Telanganites were thrown out, housing society did not have a single Telanganite.

• Panchayat Raj divisions – Andhra 883, Rayalaseema 342, Telangana 295

• Most backward district in AP is Mahabubnagar, granted 4% white cards. Most developed dist in AP is West Godavari dist was given 7% white cards.

• 82% of farmers are depend on private loans in Telangana

• There was no single drop of water in Palanadu 350yrs ago, it was like a desert. Now, entire Telangana canal irrigation land is less than Guntur dist alone.

• Hyd state had Rs 60 crores of surplus budget. Andhra state had only 1 Crore in hand given by Madras govt, and Shri Raj Gopalachari said ‘Get lost from here’

• Dr.B.R.Ambedkar suggested Hyderabad second capitol of India. He said Hyderabad can be compared to Delhi.

• Government buys sugar cane (per quintal) in Andhra Rs 1200, Telangana Rs 890. Andhra lands are canal cultivated, Telangana depend on bore wells.

• 150 forts are about to ruin in the Telangana which were built by various dynasties.

• Hyd Central University is filled with Andhraits every Central University in India has 60% reserved for local region.

• Pranahita, there is no staff, no funding, Andhra rulers say it will be done in 4 yrs

• There are never any difficulties in construction of irrigation projects in Andhra. But there are always irregularities, corruption, delays in Telangana projects

• Mahabubnagar 35 lakhs population, migration 14 lakhs, 350km of Krishna stretch, there is no drinking water or irrigation water

• AP dairy buys milk from farmers from @ Andhra Rs 24.30, Telangana Rs 22.30

• 450 tribal villages, millions of tons of limestone, rich minerals, lot of natural Biodiversity will wash away with if Polavaram project is built

• Telangana is bigger than 24 states in India, and will be bigger than 160 countries

• Revenue – Expenditure Seemandhra 38.5% – 49%, Telangana 61.5% – 51%

• Jallianwala bagh – General Dyer year 1919 – 379 shot dead.
Telangana – Kasu Brahmananda Reddy year 1969 – 370 students shot dead.

• WHO declared flourosis affected Nalgonda is moving towards No Man Zone.

• Nizam formulated mulki rules in 1919, a person to get job, they must be in Telangana for 15yrs,but now Andhra rulers reduced the period to 4yrs

• 1956-68 Seemandhrites got 28000 jobs in Telangana by bogus Mulki certificates 1975-85 they got 58000 by violating presidential order.

• In 1969 students/employees agitated against 28000 jobs – 370 were killed

• In 1972, Andhra managed to cancel supreme court judgment, then 6 point formula was introduced. As per this formula Telangana split into zone 5, zone 6.

• Presidential order – Telangana should get 80% dist posts, 70% zonal posts, 60% Gazetted posts. Remaining shall be open to others – what’s happening now ?

• In 1985, 610 GO issued to transfer of 58000 employs from Telangana, but this GO is never implemented. That too 610 GO is for 102 our ot 250 departments only.

• In 2001, Chandra Babu Naidu appointed Girglani Commission. Report out in 2004, that 2 lakh Seemandhra employs are working in Telangana.

• 23% Singareni coal is used in Telangana. 77% is being drained out to other places.

• Funds per Student (Rs) – SV University 37500- Andhra University 35500 – SK University 25000 – Nagarjuna University 22700 – OU 17400 – KU 14000.

• Cultivation land (Lakh Acres) Before 1956 – Andhra 30.65, Telangana 18.20. 2004 – Andhra 69.27, Telangana 18.00

• Kothagudem thermal station sabotaged for repair contracts to Andhra contractors in 1978 (Sundar Ramaiah commission – 1979)

• All APSEB scams targeted towards Telangana power supply and distribution, never to Seemandhra. Officials found guilty by Vimal Lal commission.

• Technically it is possible to develop water grid to benefit Telangana & Seemandhra. It would match in comparison with Mississippi river water system (USA), Three Gorges river system (China), Nile river (Aswan dam) Africa and Rhine river system Europe. Similar models were conceived by intellectuals but are trashed by Andhra rulers and pseudo intellectuals because they will benefit Telangana.

• 1969 – after Jai Telangana movement ‘All Party Accord’ was formulated, scrapped within 6 months. Than 8-point formula, 5-point formula were announced. Then supreme court upheld Mulki rules. Andhrites could not digest it, launched Jai Andhra movement. Central govt yielded as usual to tactics, then 6-point formula came. Even this is being violated royally many times, robbing Telangana its rightfulness.

• Nagarjuna Sagar initially meant to benefit Andhra and Telangana. Later on modified in such a way that 75% of the benefit went to Andhra reducing the share of Telangana region to just 25%. Andhra settlers own 50% of these 25% utilization lands.

• Singur project was designed to meet the irrigation needs of Medak Nizamabad. But it is now solely used for meeting the requirements of capital city.

• Jurala Project which is the first project on river Krishna meant for Telangana is the smallest of all the projects built on this river. Tribunal allocated just 17.5 TMC water for this project, but Andhra rulers reduced its storage capacity to 60% ft. The actual utilization so far has not been more than 10%

• Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme, was for 87500 acres in Mahabubnagar. Tribunal allocated 15.90 TMC of water for this project. This water has to pass through a canal in Raichur district of Karnataka State. Rayalaseema thugs blasted the gates with bombs and diverted water. Since then Govt never even tried to reconstruct the gates.

• Devadula Project, provides water for 5 lakh acres, was promised to be finished in 5 yrs in 2001, yet to begin work. The funniest fact is, Sriram Sagar is yet to be completed for last 40 yrs which provides water for just 4 lakh acres.

• Two major projects proposed on Godavari – Ichampally (Telangana) & Polavaram (Andhra). Irrigation potential of Polavaram would be 7 times more than Icchampalli.

• Andhra lands have canal irrigation i.e. with tax payer’s money. It costs Rs 200 – 300 water charges/yr. Telangana lands depend on bore wells, entire cost is on the farmer . Digging, power, bore well, motor, pipes.

• Nearly 500 farmers and uncounted number of weavers committed suicide during 2000-2009.

• Technological University was actually started in Warangal but was shifted to Hyd. Open University started in Nalgonda district but was later shifted Hyd. The same state level universities University of Health Sciences, Mahila University and the University of Dravidian Languages were allowed to stay in Seemandhra – not moved to Capital city.

• Twelve milk chilling plants established by the erstwhile Telangana Committee in Telangana have been abruptly closed down showing lack of funds as a reason.

• Ramagundam is in heart of coal belt. Fertilizer plant is closed showing poor quality of coal as reason. NTPC is running with same coal, VTPS is running with same coal. Subsequently, fertilizer plants are started in Andhra.

• Based on the proportionality at least 40% of jobs, i.e. 6 lakhs, should have gone to Telangana. But the total number of jobs now occupied by them is less than 3 lakhs.

• 1972, PV Narasimha Rao tried to implement the verdict of Supreme Court validating the Mulki Rules. Seemandhra’s were outrageous reaction, he lost his Chief Ministership.

• If it is assumed that the leaders of a region’s CM can development that region, then why do the people of Rayalaseema complain of backwardness ?

• Daily wage workers in industries in Lakhs – Seemandhra 3.86, Telangana 0.81

• Palamoor : Andhra media never highlighted migration of 15 out of 24 lakh population.

• At merger, Andhra persuaded Telangana with many safeguards against exploitation. 1955 they passed a Unanimous Resolution in Andhra Assembly. Safeguards were included in Gentlemen’s Agreement (1956). All are put to trash after the agreement.

• Telangana should get 42% jobs in the Secretariat, but only 9% are working now. How can our MLAs, MLCs can get work done if 91% do not help ?

• Metro Rail designed dilapidating 5000 shops, 2500 houses, 147 schools, 120 hospitals, 60 Temples/Masjid/Churches. All shops and complexes contracts throughout Metro rail route are with Seemandhra thugs.

• 1947 India’s Independence. 1948 Police action on Nizam. Hyd state existed for 7 yrs. Telangana merged in1956. Telangana has nothing to do with Potti Sriramulu.

• Telangana Sayudha Poratam was against Nizam. 4000 people died – inspired all subsequent land movements in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and paved way for formation of Communist govt. This is never acknowledged by Seemandhra rulers so far.

• Despite 69% Krishna, 79% Godavari flows through Telangana, irrigation cost is Rs.1500/acre. 13% of Krishna, 21% Godavari flows through Andhra Rs.150/acre.

• Per capita income of Madhya Pradesh: Rs 18,051. Chattisgarh formed in2000. Per capita income of Chhattisgarh in 2008-09 – Rs. 29,621.

• Recently formed smaller states are catching up with Haryana 71%, Himachal is 81% – Uttarakhand is 75% Jharkhand 58% Chhattisgarh 63%.

• Infant mortality UP 67%, Uttarakhand 44%.

• Yr 2008 Growth rate (%) Target- Achieved MP 7 – 4.3, UP 7.6 – 4.6, Bihar 6.2- 4.7 & Chhattisgarh 6.1 – 9.2, Jharkhand 6.9 – 11.1, Uttaranchal 6.8 – 8.8

• 1956 to date, the additional irrigation potential created in Telangana is only 5%

• There are 10,000+ Industrial units in Telangana, 1200 are owned by Telanganites, 6500 are owned by Seemandhra, rest are by outsiders.

• Proportionally Telangana should be given about 43% in budget allocation, since 53 it never exceeded 30%. Yet Telangana contributes 42% of revenue.

• Nizamsagar was built in 1931. Due to neglected maintenance all its 83 tributaries, 243 distributaries have been silted up and eroded. World bank sanctioned 30 crores for the project, which was never spent. The project now going to be almost useless.

• In Andhra region every year two crops are cultivated because of water availability, in Telangana a single crop will be cultivated with great difficulty.

• ITI’s Telangana 26, Andhra 54. Polytechnics Telangana 20, Andhra 70.

• Forbes says, the richest man to ever walk on the face of this planet was Nizam

• Second largest Airways at the time of Independence was Deccan Airways run by Nizam with 76% stake in it.

• Hyd – demographic expansion can never be considered as a development. It is natural growth. It is like a girl who is 10 yrs now will attain 15yrs of age after 5 yrs – can we call it development ?

అనామకం - జనవరి 20, 2010

CM’s from Telangana ruled Andhra for 10.5 years. Check this link and verify for your self. You reported 6 years.


అనామకం - జనవరి 20, 2010

Apply common sense

Nizam not only looted current telangana districts but also 5 or 6 Karnataka distrcits and 5or6 Maharastra districts. So, we(I) don’t know whether he became rich from plundering other areas than Telangana. Also, What’s the point in saying Nizam is the world’s richest man ?

327. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 20, 2010

Mr. Santhosh Vemula, telangana biddaa, neeku jejelu…..

Great, thank you for placing the cheating done by Andhra to Telangana in this site. Hrudayaalni kadilinchedigaa undi.

Telangana biddalaara! ikanaina melkondi, manam enduku TRS nu gelipinchalo, Congress nu, TDP ni, PRP, Loksatta lanu enduku Telangana nundi tharimi kottalo….

ikapai eppudu Telanganalo elections jariginaa, ave AP lo unna Telangana pranthamlo jarige CHIVARI elections kavaali…. aa tharvaatha jarige elections Telangana state lone jaragaali…..

Andhra nayakulu swarthaparulu drohulu inni yendlugaa chesthunna mosalu saripovu annattugaa inka Telangana AP lone undaali antunnaaru.

anduke vaallu TRS nu, KCR nu Telangana kosam porade prathi party ni prathi vargaani pi prathi udyamani pi vaallu aropanalu guppisthaaru, KCR ku Telangana pi prema ledantaaru! alaa ante mana Telangana vaallu nammi KCR ku TRS ku votlu veyaddani, elections lo chittugaa vodi pothe KCR venakku thagguthaadani Telangana udyamam chappa badi pothundani, malli Andhra vaallu inkaa dochukovadaaniki avakasham maro 5 yedlu narabhyaranthangaa dochukovachani vaalla asha…..

Be care ful Telangana biddalara!!! Jagrathagaa undandi ee Andhra kuhana nayakulu chese prathi aropana, chese prathi pani Telanganaku vyathirekam. Vaallu KCR nu thaagubothu ani aropisthunnaarante, adi Telangana pi prematho kaadane vishayam grahinchandi….KCR thaagubothu aithe enti kaakapothe enti, andaru Andhra nayakulu thagubothulugaa leru? KCR bayatapadi poyaadu anthe. ainaa KCR thaagubothu aithe manakenti? adi anthani swantha vishayam, manakosam athanu emi chesthunnadu…mana Telangana kosam elaa poraduthunnaadu.. anedhe manaku mukhyam..aa vidhangaa naina Telangana udyamaanni neeru garcha vachani ee Andhrolla ethugadalu..!!! vaallu enthati neechanikaina diga jaaruthaaru, Telangana nu vaallathone unchukovadaaniki, inka dochukovadaaniki. Thelivigaa masalukondi…

Jai Telangana…. Jai Jai Telangana…

tamil thambi - జనవరి 20, 2010


idhuku nee thooku maattu thongalam

jai telangaanaa sollardhu vittiti jai bharath nu solluda moodevi

328. harish - జనవరి 20, 2010

When I asked many people (commoners not politicians), every one said it is not going to make any difference to them whether it is AP or TG. For common people their struggle for daily bread is same. It is the politicians who make merry in any situation. For them it is a win-win situation. They want their vote banks to follow them and no one else should catch their vote bank. So they jump on band wagon and play on emotions. They say and use the mob mentality.
If one Commits suicide others use it as an issue for political advantage no one thinks of the family. No amount of money can replace the lost life.
These politicians are going to be same whether it is AP or TG. Only solace is we will be cheated by our own people if not by people from another region.
I dont know when people learn about learn the tricks these politicians play and elect better persons and leaders with integrity.

