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Greater Hyderabad Kills Musi & livelihoods మే 4, 2007

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1. అనామకం - మే 6, 2007

1. Ramesh Reddy – May 4, 2007
Hyderabadi’s realise we have lost all the beauty of hyderabad with the formation of Andhra pradesh. This was all was forecast by Justice Fazal Ali and the earstwhile rulers of hyderabad state.
Andhras have thrived at the cost of nature specially rayalaseem people have denuded mother earth and survived by extensive mining and real stste, and they continue to thrive wherever they are. Unless we all practice with the single point objective and feeling of,

“Having born on the earth, greatest tribut man kind can pay is to nurtur the nature and practice humanity”.

we are doomed to disappear from the mother earth. let that happen and sooner the better.
These nature exploiting Idiots are many they can never value the nature. They are the biggest curse of manking and other species.


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