329. అనామకం - జనవరి 20, 2010

It’s absolutely ridiculous on how the movement is trying to use suicides for the sake of keeping the momentum. Is’nt it encouraging poor innocent people to commit more ?

330. అనామకం - జనవరి 20, 2010


Yes, there are no more visionary Telugu leaders anymore. All we have left is ‘kukka muti pindelu’.

331. bearebel - జనవరి 21, 2010

Why are these Andhras so narrow minded and just thinking of a handful of Andhras when crores of Telangana people are willing to have a seperate state . Are 2 lakh Andhras more than 4 crore Telangana people, come on guys , be sensible and make meaningful comments !!!
We Telangana people thought the alliance of 1956 would work , but you andhras showed your true cunning color , why the HELL DON’T YOU JUST GET OUT WHEN NO ONE LIKES YOU HERE !!! GET BACK TO YOUR USELESS AREAS .

tamil thambi - జనవరి 21, 2010

nuvvu evaru velli pommani cheppadanki, naa ishatam as a indian indai lo ekkadaina vunde hakku naaku vundhi,

332. bearebel - జనవరి 21, 2010


333. Shadow - జనవరి 21, 2010
334. Shadow - జనవరి 21, 2010

I would like to know on point .Before joining with Andhra
Your capital income is 530 cr at that time.
Could any one tell me the amount of yours spent where.

335. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 22, 2010

Dear cunning Andhrites….

We are very unfortunate to have Telugu as our language….only because of which we were merged with Andhra and cheated like anything and even worst than British did to India…..

As Telugu speaking people we were cheated from the first day of merging with Andhra region and continued till today and no doubt it continues….if remains with Andhra…!!!

That is the reason why Andhrites are playing unity card!!! But not because of love on us…..they love cheating us as they are practiced to do so since merging…..of course they merged us to cheat our all things by playing language card those days, and now they are playing unity card…….

Who wants unity of Telugu people? Only Andhrites….!!!

If any Andhrite who is singing unity song, he must go to every part of Telangana and try to teach about unity …..cheated Telangana people ask these things…not beating if he is lucky enough…

1. We want our share of JOBS lost since merging,

2. We want our share of RIVER WATER lost since merging,

3. We want our share of all State and Central Govt Jobs,

4. We want our share of RESOURCES grabbed since merging,

5. We want our share of DEVELOPMENTAL FUNDS swallowed by other regions since merging,

6. We want our share of BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES eaten since merging,

7. We want our share of EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES & CONTRACTS stolen since merging,

8. We want our share of SOCIAL, ECONOMICAL, AGRICULTURAL, CULTURAL, INDUSTRIAL developmental funds that were eaten by other regions since merging,

Give back all of the above Jobs, Funds, Resources, Opportunities, Businesses to Telangana, then talk about Unity.

Not over, what compensation Telangana people will get for this cheating since merging till today?

What compensation we get for the sufferings we have since merging?

What punishment will be given to Andhrites?

How Telangana people get benefited who were cheated for many years?

How Telangana people get back from the losses of not implementing the all agreements (11-point formula, 6-point formula, Mulki rules, Gentlemen’s Agreement, many GOs etc.) that were formulated before and after merging of Telangana with Andhra and also during the course of being as unified state?

Giving solutions to above, talk about unity.


We wont want to be cheated again and again by Andhrites….any more…..

Stop playing unity tricks. By singing unity, you can not cheat us any more…

melkondi Telangana biddalaara….melkondi….Jai Telangana…

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 7, 2011

Melkondi telangana Biddalara…Melkuni telusuko Mee notlo pettinadi KCr gani modda ani

336. tamil thambi - జనవరి 22, 2010

thinking itsef wrong……….

nothing is yours , it’s india property, as a indian i can do any thing i wanted to do legally

get lost, you losers

337. Narsaiah, - జనవరి 24, 2010

Hai Telangana brothers and sisters,
let us take the telangana movement forward, till the telangana state is restored.

338. Ravi - జనవరి 24, 2010

Dear Telangana Bidda,

Opportunities are same for everyone. You need to explore them. Sitting at home and waiting for Opportunities is foolishness and you cannot blame either Andhra people or anyone else for your inability and start cribing.

If you look history either under kakatiya’s or Bahamanies or qutub shahies or Nizams or even British they employed Andhra people or brought people from outside Telangana to work as these rulers felt that you guys of this region are incompitent and useless peolpe who has a habbit of cribbing on the succesful people.

Ahdhra people are successful not only in Telangana but they are successful throughout the world.

It is natural to crib on sucessful people and that is what you are doing.

You guys foget that Hyderabad is the still the State Capital for the United AP and the revenue generated from hyderabad is from all the places of the State. AS of today it is the city belongs to entire state so you can not include its revenue in telangana.

You are trying to cheat peopel by providing wrong and baseless statistics and cribbing that someone is cheating you.

You are not ready to exclude hyderabad in all stats and see how much revenue you are getting from the T Region and how much revenue is being spent in the T region.

Your Telangana leaders are not ready for discussions not only with Andhra people and not even with the national leaders because they are worried everyone will come to know about the reality.

Even if you get Telangana with Hyderabad you people will not stop cribbing as it is in your blood.

If someone is Hardworkin from your region then immediately you guys will call him as Telangana Drohi or Samikya Vaidi.

This is not only for you Telangana Bidda for all fools who want Seperate Telangana

You enjoy in Cribing. Please start Cribbing Jai Telangana.

339. Ramesh Kumar E Principal, MRMC College, Bibinagar - జనవరి 24, 2010

hai Telangana vidyavanthullaraa…….

without Telangana, we will not achieve anything, if the Telangana state is formed, we not only benefit, but our future generations, will enjoy the fruits of the development.
main opponents for the Telangana movement are Ten Idiots namely Nakka Chandrababu naidu, Pilli Jagan, Faction J.C.Divakar Reddy, Pokeela T.J.Venkatesh, Usaravelli Y.Subba Ram Reddy, Mindless Devineni Uma, Running kasab Lagadapati,Muddula Nannapaneni, Thopu Chiranjeevi, Tufel Mohan Babu and ranku Roja

Telangana martyrs will remain in the hearts of the whole Telangana people for ever and their history has to be incorporated in the school text books

Equal opportunity has to be given in the Telangana state to the all sections of the society in all fields.

Telangana vachchuda, Andhrodu sachhuda….. jai telangana
Telangana keka aakali keka samaikya keka balupu keka
4 kotla prajala Telangana nirmanam navanirmaniniki sopanam
o vidhyarthi enduku thondara, Telangana undi mana mundara

అనామకం - జనవరి 25, 2010

neelanti vadu principal ga vundabatte telangana pragathi sadhinchatla!!!!.

340. Veeru and KMV2 youth - జనవరి 24, 2010

hai Telangana, struggle for the Telangana State.

341. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 24, 2010

Dear Ravi,

venakatiki okaru VAAPUNI chusi BALUPU anukunnadanta!!

alaa undi thamaru cheppedi! maa praanthaaniki, rayalaseema praanthaaniki chendina udyogaalanu laakkuni avi mee merit valla vachinavi anukunte elaa undante…..4 kotla prajalallo, anduloni nirudyogulallo, 53 yendlugaa assalu evariki udyogalu ichetanthati merit ledu ani moorkhangaa vaadinchi nenu pattukunna kundeluku moode kaallu annattugaa undi…..

Godavari river catchment area in Telangana is 70%
the same in Andhra area is only just 30%

But, irrigation development in Telangana is just 30%
the same in Andhra is more than 70%

Yes, it is only your merit to be able to cheat like this!!! It is simply grabbing and encroaching of our opportunities.

It is very shameful to cheat and depend on one’s resources and arguing that it is your right!!!

Shame, shame…..stop this nonsense and develop on your own capabilities, not capability of cheating others…..OK….

leave us alone, we dont want to be with you any more….



I think they came to know that without Telangana’s resources they wont develop!!! But we dont allow it any more……you should know that first….

To get funds on the name of underdevelopment….you need Telangana……

To get funds on the name of naxalism…..you need Telangana and divert those funds to your own development, not to alleviate poverty which is the reason for naxalism in Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram…

To get funds on the reason that AP has more Godavari river catchment than Maharashtra……. you need Telangana …..and divert those funds to your area which has only 30% catchment area in AP.

Your people did not give Deputy CM post to Telangana from the day one of the agreement……Yes, IT IS ONLY YOUR MERIT TO DENY EVERYTHING TO US……yeah, as you said, you are successful !!!

Of course cheating others is in your blood…that is why you want us to be with you…..

COME ON…is it right to cheat even one’s water ?

Jai Telangana….Jai Jai Telangana…..

tamil thambi - జనవరి 25, 2010

Oh Mad My Son

You people never change , dont accuse too much, if at all telangaan formed , you will tend to blame nothing left all is robbed by andhra

as a indians every one has right on the natural resources, its the fault on your people for not utilizing

342. అనామకం - జనవరి 24, 2010

The samakhya andhra agitation is based on the claim that Andhra people have developed Hyderabad and therefore cannot be separated. If we take the State Assembly as the Centre of Hyderabad and travel towards Secunderabad, Adarsh Nagar, Basheerbagh, Ranigung through to the borders of Hyderabad, where is the alleged development made by them. One Kalanjali belongs to Ramoji Rao thats a private property. Flyovers come in between, think that it is two. These would have happened even without Andhra ppl anyway. Do we not see them in small towns of Warangal or Kakinada.

If we move from Assembly towards the old city via nampally, Mozamjahi market, Siddiambar Bazar, Afzal Gunj, Charminar, and beyond no structure worth its name is “developed” by them. Its all of Hyderabad and these were there already before they came to Hyderabad.

If we go towards Lakdikapul, Mehdipatnam, SD Hospital, Toli Chowki and beyond. No signs of development by these Andhra people.

If we go towards Lakdikapul, Punjagutta, Ameerpet, SR Nagar, Kukatpally and beyond. We find that RS Brothers, Chandana Brothers Goldspot and vast number of people from Andhra residing in their private properties in these areas. The development is of private properties after they purchase it.

If we go towards Abids, Kothi, Kachiguda, Barkatpura, Nallakunta, Vidyanagar, OU, Moulali, A S Rao Nagar and beyond, again private properties at the outskirts and no sign of development.

If we speak of the international airport at Shamshabad being a part of the development then the closure of airport of Begumpet is to be taken into account and its convinience to the population of Hyderabad as it was earlier and it wasnt that Hyderabad was without an Airport. Further its a joint venture with private participation by GMR and entrapreneur’s aim to profit from it. Hitech city and surrounding areas being developed is also the claim.

To answer to this claim may we remind these Andhra ppl that Hyderabad was the fifth largest city in the Country at the time of its merger with the Indian nation. It was also endorsed to be the second capital of India with its infrastructure by none other than Dr.B R Ambedkar. So if that was the status of Hyderabad it never needed the meharbani of Andhras to develop. These would have come anyway had it been so without being merged with Andhra.

Apart from vast number of private organizations and private properties there is no other development and it is a mere allegation without any convincing proof.

Let it be shown that any one single thing was constructed by Andhras and which can be termed as development.

అనామకం - జనవరి 25, 2010

I have to pity your one sided thinking my friend.

Hyd being captial of AP, we all developed such that Intl business school , hitec city, pharma industry, central university, fashing institute ……. materialized and came to hyd. There is no argument about who is behind this development. So, saying things like HYD was big once upong a time etc are irrelevant.

343. అనామకం - జనవరి 24, 2010

Request anybody in this forum to list out the names of each and every telangana martyr who laid down his/her life in the 1969 agitation. Was searching on the net for the same and was able to find only 51. Think the same is not documented.

344. Ravi - జనవరి 28, 2010

Dear Telangana Bidda,

Lets discuss your baseless statistics

Your Comments are below:-

53 yendlugaa assalu evariki udyogalu ichetanthati merit ledu ani moorkhangaa vaadinchi nenu pattukunna kundeluku moode kaallu annattugaa undi…..

My comment:-

We have Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission which is conducting the exams for all the pots across caders for several decades. Pleople will get selected based on merit. Who is at fault if you havent got selected. You are talking as if all the 4 Crores are unemployed because of Andhra. If Andhra People can ditch, how the existing telangana employees got jobs? by paying bribe or by merit?

Comming to Banks or Central Govt jobs or in Public Sectors companies owned by central govt those jobs are based on national Talent. Tamaru State lo ne dengaleka poyaru center lo pikestaru tamari talent thoti.

Comming to this Godavari Catchment area and here is your stats

Godavari river catchment area in Telangana is 70%
the same in Andhra area is only just 30%

But, irrigation development in Telangana is just 30%
the same in Andhra is more than 70%

This area is good for catchment and not for building any projects. Entire world knows about it.

Tamari leaders eppudu cheppuntaru kada madaggara surplus budget vundedi before joining with Andhra. Why you guys did not initiate any project at that time? Alteast show me a project plan (With Verifiable data) which was there before and was not implimented.

Mari Mee Nizam endku katta ledu mee 70% catchment area lo. Adi kuda Andhra Lobbying ee kada?

Mee Mokala ki SRSP what we call it as “The Life Line of Telangana” kuda Andhra Palakula Muste Andhra Valla prameyamu lekunda vunte asalu project ee Vachedi kadu, meku akkada kattachu ani kuda teliyadu. Maharastra SRSP backwaters lo ne kadutondi babli project ne, Mee chetakani leaderla valana, mee vudyamala vala na daani kuda enda pettukuntunnaru, deenne antaru tine kanchamu lo eragadamu

Andhra Palakulu, Andhra Engineerlu Kastamu meeru enjoy chestunnaru. Talli palu tagi rommu gudde rakalu meerantha

Maharastra SRSP back waters lo project kadutu vunte fight chestunnadi maa Andhra valle. Mee region ninchi Dhairyam vunna magadu ledu matlada daniki. Madhu Yaski ki Congress Polit berau padavi ivvagane Gudda noru musuku kurchunnadu. Yerram Naidu from Andhra is fighting for that and he is from the most backward region of AP and nowhere he is connected to godavari river Basin or its Catchment area.

FYI SRSP project ki water comes from the catchment area which is in Maharastra, Catchment area in Telangana is of no use for Telangana.

Monna ne Center dengindi kada Pranahita Chevella ni National project cheyamu ani antha karchu waste ani. that too at the height of telangana Movement and that too when major Irrigation minister is from Telangana Region. This shows your inability to get the approvals for the projects.What ever the progress made on the project was based on Andhra leaders only and not by your people

Now tell me a single project name which was built on Godavari in Andhra after Telangana Got merged with Andhra. Unless you prove that water going into sea and can be utilized later by Andhra People taking water from Sea.

Nizam worlds richest person aythe edo mee 4 kotla mandi rich annatlu feel avutunnaru vadu denginadi mee tata muttatala gudda nee, adey chala goppa meeku. Mee raktanne tagi Rich ayadu Meere Mee Telangana Sayudha porata virula tyagani insult chestunnaru.Edi mee samskruti.

Kanisamu nenu pattina kundeli ki mude kallu ani vadistundachu kani nuvvu pattina kukkani kuda Nemali ani vadistunnavu.

Mee mokalaki telangana seperate ichina with Hyderabad with Badrachalam and with Mungala, ayna mee edupu agadu.

Banisa batukulu edupune korukuntai aday chestunnaru

I am for Samikyandra, if the Telangana State is reality i feel that Hyderabad should be part of Telangana region.

Remove hyderabad from all the stats as it is a state capital and provide the stats then you will come to know how much telangana is contributing to the state and how much you should get. Dont try to include or exclude Hyderabad in stats as per your convinience and fool around the peopl

tamil thambi - జనవరి 28, 2010
telanganoodu - ఫిబ్రవరి 3, 2010

thokkem kaadu musukora

345. Freak - జనవరి 28, 2010

28th Jan 2010 is here. The deadline that JAC has put for themselves. Now see the tamasha between them and the MLAs/MPs. Hahaha.. another hilarious day its gonna be! :) Desperate attempts by Desperate people.

One thing I’ve noted for myself is I’m not gonna vote for BJP ever again – not at the state level! There desperate attempts to get a vote share in telangana region and stooping to any low to take pot-shots at the government. That’s not what a responsible opposition does! They have created 3 new states in the past, so what!? Now they portray it as their strength and go on dividing the country further. BJP – Rest in Peace. You are done in Telangana.

346. SSR-HYD - జనవరి 28, 2010

Whenever the topic of Telangana is raised, many of us blindly support Andhra or Telangana based on where we come from. Not sure how many really think of why the demand for separate state has been there for such a long time. The 2 major reasons why the demand has been pending for so many years is WATER AND HYDERBAD. People around the state have earned and invested in and around Hyderabad so there is a concerns about the safety of the investment if the state is separated while both the major rivers in our state flow mostly through Telangana. Below are some facts that are few reasons for the demand. Sentiments can be foolish but not facts.
a. There are 10 districts in Telangana, 9 in Andhra and 4 in Rayalaseema. Out of these 7 districts in Telangana, 3 in Andhra and 1 in Rayalaseema are considered severely backward districts which means 70% of districts in Telangana are backward while in Andhra it is 35% and in Rayalaseema it is 25%. Apart from these there are some areas in all parts of the state which are also backward.
b. 45% of the state income comes from Telangana region. When it comes to utilization of funds, the share of Telangana is only 28%.
c. Normally canals are dug to supply water to the crops from rivers for cultivation. The amount of land cultivated through canals in just Guntur district is more than the land cultivated with canals in entire Telangana region.
d. Nagarjuna sagar dam is built in Nalgonda district which is in Telangana but majority of the water from the dam is used for Krishna and Guntur district. The original dam was supposed to be build much ahead of its present location but the location was changed so that it falls in the Telangana region. Due to the construction of the dam several hectares of Lime stone mines vanished as part of the dam back waters. Everyone know that lime stone is used for producing cement. Even the natural resources were not allowed to remain.
e. Fluorinated water problem is only in Nalgonda district which has not been resolved since decades.
f. Two major rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra enter the state of AP in the district of Mahaboobnagar(the biggest district in Telangana) but the district always remains the worst draught hit areas along with Anantapur because there is no project and process with which the water can be utilized. The plans for utilization has been pending for decades.
g. RDS (Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme) is build in Mahaboobnagar to provide water to 85000 hectares of land in the district. The leaders of Rayalaseems blasted the gates of RDS and water is supplied to KC (Kurnool-Cudapah) canal while only remaining water, if any, is supplied to the lands in Mahaboobnagar.
h. 3 TMC of water from Gandipet is sufficient to supply drinking water to our city. Every year 1700 TMC of water is wasted and is flown into Bay of Bengal from river Godavari. Starting from Nizambad to Bay of Bengal there is no project allowed to build on Godavari. If it is built leaders in Godavari districts fear that the fertile lands in the area may fall short of water. If the Godavari water is utilized properly, there will be no scarcity for food grains in our state.
i. In Telangana regions, only few areas cultivate one crop a year and very rarely two crops a year while most of the land doesn’t even cultivate single crop. In both the Godavari districts, Krishna and Guntur district, two crops a year is common and there are times where even 3 crops a year are cultivated. The only reason is WATER.
j. Government issue G.O.’s for implicating its decisions.. G.O number 610 is the longest non implicated G.O in the history of AP. The G.O was issued in 1986 by late NTR who was then the CM of AP, which is not yet implicated. The G.O speaks about the share of Telangana employees in Government jobs in Telangana region.
k. 33% of the population in Mahaboobnagar district have left the district for livelihood to different parts of the state due to draught and majority of them are working as daily labour. No other district has so many people who fled the home place due to lack of livelihood and working as daily labour.
l. There are 25 plus government degree colleges in Krishna, Kadapa and Guntur district while there is not even a single government degree college in Ranga Reddy district.
m. Dairy development corporation of AP purchases milk from farmers across the state for distribution. For the same milk, in Andhra, the government pay Rs.. 24 to the farmers and in Telangana they pay Rs. 22 per litre. Partiality is shown even in milk J
n. In between 2005-2008 government sold lands worth Rs. 20000 crores in and around Hyderabad which was utilized to build projects in Rayalaseema and Andhra.
o. Not even a single project was completed in Telangana in the last 5 years while several projects were completed in Andhra and Rayalaseema.

347. Telangana Bidda - జనవరి 29, 2010

Dear Ravi,

Congratulations! You have shown how cheaply Telugu can be used among internet. As it was said, everyday usage of language by a person reflects in his writing also.

I am giving you my comments 4 ur cheap replies….i feel shy to reply to such a manner less rogue speaking person like you…..this is last one…..I hope nobody in this blog should use such a bad Telugu….please….

You comments:

“Remove hyderabad from all the stats as it is a state capital and provide the stats then you will come to know how much telangana is contributing to the state and how much you should get. Dont try to include or exclude Hyderabad in stats as per your convinience and fool around the peopl”

My Reply:

Yes, you are certainly correct, if we remove Hyderabad from remaining districts in Telangana, the area is not at all developed and 80% of revenue got from Telangana region is from only Hyderabad. This why we need Telangana state…..we want every place a developed one…..not only Hyderabad…

Your comment:

“We have Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission which is conducting the exams for all the pots across caders for several decades. Pleople will get selected based on merit. Who is at fault if you havent got selected. You are talking as if all the 4 Crores are unemployed because of Andhra. If Andhra People can ditch, how the existing telangana employees got jobs? by paying bribe or by merit?”

My Reply:

At least 10 persons will get on merit out of say 100 persons. It does not mean that these 90 persons got it by bribing so these 10 persons also might have bribed…

And, why there is reservation for SC/ST/OBC? Why those people are not getting selected in jobs by merit? Because of unequal opportunities that exist in our society, they were not given the education as they were treated as if they born to serve Forward class people. It does not mean that they wont shine. Do not forget that many brainy people are also from those underprivileged sector of the society. Realising this, they were given reservation to jobs, education etc. as govt can give money to them….Similarly realising this unequal grabbing of jobs in AP, govt has given equal opportunities region wise in AP through a GO No. 610…But it was not implemented so far…..WHY? If that is implemented you have to lose jobs that were actually belongs to Telangana and Rayalaseema…..

Your comment:

“This area is good for catchment and not for building any projects. Entire world knows about it. ”

My Reply:

My reply is in your comments only….. read it again below…..

“Mee Mokala ki SRSP what we call it as “The Life Line of Telangana” kuda Andhra Palakula Muste Andhra Valla prameyamu lekunda vunte asalu project ee Vachedi kadu”

So, u understood? if the region is only for catchment and not for projects as you said, why SRSP? Is it not a project?

Your comment:

“Andhra Palakulu, Andhra Engineerlu Kastamu meeru enjoy chestunnaru. Talli palu tagi rommu gudde rakalu meerantha”

My Reply:

Nagarjuna sagar project kattindi Nalgonda border lo. Nehru ni kadani, Andhra lobbying ki thala voggin, padavi kolpoleka, Nehru project ni modata anukunnadaanikante inkontha Andhra border ki daggaraga theesukelli kattinchina sangathi, Andhra lobbying enthati droham chesthundo deshamantha choosindi appatlone…..!!! Project Telanganalo, daani benefits Andhra vaallaki, inthati mosaalu, british vaallaki kuda theliyavu…..!!!

Your comment:

“Comming to Banks or Central Govt jobs or in Public Sectors companies owned by central govt those jobs are based on national Talent. Tamaru State lo ne dengaleka poyaru center lo pikestaru tamari talent thoti. ”

My Reply:

There are 25 plus government degree colleges in Krishna, Kadapa and Guntur district while there is not even a single government degree college in Ranga Reddy district. This is the part of policy of the Andhra lobbying to the AP govts that all people should get education and so jobs in Andhra and do not establish education in Telangana and no body should get jobs from Telangana because they are afraid of competition from Telangana region.
This way you have been suppressing the talent of Telangana region…

Your comment:

“Nizam worlds richest person aythe edo mee 4 kotla mandi rich annatlu feel avutunnaru vadu denginadi mee tata muttatala gudda nee, adey chala goppa meeku”

My Reply:

Sorry for your poor knowledge about history. Nizam did not develop the area, that is why he was removed by agitation and became part of India. Now, I think you you learnt from Nizam and I repeat your words here, Nizam laagane, meeru denguthunnadi maa gudda nee, inka meeku maa gudda kampu vadalipettaalani anipinchatledemo…..!!! Kampuki alavataina vaallaki em cheptam???

chee chee…..ilaanti bhasha upayoginche vaalla blog chadivithe, naaku kuda ade antukunetlundi……sorry…..should not repeat….

Your comment:

“Andhra Palakulu, Andhra Engineerlu Kastamu meeru enjoy chestunnaru. Talli palu tagi rommu gudde rakalu meerantha”

My Reply:

Vaddu babu, meeru kashtapadi mammalni develop cheyaddu le….antha kashtam meeku vaddu….maa water, maa bhumulu, maa jobs, maa kashtam edo meme padutham….meekendukule aa mosali kanneellu…. mee kashtaanni mere enjoy cheyyandi babu……mee kashtam enduko…..evari development kosamo maaku thelusu…….chalu…..Telangana vachaaka, mee kashtalevo meere padandi……

Donga Donga ante bhujalu thadumukunnaadanta…..venakatiki okadu….!!!

enduku babu….??? maa area meme develop chesukuntamu le…..maa kashtalevo meme padtham kada….maryadaga pakkaku thappukondo…lekapothe thappinchalsi vasthadi….

‘Droham’ ane padanike siggu theppinchenthati droham ika chaalu Andhrulara!!!!!!!!….

348. Telanganodu - జనవరి 29, 2010

Well said Mr. Telangana Bidda….

349. Telanganodu - జనవరి 29, 2010


pratap - నవంబర్ 1, 2011

dont blame andhra people….

350. Telanganodu - జనవరి 29, 2010

Andhra vaallu Telangana meeda prematho HYD nu develop chesara? Vaalla kosam chesukunnaara? Asalu HYD nu develop chesindi vaallena…..??!! adee, vaalla Vizag nu, vaalla Bandarunu kadani….!!!

entha maata……Puli gaddi thintundi ante evaraina nammuthaara……???

351. Telangana Nirudyogi - జనవరి 29, 2010

Puli Gaddi thintundi ante evaru nammaru, Puli meka rangu vesukuni veedhilo kochindi ante nammuthaaru…aa puli Mr. Jagadapati roopamlo vachindani andariki thelusu kadaa….

anduna mosapoyina Telangana vaallu Andhra vaallani assalu nammaru…..

Tamilnadu vaallu vaalla state lo ekkadi vaallatho naina pelli sambandhaalu pettukuntaru….mari AP vaallu enduku pettukoru…Tamil Thambi…..???

352. Reasonable - జనవరి 29, 2010

mudu pranthalavaru anni rakaaluga veru veru. ye rakangaanu veellu okati kaadu. Language kuda entho theda undi. ye rashtramlo kuda accent intha theda ledu. 53 years aina kuda inka veellu ye vidhanganu kalavaledu ante, vidipovadam manchidi. okavela kalisunna, okanaatiki vidipoka thappadu. adi ippude aithe andariki manchidi.

Telangana vaallu vidipovalani manchi nirnayam theesukunnaru. Rayalaseema vaallu enduku samaikhyandhranu korukuntunnaro theliyadu. Inka veellaki jarigina dopidi saripoda?

353. VEERU,NALGONDA - జనవరి 30, 2010

మనము అందరము కలిసి తెలంగాన కోసం కలిసి పోరాడాలి. ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు వారి పూర్వ రాష్ట్రాన్ని వారు పునరుద్దరణ చేసుకొని పరిపాలించు కోవాలి . ఆంధ్ర వారు బ్రిటిష్ వలస వాదుల్ లాగా దోపిడీ చేస్తున్నారు ఈ తెలంగాన ప్రాంతాన్ని. ఈ క్రింది వాటికి సమాదానం ఆంధ్ర వారు చెప్ప గలరా
1 తెలంగాన లో హెడ్ అఫ్ ది డిపార్ట్ మెంట్స్ లో ఎక్కువ మంది కోస్త ఆంధ్ర వల్లే ఉన్నారు. ఎందుకు ఈ వివక్షత .
2 ఎందుకు తెలంగాన బీడు భూములుగా ఉన్నవి . ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంతములో ఎక్కడ చూసిన బీడు భూములు కనపడవు .

354. VEERU,NALGONDA - జనవరి 30, 2010

తెలంగాన గేయం
రచన: వీరు,నల్గొండ, 9502397651

నా………… తెలంగాణా కోటి రతనాల వీన!
నా………..తెలంగాణా ఎందరొకవులను
కళాకారులను వీరులను అమరవీరులను
పోరాటయోడులను కన్నాపురిటిగడ్డ!
అ గడ్డ మీద పుట్టిన తెలంగానబిడ్డ
అదదేర శ్రీకాంత్ వేణు అన్న ల అడ్డ!
జై!! తెలంగాణా జై జై! ! తెలంగాణా!!

355. VEERU,NALGONDA - జనవరి 30, 2010

తెలంగాన నినాదాలు
రచన: వీరు,ఉప్పలంచ,నల్గొండ, 9502397651
 ఉధ్య మానికి ఊపిరి పోసిన మీ బలిదానం –రేపటి తెలంగాణా ప్రజల బంగారు భవిష్యత్తుకు సోపానం
 అగ్నిలో ఇంకిన మీ– రక్తం అహంకార ఆంద్ర పాలకులకు అదో గుణపాటం
 ఆనాడు నెహ్రు చెప్పగా ఎమాయరా ఈ బుద్ది –మరీ ఈనాడేలవచ్చర ఈ దురుర్బుద్ది
 భారతీయుడవయినందుకు గర్వించు –తెలంగాణ కోసం తెగించు
 బంగారు జీవితం భవిష్యత్ కు నాంది – బలిధానం తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమానికి నాంది
 ఉధ్యమం చేతకాకపోతే ఊరుకోండి కాని –ఊసరబెల్లిల రంగులు మార్చకండి
 రాష్టనయకులు రంగు మారిస్తే-కేంద్ర నాయకులు కేరాఫ్ అడ్రసు మార్చారు
 లాఠీ తోనే ఆపలేరు మా ఉద్యమాన్ని –లా పరంగా అడిగితే చెప్పలేరు మీ సమదానాన్ని
 నేలరాలిన అమరవీరుల నెత్తుటి మరకలు –తెలంగాణా రైతన్నల ఇంట వికసించే పంటకు ఎరువులు.
 లక్ష్యంపై గురిపెడితే లా అనేది ఒక లెక్క – తెగించి ముందు కేల్లితే లాఠీ ఒక లెక్క
 ఆకలి కేకలు మావి ——-అర్ధం లేని అరుపులు మీవి
 డిల్లికెళ్ళి గల్లి తిరగడం కాదురా—-ఉద్యమలకేల్లి ఉపిరి పోయండి

 ఉద్యమాలు చూడాలంటే తెలంగాణకు రండి –ఊపిరిపోయాలంటే ఉస్మానీయాకెళ్ళండి –ఊపిరితీయాలంటే రాయలసీమకేల్లండి
 చిరు ప్రజారాజ్యంలో సామాజికా న్యాయం—పదిమందిక్కూడా దోరకదు అ న్యాయం
 మద్దతిస్తేనే మాతో ఉండండి లేకుంటే — మసైపొండి
 కృష్ణనన్నకషాల్లో ఆదుకుంటే–శ్రీకాంతన్న సీరులు కురిపిస్తే –వేనన్నలు వెన్నలలై వికసిస్తే తెలంగాన అంతిమ ఉద్యమాన్ని ఆకర్షిస్తుంది
 నల్లగొండ గడ్డ — ఉద్యమానికి పోరాటల బిడ్డ
 తెలంగాణ వ్యతిరేకపు నాయకులూ – ఆంద్రపాలకుల అరికాలు చెప్పులు
 తెలంగాణవాడివని తెగించు –తెలియని వాడికి తెగచేప్పు
 తెలంగాణ ఇచ్చేది కాంగ్రెస్సే –ఇవ్వక పోతే సచ్చేది కాంగ్రెస్సే

VEERU,NALGONDA - జనవరి 31, 2010

నిజమైన కళాహృదయం నీదే బాబు నా గుండెలో ఉన్నా భావాన్ని నిజంగా నీవుబయత పెట్టావు

హైదరాబాద్ - ఫిబ్రవరి 1, 2010

అన్నాడు ఒక కవి స్వర్రి నేను హైదరాబాద్

356. VEERU,NALGONDA - జనవరి 30, 2010

తెలంగాణ ………విద్యర్రులారా ……….మిత్రులారా ………..తెలంగాణకు అన్యాయం చేస్తున్న నాయకులకు పిన్దకూడు పెట్టాలంటే మీవంతు కృషిగా తెలంగాన బిడ్డలుగ
ఆ నాయకులూ చేస్తున్న వాక్యాలని ముద్రించి ఒక పది మందికి పంచండి అ పది మందిని మల్లి కొత్తవి ముద్రించి పంచమని ఆ పేపర్లో వ్రాయండి ఆ నాయకులను మల్లి ఎలక్షన్స్ లో
మీరు ఒక వేల ఉద్యమకారులు ఐతే సబలు నిర్వాంచి వారు తెలంగాణ కు చేసిన అన్యాయాన్ని అమాయకపు ప్రజలకు తెలియ జెప్పండి అది కాకాపోతే పేపర్ ముద్రణను ఫాలో కంది మీరు తెలంగాణ ఉధ్యమం లో పాల్గొనక పోయినకుడా మీ వంతు కృషిగా తెలంగాణా తల్లికి ఒక 50రూపాయలు పెట్టి కొన్ని కొట్టిచి పంచండి డబ్బు తో గేలిచిన MLA MP లు ఎప్పుడు రాజీనామాలు చేస్తే ఎలా సంపెంచుకోవ్లి ఎదురు చూస్తూన్నారే తప్ప ప్రాణాలు పోతున్న విద్యార్దుల గురించి ఆలూచించడంలేదు కావున ఇకనైనా మనం చదువుకున్న వారిగా మనకోసం మనం చేపితినే నాయకులను ఎంచుకుందాం ఆంద్ర సీమ లాగా అబివృద్ది ని కోరుకుందాం మంకు ఒక మధుయాష్కి లాంటి నాయకులు కావాలి కానీ దానం ,వీ హెచ్ అర్ ,పొన్నం ,నారా, చిరు ,లాంటి నాయకులు కాదు ఎక్కడ తెలంగాణకు మంచి సాపాటు ఈచ్చిన నాయకులూ కుడా ఉన్నారు అందులో కిషన్రెడ్డి, జానా, రామరెడ్డి దామోదర రిద్దా ,కేసీఆర్, ఇంక అల్ తెరాస, రేవంత్రెడ్డి , కొమత్రెడ్డి (మొదట్లో) తరువాత నోఅందుకని మధుయాష్కి లాంటి ఒక పవర్ ఫుల్ లెదర్ కావాలి అందుకు విద్యావంతులుగా మీ ఇంటిని చైతన్యపరచండి మీఉఉరును చైన్య పరచండి యదవిగా కన్స్తన్సి పూర్తితెలంగాణే బాగు పడుతుంది ఆంద్ర సీంస్ నాయకులను ఎదిరించే దైర్యం వస్తుంది అప్పుడే తెలంగాణా బాగుపడుతుంది తప్ప ఈ…… ..నాయకులతో తెలంగాణా రాదు వచ్చ్చిన మల్లి హైదరాబాద్ ను మన నీల్లను మన వనరులను వాళ్ళకు దొడ్డిదరినా ఇ చ్చేస్తారు కావునా తెలంగాను మనం కాపాడుకోవలంటే ఈ డబ్బురజకీయాన్ని పతరపెడుదం తెలంగాను దోపిడీ రాజకీయం నుండి కాపాడుకుందాంకాగితాలు ముద్రించడం మరిచిపోకండి జై తెలంగాన జై జై………..తెలంగాణా జై తెలంగాణా అమర వేరులకు జోహర్లు ……………………..

357. తెలంగానోడు - జనవరి 30, 2010

కరెక్ట్ గా చెప్పారు వీరు గారు…..
మన తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు వట్టి అమాయకులు. లేకపోతే ఎప్పుడో తెలంగాణా వచ్చేది. ఇన్ని మరణాలు, ఆత్మహత్యలు మరియు ఇన్ని ఉద్యమాలు అవసరం లేకుండానే…ఒక్క వోటుతోనే తెలంగాణా వచ్చేది కదా!

తెరాస పైన కెసిఆర్ పైన ఒక్క ఆరోపణ చేస్తే చాలు నమ్మే జనం మన తెలంగాణా జనం…..అది నిజామా కాదా అని ఆలోచించే జ్ఞానం లేదు మన వాళ్లకి. కెసిఆర్ ఎవరి కోసం పోరాడుతున్నారు…? తన స్వంత బాగు కోసమా? అయితే తెరాస పెట్టాల్సిన అవసరమేముంది? పెట్టాడే అనుకో, ఇప్పుడున్న పరిస్థితుల్లో కాంగ్రెస్ లోనో, tdp లోనో కలిపెయచ్చు కదా, దేవేందర్ గౌడ్ చేసినట్టు….!!! మరి కెసిఆర్ ఎందుకు అలా చేయడం లేదు. ఎందుకంటే ఆయనకి తెలంగాణా రావాలి, తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు దోపిడీ కి గురిఅయింది చాలు. ఉద్యమాల వాళ్ళ జరిగేది ఏమి లేదు. ఒక రాజకీయ పార్టీ వల్లనే (వోటు హక్కు) తెలంగాణా సాధ్యం కాబట్టి. కెసిఆర్ అనుకుంటే ఎప్పుడో కాంగ్రెస్ లో కలిపెసేవాడు. అలా కలిపితే అతను అడిగిన పదవి హోదా అన్ని సోనియా గాంధీ పిలిచి మరీ ఇస్తారు….doubt ఉందా? ఒకవేళ ఈ సారి ఎన్నికలు జరిగి తెరాస కు వోట్లు సీట్లు రాకపోతే, అదే జరుగుతుంది….అప్పుడు ప్రజలకు తెలంగాణా అవసరం లేదు అని ఖచ్చితం అవుతుంది….తెలంగాణా కోసం ఏర్పడ్డ ఒక పార్టీ ని తెలంగాణా ప్రజలే దూరం కొడితే…ఇంకా ఎవడి వాళ్ళ కాదు తెలంగాణా తీసుకురావడం….

ఇక్కడ మన ప్రత్యర్ధులైన ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు , రాజకీయంగా ఎంత నీచానికైనా దిగాజారుతారనే విషయాన్నీ మరవకూడదు. వాళ్ళు ఎంత చైతన్యం గల వాళ్ళో కూడా (తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళ లాగ అమాయకులు కాదు వీళ్ళు) గుర్తుంచుకోవాలి. ఉద్యమాలు ఇలాంటి ప్రత్యర్తులున్న చోట పనికిరావు. వోటు తో మాత్రమే సాధించగలం.

తెరాస పైన , కెసిఆర్ పైన ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు ఎన్ని రకాలుగా అబద్దపు ఆరోపణలు చేస్తే తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు నిజమని నమ్ముతారో అన్ని ఆరోపణలు చేస్తున్నారు. అమాయకపు ప్రజలు కాబట్టే ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళ ఆటలు సాగుతున్నాయి. తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళు వాటిని నమ్మి తెరాస ను ఓడించారు గత ఎన్నికల్లో….కెసిఆర్ కాబట్టి ఇంకా తెలంగాణా పార్టీ అయిన తెరాస, తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమం ఇంకా బలంగా ఉన్నాయి. కెసిఆర్ స్థానంలో ఇంకొకరైతే ఈ పాటికి మూట సర్దుకుని కాంగ్రెస్ లో కలిసేవారు….!!!దేవేదర్ గౌడ్ లాగా…..

ఇప్పటికైనా మించి పోయింది లేదు. ప్రజలు ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళ అక్కడి ధనాడ్యుల వీరంగాలు, కొవ్వు బలుపు ఆరోపణలు, అవినీతి చక్రవర్తుల ఆటలు (జగదాపతి, ఉమా లాంటి వాళ్ళు), డబ్బులు కుమ్మరించి చేసే ఉద్యమాల్ని మన ఉద్యమాలతో పోల్చుకోకుండా తెలంగాణా కై పోరాడే కెసిఆర్ ను తెరాస ను అత్యధిక మెజారిటీ తో గెలిపించుకుందాం.

తెలంగాణా పై కమిటీ వేయగానే తెలంగాణా రాదు. జగడపాటి (లాంకో అవినీతి చక్రవర్తి) సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర వెకిలి పాటలు టీవీ చానల్స్ లో వినిపిన్చుకోవడానికి “కేవలం ” కోటి రూపాయలు ఖర్చు చేసాడంట…!!! రాష్ట్రం సమైఖ్యంగా ఉండాలని ఏంటో ఆరాటం!!! సమైఖ్యంగా ఉంటే ఎంత లాభం వస్తుందో…..? టీవీ ప్రకటనలకే కోటి రూపాయలు ఖర్చు పెట్టాడంటే….ఎంత లాభం ఉందొ అర్థం చేసుకోవచ్చు. అల్లాంటి వాడు రేపు కమిటీ కి కొన్ని కోట్లు ఆశ జూపితే కమిటీ రిపోర్ట్ ఎలా వస్తుందో ఊహించు కోవచ్చు కదా…!!! కాబట్టి, కమిటీ వేయగానే తెలంగాణా రాదు, అందుకని, మన ప్రాంత MLAs MPs రాజీనామా చేసి వాటిని ఆమోదింప చేసుకుని రాజ్యాంగ సంక్షోభం తెచ్చి రాష్ట్రపతి పాలన లో ఎన్నికలు జరిగితే….మనం తెరాస కు కెసిఆర్ కు తెలంగాణా లో ఉన్న అన్ని సీట్లు ఇవ్వగలిగితే తెలంగాణా దానంతట అదే వస్తుంది. ఇప్పుడు ఇవ్వం అన్న వాళ్ళే పిల్చి మరీ ఇస్తారు….అదీ వోటు కున్న విలువ….ఇది తెలుసుకుని మన తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు మసలుకోవాలి.

సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర ను కోరుకునే 21 సీమంధ్ర MP లల్లో 16 మంది మిలియనీర్లు. అందులో 10 మంది వైఎస్ఆర్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి అయిన తర్వాత ఆస్తి పాస్తులు గడించిన వారే. తెలంగాణా భూములని పుట్నాల ధరలకి వాళ్ళ అబ్బ సొమ్మని ysr వీళ్ళకి కట్టబెట్టాడు. వీళ్ళ వ్యాపారం తెలంగాణా లేకపోతే జరగదు. ఈ విధంగా అక్రమంగా సంపాదించాలంటే ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు ఒప్పుకోరు కదా! మన తెలంగాణా మంత్రులు శాసన సభ్యులు ఆడంగి వెధవలు కాబట్టే వీళ్ళు మన భూముల్ని యధేచ్చగా మిరప కాయ బజ్జి ధరలకి కొనుక్కుని వ్యాపారాలు చేసుకుంటున్నారు…

ఇప్పుడు హైదరాబాద్ వదలమంటే మంట గానే ఉంటది. దానికి వాళ్ళు పెట్టిన పేరు డెవలప్ మెంట్ ….!!! వీళ్ళ స్వంత డెవలప్ మెంట్ ని కూడా హైదరాబాద్ ఖాతాలో కలిపేసారు…. పాపం ఎంతో కస్టపడి హైదరాబాద్ ను డెవలప్ చేసారంట, మన మీద ప్రేమతో…. కారి పోతుంది వీళ్ళ ప్రేమ….ఎంత సామాజిక స్పృహ వీళ్ళకి….అందుకేనేమో, అన్ని ఒప్పందాలను కాలరాసారు. మన నదీ నీళ్ళను దోచు కుంటున్నారు…ఉద్యోగాలను దోచుకుంటున్నారు…

తెలంగాణా పోరాటం ఆకలి పోరాటం………
సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర పోరాటం బలుపు పోరాటం…..

తెలంగాణా ఏర్పడ్డాక, రాయలసీమను తెలంగాణాలోనే కలపాలని కొందరు నాయకులు అంటున్నారు….అలాంటి వెధవలు మరి అప్పుడు సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర ఉద్యమంలో ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళతో ఎందుకు కలిసారో…??!!! కొవ్వేక్కా…అనుకున్న వాటా రాకనా? ఈ బాంబు బాబులను తెలంగాణా లో చస్తే కలుపుకోవద్దు….వాళ్ళను ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు ఇంకా ఇంకా దోచుకుంటే గాని వాళ్లకి బుద్ధి రాదు…

దోచుకో బడ్డవాడు ఎవడైనా దోచుకున్న వాడితో దోస్తీ కడుతాడా….అతి తెలివి కాకపోతే….రాయలసీమ వాళ్లకి దోపిడీ సరిపోలేదేమో?

జై తెలంగాణా…..జై జై తెలంగాణా….

358. SNEHA. R - జనవరి 30, 2010

when everyone say tamilians,kanaddigas and keralites are united ………………………….why do andhrites want a division……………. will you all agree to give up kashmir……………………….. no we wont let it happen till the last drop of our blood because we are proud of INDIA and prouly say WE ARE INDIANS…………………. why cant we prouly say i am an ANDHRITE………………..

359. pannaga - జనవరి 30, 2010

తెలంగాణోడు గారు !
మీరు చెప్పిన ప్రతి మాట సత్యం.
ఇలా మాట్లాడుతున్నందుకు తరువాత చెంపలు వేసుకొంటా గానీ … ఒక్క మాట చెప్పక తప్పదు.
మన కోసం పోరాడుతున్న KCR పార్టీని ఓడించి నలుగురులో నవ్వుల పాలు చేసిన వెధవలు మన తెలంగాణ ప్రజలు.
కాని తరువాత ప్రతి సమైక్యవాది ఆ విషయాన్నే ప్రస్తావించి అవహేళన చేస్తే గాని, అది తుదకు తమకు జరిగిన అవమానమే అని గుర్తించలేకపోయారు. ఇప్పుడింత పోరాడుతున్నా, ఇంకా సమక్యవాదులు నోటికొచ్చినట్టు వాగుతున్నారు. అడ్డు పుల్లలు వేస్తూనే ఉన్నారు.
ఇదంతా స్వయంకృతాపరాధమే ! అనుభవించక తప్పదు.

360. BHOOPAL - జనవరి 31, 2010

My dear Pannaga,

I dont know what is your educational back ground, but one thing I want to make it clear to all the people that innocence and lack of knowledge will not allow the persons to understand the things properly thereby they simply go with the present and will not think of about future nor they look into the past that is History. Thereby they will not franchise their will properly. Mere not understanding the things due to many reasons one should not criticize our own people or anybody.

I will continue my understandings in next column.

361. VEERU,NALGONDA - జనవరి 31, 2010

అయ్యాలారా అమ్మలారా !! మిత్రులారా !!! ఆంద్ర రాయలసీమ వాళ్ళు అంటారు మేము హైదరాబాద్ ను అబివృద్ది చేశామంటారు మరి ఇప్పుడు ఎల వెళ్లిపోవాలి అంటారు ఈ ఉధ్యమం 50 yrs గ ఉన్నది అప్పుడు తెలియద ఎదో ఒక నాడు వేల్లిపోవాల్సిందే నని మరి ఎందుకు ఈనాడు మేము హైదరాబాద్ ను విడిచి వెళ్ళాలా అంటున్నారు అది అమిన వాళ్ళ సొత్త లేఖపూతే వాళ్ళు అమిఐన మనకు దానం చేస్తున్నారా అని ఒక తెలంగాణా వాడిగా మన ప్రజాప్రతినిదులు ప్రశ్నించ్నే బాధ్యతగా ఎవరైన వున్నారా తెలుసుకోండి బ్రిటిష్ వాళ్ళు మిమ్మల్ని అభివృద్ధి చేశారు మీకు ఎంతో విద్యనూ అబివృద్ది పరిచారు మరి మాకు విజయవాడను ఇచ్చేయ్యండి అంటే ఈస్తారా చెప్పండి ఇప్పుడు వారి చలువతోనే వారి పెట్టిన విద్య తోనే మీరు మాకంటే ఎక్కువ ఉద్యోగాలు చేస్తున్నారు కబర్దర్ ఆంద్ర కొడుకులారా హైదరాబాద్ వీదిపోకుంటే మీంతు తెలుస్తం అందులో ఏమైనా ఆశిస్తే అనంత లోకాలాకు తోకేస్తం అని దండించే రోజువచ్చింది దానికి ముందుగ మన రాజకీయాన్ని మనపలకులను మార్చాలి మనం మేల్కోవాలి ఇప్పుడు కనుక అనుకుఉలా తీర్పం రాకపూతే ఎక్కడికి అక్కడ రాజాకియనాయకుల ను ఎక్కడ తిరగానివ్వవద్దు దానికి మనం అందరం నడుం కత్తాల్సీన అవసరం వుంది ఇప్పుడు మనం ఆత్మహత్యలు చేసుకోవాల్సీన అవసరం లేదు రాజకీయనాయకులను చంపి తెలంగాన కో సం చేసుకున్నట్టుగా చిత్రీకరింఛి మన తెలంగాణాను సాదిన్చుకోవల్సీనావ్సరం ఎంతో దుఉరం లేదు కీద్రం నుండి ప్రకటన వెలువడగానే అవారి నియోజకవర్గం లో వాళ్ళు వాలా నాయాకులను బొందపెట్టాల్సీన రోజు వచ్చింది మిత్రులారా దయచేసి దీన్ని గమనించి తెలంగాణా తల్లి ఆత్మ శాంతి ని తలపెట్టాలి అని ఒక ఆత్మా గోషా తో ఒక దళిత విద్యార్ది జై తెలంగాణా జై జై జై తెలంగాన …………………………….

tamil thambi - ఫిబ్రవరి 2, 2010
telanganoodu - ఫిబ్రవరి 3, 2010

orey naaa tamil thambi naa kodaka nuvvu tamilodu denggithe puttinavara cament cheyadam kadoora telangananu support cheyi anthe gani tanil language use cheyyake nuvvu andhra vadivi ani ardham i thundi ok vela adi nijame i the e blag loki vasthe neevu nijnga tamilodiki puttinattura nuvvu raasina messege anninti lo telsnganaku support ledu raa naa kodaka thidi lekha telngana guddabalisi samaikyandra jai telangana ……….jai jai telangana

362. తెలంగానోడు - ఫిబ్రవరి 2, 2010


I am reproducing your comment:

“when everyone say tamilians,kanaddigas and keralites are united ………………………….why do andhrites want a division……………. will you all agree to give up kashmir……………………….. no we wont let it happen till the last drop of our blood because we are proud of INDIA and prouly say WE ARE INDIANS…………………. why cant we prouly say i am an ANDHRITE………………..”

My reply to your comment is …….

tamilians, kanaddigas and keralites do not want a separation because their development is not as one of Andhra Pradesh’s. Development is taking place only in Andhra region for more than 50 years denying all agreements and neglecting a region’s people at their own fate…..

Dear Sneha, for your kind information, Andhra Pradesh is not only Andhra region….Rayalaseema and Telangana are part of AP. But these two regions are equally neglected by rulers.

And if you do not know anything about Indian states, do not comment and take charge of those states. In Tamil nadu, kerala, karnataka, maharasthra and even already once divided Bihar, UP this separatist agitations by mass of people are going on. After Telangana separation agitation , the vidarbha agitation in Maharashtra is only has the long history of separation. And remaining agitations are just born while separating Jharkhand, Chattishgarh etc…

Wherever development is not done and neglected and only development is done only in a region…. there only separation agitations by people take birth. Since Telangana agitation has taken over by people and politicians just remained followers of the people. If politicians do not yield to the desires of the mas of people, they have to face extinction….and wipe out from the people.


In my view, the rulers of AP till today are the greatest FOOLS in Indian history…..Because, if they are clever, they might have developed other two regions also, so that they do not ask for separation and remain united in AP and all opportunities, jobs, resources can be equally enjoyed. Now see, what if Telangana separates, all things will become less for other two regions and Telangana people will enjoy. It is the greatest blunder by Andhra rulers….. How long one can cheat others…?

Yes, Its cheating only….we must agree that…we enjoyed Telangana’s resources, opportunities, jobs till now…denying all agreements…!!! If we would have shared these with Telangana people equally, their region would have also developed some what and they would not have asked for separation…..By enjoying their things in full for 50 years, we lost them for ever…..!!!

If Telangana is not separated now, surely it will be separated by creating constitutional crisis, president rule, and elections that will be held after one year of president rule. In that elections surely, TRS and Telangana supporters will sweep the elections.

Otherwise, if the issue is prolonged or kept in the cold storage by way of citing Naxalism, Hyd, water or arrival of no-consensus, in 2014 elections the same thing is going to be repeated and TRS will sweep out entire Telangana area.

If that happens, to form govt in the state, TRS support becomes must for any party. No doubt, TRS will support conditionally, that is to yield Telangana. They must then separate it any way. Then who is sponsoring Samaikhyandhra agitaton these days, will only keep quite and yield to TRS’s demands as they are interested in POWER not samaikhyandhra….!!!

Because now KCR and TRS have won the hearts of Telangana people at village level….its true even if Andhra and Rayalaseema leaders wont agree…we can not hide people’s desire….

And coming to Kashmir, a king merged his own Kashmir with India. After that separatists emerged. But legally its India’s land. But nobody from any state can go Kashmir purchase land there and built a home…It has been given separate rules by India….Why, yeah, that is Kashmir, if not knew, try to know it. Do not compare with Telangana.

But Telangana is not merged with Andhra in that fashion. No body from Telangana or no king from Nizams asked to merge with Andhra as in the case of Kashmir and even Nizam denied merging with India. Telangana people agitated those days against Nizam and asked Indian govt to merge them with India and form a state called Hyderabad.

Very cleverly, the then Andhra leaders utilised the opportunity and dreamed for Telangana because they lost Madras. So, there is no big and revenue generating city like Hyderabad or Madras in Andhra region. This becomes difficult to run the state’s finances those days because, in those days, villages and towns were not at all generating any revenue.. Hyderabad was the fifth biggest city in India those days itself with highest revenue generation, ofcourse that is why Nizam became richest king at the cost of Telangana people’s development. So very cunningly they used LANGUAGE CARD to get the Telangana merged with them as they are playing UNITY card now…..!!!

To get all these benefits like water, revenue, jobs, opportunities from Telangana, those leaders influenced then Indian govt and used Language card to get Telangana and forcefully merged Telangana with Andhra with certain agreements like giving Deputy CM post and water sharing etc. Anyhow, people also slowly accustomed to united AP. But all agreements are denied outrightly from the day one onwards…. and this resulted in a agitation called Telangana separatist agitation…!!! So the reason for agitation came from the negligence and denial of AP rulers only…..This is the history….no body can deny it. If any wants to deny it like Jagadapati or some body else, they are trying to fool the people and dragging people into the agitation mode and getting their business and political interests satisfied.

Almost all Andhra people are waiting for Telangana separation and they will get benefit out of separation as they will get a city developed as equal to as Hyderabad, get many institutions, many organizations, many industries and land price hike makes them rich overnight…

Anyway Telangana is going be a reality…if not now, atleast by 2015. This becomes reality by peoples’ verdict in the elections. If govts are clever they will separate it and become heroes, otherwise they will lose their cadre and existence in Telangana. That is why all MLAs and MPs of different parties in Telangana region came under an umbrella and formed JAC, even they did care warnings given by Congress High-command to come out of JAC.

They know that, if they come out of JAC, it is nothing but coming out of peoples’ minds and face rejection by the Telangana people.

For any people’s representative, his own constituency and his people are his High-Command. Every MLA or MP or Party member has a hight-command, his party president, but EVERY POLITICAL PARTY HAS ULTIMATE ONE AND ONLY HIGH-COMMAND….THAT IS PEOPLE AND THEIR VERDICT….Everybody has to bend infront of people and their desire….it is democracy….

And one more reality is……

Sri Potti SreeRamulu did unto-death fasting not for a separate state for Telugu speaking people….This was misinterpreted by many people even by history persons. The history is already before his fasting itself, Andhra people agitated for a state to be separated from Madras state and after huge demand from Andhra region of the then Madras state, Indian Govt has decided to form state…..BUT Madras was not given to Andhra. Then Potti SreeRamulu asked for Madras to be the capital of Andhra and on denial of Madras state leaders and Indian Govt. he went on fasting and finally died. After that, Nizams were ousted by Indian military force to merge Nizam province with India on yielding Telangana peoples’ agitation.

Just that time, Andhra leaders who did not win and lost for Madras state leaders turned towards Hyderabad state. They very cunningly utilised their money power and political power to merge Telangan with Andhra for cheating thinking they can cheat forever……But Telangana people, if not immediately, became aware of the denials and cheatings of Andhra rulers started separate state agitation and many agitators died in the process including 1969 massacre.

No agitation has won the race…..!!! There is only one solution to the issue, utilise the VOTE power given by our great constituency and give all MLA and MP seats to TRS, make them sweep elections that will be held anytime from now on. Then Telangana will be a reality. NO committee will give state. Every committee can be influenced by the Andhra money power and political power. Only peoples’ vote power can defeat anybody and win for them…..

tamil thambi - ఫిబ్రవరి 3, 2010
Bhoopal - జూలై 25, 2011

It is verymuch surprising to look at your comments…….. You commented that anybody givesup to Kashmir ???

We are fighting for Telengana which is the integral part of India. But you are comparing our issue with Kashmir which is claimed by our enemy country.

Unless you are mad you can understand the following:

A father has two sons, one son is claiming his share from joint family, another brother who is stronger and dominant is saying no share to younger brother instead it should be given to third parties and he wants to ensure that the brother shall not be benefitted and moreover any body other than him can gain the benefit.

Your examlple of kashmir is showing your silly mind.

363. Telangana Bidda - ఫిబ్రవరి 2, 2010

very good analysis Mr. Telanganodu gaaru….keep it up.

Jai Telangana…Jai Jai Telangana…

364. Hyderabaadi - ఫిబ్రవరి 2, 2010

Yes, you are right telanganodu….

no committee, no govt., no party gives Telangana state. It is one which is not to be given , but it is to be taken…..

We should take Telangana by VOTE POWER….

365. Telangana Bidda - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

Chandrababu says two regions of state Telangana and Seemandhra are his two eyes.

He is very late to give his opinion on the burning issue like state separation. Where did he hide all these days when state is facing a complex issue? Did he lock himself in home?

If he is really worried about two regions, then he would have ordered his party MLAs, MPs and members to keep and maintain silence in both the regions. He did do like that. He allowed his party men in both the regions to go on agitations as they liked. This made the issue still worst and complex. This entire issue became complex because of political parties.

A good leader must be problem solver. When state is burning with issues like Telangana, he would have gathered people, leaders from both the regions to a table and made them discuss their grievances and come to a consensus and solve the problem. But he did not do that, instead he and his party persons behaved like how Congress people did.

Any political person does not want to lose a region, everybody knows it. But this is not the way to do that. He wanted to remain with the both regions of the state at the cost of sufferings of people. He and his party aggravated the situation.

He wants to become a national leader from a big state like AP. If state splits he himself has to adjust for a small region like Seema or Andhra or Seeemandhra. He does not want that. He must become a national leader or atleast king maker so that all his desires become satisfied.

All his desires should be satisfied at the cost of peoples’ sufferings and never mind what people are wanting. He must know that if he neglects a region, whether it is Telangana or Seemandhra, he never would be liked by the people there. So, it becomes difficult or impossible to him to become national leader atleast state leader any more.

A good leader acts as and when a problem arises in the state. But he locked himself in his home for many days and now he came out for announcing both regions are his two eyes….!!!

what a leader we have? We should feel shame of him. When the problem is there, he is going underground and hiding. When situation becomes to normalcy at the hardwork of somebody else, he is coming out and making statements. What a irresponsible way of behaviour he has as a leader. People must realize about the leader like Chandrababu and never make him win in the elections again.

Nation does not want leaders like him….

I expected him to do like this……order his party men to keep silent on the T-issue and ask them in both the region not to resort to any agitations and statements on the issue. Instead ask them to help in gathering people from different regions to discussions near to a table so that he leads the discussion and listens to grievances of all region people and comes to a solution on the issue. But he did not behave so. Very bad….He tried to take advantage out of this burning issue as a saying goes ‘When the Rome is burning Roman King played flute…’

But he may cheat once or twice but not all. But the people are very clever, they will punish him…..

Eventhough it is against Telangana and he betrayed region people, I admire Chiranjeevi’s decision to support Samaikhyandhra. He atleast supported one region, or not for separation. But what Chandrababu and Congress are doing……playing roles in two regions. In one region they are supporting separatists and in the other region they are against the separation… Finally TDP proved that it is nothing short of Congress in dirty politics….and it is nothing separate and similar to Congress.

We should feel ashamed of our leaders in AP, not a single leader is having qualities of a leader any more. Everyone is taking advantage out of people’s sufferings. Only BJP, CPI and CPM are behaving and sticking to their words, whether they support separation or not…

Jai Telangana.

అనామకం - ఫిబ్రవరి 7, 2010

Hi telangana bidda,

Because of your gullibleness the every tom,dick and harry politician is playing theri tricks on you. Did Sonia open her mouth ? No. Isn’t Congress playing the political game in here ?
I am not supporting Babu but others are no different than him. So, what’s the point in singling him out here ?

366. telanganodu - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

you are correct Telangana bidda. we should dispel leaders like chandrababu.

367. Telugodu - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010
368. APwala - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

u r right. leader must be problem solver. he should not take advantage out of peoples’ miseries. He must have gathered different leaders and people from all the regions to a table and show a solution…

369. Hyderabadi - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

yeah. his two eyes are not two regions. but two post. one is TDP president and the other one is national leader at the cost of peoples’ worries.

370. Vizagwala - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

what he did is completely wrong. he would have opened his mouth instead of locking himself in his home in support of AP if not samaikhyandhra. He came out after everything is calm. Leader should not throw people at their fate when problems are there. I never expected this from TDP supremo…..

371. Nalgondawala - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

yes, he has no right to say he is the leader in AP.

372. Rayalaseemodu - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

yes, he should learn so much from loksatta leader Mr. JP to know how leader should behave and what he should promise to the people when they are in problems.

373. Krishna Zillavadu - ఫిబ్రవరి 6, 2010

He always used to say that he is the follower of Late Mr. NTR. He and his party are dedicated to the principles of NTR. But NTR never ran away by seeing problems. He supported people in every misery and every issue and problem. Chandrababu has no right to put NTR’s photo in his party. And also he has no right to ask for votes on NTR’s name.

374. Telangana Bidda - ఫిబ్రవరి 7, 2010

Now Andhra man-eaters started playing Telangana Autonomous card. From the day one of merging of Telangana with Andhra, these man-eaters (cheaters of weak persons for years without mercy are called man-eaters in this world everywhere) denied every agreement one by one and now the latest one going to be denied is ‘Autonomous Telangana’.

If they think that Telangana leaders will succumb to their tactics of Autonomy, they are totally wrong. This time no leader will succumb to any tactics because they will face rejection by their constituency people. If that happens they will lose political career permanently. They already realised it during this people’s agitation through out the Telangana irrespective of cities, town, taluqs, mandals, villages and irrespective of ladies, gents, children, older beings, uneducated and educated.

If their tactic is to cheat again again, the days are over….now Telangana people became aware of years long cheating and how they and their children are deprived of development during long 56 years of being in unified state.

Now they are eagerly waiting for elections to be held and they want to raise their mahatma KCR to the level of freedom fighter by giving him all the MLA and MP seats of Telangana.

Now if incase, KCR thinks to stop the Telangana agitation, even he can not. The time is over. Now the agitation is in the hands of people. This agitation is going to create world histories and going to be a subject of study of how peoples’ agitations get success and become motivation for entire world.



375. Telangana Bidda - ఫిబ్రవరి 7, 2010
376. kchandra - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

there can never be two lions in one place. the only place that must and will be always is JAI ANDHRA

377. ramaiah - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

That’s true, that the reason why Telangan should be seperate, So that Andhra Lion will be in Andhra and Telanga Lion will be Telanga.

378. ramaiah - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

That’s true, that the reason why Telangan should be seperate, So that Andhra Lion will be in Andhra and Telanga Lion will be Telanga.

379. A Hyderabadi - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

The person posting as tamil thambi is actually an Andhra Bastard trying to create hatred between tamilians and telanganites to divert the attention of telanana people from the exploitation of Andhra Bastards – just like they did in 1956 when they created an enemy in tamilians so they can loot telangana people – but Andhra lanja kodukullara and lanja lara YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED THIS TIME. Andhras are characterless pimps who pimp their wives and daughters – I have seen it in Hyd. Only after these bastards came to Hyd the city got ruined.

380. A Hyderabadi - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

100% of andhra bastards are fraudsters and pimps.

అనామకం - ఫిబ్రవరి 18, 2010

Please dont generalize. The telanganite i have comes are mostly lazy bums or always looking for shortcuts. Can i generalize every telanganite like that ? No. There are hardworking telanganites everywhere. So, stop making non sensical statements like that.

BHOOPAL - మార్చి 31, 2010

I think the comment made above is not pertains to Andhraites in genaral. But one thing is fact that whoever is migrated to Hyderabad most of them in general are doing such jobs either men or women. We have seen many of them. They are running brothal houses in Kukatpally, Miyapur, Hiteccity…………. like many more areas. Whereever you go only Andhra bitches are only doing such business. Please respond after thorough investigation and comeout dont simply condemn the statement and come with the reality.

381. A Hyderabadi - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

Andhra lanjalara and lanjakodukullara – you were shamelessly kicked out from Chennai and now you will be FUCKED OUT from Hyd. Go fall in the sea.

అనామకం - ఫిబ్రవరి 18, 2010

Sodara, kanikaram chupara!!
We got kicked out once. So, please leave us this time. We will stay at your feet!!!. Poor andhrites!.

382. Freak - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

arey fraud hyderbadi..
nuvvu, nee laanti kukkalu, mee naayakulu 3 months nunchi morugutunnaru.. em peekaru? vacchinda telangana? vastunda?

vacchinappudu matladu.. appati varku anni mooskoni kurcho

udhyogalu lekunda padi unte itlaage forums meeda sodhi kodtharu.. and nee language mee intlo vaaduko..

Try coming up with a better reply without using expletives.. ledu nee standard anthe ante vaaguko.. evvadu pattinchkodu

383. Bhoomaiah - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

హైదరాబాద్: చిన్న రాష్ట్రాలతోనే అభివృద్ధి సాధ్యమని, పరిపాలనా సౌలభ్యం ఉంటుందని మాజీ ఎంపీ చేగొండి హరిరామ జోగయ్య అన్నారు. సోమాజిగూడ ప్రెస్‌క్లబ్‌లో ఆంధ్ర మేధావులు, విద్యావంతుల వేదిక ఆదివారం ఏర్పాటు చేసిన సమావేశంలో ఆయన మాట్లాడుతూ రాష్ట్రంలో పరిస్థితులను పరిగణనలోకి తీసుకుని శాంతిని నెలకొల్పేందుకు కేంద్రం ఏర్పాటుచేసిన శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీ ఇరు ప్రాంతాల అభివృద్ధిని దృష్టిలో పెట్టుకోవాలన్నారు. రాష్ట్రంలో పరిపాలన ప్రలోభాలకు లొంగుతూ సాగడం వలన అభివృద్ధి కుంటుపడుతోందని, ఇప్పటికైనా శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీ శాశ్వత పరిష్కారం జరిగేలా చూడాలని అన్నారు. శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీ 1956 నుంచి 2009 వరకు లెక్కలను పరిశీలించి ఆం«ధ్ర ప్రాంతానికి జరిిన నష్టాన్ని తేల్చాలని డిమాండ్ చేశారు.

బేషరతుగా ప్రకటించాలి: దళిత సామాజికవేత్త కత్తి పద్మారావు మాట్లాడుతూ శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీ బేషరతుగా తెలంగాణ ఇచ్చే దిశగా పనిచేయాలన్నారు. హైదరాబాద్‌లో ఆంధ్రప్రాంత వాసులు 3లక్షల మందే ఉన్నారన్న కేసీఆర్ మాటలను ఖండిస్తూ.. ఎవరెవరు ఎందరున్నారో లెక్కలు వేసి వివరణ ఇవ్వాలన్నారు. ఆంధ్రప్రాంతంలో పరిశ్రమల ఏర్పాటుకు కేంద్రం రూ.5వేల కోట్లివ్వాలన్నారు. రాజకీయ నిరుద్యోగుల అవకాశవాదం ఉద్యమాన్ని తీసుకొచ్చి రాష్ట్రాన్ని ముక్కలు చేసే స్థితికి తెచ్చిందని ఎమ్మెల్సీ రాధాకృష్ణ అన్నారు. నీటి విషయంలో రాష్ట్రం అవలంబిస్తున్న తీరు వలన ఎన్నో లక్షల హెక్టార్ల భూముల్లో వ్యవసాయం చేయలేని పరిస్థితి ఏర్పడుతుందన్నారు.

సమైక్య రాష్ట్రంతో ఆంధ్రాకే నష్టం: సమైక్య రాష్ట్రంతో ఆంధ్రప్రాంత వాసులే తీవ్రంగా నష్టపోతున్నారని రిటైర్డ్ ఐఏఎస్ అధికారి డీసీ రోశయ్య అన్నారు. పేదలకు న్యాయం చేయడానికి, దళారులను రూపుమాపేందుకు పెద్ద రాష్ట్రాలలో మావోయిస్టులు పెరిగిపోతారన్నారు. రాష్ట్రం విడిపోతే ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంత కార్మికులకు పదేళ్లకు సరిపడ పని లభిస్తుందన్నారు. దొంగలు, దోపీడీ దారులుగా విడిపోవడానికి ఆంధ్రవాసులు సిద్ధంగా లేరని, ఆత్మగౌరవంతో విడిపోతామని చెప్పారు. కార్యక్రమంలో పీసీసీ కార్యదర్శి డి.సాంబశివరావు, ప్రత్యేకాంధ్ర సాధన సమితి సభ్యులు షేక్ మస్తాన్ పాల్గొన్నారు.

384. Hyderabaadi - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

జగడపాటి గారు ఇలా చెప్పారు.

“హైదరాబాద్: సమైక్యాంధ్ర, తెలంగాణ విద్యార్థుల పాదయాత్రలను పోలీసు లు అడ్డుకొని అరెస్టు చేయడం అప్రజాస్వామికమని విజయవాడ ఎంపీ లగడపాటి రాజగోపాల్ అన్నారు. మనమందరం భారతీయులమని, దేశంలో ఎవరైనా ఎక్కడికైనా వెళ్ళవచ్చునని ఆదివారం విడుదల చేసిన ప్రకటనలో ఆయన పేర్కొన్నారు. కాగా, తెలంగాణ కోసం విజయవాడ వస్తున్న వారికి ఘనస్వాగతం పలకడానికి సమైక్యవాదులు సిద్ధంగా ఉన్నారని, వారు దుర్గమ్మను దర్శించుకోవడానికి ఏర్పాట్లు కూడా చేస్తారని చెప్పారు.”

అవును. ఎవరు ఎప్పుడైనా ఎక్కడికైనా వెళ్ళగలిగినప్పుడే అంతటా దోపిడీ చెయ్యవచ్చు కదా…..!!! జగడపాటి గారి లాగ 5500 కోట్ల రూపాయల విలువైన హైదరాబాద్ భూములని వాడబ్బ సొమ్మని వై ఎస్ ఆర్ గాడు 100 కోట్ల కే వీడికి కట్టబెట్టాడు. వీడు ఆంధ్ర లో ఎందుకు కొనలేక పోయాడు. ఇలా తెలంగాణా భూములని తిన మరిగిన వాడికి ఎప్పుడైనా ఎక్కడికైనా వెళ్ళే అవకాశం ఉండాలనే అంటాడు. అప్పుడే దోపిడీ చెయ్యడం కుదురుద్ది కదా….!!!

385. ఆంధ్రుడు - ఫిబ్రవరి 8, 2010

అవును. జగడపాటి గాడు అలాగే అంటాడు. వాడి మాటలను మూర్ఖులైన మన ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు అలాగే నమ్ముతున్నారు . వీడు వాడి బాగు కోసమే సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర అంటున్నాడని మనము ఎప్పుడు తెలుసుకుంటామో అప్పుడే ఈ అవినీతి చక్రవర్తి కి నూకలు చెల్లుతాయి . మన ఆంధ్రులకు ఎప్పుడు తెలిసోస్తుందో?

BHOOPAL - ఫిబ్రవరి 27, 2010


You must have come accross that Mr. Lagadapati is continuously giving a press statement saying that he will quit the politics if the state is devided into two !!!

YES it is fact, he will quit the politics because he will not be elected by the people of Hyderabad anymore and he wants to stay at Hyderabad only, Hyderabad will be the part of TELANGANA STATE. He never wanted the welfare of Andhraits any more, he always wants to safeguard his estate thereby he wants to stay at Hyderabad for two reasons.

1. Hyderabad is a such a place if anybody irrespective of cast, creed and place, once they visit they never forget it and they dont like to go back from such a place.

2. The Andhra Area climatically very hot and the humidity is more. Whoever knows about Hyderabad climate and living there they hate their own place i.e., Coastal Andhra and they dont go back to their place (this is live example I am giving as I have somany friends hailing from coastal andhra they openly comment that their area is not good for them and they like only Hyderabad.

3. Mr. Lagadapati is basically an Industrialist rather he is a politician. With money and political added with the loyalty he got the lands alloted by Govt of AP under the leadership of late YS Rajasekar Reddy and the value of those lands and investments made by Rajagopal may in billions. Hence to protect, to live a happy and peaceful life he does not want to leave Hyderabad.

That is why he just dont want to loose any opportunity of being himself in Political Power and Economical Power. Hence he has taken up the issue of Samikyandra movement.

Just the TV advertisements itself is a big example for his capitalist attitude.

386. తెలంగాణా బిడ్డ - ఫిబ్రవరి 14, 2010

ఎన్ని కమిటీలు వచ్చినా ఎన్ని రిపోర్టులు ఇచ్చినా దండగేనని తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు తెలుసుకొని చాలా రోజులు అయింది. అలాంటిదే మళ్ళీ ఒక కమిటీ, శ్రీ కృష్ణ కమిటీ! అవును కమిటీలు, ఒప్పందాలు పేరు చెప్పి తెలంగాణా ప్రజలని మోసం చేయగలిగారు. అది ఒకప్పుడు జరిగింది. కాని ఇంకా జరగదు. ప్రజలు చాలా మారి పోయారు. ప్రజా ప్రతినిధులు రాజీనామా చేసి ప్రజల్లో కెళ్ళి ఉద్యమం చేస్తేనే వాళ్ళకు రాజకీయ భవిష్యత్తు ఉంటుంది. లేకపోతే వాళ్ళు రాజకీయాల నుండి విరమించుకోక తప్పదు, ఇది ప్రజా తీర్పు. ఉద్యమం ఇప్పుడు ప్రజల చేతుల్లో ఉంది. ఇక దాన్ని ఆపడం ఎవరి వాళ్ళ కాదు. చరిత్ర హీనులుగా మిగిలిపోవాలనుంటే ఎవరు మాత్రం ఆపగలరు?

అనామకం - ఫిబ్రవరి 18, 2010

take it easy man!. F**king politicians are getting away because of you blind people. Open the blinds. Ask every politician what he/she did for their constituency. Ass holes, right from the nomination day it’s about how to earn money for their own good. If not start a agitation and earn some how. Andhra, Telangana, UP, … every where, the damn f**king same story. Wake up brothers

387. హైదరాబాది - ఫిబ్రవరి 14, 2010

దూరం నుండి చూస్తే ఆకాశం భూమి కలిసినట్టుగానే ఉంటాయి. కాని అది అబద్ధం. అలాగే తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు ఆంధ్ర ప్రజలు కలిసున్నారు అంటే కూడా అంతే అబద్ధం.

కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం సమస్యల నుండి ఎలా తప్పించుకోవాలనే చూస్తుంది తప్పితే, వాటిని పరష్కరించే సత్తా ఉన్న ఒక్కడు కూడా కాంగ్రెస్ లో లేరు. ఏదో ఎం.డి.ఏ. బలం కోల్పోవడం వాళ్ళ ఈ యు.ఫై.ఎ. అధికారం లోకి వచ్చింది కాని, వీళ్ళు ఏదో వెలగ బెదతారని భారత ప్రజలు వీళ్ళని గెలిపించలేదు. ఒక లక్ష కోట్లు వ్యవసాయ అప్పులు మాఫీ చేయడం ద్వారా వోట్లను కొని అధికారం లోకి వచ్చారే తప్పితే వీళ్ళకు సోనియా నాయకత్వం వాళ్ళ వచ్చిన విజయం కాదు.

ఇప్పుడు చూడండి, సమస్యల నుండి తప్పించుకుని తిరుగే వాళ్లకు పట్టబోయే గతి….తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు వోట్ల ద్వారా ఇచ్చే బుద్ధి.

388. kanred - ఫిబ్రవరి 28, 2010



389. kanred - మార్చి 7, 2010

మన తెలంగానాంధ్ర లొల్లి హాలీవుడ్ ని కుడా తాకినట్టుంది…….ఇక్కడ చూడండి


390. madhu gopal, Photojournalist - మార్చి 11, 2010

Please follow the link of recent suicide at Osmani University Hyderabad

391. deepak - ఏప్రిల్ 20, 2010

hitech city,pharma city,iiit,nit,nims,bits,isbi,drdl,dlrl,ecil,bhel,iict,ccmb,nin,ngri
all these were set up in hyd AFTER ap was formed in 1956.even then andhra rulers lloted u???

392. Innova - మే 24, 2010

It is hight for people in this region to develop some skills and take advantage of cosmopolitan nature of city: Looking for career development, personality development and down-to-earth soft skills – for needy …In HYDERABAD only
visit http://careerandresume.wordpress.com

393. banda - ఆగస్ట్ 11, 2010

we want to telangana immideatly.

394. mani - ఆగస్ట్ 11, 2010

at the end of the day a family is going to take over the Telengana – YSR has taken over Andhra and now KCR and his family. Like Kashmir who would like to separate from India to enjoy the Talibans, the future will speak. One need not shout from roof tops and bad mouth the Other Telugu people. To insult your own brother – we need no education or intelligence, because we lived together and we know each other for long. There are many ways to get separated…

395. santoshreddy - సెప్టెంబర్ 6, 2010

jai telangan jai jai telangana

396. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 7, 2010

jai te”LANGA”na

397. ranjit - సెప్టెంబర్ 18, 2010

akasha ramanna…akasham lo untavu…you are crossing ur limits…entha vundalo antha vundu…dammunte nee contact no. nee name ichi maatladu….

plz discard this type of stupid messages….from unknown names…

398. mani - సెప్టెంబర్ 19, 2010

by force, by intimidating, by shouting, by endless talking, by threats, by attacking others, by refusing to reason and by finally accepting to serve the single family rule… where these young people will be heading? It’s not possible I know that the reason has no place… but for educated? It is time you people think about impending danger … I have nothing to complain. See today’s paper. A Dalit Research scholar was not allowed to speak.

399. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 21, 2010

mallee mallee antaanu te”LANGA”naa
desaanni mukkalu chesthunna meelanti vedhavalani manchigaa kooda treat cheyaala

400. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 22, 2010

The long-nose drunkard called KCR calls a closed-door meet with ceos indian, inernational and also local (of course seemandhra, can count T ceos on fingers).

God knows who these ceos are and which agency is facilitating the event. Our skinny hero is projecting a fat telangana! what a joke. except hyderabad there’s no horizon anywhere in telangana and what is not achieved as united ap he says will be achieved in telangana state. Media not allowed, no industry professional allowed.

Now this is what we call typical telangana attitude!

Probably he wants those companies to invest more in breweries and distilleries so that he and his booze buddies (look at the faces of nayani, eetela, padmarao,look worse than drunkards in kallu compound) can drink like fish (just local lousy fish; not kosta delicious fish)

Let’s say with pride and glory: jai te”LANGA”na

401. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 22, 2010

visaalistharra kodukullaraa?

mimmalni 1948 lo pakistan lo kalapatam right.

desaaniki pattina cheeda telanganaa vaadam

inkaa emi anardhalu choodalo!

Jai Hind

402. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 24, 2010


Latest report from the Union Government: Illegal immigrants from two districts of andhra pradesh to gulf are creating problems for whole india

now we know what those districts can be? choose between hyd, nzm and krm?

jai TELANG”ana

403. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 24, 2010

Now here’s the fun!

The pack of barking dogs called OU JAC (they seldom bite) should realise this illegal telagna immigrants before demanding that our own countrymen and people from inside the state take VISAs for Telangana

404. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 1, 2010

Fine to see countrymen coming together with respect to ayodhay verdict, and maintaining peace.

but silly “T” fellas still fight for a separate state

one side of the coin is the pledge to safeguard national integrity and peace.

other side of the coin let us throw kcr et al from this country and build a prison for such fellas in the middle of the ocean. he is another big threat not to Telugus unity but India’s peace and harmony

also if possible all those OU JAC hilarious characters can accompany him in the same municipality van on their way to the island prison

Jai Hind

405. mani - అక్టోబర్ 1, 2010

Dear A Ramanna garu

I appreciate your audacity…
KCR should have been a Management Guru.. by oversight he became a politician. Audacity Matters – said famous Tom Peters. And it is audacity which works and give right results, people will stun, shocked and by the time they come to senses, the timeout is there. How Indira Gandhi handled – its through this audacity, then just a day before Lucknow HC has shown some audacity. You dont find any audacity in our leaders. Hats of to you..

406. madhuhr - నవంబర్ 18, 2010

what rubbish posts by akasha ramanna… Mr.ramanna mind your language.B’coz it tells your parents and regions nature.ok. If you want to your parents and native place honour you need to mainatain at least some decency and ethic.

407. M.VENKATESHWARLU - నవంబర్ 22, 2010


పేదరికం ధారిధ్ర్యమును జయిస్తు కడుపునిండ తిండిలేక
ఉన్నత చదువులొ రానీస్తూ పట్టాలు పుచ్చుకొని, ఉద్యోగం లేక మేము
ఉద్యమానికి ఉపిరి పోస్తె ఉగ్రవాదులు అంటారు, అతివాధులు అంటారు,
కెసులుఎన్నో పెడుతారు జైల్లోన పెడతారు
నినదించు నినదించు జై తెలంగాణ అని జై తెలంగాణ అని
సాధించు సాధించు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాన్నీ …………….

జీవ నదులు ఎన్నొ ఉన్న రాస్ట్రములొ బాగమైన తెలంగాణ జిల్లాలకు

త్రాగునీరు లేక జనం బొరు బావి నీరు త్రాగి ఫ్లొరొసిస్ వ్యాధితోటి

కాళ్ళు చేతులు వంకర పొయి బిక్షమెత్తుకొలేక బ్రతుకు బండి
లాగ లేక తినడానికి తిండి లేక బ్రతుకె బరువెక్కి మీరు
నినదించు నినదించు జై తెలంగాణ అని జై తెలంగాణ అని
సాధించు సాధించు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాన్నీ …………….

ఎటు చూసిన ఎమున్నది కూడు లేక నీడ లేక
నీరు లేక ఎండిన పంట పొలాలు , ఇంకిపొయిన బోరు బావులు,
పల్లె తల్లీని వదిలేసి పాడి పషువులను వదిలేసి అమ్మ నానాను వదిలేసి
వలస బాట పట్టి నీవు దెశాటన దెశాటన పొట్ట నిండ థిండి లెక చావ లేక బ్రతుకుటెంధుకు
నినదించు నినదించు జై తెలంగాణ అని జై తెలంగాణ అని
సాధించు సాధించు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాన్నీ …………….

నాణ్యమైన విధ్య ఉండి నైపున్యత కల్గి ఉండి తిండి లేక
మాడుపు కడుపుతోటి బేజరై తిరిగి తిరిగి ఉద్యొగం వేటలోన
చెతిలోన డబ్బు లేక తినడానికి తిండిలేక కుమిలి కుమిలి
మొసపు కాంట్రాక్టరు చెంత కొలువు చెయ్యలేక
అవీనీతి లొఫరుల అసమానతలు చూడలేక అక్రమాలు చూడలేక తిండిలేక చచ్చుటెందుకు
నినదించు నినదించు జై తెలంగాణ అని జై తెలంగాణ అని
సాధించు సాధించు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాన్నీ …………….

భూ కబ్జా కుంబకోణాలు పైరవీలు ఎలక్సన్ల ఎజెండ కలవారు
మాయ మాటలెన్నో చెప్పి మచ్చలెన్నొ ఉన్నవారు రంకులెన్నొ నేర్చి వారు
రంగులే మార్చినొల్లు పెద్దమనుసుల అంట నేడు అవినీతి బందుప్రీతి రాజనీతి
గల్గినొల్లు డబ్బు మబ్బు పట్టినొల్లు మంత్రులైరి, స్కాములతో దెశాన్ని
దొచి దొచి స్విస్స్ బ్యాంక్ నింపి నింపి అన్ని దెశాలన్నిటి కంటే ముందున్నరు మనవాల్లు
నినదించు నినదించు జై తెలంగాణ అని జై తెలంగాణ అని
సాధించు సాధించు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాన్నీ …………….
ఎం. వెంకటెశ్వర్లు,
భి.ఇ. ( సివిల్), ఉస్మానియ యూనివర్సిటి.

Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 6, 2011

Telusukunnava ippatikaina needi erripooku pata ani…

408. Nawabzada Shajee Nawab - డిసెంబర్ 3, 2010


The basic problem of the Deccan of which Telangana is a part, was and is always victim of denial of participation of their affairs in their respective governments/state. A dying feudalism is only a part of the problem. After all, feudalism has been a national problem. But in Telangana, it received hammer blows at the hands of its own people, received coerce at the hands of Andhra rulers.
From 1948 to 1956 Telangana passed through several phases-Military rules and the induction of a government after elections in 1952.
Our Hyderabad State could have been continued its happy existence if FAZAL-e- ALI commissions recommendations would have been implemented and adopted. The decision to form linguistic states was an hurdle, though Nehru and Lohia, in fact, advocated existence and continuance of Hyderabad State, but, their opinion was overshadowed by a section of alligators, as on many occasions, in the past, the people of Telangana were betrayed by a section of its own selfish leaders, ostensibly on caste grounds.
They believed at the manifestation of their cheap mentality, they preferred to be away from the regional Muslim dominated Hyderabad and had paid the price for jumping towards the rejected Andharaites of Madras regency. Their miscalculation to stand shoulder to shoulder with the else-while Jagirdars and nawabs was not literally legitimate. The Telanganite were entertained and kept busy by the Andhra’s to acquired the Muslims lands, by amending laws and regulations pleased the local telanganites.
Taking undue advantage of the situation, the Upper cast Brahmins belonging to the Congress raised the bullock-cart of Andhra Reddy’s, and thus was formed Andhra Pradesh, to much contrary and against the recommendations of the Fazal Ali Commission and advice of Nehru and Lohia.
It is learnt that the then Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan, who was holding the chair of RAJ PRAMOKH [bestowed specially to him by India] resigned from the post because of the dirty politics of Andhraites, neglecting the Telangana region from the day one.

It was the first Indian struggle for economic and cultural autonomy. The present movement for a separate state is nothing but a demand for social liberation and Justice.
The truth of all the truths is that the Telangana movement of 1969 actually commenced in December 1968, On 6th December1968, students took out a procession from Vivek Vardhini College in Hyderabad. The peaceful procession was attacked by hired rowdies recruited by so-called integrationists of Brahmananda Reddy government and the police conspirators.
The massive demonstrations inculcate and derived the districts of Khammam, Warangal and karimnager, they left no stone unturned to demonstrate their skills, which was later spread to Nizamabad and other parts of Telangana.
Policemen mercilessly opened fire on peaceful demonstrators at many occasions, killing several young men, women and elderly people. Thus the martyrdom of young Telanganite was like a spark of fire that lit over the entire region. The tempo generated by the martyrs was unending but the politic and politicians did their dirty phenomenon. The Unfortunate decline had started by the end of 1972 and the agitation perturbs malignly without any gain, scores of mothers lost their young ones, hundreds of wives attained widowhood, only by a suspicious and blatant smile by her Excellency Prime minister of India at Dr. Chenna Reddy, the reverse counting genies, and the worst had occurred, the movement went to ruckus -bin with her last breath.
It was the longest, most unstructured, Non-party, toughest and most-intense movement and the greatest movement after free India movement. It was an absolutely a peaceful movement but it was rather betrayed by its regional politicians for their own selfish gains.
I can write with certain asperity, I was an active president of the Telangana Youth front; I have has the honor of getting a bullet injury in my left leg. I do also have the honor of being a GAZEE of the Telangana movement of 1969, which I do not think any of the leaders of present day scenario does have the credit.
After the induction of Dr.Chinna Reddy as chief minister, I had a word with him personally about the Telangana, which hurt his sentiments, and Telangana had had its toughest ever time during his tenure, Hyderabad had been turned into a National Police academy, Police forces from across the country, i-e Malabar Special Police force, Maharashtra Armed Police, Uttar Pradesh Armed Constabulary, Jammu Kashmir Militia, Karnataka Armed Police, Tamil Nadu Armed Police, Bihar Armed Police, BSF companies were the watch dogs for all over Telangana. The Gorkhas Maratha regiments of the army were also deployed, to crush the peaceful movement; the tragedy of old city agitator was that the Gorkhas came face to face with an 8 feet high barricade to kill the Muslim minorities of Hussaini alam area.
The saddest of the sad, most horrible atrocities were inflicted on the citizens of Telangana. Uncalculated numbers of Telanganites were sent to jails irrespective of their ages and gender, cast and creed. Almost all the government schools and college buildings in Telangana had been witnessed and turned into mere prisons halls. As the movement was alive and Telangana jails were insufficient to fill the agitators of all section of society, detainees were ordered to be send as far away as they can, from their respective residencies, to avoid any further resistance. Rajahmundry and Vizag jails were literally filled like sheep-farms. The credit goes to the demonstrators, they preferred Peace to be prevailed, harassment activities did not occurred in the localities surrounded by the local Hyderabadis, not a single incident took place in Telangana region against a single Andhrawala in Telangana region, neither they were tortured, nor misbehaved, but on the contrary, the tragic of all the tragedies, two Telangana citizens was burnt alive in the Andhra area. This particular incident witnessed the unfolding of regional fascism of its worst kind; there are thousand of unscrupulous stories of brutality of Andharawala’s over the peace-lover society of Telanganites.
Channa Reddy in a volte-face announced the merger of TPS with the Congress. Students stormed the TPS office but Channa Reddy had escaped. The merger was a stunning blow to the people of Telangana and their aspirations. More than 370 had fallen to police bullets. Hundreds more had been crippled. The people of Telangana were overcome with a sense of despair and hopelessness. They had made immense sacrifices even the movement was with drawn.
Channa Reddy and his Congress followers collaborated with them and all the safeguards were taken away to be replaced later by the six Point Formula.
Recently, Mr.Gaddar called upon the people to launch a totally peaceful agitation for achievement of a separate state, emphasizing total control over leaders by masses. However both Hindus and Muslims are supporting the movement, but uncertainty prevails.
On this auspicy, we must not forget the contribution and part played by Maqdoom Mohiuddin, Ibrahim Jalles, Sulaiman Areeb, Raja Dube, Jeelani Bano, Om Prakash Nirmal, Me [Nawabzada Shajee Nawab] and many others who have enriched the politics and culture of Telangana through their writings. We also must not forget the police officers of Telangana region who had refused to open fire on their own kit and kens at the Raj Bhavan area and lost their jobs during and after the agitation.
Telangana now stands on the verge of another movement for liberation from aliens and for participatory politics. The demand for small states is a demand for responsible and participatory politics. Abruptly: the entire globalization process stands for liberation from racism, regionalism and cast. Telangana has stood in the front line of such movements for the last fifty years and awaits its liberation from the selfish and greedy Andhra’s,
The liberation can only be attained and commenced with the formation of a separate state of Telangana. Which will certainly change the present scenario and we will have control over our resources, our young Turks will obtained their livelihood, where plenty of jobs and educational facilities will be awaiting at their door-step.


Plashet street 42, London[E] UK
AL khobar, Eastern province, KSA

409. YVS Ramana Hyderabad - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2010

Central Government has Initiated the process of formation for Telangana, one year back, but under the pressure of Andhra & Rayalaseema Leaders it has taken a sort of delaying measure with Sri Krishna Committee to pamper Andhra and Rayalaseema Leaders, but it should understand that in recent Telangana Bye Elections and Telangana Mahagarjana at Warangal few days back Central Government has got a clear signal from the people of Telangana that they are patiently waiting for Telangana State, but if Central Government try to play any further delay mechanism after 31 December’10, it will get a extreme political damage not only in Telangana Region but can also experience loss to greater extent in other States, because Communication with help of Technology can reach masses with in no time and people can understand how Central Leadership (Congress Party) is playing with sentiments of people who are struggling for past 50 plus years, because of Congress Party’s wrong step in making Andhra Pradesh and still not correcting their mistake, though all over Andhra Pradesh Telugu is spoken, each region has its own dialect and style, poor thing is that Andhra People want Telangana People to learn their language and read about their achievements and bury Telangana Culture and laugh on our Telangana Slang and insult us as our Culture is not rich one, why 1000 pillar temple at Warangal is neglected for this many days after initiated for renovation, it has a rich culture and history, many such things got buried in united state, we have got a very good future map for Telangana and will definitely make it an ideal place, only thing is that Central Government should Carve Telangana State and Development will follow it.
And I have gone through the comments, it is sad that some of Andhra Supporters and Telangana People are abusing each other, please don’t do it. If Andhra is Having History, Telangana is also having History and Culture. For example Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh both are Hindi Speaking States, and each place is having its unique culture and style. So be proud to be Andhrite and speak for its development and let us think of Telangana and will definitely try to make it a good place where in people from all over the country can live happily, but not with hatred and enmity for Telangana, be Telanganite when you are in Telangana, it goes like be Roman when you visit Rome.
Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana

410. Samaikhya Andhra - జనవరి 6, 2011

Please refer comment#223.

LOL Again!

Vacchinda Telangana? Vastunda? :P

411. Yak Thu Telangana - జనవరి 7, 2011

Jai telangana. ..Jai jai Telangana

Vachadu ra krishnukudu
techadu ra reportu
ichadu ra statsu

Telisindi ra telanganode dongodu

Sontammani denginodu
Sontachellini deginodu
Rankulodu, bonkulodu
vadevado kadu ra vade vade telanganodu

Andhrodini vanchadu

Seemodini Dengadu

Tallini tarchadu
Chellini Charichadu
Pellani pampadu KCR modda pattadu

annadu annadu Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana

We were just waiting for this stats and they say that in all aspects telangana got benifited after merging with andhra, now Please fight for telangana and take it as we do not want to be part with you cunning bastards…

412. surekha -